I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 338 - The Quiet One Has Always Been The Lewdest

”Ahhnnn~~! ”

Saki arched her back as she rolled her eyes. Her body tightened and quivered several times before she felt something hot on her back and hair. She felt quite dissatisfied since he didn ’t let it inside her, but she was too tired to say anything and dropped to the ground.

Shishio quickly caught Saki in his arms and said to Miu, ”Wait here for a moment. ”

Miu sat on the ground, and her lower body was so wet that she had created a small puddle under her skirt.

Shishio helped Saki wash her body before bringing her to rest in her room, leaving Miu alone in the changing room.

Miu was still in a daze, and she just couldn ’t believe what she had seen before. She wondered whether Shishio and Saki were perverts who loved someone watching them having sex with each other. However, she knew that Saki did this because Saki wanted to tell her that this was what sex was about.

Frankly, Miu was jealous of Saki since she could tell that Saki had had a good time before.

Miu stood up slowly, and her legs were still weak, but she was too embarrassed to stay, especially when she had made a puddle in the room. She wanted to clean the puddle, but Shishio had already come, which made her face become red instantly. ”Shi – Shishio-kun… ” She gulped as she saw his naked body, and she was in a daze again when he saw his phallus was still hard.

’Isn ’t it harder than before? ’ Miu felt that her logic was constantly challenged since she realized her boyfriend was stronger than she had thought.

”Let ’s take a bath together, Senpai, ” Shishio said gently before he looked at the small puddle on the ground.

”Bu – But… ” Miu then remembered that she had made a puddle on the floor, which embarrassed her. She tried to cover it with her hands, trying to stop Shishio from seeing it. ”Do – Don ’t look, Shishio-kun! ”

”We can clean it up tomorrow. Now, you need to take a bath first. ” Shishio moved closer to Miu and asked, ”Do you want me to take off your clothes? ”

”Er… ” Miu wasn ’t sure how to respond to this problem, but she shook her head and said, ”I – I ’ll take off my own clothes… pl – please wait inside the bathroom, Shi – Shishio-kun… ” In the end, she was too embarrassed to ask him to help her.

”Okay. ”

Shishio also knew that the mood was slightly weird, but he still could smell the intense smell coming from Miu and knew that she was in heat.

Miu took a deep breath and saw Shishio enter the bathroom, but she decided to clean up the puddle that she had made up before she made up her mind to enter the bathroom.

Shishio wasn ’t sure, but he could imagine how awkward it was for someone to be taken together with another girl for the first time. He wasn ’t sure what Miu imagined at that time for agreeing to such a lovely idea, but one thing for sure, he was satisfied now.

Even if Miu wasn ’t ready, Shishio didn ’t mind, and it might be good to spend their time talking to each other, but the demon inside him told him that there was no need to hesitate and took two girls simultaneously.

Shishio sat on the small stool and watched his reflection in the mirror. He was naked and didn ’t wear anything, wondering whether Miu cleaned up the puddle that she had made before.

Shishio didn ’t intend to move and waited for Miu since he knew that she was in the middle of a dilemma. He thought that he was going to wait for a while, but shortly, she entered.

”Do – Don ’t look, Shishio-kun! ”

”Why? ”

Shishio didn ’t hesitate and turned his head, staring at Miu ’s naked body.

That should be the case, but a white towel wrapped around her body.

Unlike Saki ’s athletic body, Miu ’s body was petite. Her legs were thin, her boobs were small, but strangely enough, everything about her was alluring. She might not have a perfect body out there, but this imperfection caused him unable to look away.

”Shi – Shishio-kun! ” Miu was so embarrassed when she looked at Shishio. After all, she was unconfident about her body, she wasn ’t tall, and she also didn ’t have big boobs. She also wasn ’t that stylish either, and sometimes, she wondered what made him love her.

Suddenly, tears dripped from her eyes, but suddenly she heard him call her name.

”Miu. ”

His voice was deep and hoarse.

”Look at me. ”

Miu didn ’t dare to look at Shishio, but her chin was lifted, and he kissed her.

”Hnnh…! ”

Miu opened her eyes wide, and the white towel on her body dropped. She could feel his hard and hot phallus on her stomach, which made her body burn. She could feel that he rubbed his body against her and kissed her even deeper.

Miu felt that her mind was broken at that moment, and she started to go wild.

They kept kissing each other as they rubbed their bodies, but Shishio then grabbed her soft butts and put his phallus between her slender legs as he shook his waist back and forth, having intercrural sex.

Miu ’s mind was blank, and she just focussed on the pleasure that she felt. She kept dripping love juices from her honeypot as she kept sucking his mouth.

As they kept rubbing each other against it, they felt their bodies quivering at the same time.

Miu was in a daze again when she felt the hot liquid dripped against her butts and thigh, but then her heart was bitten. ”Hyaann..! ” Her entire body shook, and her nipples were hard. Her face flushed as she asked in confusion. ”Shi – Shishio-kun? ” This pleasure almost erased all of her reasons and caused her to intoxicate in pleasure.

”I love you, Miu… ”

Miu ’s body shuddered as she felt her neck kissed several times. She hugged him tightly as she replied in a lusty voice. ”I love you too, Shishio-kun. ” It was her first time doing this, but she felt it was great to be able to do something like this with her loved one, but then she saw him, looking at her breasts. ”Shi – Shishio-kun! ” She quickly hid her breasts since she was unconfident with them. They were small, and she felt that it was unattractive.

”Don ’t hide them. ”

Shishio grabbed Miu ’s hands so he could see what was hidden there.

What was hidden behind Miu ’s hands were two cute pink nipples surrounded by slightly darker pinkish areola.

Unlike Saki ’s healthy breasts or Nana ’s enormous melon, the only appropriate word that Shishio could find for Miu ’s breasts was modest. They might be small, but it didn ’t mean they were none.

Miu ’s eyes were teary, but she was shocked by the words that came out from Shishio ’s mouth.

”They ’re beautiful… ”

”What? ”

Miu was surprised, but she became even more surprised when she saw him sucking her nipple!

”Nhnn…! ”

Miu bit her lower lip, trying to hold her moans, but she couldn ’t, and she kept crying.

His mouth sucked his nipple, and his hand rubbed her breast, twisting her other nipple with his fingers.

Miu kept moaning before her body quivered as she fell in his arms. Her breath panted, her legs were weak, but she held his neck and kissed his lips again.

Shishio didn ’t care about taking a bath anymore and carried her to the empty room in his penthouse.

Miu also didn ’t think anything since the pleasure caused her mind to go blank, but when she fell on the bed, their lips parted. ”Fueh? ” She was in a daze as her saliva dripped from the corner of her mouth, feeling confused when they suddenly moved inside the room.

The air conditioner ’s temperature was perfect, but with how hot their bodies were, their bodies sweated profusely, but neither of them cared about it.

They stared at each other and knew what they were about to do.

”Shishio-kun… ” Miu held his neck as she kept staring into his eyes.

”Not yet, you ’re not wet yet, ” Shishio whispered.

”Wet? ’ Miu was confused, but she saw the scene that made her head blank. He opened her legs with his hands, and she lay on the bed with her legs showing an M-shaped. ”Shi – Shishio-kun! ” She shouted in shame and tried to close her legs since she was embarrassed, but she couldn ’t. She was confused at what he was about to do, but her eyes were wide open again when she saw him, licking her dirty place!

”Shi – Shishio-kun! Tha – that place is dirty! ” Miu squeezed her legs as she tried to push him away, but the sudden pleasure that hit her caused her body to quiver as she let out a loud moan. ”Hyaan…!! ”

Shishio slurped her honeypot as her love juices flooded out from inside. It was so delicious that he couldn ’t stop. He kept licking as he played her clitoris with his thumb.

”There ’s no dirty place on your body. ”

Miu cried in shame.

Miu was embarrassed that her dirty place was licked by Shishio, but she also felt the pleasure that kept hitting her over and over. Her body was at his mercy, and she could only beg him to stop since she was almost crazy by the pleasure.

As he stopped, Miu lay weakly on the bed, and she couldn ’t utter her energy.

”Senpai, I ’m about to do it. ”

Miu turned her head and stared at his eyes. She hugged his neck again and kissed his lips again.

Their tongues entangled each other as they sucked each other saliva.

Miu ’s kiss was so lewd that no one would ever think that she was pure and innocent a long time ago.

Shishio was about to take his condom as their lips parted, but Miu stopped him.

”I – I want to feel it without that thing… ” Miu ’s voice was so low, but it was full of determination.

”Okay. ” Shishio also didn ’t entangle much since he also wanted to do it with her as soon as possible.

Miu gulped and stared at his huge phallus pressed against the entrance of her vagina. Her body quivered when he rubbed his thing against her. She stared at him with watery eyes and asked him in an alluring voice. ”Shishio-kun… ” She couldn ’t wait anymore. She wanted him to be inside her.

Shishio answered her wish and slowly inserted his phallus inside. He gritted his teeth as he tried to hold the pleasure that he felt. Her inside was so tight that it almost crushed him, but her love juice kept flooding from inside, causing it easier for him to insert it inside.

Her body trembled as she kept kissing his lips to ease the pain until she felt something inside her broken, and she could feel his thing filling her entire vagina. It was overwhelming, but at the same time, she felt happy.

”I love you, Shishio. ”

Shishio smiled as they intertwined their fingers. ”I love you too, Miu. ”

As they kept kissing, Miu ’s pain disappeared, and all that was left was only pleasure.

Shishio didn ’t wait anymore, and after he did her in missionary position, he let her rest her head and arms on the pillow while doing her from behind.

Her moans echoed through the room as they continued to have sex for the entire night.

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