I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 322 - A Day Without Shishio

”It ’s cramped. ”

”Aren ’t you the one who asked me to sleep with you? ”

With Mai ’s request, Shishio slept right beside her on the same futon. Even though he was calm on the outside, he was quite restless inside, but he also knew that he shouldn ’t expect something pervert might happen, or rather, he shouldn ’t think of it, considering Mai ’s situation. Of course, if Mai was in the normal situation, he would show his mightiness, but right now, what she needed the most wasn ’t that, and it was something else.

Shishio thought about tomorrow, and hopefully, his plan would work out.

Still, Shishio had to admit that Mai ’s smell was really good, and it reminded him of the rose-like fragrance that he had smelled in her room in the past.

”Shishio. ”

”Hmm? ”

”Do you like my feet? ”

”… ”

Shishio looked at Mai with a dumbfounded expression.

Shishio ’s reaction amused Mai, then looked at him with a smile and said, ”You thought that I didn ’t notice you ’d been observing my feet? ”

”You ’re wrong. ” Shishio shook his head without hesitation.

”Oh? Then why did you stare at my feet all the time before? Or do you like stockings? ”

”Can we not talk about this matter? Isn ’t there something fun that we can talk about? ” Shishio decided to change the topic of the conversation.

Showing a smug expression, Mai felt happy that she could tease Shishio. ”So, what do you want to talk about? If it isn ’t fun, then I won ’t forgive you. ”

”How about we sleep? It ’s more fun, right? ”

”….. ”

Shishio felt Mai ’s stare and sighed. ”Well, how about you ask me a question? It seems that you have a lot of things that you want to ask me. ”

Mai ’s eyes brightened and decided to ask, but then Shishio quickly said, ”But I won ’t answer a question that is related to feet or stockings, alright? ”

Mai chuckled and said, ”So you really like my feet and stockings, huh? ”

”….. ”

Shishio was in silence and acquiesced to Mai ’s words.

Mai looked at Shishio for a moment and asked, ”Do you want to touch them? ”

”…What? ”

”My feet. ”

Shishio blinked his eyes for a moment, showing hesitation as if this question could determine his death and life in the next moment. He took a deep breath, then let out a sigh, and said, ”Maybe next time. ”

Mai raised her eyebrow and asked, ”So if you come to this inn again, you might accept that inn owner ’s offer to give you a massage? ”

”Why are we suddenly talking about this? ” Shishio was speechless.

”Hmph! ” Mai pouted and said, ”You like them big, right? ”

”I don ’t think it ’s a problem whether they ’re big or not. What ’s important is inside, ” Shishio said sincerely since Miu and Shiina weren ’t that big, but he loved them so much.

”Well, that ’s true. You like feet more after all. ” Mai nodded, showing an understanding.

”….. ” Shishio.

”Still, Shishio, what do you think of an arm pillow? ” Mai asked.

”Why so sudden? ” Shishio asked with some confusion.

”Just tell me. ”

Shishio looked at Mai weirdly, wondering whether this girl wanted him to give her an arm pillow. He thought for a moment before he sighed. ”It ’s horrible. ”

”Horrible? ” Mai was dumbfounded.

”You think that it might be romantic since you often see them in movies, shoujo manga, or any other romantic-related works, but even the arm pillow is romantic for the girl. However, it is horrible for a guy, ” Shishio said with a sigh.

”Huh? Why? ” Mai asked curiously.

Shishio then told Mai the reason why the arm pillow was horrible. It was true that the arm pillow was romantic, and it was nice to have your lover sleep so close to you, but then again, the feeling of your blood circulation blocked for a few hours wasn ’t something to be scoffed off.

Shiina might often sleep on his arm, but truthfully, Shishio moved Shiina ’s head to his chest when she fell asleep so his arm wouldn ’t be numb.

Hearing the ugly truth from the pillow arm, Mai was dumbfounded, then asked, ”If I ask you to give me an arm pillow, will you do it? ” Still, even though it was ugly, it was romantic since it showed the sacrifice of a man to let their woman sleep peacefully with their arms, right?

”You want to have an arm pillow? ” Shishio asked.

Mai didn ’t nod or open her mouth, only stared at Shishio as if acquiesced to his question.

”Okay. ” Shishio agreed readily and gave Mai an arm pillow smoothly.

Mai stared at Shishio speechlessly since this guy ’s action was so smooth, as if he had done this action hundreds or thousands of times. Still, it might have been her first time to have an arm pillow, but it gave her reassurance and peace of mind when she was so close with him. Her beautiful eyes stared at Shishio and asked, ”You ’re not going to take advantage of me, right? ”

”Look, Mai. ” Shishio also looked at Mai and said, ”I can even reject the offer from the charming inn owner. You should know if I accept her offer, what will happen tonight, right? ” Without a doubt, they would have sex. He didn ’t doubt it since he knew that the inn owner was in heat since he could smell an intense smell from her.

Mai curled her lips, but at the same time, she decided that she wouldn ’t stay in this inn anymore since the inn owner woman was a bitch in heat, and she was afraid that the woman was hungry for Shishio ’s body. Still, there was something that she needed to ask. ”So you think that woman is more charming than me? ”

”… ” Shishio was dumbfounded before he quickly shook his head and said, ”Of course not. You ’re more charming than the inn owner. ”

”So, will you take advantage of me now? ” Mai asked while blinking her beautiful eyes.

Shishio looked at Mai, who used his arm as a pillow, and the distance between them became even closer.

Mai looked at Shishio and wondered what he would do, but she didn ’t expect that he would hug her directly. ”Wh –?! ” Her face was reddened, and she didn ’t expect that this guy would be so bold. ”Wait, wait, I ’m not ready yet. ” Even though she didn ’t mind, and her age was legal for marriage, she felt this development was too fast!

However, Shishio didn ’t do anything and just hugged Mai gently as he caressed her smooth black hair.

Mai also noticed that this hug wasn ’t something lustful, but something else, and when she was wondering what he was about to do…

”I won ’t forget you no matter what, so you don ’t need to worry and sleep, alright? ”

Mai ’s eyes reddened, and tears were about to fall from her eyes, but she stubbornly held them and said, ”How can you be so sure? There ’s nothing absolute, you know? ”

”Can you just believe me? ” Shishio said speechlessly.

”Not enough. ” Mai shook her head, she thought for a moment, and said, ”Let ’s kiss. ”

”…. ” Shishio blinked his eyes for a moment and nodded. ”Okay. ”

”… ” Mai blinked her eyes and said, ”You agree so quickly! ”

”I think it ’ll be stupid to reject a kiss from a beautiful girl like you. Also, my reason for accepting your kiss isn ’t because related to your situation, so I won ’t forget you. Instead, it is because I really want to kiss you, ” Shishio said with a smile.

”Scumbag. ” Mai was speechless and asked with a smile, ”Isn ’t that worse? ”

”Yes, it is worse, but I think it is better than hearing a hypocrite reason such as wanting to help you. ” Shishio looked at Mai ’s eyes and said, ”You ’re a beautiful girl, and I ’m attracted to you, so I want to kiss you, Mai. ”

Mai wasn ’t sure how to react, but her face was so hot, and she was so red. ”We – Well, close your eyes. ”

”Okay. ” Shishio closed his eyes without hesitation.

Mai looked at Shishio, who closed his eyes and looked at his lips, licking her lips with her tongue, gulping her saliva, before she nervously moved forward and pressed his lips against her lips. She closed her eyes, trying to feel her first kiss before she parted their lips quickly in shyness.

Shishio also opened his eyes and stared at Mai as their lips parted.

”No – now, if you dare to forget about me, then I won ’t forgive you for the rest of my life, ” Mai said with a blush that covered her face and neck. She thought that Shishio would nod meekly and tell her that he wouldn ’t forget, but…

”Not enough. ”

”…. ” Mai.

”I think that that kiss will only leave a weak impression. ” Shishio looked at Mai, moved closer, and said, ”How about one more? ”

”Wh –?! ” Mai was startled. Her face was hot, and she stared at Shishio in disbelief.

”I won ’t forget, no, I don ’t want to forget you, not ever, so I ’ll take extra care, alright? ” Shishio said with a serious tone.

Mai was shy, but then she pursed her lips and said, ”Well, I guess, that ’s okay. Just a kiss, right? ” She closed her eyes again, and this time she didn ’t take the initiative since Shishio had already taken her lips.

Unlike her first kiss, the kiss that Shishio initiated was a kiss full of desire. It was packed with punches, and it would leave a deep impression.

Hugging each other ’s bodies closely and intertwining their feet fingers against each other, they started to nibble each other ’s lips.

The worries inside her head slowly disappeared, and it was changed into a pleasure that she had never felt before. Her head was blank, and she was just focused on the kiss they exchanged.

”Hmnh…! Ahnh…! Hnnh…! ”

Mai didn ’t feel that it was enough as she kept moaning, she wanted more and to be even closer, and her desire was transmitted to Shishio as he started to insert his tongue inside her mouth.

Mai didn ’t stop him and opened her teeth, letting their tongues entangle each other while rubbing each other ’s bodies.

It felt so nice, it felt so good, all the things on their heads disappeared, and they only focussed on the present pleasure.

Neither of them wanted to part their lips and continued this kiss as long as they could.

Mai started to have hypoxia, but she greedily sucked the oxygen from Shishio ’s mouth.

Luckily, Shishio had an ”Enhanced Lungs, ” or he might pass out right now.

However, in the end, they needed to take a breath, so they parted their lips as they took a heavy breath since their kiss was so intense.

Mai breathed heavily in a daze, but then she felt something hard and hot on her stomach. She started to sober, but the heat on her body could not be stopped. She raised her face and stared at Shishio, giving him a clear sign that if he pushed here and now, she wouldn ’t refuse, but…

”Let ’s sleep. ”

Mai looked at Shishio for a moment before she smiled and snuggled on his arm.

”Thank you. ”

”What? ”

”For not giving up on me. ”

”I won ’t give up on you, and I don ’t want to. ” Shishio kissed Mai ’s forehead for the last time and said, ”Good night. ”

”Good night. ” Mai nodded, but then she also gave him a peck on Shishio ’s cheek before she closed her eyes with a smile, thinking that she would have a good dream tonight. Still, before she slept, she thought that his size was too big, right?

Still, while Mai had a good dream, Shishio needed to use all of his wills to fight against the demon in his heart, and at the same time, he thought that Mai was more charming than the inn owner.

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