I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 337 - We Love To Study 2

Shishio was quite depressed when he had become an automatic meat grilling machine for everyone.

”It ’s so delicious… ” Momo sighed as she patted her stomach.

”Yeah, it ’s so delicious… ” Yukinoshita nodded and thought that she almost passed out when she tasted how delicious the beef that Shishio grilled was.

Even though the restaurant gave the same beef, when Shishio grilled them, it gave an indescribable flavor that couldn ’t be described by words.

Yukinoshita wasn ’t sure about meat grilling, but she had heard the words of grilled eel master.

The eel grill master said that if someone wanted to become a qualified chef for grilled eel, they needed to learn three years of skewering, seven years of slicing, and a lifetime of grilling. With those sentences, it could be said, even the most experienced chef could mess up on the grilling process, but Yukinoshita could tell how perfect Shishio ’s grilling technique was.

Even now, Yukinoshita could feel her mouth was watery. If her appetite wasn ’t small, then she might ask him to grill her meat again.

”Shishio-kun, do you want to become a chef? ” Rui ’s eyes were scorching when she asked Shishio this question.

”Not particularly… ” Shishio said, causing Rui ’s eyes to become downcast. He looked at Rui for a moment, then added. ”But I might become a restaurant owner. ”

”Restaurant owner! ”

Still, Yukinoshita rolled her eyes since this guy ’s dream was all over the place, right?

Before she heard that he wanted to become prime minister, then a writer, and now a restaurant owner?

However, why didn ’t Yukinoshita feel surprised?

Somehow, Yukinoshita felt that if Shishio wanted to do something as long as he wanted to, then without a doubt, he would be successful. She often heard inspirational words that everyone could be anything as long as they wished and worked hard, but some people could become anything when they didn ’t try and had never wished for it.

Yukinoshita somehow felt a bit jealous, but at the same time, she also realized why Shishio was so attractive and why there were so many people gathering around him.

A small curve formed in her mouth, but it quickly disappeared since Yukinoshita ’s face was loosened once again, showing an ahegao expression as she tasted the food cooked by Shishio.

Still, Yukinoshita was quite annoyed and said when she thought that there were some secrets that were shared between them, yet she didn ’t know anything.

However, no one noticed Yukinoshita ’s expression since they ate with a happy smile.

”By the way, where did you learn to grill? ” Maiko asked.

”In Kyoto, ” Shishio answered naturally like a small kid dressed in a blue suit, glasses, and a red bowtie and always answered that he learned everything in Hawaii.

”… ”

Their lips twitched, and they wondered whether they could learn everything in Kyoto.

”Well, since we ’re full now, how about we go back? ” Shishio said.

Whenever there was a beginning, there had always been an end.

Every fun time would always end, but they couldn ’t help but feel immensely sad even though they knew it.

Still, they decided to go back and went back together.

Shishio had promised Miu to go back together last week, but who would expect that Saki would also join them.

’Wait a moment… ’

Shishio had a premonition on his heart, but he shouldn ’t let his hope get better of himself.

’But… ’

Shishio looked at Saki and asked, ”You ’re going to go back with us? ”

”Um. ” Saki nodded shyly and didn ’t dare to look at Shishio.

Shishio was dumbfounded then looked at Miu.

Miu was also embarrassed and didn ’t dare to look at Shishio.

Shishio took a deep breath, and it seemed that his wish was about to be granted tonight.

’As expected, hard work has never betrayed yourself. ’

Shishio had worked hard to achieve this dream, but then, he wondered whether it was really okay?

It didn ’t take a while for Shishio, Saki, and Miu to arrive at his penthouse in Minato by train.

Still, Shishio had no intention of appreciating the scenery of his apartment. Instead, he looked at Saki and Miu, then asked, ”Are you sure? Even though I ’m happy, this is your first time, you know? ” He looked at Miu and felt that this girl ’s decision was too hasty.

”You don ’t need to worry, I won ’t bother you when you do it, but she might want to see us do it, ” Saki suddenly said subtly.

”…I know that it is quite late to ask this question, but are you alright with it? ” Shishio looked at Saki and asked.

”If I ’m not ready, then I won ’t come, ” Saki said calmly, but her voice was quite shaky, showing how nervous she was. It might not be her first time, but it was her first time doing it together with another girl.

”I – I ’m ready. ” Miu nodded as she clenched her two fists.

Shishio was lost for words, but should he hesitate?


”How about we take a bath first? ” Shishio asked.

”Yes. ” 2x

Miu and Saki agreed since their bodies smelled like grilled beef.

The smell of the grilled beef might be pleasant, but it wasn ’t a suitable smell for what they were about to do.

”Then should we do it together? ” Shishio asked once again.

Their faces turned red instantly. They showed hesitation for a moment before they nodded shyly.

”O – Okay… ”

”I – I ’ll try. ”

Looking at their reaction, Shishio understood their reaction, and it was normal for them to show a reluctant expression since they didn ’t want to be told they were too excited or slutty. However, he also knew that they didn ’t really hate the ideas and their bodies were honest about his idea.

The three of them walked to the main bathroom, where there was a huge pool inside, but as they entered, Saki and Miu were quite nervous about taking off their clothes, which was why Shishio took the initiative.

Shishio took a deep breath and said, ”I ’ll take off my clothes. ”

Saki and Miu opened their eyes wide, but they didn ’t stop him.

However, before Shishio took off his clothes, Saki suddenly said, ”Shi – Shishio! ”

”Hmm? ”

”I – I ’ll help you to take off your clothes. ”

”… okay. ” Shishio nodded.

”I – I ’ll help you too! ” Miu somehow didn ’t want to lose.

Shishio didn ’t say anything and watched Saki and Miu, who told him that they would take off his clothes.

Saki was braver and took off his shirt by unbuttoning his button one by one.

Miu also mimicked Saki, but unlike Saki, her face was so red, her eyes were watery as if she was about to cry, but some excitement couldn ’t be hidden since she had been staring at Shishio ’s body from the beginning to the end.


As his shirt was taken off, Miu and Saki could see Shishio ’s body and couldn ’t help but try to reach it, especially his abs and his Adonis belt.

It wasn ’t Saki ’s first time, so she didn ’t hesitate and touched his abs, caressing them with her every finger.

Miu also did the same, but there was an urge on her head that made her want to rub her face on Shishio ’s face.

Their soft and warm fingers tickled his body, but at the same time, it also made his body burn and caused his flaccid phallus to become hard.

With his size, it was impossible to hide the fact that his phallus had become hard, so Saki and Miu quickly noticed the change on his body, which caused their faces to become redder and their heads to become dizzier. His smell was manly and musky, causing them to want to press their noses against his body, but their reason stopped them since they felt that action was too shameless.

”Take it off. ”

Unlike before, his voice was so deep and hoarse as if ordering them. However, Saki ’s thighs squeezed, and her face was so excited, but even so, she couldn ’t take off his pants since her hands were too stiff and she was too nervous.

”Good grief, you can ’t even take off my pants? ” Shishio sighed, looked at Miu, and asked, ”Miu, help Saki. ”

”Ah! ” Miu, who had been in a daze, was startled. Her face was so red that if someone saw her, they thought that she was burning, but it wasn ’t wrong since her body was so hot that she felt that her entire body was burning. It might be her first time, but when she heard Shishio ’s words, she nodded and helped Saki take off his pants.

As his pants were taken off, the hard phallus was shown to two girls, and it caused them to gulp once again.

”So big… ” Miu subconsciously uttered those words. She might have heard that Shishio ’s phallus was gigantic, and it seemed that it was right.

”It ’s your favorite, right, Saki? Why don ’t you do what you did before? ” Shishio asked with a smile.

Saki shuddered, and her body tightened. She stared at the delicious glans in front of her, ignoring Miu ’s presence beside her, before she gulped and touched his hard phallus with her hand.

”Shh… it ’s great… ”

As Shishio let out a comfortable sigh, Saki felt an excitement on her body, and she opened her mouth as large as she could before she swallowed the head of his phallus as the most delicious thing in the world.

Her mouth was so warm and tight that it made him feel as if he had put his thing inside her genitals.

Shishio could smell an intense smell coming from two girls, but he ignored Miu and focused on Saki.

With his encouragement, Saki ’s movement became even more intense. She swung her head back and forth as her ponytail kept swaying. The sound of her sucking his phallus echoed through the changing room.

Miu ’s head was dizzy when she saw Saki was so excited, ignoring her presence and enjoying how Shishio bullied her. Still, watching her, sucking his phallus so deliciously, she felt jealous and also wanted to do the same.

The lewd sound kept sounding, and before long, Shishio was on his limit.

”I ’m going to come! ”

Saki didn ’t let go of his phallus. Instead, she hugged his waist as she kept his phallus inside her mouth.

At that moment…

The white lava that had been kept inside his balls immediately ejaculated inside her mouth. The amount was so much that she couldn ’t keep them all inside, and it dripped out from her mouth, dirtying her mouth, hair, and uniform.


Miu kept gulping her saliva as she watched Saki drink all of Shishio ’s semen.

”Open your mouth, Saki, ” Shishio said.

Saki breathed hard, but after hearing his request, she opened her mouth, showing her messy mouth that was dirtied by semen.

”Swallow it. ”


Saki swallowed the semen without hesitation before opening her mouth wide, showing that she had swallowed it clean.

”Can you stand up? ” Shishio asked since he couldn ’t hold it anymore.

”Um… ” Saki stood up slowly since her legs were weak. Even if she just sucked his thing, it caused her to cum.

Shishio helped Saki to stand up and instructed her to hold the washing machine with her hands. He took off her skirt and panties, showing off her pink inner lips that were wide open, and her love juices kept dripping to her thighs.

Miu was in a daze, watching it, but at the same time, she could tell that Saki was aroused. However, she was even surprised at Shishio ’s phallus since it didn ’t lose its hardness, standing tall toward the ceiling, even after he had come out with such a large amount of semen.

Shishio looked at Miu and said, ”Miu, I ’m going to have sex. Do you want to see it? ”

Miu was stunned, then nodded dumbly.

Shishio smiled, then touched Saki ’s labia with his fingers. ”See? It ’s so wet, right? You can see how excited this girl is. ”

”Shi – Shishio… ” Saki ’s face was dying in embarrassment, and her eyes were in tears.

”Aren ’t you the one who wants her to see? ” Shishio asked.

”Bu – But.. ”

”Also, didn ’t you suck my cock so excitedly? ”

”I…. ”

”You ’re a really naughty girl, huh? ” Shishio held his hard phallus as he rubbed it against her entrance.

”Shi – Shishio… ” Saki couldn ’t hold it anymore and just wanted to push her entrance against his thing.

”What do you want, Saki? ” Shishio asked in a whisper.

Saki ’s face was red, her body shuddered, but she said in a low voice, ”I – I want your penis. ”

”I didn ’t hear it. ”

”I want your penis! ”

”Where? ”

”In – inside my vagina! ”

”Good girl… ” Shishio patted Saki ’s head gently then rewarded her for being a good girl.

As his thing was put inside, Saki moaned loudly.

Miu, who was on the side, could only sit in a daze, watching the two of them, having sex in front of her, and thought that she wouldn ’t forget this scene in her entire life.

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