I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 338 - The Quiet One Has Always Been The Lewdest

Mastery ” wasn ’t as magical as those supernatural massage techniques on the story that could have a similar effect to eight hours of sleep. Still, it was amazing since it could relax the body and mind of his women as long as he massaged them.

Shishio was satisfied with his rewards, but then there was another reward that he needed to open.

Enhanced Fingers.

When Shishio accepted this reward, he felt that his fingers were burning. Whether it was his hands ’ fingers or feet ’ fingers, all of them were burning, but he held it until the process ended.

’Wow… ’

Those were the only words that Shishio could utter at that moment since he could feel that the speed and dexterity of his fingers had increased.

Shishio felt that he could create a new martial art where he would focus on the pressure points in the future, considering he had ”Orthopaedics Mastery ” and ”Tuina Mastery. ”

Still, one thing was for sure, as long as he did something by using his fingers, the speed and the quality of everything that he made would become even perfect.

With all of that, Shishio somehow felt tired after receiving all of those rewards, and he decided to sleep.

His days were good, so he slept soundly together with Miu and Saki on both sides.

Shishio hadn ’t opened his eyes, but he could hear two girls talking as they touched his body, especially his hardened phallus. He might have done it a lot last night, but as a healthy boy, of course, he would have morning wood. After all, as long as someone was a man and had a penis on their bodies, it was something inevitable.

Still, as a gentleman, Shishio decided to pretend to sleep so they wouldn ’t be embarrassed. Not because he was curious about what they were planning to do with his little brother.

’Work hard, bro. ’ Shishio thought at that moment.

Miu and Saki didn ’t know that Shishio had woken up, and they lifted the blanket on his lower body to observe his hardened phallus. When they woke up, they saw something standing tall below the blanket, which made them curious, but as they had done it with him, they, of course, knew what it was.

Miu and Saki were a bit embarrassed and afraid that Shishio might scold them, but their curiosity couldn ’t be contained, so after they made eye contact, they lifted his blanket and pulled his boxer without hesitation.

”No matter how much we did last night… ” Miu blushed as she murmured. ”It ’s so big… ”

”Yeah… ” Saki bit her lips, and she stroked his hardened phallus. She could feel the heat that was transmitted from it, and it made her body burn again.

”Do you want to do it again? ”

Miu ’s voice startled Saki, so she could only look at her with guilty consent and blush.

”What are you embarrassed about? Didn ’t you do it in front of me last night? ” Miu was speechless at Saki ’s reaction.

”But… don ’t you want to do it too? ” Saki asked meekly.

”We – well… ” Miu would be lying if she didn ’t want to do it again, but she had just lost her first time, and she was all sore since they were quite wild last night. ”My body is sore… ”

”Ah… ” Saki nodded and showed her understanding.

”But Saki… ”

”Hmm? ”

”Was it good? ”

”What? ”

”I – I mean… ” Miu lowered her head and asked in a low voice, ”Didn ’t you drink it last night? Ho – How did it taste? ”

”If you ’re curious, how about you taste it? It ’s still morning. It ’s fresh, ” Saki said with a laugh.

Miu also laughed shyly, but her hand didn ’t shy away and started to stroke Shishio ’s phallus, trying to milk him out.

’Am I a cow? ’

Shishio wondered whether he had become a cattle that waited to be hand-milked by two girls. Still, the two girls had shown the personality that they often hid and showed each other their true personalities. He felt relief with how close their relationship was, so he decided to sacrifice himself to become a cattle for them, letting them milk him out.

Shishio ’s phallus was huge, and it gave them many chances to experiment to see which places gave him the most stimulus.

As they stroked his phallus, they observed Shishio ’s reaction while giggling since it was too funny.

Miu also tried to lick and swallow his glans, but her mouth was too small. She didn ’t want to give up and tried to swallow it, but her clumsy mouth gave him a disaster.

”Ouch! Ouch! Your teeth! Your teeth! ”

Shishio was awoken when Miu bit his glans.

”So – Sorry! ” Miu was panicked when she heard Shishio ’s voice. Unlike Saki, who he gave instructions to in the past, her fellatio was self-learning, so it was normal for her to cause a mistake.

Shishio wanted to cry somehow and felt that he should wake up.

”Are you alright, Shishio-kun? ” Miu asked worriedly.

”It hurts… ”

”Wh – What should I do? ” Miu kept panicking while trying to think of a way to ease his pain.

”Try to caress it. ”

”Caress? Okay! ” Miu nodded without hesitation and caressed his glans again.

Saki only stared at Miu before Shishio then rolled her eyes and knew what this bad guy was thinking.

”Then lick it. ”

”Li – Lick?! ” Miu ’s face was red, but she nodded shyly as she licked his glans with her small tongue. Then, she licked him right at his urethra, giving him extra pleasure.

”Let me help. ” Saki also wasn ’t going to lose and licked his balls.

Shishio took his breath and thought that this might be the life of the winner of life.

”Oh, he ’s going to cum! ” Saki quickly reminded Miu since she could feel the movement on his balls.

”Cu – Cum?! ” Miu was confused, but then she made a determined expression and said, ”Please cum, Shishio-kun. ”

’Ugh… ’

Shishio looked at her innocent expression that was full of determination, and his desire to soil her became even stronger, so without hesitation, he sprayed her face and hair directly with his semen.

”So – so hot… ” Miu opened her eyes slowly as she felt the heat on her entire body, but then her face flushed, and her body was hot when she smelled the intense smell on her face. She was embarrassed to say it aloud, but she loved the smell.

Her mind was blank, and Miu licked all the semen that she could on her face. ”It smells strange… ” She said those words, but her face was full of excitement, showing how much she loved the smell of his semen.

”…… ”

Shishio and Saki stared at Miu at this moment and thought that the quiet one had always been the lewdest.

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