I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 332 - No Matter Where Shishio Is Amazing!

sadness, courage, and struggle from this song.

”Ah, like the flowing river


The long years will pass away

Ah, like the flowing river

The endless sky

It is colored by the setting sun. ”

Everyone heard various emotions, and somehow they couldn ’t stop their tears, watching Shishio sing on the stage.

His voice was like a gospel from heaven. It brought salvation to everyone, reminding them that life was like flowing water. It would not stop and kept flowing until our time stopped and we passed away, which was why they should live without regret.

Shishio didn ’t want to have regrets in his life, so he decided to become a scumbag, dating all the girls that he wanted, but hopefully, this message wouldn ’t be delivered to the girls in this box, or else they might throw him into the river.

”To live is to go on a journey

On this endless road

With our loved ones by our side

We chase our dreams

Even if it rains

And the road gets drenched

There will come a time

When the sun will shine again. ”

Inside this karaoke box, only Shishio ’s voice was heard, and everyone was in silence, listening to his song, afraid that they might miss it.

Even the staff outside also stopped her movement and listened to Shishio ’s voice since it was so beautiful.

However, their reaction was normal since Shishio got an ”Enhanced Voice ” from Nanami, and it was the reason why his voice was so beautiful, and it could affect everyone ’s emotions.

”Ah, like the flowing river


I will give up this body of mine

Ah, like the flowing river

As I continue to listen

To these youthful babbles. ”

Shishio closed his eyes as he enjoyed this song. He felt that this song was really a masterpiece since even though it had been more than decades since it was created, it was still beautiful.

As he opened his eyes, he gave a gentle smile to everyone.

”…. ”

They felt that they saw an angel descending from heaven. Still, even if he was an angel, he was a fallen angel who had been cast out and expelled from heaven because he sinned.

”So, who is going to sing next? ” Shishio asked.

”…. ”

They were in silence again since they somehow wanted to listen to him again.

Shishio was a bit awkward when everyone was in silence again. Still, who was he?

”Mashiro, do you want to sing with me? ” Shishio suddenly asked.

”Sing? ” Shiina tilted her head and said, ”I don ’t know any Japanese songs. ” In terms of painting, she might be a master, but a human had a limit, so she didn ’t know anything else.

”What kind of song do you know? ” Shishio asked.

”Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, ” Shiina said simply.

”… ” Everyone looked at Shiina speechlessly.

”Okay, let ’s sing that song together, ” Shishio said.

”Okay. ” Shiina nodded simply.

”… ” Everyone.

Still, even though they were skeptical when they heard that Shishio and Shiina would sing ”Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, ” they were full of smiles and made them want to sing.

Shiina also sang happily and thought that the world was colorful when she was with Shishio since he taught her many wonderful things.

”I ’ll sing next! ”

”Shishio, sing with me! ”

When Shishio and Shiina ended their song, everyone started to pull him to sing, which made him speechless.

”Wait, wait, I need to go to the toilet. You can have fun first, ” Shishio said and decided to escape. Hopefully, their relationship would become closer, and as expected, as soon as he left, they started to talk to each other, and some started to sing while complaining about how scumbag he was.

Shishio sighed then went to the toilet.

Inside the toilet, there were three young men who should have been in high school from their uniforms.

When Shishio entered, he quickly became the center of attention, but he didn ’t care about guys ’ attention. He yawned lazily and walked, ignoring the three guys, and took a piss on the urinal.

Still, when the three young men saw Shishio ’s beast, they could only twitch their lips and quickly hide their puny pricks while thinking the world was too unfair, right?

The three then walked out, leaving Shishio alone while lowering their heads.

”Hey, that guy thing is… ”

”You don ’t need to say anything. Even if you don ’t say it, I understand. ”

”The world is really unfair… ”

The three of them sighed, but then, one of them suddenly asked, ”Right, Takamoto, what about your girlfriend from Suimei? She has huge boobs, right? ”

”Yeah, didn ’t you say that she will let you bang her as long as you ask? ”

Two guys looked at Takamato curiously, wondering what had happened to his girlfriend since he was so proud, showing off about her before.

Takamoto sighed and said, ”I still want to date her longer, but she found out that I cheated on her. ”

”What a scumbag. ” 2x

Takamoto only rolled his eyes when he heard those two ’s words since they weren ’t much different from him, but somehow he missed that girl since the feeling of fucking her was amazing, especially those huge boobs. He felt a bit lonely, but then he saw a familiar pig-tail hairstyle and familiar huge boobs. His eyes shone, and without hesitation, he greeted her, ”Momo-chan! ”

If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong.

Unexpectedly, Momo met someone that she didn ’t want to.

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