I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 330 - Shishio Is Once Again...

Koharu Shirayama looked at her watch for a moment before she announced, ”Alright, stop, the exam has ended! ”


Some guys and girls jumped out and raised their arms high when they heard Koharu ’s words.

The time moved so fast, and before long, Friday came, and the Monthly Exam ended.

They wouldn ’t be excited if it was a normal exam, but it was different since tomorrow is Golden Week!

Koharu only smiled before she shouted, ”Be quiet! ”

No one was stupid, and everyone quickly shut their mouths, even though they wanted to scream right now, but if they shut their mouths, then they would go home faster, then they could enjoy their holiday faster, so no one said anything and waited for Koharu.

Koharu nodded in satisfaction and said, ”I ’ll collect the paper first, then I ’ll start an announcement before you can go home. ”

Everyone nodded with a smile.

Even some of them weren ’t confident with the result of their exam, and they thought that they might get a bad score, they didn ’t care, or rather they pretended that they didn ’t care since they knew that it would be pretty bad if they got a bad score.

However, it was alright since tomorrow they will get a long holiday!

After Koharu collected the exam papers, she sorted them out on the table and looked at everyone. ”I know that you ’re all excited about Golden Week. I won ’t say much since I ’m sure that you just want to go home now, so enjoy your holiday, but don ’t forget to finish your homework, alright? ”

”Yes! ”

Everyone answered simultaneously, and Koharu also didn ’t give a long speech or anything since she knew how cruel that act was.

After all, everyone just wanted to go home.

Why should they listen to the long useless speech?

Still, Koharu also recalled the time when she was so excited about Golden Week and many holidays during her school life, but now, somehow, she felt that her holiday was pretty sad. She was single, and she didn ’t have a boyfriend. So she would spend her holiday alone in her room, maybe sleeping and maybe eating.

’I want a boyfriend! I want to get married! ’

Koharu screamed inside her heart, but then, she glanced at Shishio and couldn ’t help but sigh, wondering why she was born earlier than him.

When Koharu ended her words and walked out of the class, Shishio noticed that Koharu glanced at him for a moment, letting out a sigh before she walked away. When he saw her, he also understood this beautiful teacher ’s difficulty. After all, the problem that she felt wasn ’t uncommon. Instead, it was a common problem felt by women and men in their late-20s and early 30s.

Being single was a painful thing, and when you were single in the late-20s and early 30s, you couldn ’t help but compare yourself with your friends or acquaintances that had already married, which made you wonder when you were going to get married, and it gave you anxiety.

The man was pretty alright since they weren ’t in a hurry, and even if they were old, many women wanted to marry them since an older man gave a reliable feeling. Even if they didn ’t, as long as you were handsome enough, had a good body, or had a stable income, even if that man was in their 30s or even 40s and 50s, it was possible for them to get a woman in their early 20s or even an 18-year-old girl.

However, the women were pretty miserable.

Unlike men, who could choose and decide whether they wanted to marry a woman or not, the women couldn ’t do the same thing as men do, and all they could only do was wait for men to propose to them.

If women can ’t find someone who wants to marry them, they might be single until their 30s or more.

In Chinese, those women were called ”Leftover Women, ” which was a cruel term.

On the internet, most people would say that those women were attractive. However, if they were asked whether they wanted to marry them, then they would be in silence for a moment. After all, marriage was a life decision, and someone needed to be serious about it.

Men are like that. They ’re okay with sex and having fun, but if they ’re asked for responsibility…


Still, marriage didn ’t equal happiness.

However, if you ’re able to marry someone you love, and that couple is in love with each other, they ’re going to be happy, but of course, when someone is in a marriage, it doesn ’t mean that it is all rainbow and happiness.

There was going to be a problem and conflict in the process. But even so, if they could stay together without cheating and be loyal to each other, then they would be blessed.

Shishio wasn ’t going to be the one he mentioned above since he had a lot of women. He was a scumbag, and he was sure that unless he became prime minister, or bought the prime minister along with the legislation in this country to change the law to allow polygamy, then it was possible to marry all of them.

Shishio felt that with the system, it was possible, and he didn ’t give up his goal to marry all of them.

Now, let ’s go back to the question about the ”Leftover Women. ”

If Shishio was asked whether he wanted to marry them, his response might be similar to the guys on the internet. If he was asked to have fun and have sex, he wouldn ’t hesitate, but if they asked for him responsibility, he needed to be careful. Still, at least, he was still better than the King or Emperor in history since the number of his women still could be counted with his hands, and he cared them dearly.

Still, Shishio realized that there were many women who wanted to get married around him from Chihiro Sengoku, Hiratsuka Shizuka, Koharu Shirayama, Mayumi Nishikino, and Kyouko Shirafuji. There might be more, but he might forget to mention them.

As for Ayaka Sunohara and Tachibana Hina, they hadn ’t reached 25, yet so they were still young.

Anyway, Shishio could think about this matter later since there was something that he needed to do.

”Shishio, let ’s go! ” Nana hugged Shishio ’s arm, and she was ready to bring him to the literature club to gather first before they went out together in a group.

They had planned to go out to karaoke before eating yakiniku.

Anyway, they had planned to have a blast today, so there was no need to hold back, but…

”Sorry, Nana, I need to check my club for a bit before I join you, ” Shishio said with a sigh since Yukinoshita suddenly sent him a text last night, telling him that there would be a club today, which made him helpless. Tonight, he anticipated his stay with Miu, so he hoped to go back early, but he didn ’t expect that Yukinoshita would text him so suddenly.

Shishio thought to ignore Yukinoshita and decided to skip the club, but this girl told him that she had an important thing to say, and when he told her to talk on the phone, she told him that she needed to talk about this matter face to face.

”Club? Is it a Service Club? ” Nana also knew that Shishio had joined a Service Club because of his aunt and a counselor teacher.

”Yeah. ”

”How long? ”

”It won ’t be long, around an hour, or it should be less. ” Shishio didn ’t think that he would stay on the Service Club for so long, and he might go back early after he talked with Yukinoshita.

’Should I invite her to go out too? ’

”Okay. ” Nana nodded and said, ”It ’s still early after all. We ’ll talk at the club and play a game. Then, when your club is over, just text me. ”

”Okay. ” Shishio nodded and prepared to go out to the club since the faster he went out, the faster he returned. Still, he was glad that he came back with Nana at that time since her mood had been so good for the past few days.

”Oh, right, Shishio! ”

”Hmm? ”

”Do you want to bring Yukinoshita-senpai? ” Nana, of course, knew Yukinoshita since Yukinoshita was the one who gave Shishio a camera.

Shishio thought for a moment and said, ”I ’ll try to talk, but she might reject. ” Nevertheless, he felt that there was something weird about Yukinoshita, so he thought to talk with her.

Nana snorted and clearly didn ’t believe Shishio ’s words since she believed that Yukinoshita might have been seduced by Shishio already.

”Mea, Maiko, Nanami, let ’s go! ”

Nanami, Mea, and Maiko, who couldn ’t join their conversation before, couldn ’t help but look at each other.

”What do you think, Nanami? ” Maiko asked.

Nanami sighed and said, ”He ’s too gentle. ”

”I hope that he can act coldly in front of the girls. ” Mea agreed with Nanami ’s words.

”Well, even if he ’s cold, do you think those girls will stop pestering him? ” Maiko asked.

”… ” Mea and Nanami couldn ’t say anything since Maiko was right.

Even if Shishio acted cold, ignoring them, those girls wouldn ’t stop approaching him like a moth who flew toward the fire. Even if they knew that it was impossible, they couldn ’t stop it, somehow making them sigh.

Well, anyway, neither of them cared much about those girls, and what was important right now was to have fun!

Still, Shishio and his group were about to have fun, Usa and Tagami wanted to join, or rather, everyone in the class wanted to join Shishio ’s group together to go to the karaoke, but then again, they saw Shishio walking out of the class alone, leaving Nana, Maiko, Mea, and Nanami on the class.

Also, when he said goodbye to them, they knew very well that their chance to go out together was nill.

Usa thought for a moment before he made up his mind.

’I need to get close to Kawai-senpai! ’

Usa made up his mind, but then he wondered where Shishio had gone now.

Yukinoshita was already in the clubroom of the Service Club, sitting quietly while reading her book with a warm tea and snack on her side. But, even though she read a book, her mind was elsewhere, especially when she thought about her sudden meeting with Shishio at the convenience store.

Yukinoshita wanted to complain to Shishio that if possible, they shouldn ’t meet when they were about to have an exam, and even if they met, she hoped that he shouldn ’t buy such a thing in that convenience store!

Still, Yukinoshita wanted to slap her cheek when she thought she had texted him last night.

’What should I talk to him about? ’

Yukinoshita just wanted to reprimand Shishio for not playing around too much, but when she thought clearly, it wasn ’t her right to ask about his decision, and he had the freedom to do what he wanted to do.

Also, there was no way for her to tell him that she saw him buying a condom, right?

’Ugh… ’

Yukinoshita knew that she didn ’t have a right and she wasn ’t even his girlfriend, but even so, she just hoped to remind him.

’But how? ’

Yukinoshita kept thinking, and somehow, she didn ’t realize that Shishio had entered the room.

”Senpai? ”

Yukinoshita saw Shishio appear suddenly in front of her, which surprised her!

”Wha —?! ”

Yukinoshita threw out the book and the cup of tea in her hands.

Shishio was dumbfounded before he caught the book and the cup of tea in his hands.

When Shishio caught the book and the cup of tea, Yukinoshita and Shishio let out a sigh of relief at the same time.

”Safe… ” 2x

”… ”

Suddenly there was this strange silence around them.

Shishio looked at Yukinoshita and felt something weird about this girl.

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