I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 331 - What A Scumbag!!

When Shishio was at the service club, Nana, Nanami, Mea, and Maiko went to the clubroom of the literature club, and when they arrived, they saw a lot of people were already there.

”Huh? Where ’s Shishio? ” Mai asked. After the past few days, she had integrated into this group quickly. She somehow felt so thankful for Shishio at that moment. After all, before she returned to the showbiz, she had tasted the life of a normal high school girl, talking with friends, and going out with friends. She also knew about Nana, Saki, Miu, and Shiina, and somehow, the thought of sharing him with them wasn ’t that bad either, she thought.

”He ’s at the club. He might be back in an hour or so, ” Nana said.

They nodded, but then Mai was confused, and asked ”Club? Didn ’t he join the literature club? ”

”He also joined the service club, ” Saki said.

”Service club? ” Mai raised her eyebrow, feeling weird by the name of this club.

”The one who possesses skills shall grace those without them. Those people are called ’volunteers. ’ They reach out with a helping hand to those in need. And that ’s what this club does. Welcome to the service club. I will fulfill the task given to me by fixing all your problems, ” Nana mimicked Shishio, who introduced the service club to her in the past. ”It ’s that kind of club. ”

”…It ’s a unique club… ” It was the only thing that Mai could say at that moment.

”Oh, right, Mai-senpai, you can wear this, ” Nana said and took out the bright yellow tracksuit jacket and a black cap.

”This…? ” Mai looked at the two items that were taken out by Nana and fell in love instantly, but at the same time, she also knew what these items were for. Even though she might be on hiatus, she was still a famous child actress, and there was a lot of advertisement that used her picture on Shinjuku. As long as she walked, someone would come, asking for a signature or picture, which would trouble her, but there was no need to worry about it anymore with these outfits.

Mai felt warmth when she thought that Shishio had prepared these outfits for her, and it brought her to smile, but she quickly hid it since she felt quite embarrassed to show it.

”It ’s from Shishio. He said that you need to wear this, so you won ’t be troubled, ” Nana said.

”I see… ” Mai smiled, then took off her blazer and wore a bright yellow tracksuit jacket and a black cap. ”It can ’t be helped. I ’ll take this. ”

(Her jacket is similar to Ga Eul in How to Fight).

Everyone, who looked at Mai ’s expression, knew well that this girl had fallen.

Nanami looked at Mai and couldn ’t help but sigh inwardly. ’Even if he tells me that I ’m beautiful… ’ When she compared herself to Mai, Shiina, Saki, and Nana, she couldn ’t help but feel unconfident. Still, when she looked at Miu…

”What ’s wrong, Nanami? ” Miu asked gently.

”No – Nothing! ” Nanami shook her head, causing her ponytail to swing right and left.

Miu only tilted her head and felt confused.

”But if I ’m the only person who wears this, aren ’t I going to attract attention? ” Mai suddenly asked.

After all, everyone was still wearing a school blazer, and if she was the only one who wore the tracksuit jacket, then without a doubt, she would attract the attention of a lot of people.

”You don ’t need to worry, Senpai, ” Nana said, then also took out her hoodie.

Shiina, Saki, Miu, Mea, Maiko, Ritsu, and even Nanami also took out a cardigan, tracksuit jacket, and hoodies with different kinds of colors before they took off their blazer and wore them.

Why did all of them have such outwear?

It began when they went to the Underground Arena, and Shishio gave them hoodies. By then, they realized how stylish they were and became hooked on buying a lot of outwear. After they bought it, they took off their school blazer directly.

The school blazer wasn ’t bad, but it was a bit stuffy, and it wasn ’t good to wear them to play.

If it was a normal school with a loud reputation with a high standard score, then it was impossible for them to wear such colorful outwear, but then again, their school was also a famous art school, so a lot of students could wear different outwear outside on their uniform since there was also a fashion subdivision on the art division of the school.

Mai looked at everyone and somehow gave a satisfied nod, but then, she wondered whether all of them were Shishio ’s harem.

’That bastard… ’

Mai thought that she needed to remind him not to play around with a woman too much, or else she wasn ’t sure how many girls he would seduce.

However, Mai didn ’t realize that Shishio was seducing another girl at that moment.

”Be careful, Senpai. ” Shishio put down the book and the cup of tea on Yukinoshita ’s table.

”Tha – Thank you… ” Yukinoshita answered nervously. Her mind was in a mess, especially when Shishio came so suddenly. She was thinking about how to talk with him, and she hadn ’t found the solution.

’Can you come a bit later? ’ Yukinoshita wanted to complain, but in the end, she didn ’t say anything since the words stuck in her mouth.

Shishio looked at Yukinoshita for a moment and wondered why she had such a reaction.

’Yesterday, she was normal. ’

Shishio remembered their meeting at the convenience store a few days ago, and his expression suddenly changed.

Yukinoshita also noticed the change in Shishio ’s expression, and it might be just her instinct, but he could probably tell why she acted like this.

”….. ”

”…I ’ll take a seat first. ”

”Okay. ”

Shishio was unsure what to say, but he didn ’t have any obligations to tell Yukinoshita. However, he felt that it was so awkward after all. She had found out that he had bought a condom.

Shishio dragged the chair to Yukinoshita ’s side with a heavy heart, but this time, the distance was slightly further than he usually did.

Yukinoshita, of course, noticed this, but this time, she didn ’t say anything since she also felt a bit awkward.

Shishio sat down, then asked, ”By the way, Senpai. ”

”Hmm? ”

”What ’s your plan for Golden Week? ” Shishio asked.

”… ”

Shishio decided to run away and changed the topic of the conversation. After all, he felt that it was sexual harassment if he casually talked about the condom that he bought.

Yukinoshita rolled her eyes when she saw Shishio, who showed such an innocent smile as if a baby had never done any sins. She sighed and rubbed her temple.

”What ’s wrong, Senpai? Do you feel uncomfortable? Do you want me to bring you to the infirmary? ” Shishio felt that it might be good to bring Yukinoshita to the infirmary. That way, the Club would end, and he could go out with his girlfriends.

”…. ”

Yukinoshita didn ’t say anything and only stared at Shishio silently.

”…Don ’t stare at me like that, Senpai… ” Shishio sighed and directly asked, ”Just what do you want to ask Senpai? ”

”I… ”

Could she ask if Shishio bought a condom?

Of course not!

”Is it a matter on the convenience store? ” Shishio asked.

Yukinoshita let out a sigh and said, ”Shishio-kun, even though I know that it isn ’t my place to say this, but you need to be careful, alright? ”

’Of course, I have been careful, or else, I wouldn ’t buy that thing, right? ’

Shishio thought on his mind, but he didn ’t think it was good to say that. Instead, he just wanted to go home quickly at this moment and said, ”I don ’t understand what you mean, Senpai. ” As long as he didn ’t admit it, no one could force him, and he could just pretend that he didn ’t understand what this girl was saying. Also, he made a note in his heart that he shouldn ’t buy a condom in the convince store, and at the same time, he wondered whether he could get a condom company in the future since that way, a lot of things could be done easily.

Yukinoshita could only pout when Shishio pretended to be stupid, but she also knew how awkward it was when someone you knew found out that you had bought a condom. Still, even though she felt a bit unacceptable, she thought it was quite common for a high school to have sex since a girl could marry when they were 16, so having sex in high school was nothing.

Yukinoshita was a girl, and of course, she was also curious about that kind of thing, but was it good to ask that question to Shishio?

Yukinoshita wasn ’t sure, but in the end, she asked, ”I don ’t have a plan for Golden Week. ” She chickened out and didn ’t dare to ask such a perverted question, so she answered Shishio ’s question that he asked before.

”You don ’t plan to go home? ” Shishio asked curiously.

”Home? ” Yukinoshita frowned, and of course, such a change was captured by Shishio. She didn ’t answer his question and asked, ”How about you? Are you going back to Kyoto? ”

”No, I ’ll stay in Tokyo, ” Shishio said. He had been called by his parents a few times in the month after he moved to Tokyo, and he was also asked whether he would go back to Kyoto, but he told them that he was going to stay in Tokyo.

They understood him and didn ’t say much, but then again, somehow Shishio felt a bit helpless when they told him not to do something strange and asked him whether he really had graduated from his Chuunibyou.

However, Shishio couldn ’t blame them since the past Shishio was really acute Chuunobyou and his parents might think of him as someone who pretended to be normal people in public, but secretly, he was a supervillain or something.

’Well, I might be a villain, though. ’

”What are you going to do in Tokyo? ” Yukinoshita asked.

”Well, going out with my girlfriends, ” Shishio said simply.

”….. ” Yukinoshita.

Shishio looked at Yukinoshita and asked, ”By the way, Senpai. ”

”Hmm? ”

”Do you remember our conversation before? ”

”Our conversation? ”

”Yeah, about the cat cafe. ”

”Cat cafe?! ” Yukinoshita ’s eyes brightened.

”Do you want to go out with me there on Golden Week? ” Shishio asked.

Yukinoshita looked at Shishio for a moment, then asked, ”…Is that alright? ” She felt a bit hesitant since she knew that Shishio had a girlfriend.

”Well, just think of it as a part of club activity. Have you heard about animal therapy? I think it might be good to visit the cat cafe for future references in case someone comes to ask and needs help, then we can use that place as a way to save those people in need, ” Shishio said naturally.

”I see… I see… ” Yukinoshita seemed to accept Shishio ’s idea and nodded in agreement. ”That ’s a good idea! I think that we need to learn more about animal therapy so when students with problems come, we can use this method. ” She didn ’t show that she was so excited with the thought of visiting a cat cafe and used that the animal therapy might be good for the student with a problem that would come to the Service Club in the future. ”When do you want to go? ”

”I might be busy right after Golden Week. I ’ll text you when we ’re about to go, is that alright? ” Shishio asked.

”Okay. ” Yukinoshita nodded and didn ’t overthink since she was practically free during Golden Week.

Shishio nodded, then off his blazer, causing Yukinoshita, who was on the side, to quickly glued her eyes to his body.

When Shishio wore his school uniform, he seemed slim, but when he took off his blazer, showing the white shirt inside, Yukinoshita ’s eyes opened wide since his body was so amazing, right?

Even if his body was covered by a white shirt, Yukinoshita could still see the low body fat, powerful compact muscles, strikingly fine features, but there was a remarkable beauty in his body that couldn ’t be mistaken as femininity. Instead, the words that could only describe his body were masculine and powerful.

Yukinoshita felt that her face was so hot, and she knew that she needed to look away, but she felt reluctant somehow.

Shishio noticed Yukinoshita ’s gaze, but he ignored it and took his army bomber jacket from his bag to wear it, but then he thought for a moment and decided to invite Yukinoshita to go out together.

”By the way, Senpai… ”

Before Shishio finished his words, the door of the service club was opened.

”Yukinoshita. Oga. It ’s great that you two are here, ” Hiratsuka said with a smile.

”…. ”

”…Sensei, how many times have I told you to knock on the door before you enter, ” Yukinoshita said helplessly.

However, Hiratsuka ignored Yukinoshita ’s words and looked at Shishio since his body was too amazing, right?

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