I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 329 - Yukinoshita-senpai Is Weird

”Mom, what are you saying?! ” Nana exploded.

Shishio somehow sighed in relief when he heard Nana yell since his girlfriend still had common sense.

However, Nana ’s mother only glanced at Nana and said, ”Nana, are you ready to get pregnant? ” Even though she had supported Nana ’s relationship with Shishio and even supported her to get married. She even joked around with Shishio that it was alright for him to impregnate her daughter. This matter and that matter was different, alright?

As a mother, Nana ’s mother needed to think about her daughter ’s future.

”Huh? What?! ” Nana was dumbfounded.

”….. ” Shishio.

”I ’m sure that you two will have sex in the future, right? ” Nana ’s mother said calmly.

”Well… ”

Nana couldn ’t deny her mother since she wanted to have sex with Shishio. She had heard the story of Saki ’s first experience with Shishio on Monday before, so she wanted to do the same, especially when she recalled Saki ’s expression. Also, there was Shiina too. Even though Shiina was in a daze and never showed her expression, after Shishio ’s confession, she knew that they had done it.

Luckily, Miu was still alright, but if Nana knew that Shishio and Miu had promised each other to stay together after the exam… then…

”So I ’ll teach the two of you, ” Nana ’s mother said calmly.

”Why?! ” Nana asked stupidly.

Nana ’s mother sighed while looking at her stupid daughter. ”Do you know how to use a condom? What if you get pregnant? What if you ’re hurt after losing your first time? There ’s a lot of things that you need to watch out for. ”

”Huh? Is it going to hurt? ” Nana asked in surprise.

”Of course. ” Nana ’s mother nodded, but then she said, ”But there ’s a way so you won ’t be hurt. ”

”How? ” Nana asked curiously.

”That ’s why I ’m going to teach the two of you. Hurry up and get a condom in my room. There should be one box on the shelves of my make-up table, ” Nana ’s mother said.

Nana was dumbfounded when she heard that her parents had a condom, but she felt it should be normal since they were husband and wife. Still, she felt a bit conflicted when she found out that her parents had sex together.

”What are you gawking for? Hurry up! ” Nana ’s mother scolded Nana again.

”Ye – Yes! ” Nana quickly dashed to her parent ’s room to get a condom.

The corner of Shishio ’s eye twitched and wondered whether he had a right to say something in this discussion. Then, when Nana was gone, he looked at his mother-in-law and asked, ”Are you serious, aunty? ”

”Of course. ” Nana ’s mother nodded and asked, ”Or do you have an experience, Shishio-kun? ”

Shishio wanted to nod and said ”yes, ” but somehow, it felt weird to admit that he had sex with other girls other than Nana in front of her mother.

Nana ’s mother didn ’t give him a chance and said, ”You ’re not a virgin, right? ”

”… ”

Shishio blinked his eyes, but then he nodded truthfully. ”Yes, if you know, then why did you suddenly ask to tell us that you want to teach us? Don ’t you know how awkward it is? ” Even if he could calm under many situations, it was his first time when his mother-in-law would suddenly propose to teach him to have sex with Nana.

”Also, what kind of mother could calmly tell her daughter and her daughter ’s boyfriend that she ’s going to teach them how to have sex?! ” Shishio didn ’t want to say this, but he felt that it was necessary since he just couldn ’t understand why this woman did all of this.

Shishio knew that he was handsome, and he had seen a lot of housewives lust toward him, but he didn ’t want to destroy someone else ’s family, especially the family of his parents-in-law.

’But if no one knows, it should be, alright, right? ’ The demon inside Shishio whispered, but he quickly threw away that thought far away.

Personally, Shishio thought that Nana ’s mother was a charming woman.

Even though Nana ’s mother was in her late 40s, she seemed to be in her 30s, with wavy long blonde hair that reached her waist, a body that would cause any woman to scream in envy, and the charm of a mature woman that younger women couldn ’t imitate.

Frankly, it was unbearable for Shishio, and it made his throat dry whenever he stayed with this woman, especially her bubbies that almost spilled out from her blouse. He could even see that the buttons on her blouse were working really hard to withhold the pressure from inside.

”Shishio-kun… ”

Nana ’s soft voice transmitted to his ears as her hand gently held his hand.

”Aunty… ” Shishio was stumped for a moment until he heard the words that came out from Nana ’s mother ’s mouth.

”If Nana moves to your apartment, will you have sex with her every day? ” Nana ’s mother asked as she stared into his eyes.

”…. ” Shishio.

”Even if you don ’t do it every day, I ’m sure that you ’ll do it every time as long as it is possible, and at that time, if she is pregnant, can you be responsible for her? ” Nana ’s mother asked. She knew how lustful young people were, especially for someone who had tasted that forbidden pleasure, so she needed to give them some precautions before they had done it.

”I can, ” Shishio said without hesitation.

”Well, you might be able to be responsible for her, but do you think that she ’s ready to become a mother? ” Nana ’s mother knew that Shishio was coming from a wealthy family, and even if her daughter got pregnant, she didn ’t need to worry too much, but then again, would her daughter be ready to be a daughter?

After Nana ’s mother saw Nana ’s eyes, she knew that there was no way for her to stop them from having sex. If they could marry, then she would marry them directly. But, unfortunately, Shishio hadn ’t reached a legal age, which was why she thought to teach them how to have safe sex.

Hearing Nana ’s mother ’s question, of course, Shishio knew that Nana wasn ’t ready to become a mother, but with his ”Enhanced Testicles, ” if he didn ’t want to, then Nana wouldn ’t get pregnant. However, he felt that Nana ’s mother wouldn ’t believe his words, and she might have mistaken him for azoospermia, so it was better to keep quiet to see how it would lead since he was also curious about how Nana ’s mother was going to teach them how to have sex.

Still, Shishio wondered how long Nana ’s mother would hold his hand?

Not that he had anything to complain about, though.

Neither Shishio nor Nana ’s mother talked to each other, and there was this ambiguous atmosphere between them.

Shishio hoped for Nana to return since he was afraid to do something sorry for his father-in-law.

They waited for a while before Nana entered her room again, but her expression showed hesitation and nervousness this time.

”Mom, I think… I think that it isn ’t good for you to teach us. ”

When Nana thought clearly, she felt that it wasn ’t good for her mother to teach them. After all, she was embarrassed, and somehow she felt it was also wrong for her father.

”Where ’s the condom? ” Nana ’s mother ignored Nana and asked.

”…. ”

Nana looked at her mother for a moment before she gave the condom that she had taken from her parent ’s room.

Shishio looked at the condom in Nana ’s mother ’s hand and sighed since he knew it would be too tight for him. Still, he was pretty surprised that Nana ’s parents loved to use a strawberry flavor.

’Somehow, it ’s kind of cute. ’

Nana ’s mother then pulled Shishio ’s hand and put the condom in his hand. ”Here. ”

”??? ” Shishio was confused.

”Always use this, alright? Never, ever, you don ’t use this thing, alright? ” Nana ’s mother said.

”… ” Shishio and Nana.

”Um… that ’s it? ” Nana asked in confusion. In her mind, the education that her mother would show would be like… showing each other genitals?

Nana wasn ’t sure, but it might be because her mind was more perverted than most girls? Probably.

”Of course. ” Nana ’s mother looked weirdly at Shishio and Nana and asked, ”Do you think that I ’ll take out his dick and let you show your vagina to him? Then, I ’ll be on your side, watching the two of you having sex or something? ”

”……. ”

”Of course not, dummy. ” Nana ’s mother sighed and said, ”I love your father after all, and there ’s no way for me to do that. ”

Shishio looked at Nana ’s mother with skeptical eyes, considering this woman had secretly rubbed his thigh.


’Has my charm reached such a dangerous level? ’

Shishio thought that even a man needed to take care of himself since he was afraid that random women might **** him in the future.

”Then…? ” Nana was so confused at that moment.

”I just remind you to always use a condom, but even if you don ’t use it, then you need to cum in outside. Never inside, alright? ” Nana ’s mother said, then stood up.

”Um… that ’s it? ” Nana asked with somewhat strange expressions since her mother was too random, right?

”That ’s all. ” Nana ’s mother nodded.

”….. ”

Shishio and Nana felt so conflicted, and neither of them was sure how to react to this situation. If possible, they hoped for her to pretend she didn ’t see anything and only hoped for the best for her children, not to confuse them with this kind of useless care.

Nana ’s mother walked out of the room, but she stopped and called Shishio ’s name again. ”Shishio-kun. ”

”Yes? ”

”Take care, Ayaka too, alright? ”

”… ”

Shishio looked at Nana ’s mother and wondered whether this request asked him to take care of her two daughters simultaneously. He didn ’t mind, but Nana ’s stare started to hurt him, so he could only nod while pretending that he didn ’t understand anything. ”Yes, you don ’t need to worry, aunty. ”

Nana ’s mother smiled sweetly and walked out, leaving Nana and Shishio alone.

Shishio then looked at Nana, then put the condom that her mother gave on the short-legged table in front of him.

Nana felt so awkward, then said, ”Sorry. ”

”No problem. ”

”Still… ” Nana took the box of condoms and said, ”This won ’t fit you, right? ”

”??? ” Shishio looked at Nana puzzledly.

”By the way, don ’t be surprised… ” Nana stood up and went to her shelf before taking something from it.

Shishio raised his eyebrow, but then his lips twitched when he saw the box that Nana held.

Okamoto 003 Super Big Boy Strawberry Flavor.

”……… ”

’Does this family love strawberry flavor that much? ’

”…….. ”

Shishio and Nana looked at each other for a moment before he broke the silence. ”How about we continue to study? ”

”Okay. ” Nana nodded since she also knew what kind of dumb thing she had done.

They started to study together, but then Shishio asked, ”By the way, Nana. ”

”Hmm? ”

”When are you going to move? ” Shishio asked gently.

”…. ”

Nana looked at Shishio with a smile and thought that it wasn ’t only her who was excited!

They looked at each other and were about to move closer, but then suddenly the door opened once again.

”By the way. ”

”….. ”

Shishio and Nana blinked their eyes, and their hearts were pounding, looking at Nana ’s mother, whose head peeked out through the gap of the door.

”Keep this a secret from your father, alright? ” Nana ’s mother said with a smile before she left.

”… ”

Shishio was afraid that he might do something sorry for his father-in-law in the future.


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