I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 325 - Shishio: I Dont Hate Being Scolded

s sitting on the floor in a seiza manner. It might be his imagination, but it seemed she enjoyed this situation when she could look down on him from a high position.

Should he be surprised?

Not really, since he was also a sadist, so he could also understand Chihiro ’s feelings.

Shishio looked at Chihiro ’s eyes which somehow got out of focus, staring at him while nibbling her lower lips from time to time. She might not have noticed that he had noticed her expression, considering he was looking down and using a mirror to gaze upon her lustful expression.

Chihiro stared at Shishio, who lowered his head before she snorted, then looked at the souvenirs that Shishio had bought. There was soba, natto, and soy milk, which made her wonder where this guy went. ”Where did you go? ” Still, his weak appearance somehow made her want to tease him more. He often appeared strong, and it was quite rare for him to show his weakness which was why she might become more excited than expected.

”Ibaraki. ”

Shishio didn ’t hide that he went to Ibaraki, but he hid the fact that he went there with Mai. He was also sure that Chihiro might not believe him, considering Mai was a famous child actress and all.

Chihiro sighed and said, ”Shishio, I ’m not going to stop you with your business, but you should also need to take care of your study. ”

”I know. ” Shishio nodded.

”Tomorrow is the Monthly Exam. Are you ready for it? ” Chihiro asked.

”Of course, I ’m ready, ” Shishio said with neither a humble nor overbearing tone while inwardly, he didn ’t think that he would fail in this exam. Still, at the same time, he realized that the system ’s existence was a great thing since it helped him with a lot of things.

Instead, wasn ’t this system too overpowered?

Sometimes Shishio felt a bit scared that he might change because of how convenient the system was, but at the same time, he was also confident that he wouldn ’t change. His feelings were contradictory, but this feeling was important, so it could become an anchor that could help him not to be swayed by various things that would change his personality.

”Are you sure? ” Chihiro looked at Shishio with a skeptical expression since she had never seen him studying.

”I ’m sure. ” Shishio nodded without hesitation.

”If you can ’t get a good score, then what will you do? ” Chihiro asked and moved her legs again, showing her fluffy slit again to Shishio by accident.

As if being hypnotized, Shishio also gazed upon that place before he answered, ”Then I won ’t go out until I get a good score during the mid-term exam. ”

”Good. ” Chihiro nodded with a satisfied smile, but then, it might be an accident, or deliberately, she moved one of her feet on top of Shishio ’s thigh.

Shishio looked at Chihiro ’s beautiful and alluring foot placed on the top of his thigh. He could feel that she moved her feet slightly, rubbing his thigh gently.

It might be because they were in the blind spot of everyone, and their action couldn ’t be seen, so she might be bold and try to tease him. Or she might get horny from scolding him, which led them into this situation.

Still, this action caused his entire blood to be on fire, jolting his entire body as if being electrocuted, before his cock swelled up and throbbing in a manner that couldn ’t fail to be seen by Chihiro, considering his size.

Shishio could see Chihiro ’s gaze on the nether region, and it might be because of an impulse, or might be something else, he asked, ”Then if I get the 1st rank on the Monthly Exam tomorrow, will you get me a reward? ” He held her ankle, causing her body to stiffen, and her neck reddened.

”Reward? What kind? ” Still, Chihiro answered his question with a hint of interest.

”I ’m not sure. ” Shishio shook his head and put down Chihiro ’s feet on the side, rubbing her sole slightly, tickling her, and causing her spine to straighten before he stared at her eyes again and said, ”Surprise me. ” He might lose his mind at this moment when he uttered those words.

Chihiro looked at Shishio, smiled charmingly, and said, ”Alright, if you can get 1st rank, I might give you a reward, so calm that down for now since it might not be weird for someone to suddenly see that. ” She had seen Shishio ’s beast when it was in the soft state, but when she saw how big it was when it got hard, it took all of her will to maintain her dignity as his aunt.

Hearing those words, Shishio also took a deep breath to calm down.

Chihiro nodded when she saw the tent on his shorts dissipated before she nodded and turned her head to everyone who had been looking at them. ”You can come in. ”

Everyone rushed inside the living room without hesitation, and Kamiigusa Misaki went to the souvenirs that Shishio had bought, looking at them curiously, wondering whether there was something delicious.

Nanami and Ritsu also came and reprimanded Misaki.

Mayumi Nishikino and Sayaka Watanabe also did the same and looked at the souvenirs that Shishio had bought.

Shiro-san gave a thump up to Shishio before he looked at the souvenirs, but he was punched by Mayumi and Sayaka, telling him not to get close.

Still, the cutest one was Shiina as she sat on Shishio ’s lap and rubbed her head against his chin as if a cat that missed her master.

Shishio ’s will was tested again, and he realized that having a strong body during puberty also had a disadvantage. After all, the beast that was about to sleep started to wake up once again.

With all the temptation he received, Shishio felt that it was impossible for him to stop being a scumbag.

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