I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 325 - Shishio: I Dont Hate Being Scolded

While Shishio might not explain how his date with Mai on Ibaraki was, there was one word that could describe their date at that time.


With Mai ’s situation having been solved, neither Shishio nor Mai were worried about anything, and they played together, visiting various places on Ibaraki. Anyway, Mai was wearing a cap, and even though she was famous, they were in the countryside, so it might be quite rare for someone to know about Mai.

Still, while they were on the date, Shishio also opened the rewards he had gotten from Mai ’s mother and Mai last night.

He received two rewards, and those rewards were a ”Mountain ” and ”67% shares of Muji TV. ”

Shishio felt a bit weird by one of his rewards, but when he received it, he didn ’t expect that he would really receive a mountain.

Many people might not know, but there were a lot of small mountains in Japan, and he had received one of them.

The mountain was located in Saitama prefecture, and from the description, it was a good place for a trip during the summer.

As for his second reward, he received shares of a famous Japanese television station, which made him think that the rewards from the main heroine had always been rich.

Anyway, Shishio had a lot of experiences now, so even if the rewards were amazing, and he was roaring in happiness when he received his rewards, his face was as calm as a monk who had achieved enlightenment. Still, if he became a monk, his temple might be popular now.

After spending their trip at Ibaraki, they returned to Mai ’s apartment in the evening, but neither of them would expect that someone was standing at the entrance waiting for them.

”Mai. ”

Mai ’s mother was standing at the entrance of Mai ’s apartment, looking at her daughter with a complicated gaze. She remembered everything and wondered why she had forgotten her daughter before.

However, when Mai ’s mother was about to talk with her daughter, she noticed Shishio. She looked at Shishio from up and down as if observing her son-in-law. Still, the strict process ended in a second, and she showed a satisfied expression. ”So, is this your boyfriend? Is he going to become my son-in-law? ”

”……….. ”

Shishio wasn ’t sure how to react, but one thing for sure, Mai ’s mother was beautiful. ”Hello, aunty. ”

Mai coughed hard several times and said, ”Shishio, you should go back first. I need to talk with my mother. ”

”Okay. ” Shishio nodded and didn ’t force her to let him stay since he also needed to go back. ”If something happens, just call me, alright? ”

Mai nodded and said, ”I ’ll visit Sakurasou directly if something happens. ” She then pecked Shishio ’s cheek before she grabbed her mother directly from her apartment, ignoring her mother, who wanted to talk with Shishio, wondering whether he had an interest in entering showbiz.

Shishio shook his head then turned his gaze to the luxurious SUV car that slowly approached him. ”Roberta. ”

”Shishio-sama, ” Roberta said as she opened the window of the car.

”Have you prepared my room here? ” Shishio asked.

”Yes. ” Roberta nodded. ”I ’ll park the car. Wait for a moment. ” She then drove to the car to the parking park, leaving Shishio, who was observing the apartment building in front of him.

Shishio knew that he had asked for a house, but he didn ’t expect Tokugawa to give him the entire building, telling him that he could rent or sell the suites inside the apartment building. As for the suites that had been sold, nothing could be done, but anyway, this entire building had become his, and it made him feel complex while also thinking that the Tokugawa family was still rich.

”Let ’s go, Shishio-sama. ”

Roberta suddenly appeared beside him and pulled his hand.

Looking at her eager expression, Shishio didn ’t stop her and knew what they were about to do. ”Wait a moment, let ’s go to the convenience store first. You don ’t bring it, right? ”

Roberta thought for a moment and asked, ”What about your technique, Shishio-sama? ” After all, the feeling of using rubber and non-rubber was different, and if she asked which one she loved the most, then without a doubt, it was non-robber since she could feel the connection with him.

”Well, just in case, right? ”

Shishio didn ’t need a condom, but anyway, he just wanted to try to use it since it had been a while since he used it. If it didn ’t feel comfortable, it wouldn ’t be too late to take it off later.

Roberta, who was eager at this moment, just wanted to go to bed, but she also knew that safety was first since Shishio was still a high school and it wasn ’t late. ”Then I ’ll prepare the room first…. ” She told Shishio the room number and entered the apartment building while Shishio went to the convenience store to buy a condom.

Shishio ’s choice of condom had never been weird. He chose the biggest size and the thinnest one with a mint flavor. After he bought a pack of boxes of condoms, he decided to go out, but he didn ’t expect to meet someone unexpected.

This person also didn ’t expect to meet Shishio either.

”Shishio? ”

”Yukino-senpai? ”

”Why are you here? ” Yukinoshita asked as she looked at Shishio curiously. ”Also, I have heard that you have been absent, right? ”

”How did you know? ” Shishio asked weirdly, wondering how this girl knew he didn ’t go to the school twice.

”The girls in my class cried when they knew that they couldn ’t see you for two days, ” Yukinoshita said without emotion.

”…Am I really that handsome? ” Shishio murmured and didn ’t expect his absence would cause such a reaction.

Yukinoshita rolled her eyes, but she didn ’t deny that this guy was handsome. Still, even though her reaction wasn ’t as exaggerated as the girls in her class, she was quite curious about why he was here. ”I have heard that you were sick. Are you alright now? ” She had heard from the gossip of her classmates that Shishio was sick, so she asked him worriedly.

”Yeah, I feel better now. Thanks. ” Shishio smiled and didn ’t say much about the reason why he didn ’t go to the school.

Still, Yukinoshita was in a daze and blushed when she saw Shishio ’s smile before she covered her face with her hand as if she had a migraine.

”What ’s wrong, Senpai? ”

”Nothing. ” Yukinoshita let out a sigh and asked, ”So what are you doing here? ” She then noticed a small box inside a plastic bag, wondering what Shishio had bought.

Shishio, who noticed Yukinoshita ’s gaze, quickly averted her attention by talking and hiding what he had bought. ”My apartment is nearby. ”

”Really? ” As expected, Yukinoshita was attracted by Shishio ’s words and asked, ”Where? ”

”Over there. ” Shishio pointed his finger toward his apartment building, located relatively near the convenience store. ”How about you, Senpai? ”

”I am right over there. ” Yukinoshita also pointed her finger in the opposite direction of his apartment building. Still, she took a second glance at Shishio ’s apartment building and nodded inwardly.

Shishio looked in the direction that Yukinoshita pointed and saw a high-end penthouse building. He looked at Yukinoshita and thought that no matter where it was, an official or a politician was full of corruption.

”Did you think something rude? ” Yukinoshita frowned.

”No, nothing. ” Shishio shook his head and quickly erased the strange thought on his mind.

”But didn ’t you live in Sakurasou? Did you move? ” Yukinoshita asked.

”No, my family has an apartment here, but I mostly live at Sakurasou since my aunt is living there. ”

”I see… ” Yukinoshita nodded thoughtfully.

”Then Senpai, I ’ll go back first, and good luck with the exam tomorrow, ” Shishio said with a smile and didn ’t intend to talk with Yukinoshita too long.

”Yes, you too. Good luck with the exam, ” Yukinoshita also said with a smile.

Shishio then, without hesitation, dashed to his apartment since someone was waiting for him in the apartment. He entered the apartment and went to the room told by Roberta before. He pressed the bell, and he heard the sound of footsteps being heard from inside.

As the door opened, Shishio and Roberta looked at each other for a moment.

His eyes brightened since she was still wearing her maid uniform, and without hesitation, he leaped toward her since last night was hell for him since he couldn ’t let it out.

Roberta also answered him like a female leopard. She charged toward him and took his lips greedily while hugging his body.

The door was closed, and they started to do what they had been wanting to do, enjoying the carnal desire that had been built up inside their bodies.

While Haru and Roberta were doing what they needed to do, Yukinoshita entered the convenience store to buy some snacks for her night study, but then she was curious at what Shishio had bought.

’If I ’m not wrong, it should be a little box, right? ’

Yukinoshita looked around the convenience store to see whether she could find something in the shape of a little box, but then her eyes stopped at the noticeable shelf that made her blush.

Yukinoshita had never had an interest in this shelf and had never glanced at it, but because the shape of the packaging that was sold on this shelf was similar to what was bought by Shishio, she became curious.

’Why are there a lot of flavors? ’

Yukinoshita looked at several condoms that were presented on the shelf, wondering why there were a lot of flavors such as strawberries, banana, orange, apple, and even durian, which made her speechless and wondered what was the use of flavors on a condom.

Yukinohista then shook her head and felt that it might be her misunderstanding.

Yukinoshita didn ’t believe it, but she just couldn ’t get out the thought on her mind.

”The total is 1,555 yen, ” the female cashier said, but she was clearly in a daze, seeming, thinking about something.

Yukinoshita paid the money, but then, she couldn ’t hold them anymore and asked, ”Um, can I ask something? ”

”Yes? ” The female cashier looked at Yukinoshita curiously.

”What did he buy before? ” Yukinoshita asked naively.

”He? ”

The female cashier remembered Yukinoshita was talking with Shishio outside of the store before, so she didn ’t overthink and pointed at the item that was bought by Shishio. ”He bought this one. ” She held the item that was purchased by Shishio and showed it to Yukinoshita. ”It ’s amazing, right? ” She sighed and said, ”I ’m jealous of his girlfriend. ”

”……….. ”

Yukinosita was in silence since the thing that the female cashier showed made her dumbfounded, and her cheeks blushed.

Okamoto 003 Super Big Boy Mint Flavor.

”………. ”

Yukinoshita clenched her fist and thought she needed to talk with Shishio later.

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