I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 323 - Torii Gate And An Affair

Nanami was in class, sitting in her seat before she looked at the empty seat behind her with a sigh. Compared to living alone in her apartment, she felt that living on the Sakurasou was several times better, especially when everyone was kind towards her.

Still, Nanami was thinking about the question that Shishio had asked her before. If possible, she wanted him to tell her that she was his and ravaged her in his room at that time, but the kiss that they shared wasn ’t bad either, or rather it was nice.


”Nanami! ”

Hearing this cheerful voice, Nanami ’s heart almost stopped. She turned her head and looked at Nana, who was smiling at her. She tried to maintain her composure as she greeted Nana back, but even so, her expression was still broken. ”Ah, good morning, Nana. ”

Nana smiled and asked in a low voice, ”I have heard that Shishio has asked you to become his maid. ”

Nanami ’s stomach somehow churned, and it was a bit painful. Her expression was quite stiff, but she nodded. ”Yes, Nana. ” Still, somehow, she was a bit proud that she could seduce Shishio, and at the same time, she also knew that she was a third party who had disturbed the relationship between Shishio and Nana. Frankly, she still felt quite guilty, especially when she kissed him so suddenly and even if she knew that Nana was his girlfriend, but even so, she didn ’t feel regret.

Nana kept smiling as she approached Nanami. ”How about we have lunch together later? ”

”…. ”

Nanami wasn ’t sure why, but she somehow understood the feeling of the cheating partner, who was found by the wife of her partner. It was such a nerve wreaking, but she took a deep breath and nodded. ”Yes. ” She felt that her feeling toward Shishio didn ’t lose to Nana, so she didn ’t hesitate and had lunch with Nana later.

Looking at Nanami, whose nervous expression started to change, Nana curled her lips and smiled, thinking that the lunch would be fun. ”But before that, can you tell me what kind of perverted request that he has asked you, Nanami? ”

”Er…. ”

While Nana and Nanami talked to each other, Rui was staring at the window absentmindedly. It might be her second time having sex with Shishio, and unlike her first time, she didn ’t feel sore. Instead, she felt ultimate pleasure. She wondered whether she could do it again, and while thinking about that, she didn ’t realize that someone had been calling her.

”Rui! ”

”Ah! ” Rui was startled, then noticed Momo Kashiwabara standing next to her. ”Sorry, Momo, I have been thinking about something. ” She apologized since she knew that she had been ignoring Momo.

”It ’s alright, but what are you thinking about? ” Momo asked curiously.

”Er… ” Rui didn ’t think that she could talk about this matter to Momo, and she also knew that her relationship with Shishio was quite wrong in people ’s eyes, especially when he already had a girlfriend.

”Is it Shishio? ” Momo asked with a smile.

”…. ” Rui.

Momo sat down in front of Rui before she moved closer and whispered, ”Did you two have sex? ”

Rui looked at Momo in shock. ”…How? ”

Momo smiled and said, ”You have the face of a woman. Of course, I notice it. ” But then she sighed and said, ”Still, I didn ’t expect Shishio to be the type of person who would cheat. ” She knew that Shishio had a girlfriend, which was why she was quite surprised when she learned that Rui and Shishio had sex.

”No, no, I ’m the one who seduced him. He ’s not at fault, ” Rui quickly said.

”Really? ” Momo was dumbfounded.

”Um… ” Rui was uncomfortable, but she nodded since she didn ’t want Momo to misunderstand Shishio. She knew that the one who seduced him was her, and even though she knew that he had a girlfriend, she just couldn ’t stop it.

Momo looked at Rui for a moment and asked, ”Was it good? ”

”…What? ” Rui was dumbfounded.

”I mean… ” Momo moved closer again and asked, ”Having sex with him, does it feel good? ”

”….. ” Rui blinked her eyes, but then she said, ”Why should I tell you? ”

”Then should I tell his girlfriend? ” Momo asked.

”….. ” Rui pursed her lips and said, ”Don ’t tell anyone, alright? ”

”Okay! ” Momo nodded without hesitation and said, ”I won ’t tell anyone. ”

Rui looked at Momo for a moment, then nodded. There was a blush on her face, and she said in a murmur, ”It feels good… ”

”Really? ” Looking at Rui ’s expression, Momo could tell that Rui wasn ’t lying, and she could also tell that it seemed that Shishio ’s ability in that area was amazing, but then there was one more question that she wanted to ask, ”How big is it? ”

”Huh? ” Rui was startled, but then she thought for a moment and tried to measure his size with her hand. ”Should it be this much? ” If she had a ruler, it would be easier, but she didn ’t have it, so she could only tell Momo according to her experience and estimation.

”So big! ” Momo exclaimed loudly, causing everyone to look in their direction.

However, Rui quickly covered Momo ’s mouth and glared at her. ”Don ’t be so loud! ”

Momo nodded and took Rui ’s hand away from her mouth. ”It should be 18 to 20 cm? ”

”That should be… ” Rui was still shy, and her face was so red, but at the same time, she felt a bit regret to tell this matter to Momo since she thought that she had betrayed Shishio.

Momo murmured, trying to measure his size with her hands, and couldn ’t believe it for a while, but then she asked, ”So what ’s your relationship? ”

”Our relationship? ” Rui was startled, she thought for a moment, and knew that they were friends, but they had sex, so their relationship was…

”…It should be a sex friend? ” Rui answered unsurely, and she was wondering how Momo ’s reaction was, but she saw that Momo ’s reaction was quite flat, and she asked, ”You ’re not surprised? ”

”What ’s so weird? There ’s a lot of people in that relationship after all, ” Momo said calmly. After all, it wasn ’t uncommon for a high school student in this country to have a sex friend relationship, considering how open this country was.

”Really? ” Rui murmured and felt surprised. She wasn ’t sure what love was, but she would love to have a relationship to be more than a friend with Shishio. However, she also knew that Shishio had more than one girlfriend, which made her feel unacceptable. The thought of dating him together with other girls was quite unacceptable for her, considering she didn ’t know his girlfriends and all.

”By the way, Rui-Rui, can I ask you something? ” Momo asked with a smile.

”What ’s wrong? ” Rui asked while looking at Momo with a doubtful expression.

”Can you include me if you have sex? ” Momo asked.

”…. ”

The time passed quickly, and before long, it was time for lunch, and Nana brought Nanami directly to the literature clubroom.

Mea and Maiko also followed, wondering what happened between Nanami and Nana, but they could tell that it should be related to Shishio, which was why they were curious.

As they left swiftly, Usa also wanted to follow them, but when he saw Shishio was absent, he knew that his chance to join them was nill, and at the same time, he was wondering whether there was a way for him to get close to Ritsu Kawai.

’I wonder what I should do? ’

Usa sighed and wondered whether he should just confess directly?

Still, when Usa thought about Tagami, who had been shot down by his crush without mercy, he felt a bit scared, and he was afraid that their relationship might change after he confessed. ’Hmm, maybe I should talk with Shishio. ’ However, he needed to think about the test first since if he failed, then the consequences would be disastrous!

Nanami thought that she would be judged and mocked that she was a thieving cat or something, but she didn ’t expect that…

”Nanami-san, can I call you that? ” Miu asked with a smile.

”Ah, yes, you can call me that, Senpai. ” Nanami nodded without hesitation with some nervousness on her face.

”Thank you for taking care of Shishio. He is quite busy after all, ” Miu said.

”No, no, I have been paid after all… ” Nanami nodded and somehow felt that Miu was so gentle.

”Don ’t be nervous. Let ’s eat before the class starts, ” Saki said calmly.

”Okay, okay, let ’s eat, ” Nana said with a smile.

Everyone started to eat together, some of them ate bread, and some ate bento while talking to each other.

Still, Nanami felt weird since everyone was kind and gentle. She felt happy when she thought nothing had happened, but then suddenly…

”By the way, Nanami, Shishio isn ’t asking you a perverted request, right? ” Saki suddenly asked.

”….. ”

Everyone suddenly fell in silence, and they looked at Nanami simultaneously.

”Ah, um, I… ” Nanami wasn ’t sure what to say since she was too nervous.

Saki, Nana, and Miu looked at each other and knew that Shishio didn ’t do anything to Nanami, but they also knew that Nanami might have a feeling for Shishio. However, it was normal since they knew the number of girls that had fallen for him in this school couldn ’t be counted with their hands.

”Huh? You have become Shishio ’s maid, Nanami? ” Maiko was startled.

”How? ” Mea also asked in surprise.

Ritsu didn ’t say much since she knew Nanami ’s status, but at the same time, she was also curious. She wanted to ask Shishio, but that guy hadn ’t been home for a while, and even now, he skipped school because he had something to do, so there was no chance for her to ask a question.

”Ah, um… ” Nanami somehow wasn ’t sure what to say for a moment, but she still told them truthfully that she had just cleaned up his room, clothes and cooked him for food. As for Shishio ’s request to ask her to wear a maid uniform, she thought he was just teasing her since he didn ’t ask her to wear a maid uniform after she became his maid.

Hearing Nanami ’s answer, everyone nodded and thought it was pretty normal, but some still asked.

”Did you wash his underwear too? ”

”…. ”

Somehow, this lunch had become a Q&A session for Nanami.

Still, Nanami also didn ’t answer every question that they asked. After all, there was no way for her to tell them that she had kissed Shishio so suddenly, and she also had kissed Shishio several times on his bed before.

While talking to each other, no one would expect Shiina to drop a bomb suddenly.

”Saki, did you have sex with Shishio? ”

”….. ”

When Shiina asked this question, the clubroom was in silence, and they turned their attention to Saki instead of Nanami.

Nanami was also dumbfounded while looking at Saki. She knew that Shishio was a scumbag with more than one girlfriend, but she didn ’t believe it, which was why when Shiina suddenly asked that question, she knew that it was real, and it seemed that the relationship between four girlfriends was close to each other.

They might have noticed it before, but they weren ’t sure. However, when they looked closely, they could see that Saki had become more beautiful, and if they had to give an example, it was like a bud had bloomed into a beautiful flower.

Saki was like a rose.

Saki was beautiful, but her cold and curt expression were like a thorn. However, as long as they could bear that thorn, they could see how charming this girl was.

Before that, beauty might not have shown that much, but now, Saki had bloomed.

Saki was shocked when Shiina suddenly asked that question. If Shiina had asked that question privately, then she might not overthink and answered that question truthfully, but there were many people in front of her!

Even though Saki was familiar with all of them, and they were all girls, she was still shy at that moment. Her face blushed, and her body was slightly hot when she remembered the night she was with Shishio.


Saki was pressured at that moment, and it wasn ’t something so shameful, so she didn ’t mind admitting it. ”Um. ”

”…. ”

While Shishio wasn ’t at school, there were many things happening, and he didn ’t know that there were a lot of problems that were waiting for him to solve when he returned.

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