I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 340 - Unhappy Shishio

After spending time together for a while in the morning, Shishio sent Miu and Saki back to their home. They still wanted to stay together again, but they promised their families to go back before noon, so they could only go back.

Shishio had a lot of things to do, but they promised to play together again on Golden Week. He also told them the good news that his apartment that he had gotten from Tokugawa was almost ready, and they could play there when it was ready.

Even though his apartment in Minato was good, they knew that the distance was quite far from their house, but his new apartment was located in Shinjuku, close to their home.

While they talked, Shishio sent them back one by one before he returned to Sakurasou. His mood was good, but he didn ’t expect that someone would suddenly jump out to him when he was about to enter.

”Shishio! ”

”………….. ”

Shishio looked at Misaki, who latched onto his body.

Misaki shook his body as she asked in excitement, ”When are we going to go on the trip? ” Golden Week had always been the days that she had been waiting for. She had been holed up, creating her anime, and she hadn ’t come out for a while. Her mind had been constantly challenged, but she had enough now. She also wanted to go on a holiday, and their trip to Tateyama was something she had been waiting for!

”I want to go diving! I want to eat strawberries! I want to try a hot spring! I want to go on the underground tunnel! ”

Misaki was excited and started to list what she wanted to do at Tateyama.

Shishio nodded and seemed unfazed when he heard that Misaki wanted to go to the underground tunnel. If it was before, he might ignore Misaki and go to his room since he wanted to change his clothes. However, there was a group of people behind Misaki from Chihiro, Mayumi, Sayaka, and Shiro-san. He didn ’t care much about the other three, but he was afraid that Chihiro might try to scold him again to satisfy her sadistic hobby, so even if he didn ’t care what Misaki was talking about, he kept her to stay with him.

Shishio wasn ’t a masochist, and he didn ’t have a hobby to accommodate Chihiro ’s hobby, but it would be a different matter if Chihiro was a masochist. Still, this wasn ’t the time to think about such a thing since he saw Chihiro seemed to be impatient.

”Ahem! ”

”….. ”

Misaki shut her mouth and turned her head. She looked at Chihiro, who coughed and stared at them with a smile. However, she didn ’t know why, but this smile made her freeze for some reason.

”Good morning, Chihiro-nee. ” Shishio smiled gently as he put down Misaki on the ground. As expected, his smile stagnated everyone ’s movement directly, and their faces flushed in an instant. He knew that he had taken the first step, so what he needed to do now was to change the subject of conversation. ”We ’ll go to Tateyama tomorrow. I have told my acquaintances, and we can go to the hotel right away tomorrow. ”

”Yay~~! ” The ones who were the most excited were Misaki and Mayumi.

Misaki was one thing, but Shishio felt a bit sorry if Mayumi could be so excited about this trip. He sighed and thought that there were so many older women who had a lonely single life in this country.

Still, Shishio also knew that this ”leftover women ” problem wasn ’t only in this country but also in most developed countries, considering the high cost of living in such countries.

Taking care of one ’s life was one thing, but having a family, whether it was a wife or children, was tough with limited income.

Instead of marriage, there was a lot of enjoyment that could be achieved cheaply, so most men did that.

If Shishio was an unbelievable scumbag without saving, then he thought it would be his job to take care of all of those beautiful and sexy ”leftover women. ”

Unfortunately, even if Shishio was a scumbag, he could still be saved.


”Have you prepared? You should do it so we can go there directly tomorrow, ” Shishio said.

”Don ’t worry, we are prepared, ” Shiro-san said with a smile.

”Yeah, you don ’t need to worry, but how is the hotel? Is it a good hotel? ” Mayumi asked.

”The hotel is good… ” After all, it was his hotel that he got from the system, so of course, it would be good.

As they talked for a while about their trip to Tateyama, they became excited after they heard that they were going to stay in a 4-star hotel.

Sayaka suddenly asked, ”Oga-kun, how is the room? How much room did you get? ”

Shishio looked at Sayaka and understood what this young woman was worried about after hearing her question.

Even though Sayaka was beautiful and cute, the truth, all of them were just make-up, and her true appearance was something that she didn ’t want to show to anyone since she knew how horrible her true appearance was.

If possible, Sayaka wanted for them to have one room on their own, but she knew that it wasn ’t realistic, but even so, she still needed to ask since she needed to prepare in case she would sleep with everyone.

”I have booked four rooms, so there should be three and four people in one room, ” Shishio said.

”Three or four people… ” They nodded and didn ’t complain since this trip was free and three or four people in one room weren ’t bad at all.

Even though it was possible for Shishio to give one room to every one of them since it was his hotel, he didn ’t want to do that since he was already generous enough to provide them with a free trip.

Still, Shishio didn ’t mention that the truth of what he got five rooms and the last room was for himself.

Shishio saw Shiina, Nanami, Ritsu, Roberta, and Ryuunosuke join their conversation, so he explained to them about the rooms that he booked and told them to settle their room independently. As for the guys, there were only him, Shiro-san, and Ryuunosuke, so they would stay together.

Sayaka nodded and thought that it wasn ’t bad, and at night, she could use a facemask or something to hide her face.

”Eh? Then I ’ll sleep a night with Shishio-kun? ” Shiro-san suddenly asked with a blush.

”….. ” Everyone.

Ryuunosuke, who planned to say, decided to go along with everyone when he heard that he would stay with Shishio and Shiro-san in the same room together.

”No, I ’ll stay in my own room later, ” Shishio said. There was no way for him to stay with Shiro-san and Ryuunosuke, it didn ’t mean that he hated them, but during this trip, if he didn ’t have a private room, then there was no way he could bring Shiina or Roberta to his room, right?

”…. ” Shiro-san and Ryuunosuke.

”Huh? Do you have your own room? ” Sayaka was dumbfounded.

”Yes. ” Shishio nodded.

”That ’s not fair! ” Mayumi complained.

”Then pay for the room yourself, ” Shishio said.

”…. ”

”Okay, we have talked enough. I need to go out now, ” Shishio said.

”Huh? Are you going out again? ” Chihiro asked with a frown.

”He ’s going to go with me, ” Shiina suddenly said.

”???? ”

Everyone looked at Shiina in confusion. They might have noticed it before, but they didn ’t overthink it since Shiina and Shishio were a distant family. However, they were too close, and it felt like they were lovers?

”We ’re about to meet her editor. Don ’t you remember her manga? ” Shishio said.

Chihiro nodded and then said, ”Well, I know. Don ’t be late. We ’ll go to Tateyama tomorrow. ”

”Yeah. ”

”Oh, right, has Shizuka told you that she is going with us? ” Chihiro asked before Shishio walked back to his room. She had always wanted to ask this question, but she almost forgot since there were a lot of things happening.

”Yeah. ” Shishio nodded. ”My senpai is also going to join us too. ”

”Your Senpai? ” Chihiro raised her eyebrow, but then she shook her head. ”Well, whatever, I ’ll go and prepare first. ” She didn ’t want this trip to be fouled by her mood, so she decided to prepare her luggage while her mood was still good. Still, during the trip, she might need to talk with him since there were a lot of things that she needed to ask.

Shishio also didn ’t continue to talk with Chihiro and talked with Shiina. ”Has your editor told you where we will meet? ”

”Um. ” Shiina nodded, then said, ”She told me to meet her in a cafe. ”

”Cafe? ” Shishio raised his eyebrow and felt that he needed to meet Shiina ’s editor since this editor really didn ’t understand Shiina.

If it was a normal person, then this editor wouldn ’t be wrong to invite that person to a cafe for a manga discussion, but if this person was Shiina, then it was a wrong decision. After all, even though she was quite experienced in that area, she wasn ’t that much different from a kindergarten child on the other things.

”What cafe? ”

”It ’s L ’Amant. ” Shiina showed her phone to Shishio, showing the address of the cafe.

”Hmm… ” Shishio nodded and thought he had misunderstood Shiina ’s editor since the cafe ’s location wasn ’t that far from Suimei. ”Alright, I ’ll change my clothes first, and we ’ll go there soon. ” He saw that the appointment time was at noon, so it was better to go there early since there was a chance they might get lost.

”Okay. ”

Shishio looked at Shiina, who kept standing in front of him and didn ’t say anything after she said, ”okay. ”

”Shouldn ’t you prepare your manuscript and change your clothes first? ” Shishio asked since Shiina was still wearing pajamas.

”Okay. ” Shiina nodded, but then she showed a depressed expression.

Shishio knew what this girl thought, so he whispered, ”Tomorrow, during our holiday, stay in my room. ”

”Okay. ” Shiina nodded again, but this time, even if her expression was still in a daze, she became even more cheerful.

Shishio saw Shiina strode to her room cheerfully before he went to his room to change his clothes, but when he was about to change his clothes, someone knocked on the door of his room.

”Shishio-kun, I have cleaned up your clothes. ”

”Nanami? ” Shishio raised his eyebrow and said, ”Enter. ”

The door opened, and Nanami was stunned when she saw Shishio only wearing ankle-length khaki-colored slim-fit linen pants. His powerful and manly body was shown to her, making her flustered. However, she didn ’t scream and quickly closed the door of his room.

”Shishio-kun, you need to wear your clothes! ” Nanami couldn ’t help but scold Shishio in the Osaka dialect. After all, this guy didn ’t realize how destructive his body was for girls like her. She sucked a deep breath, stared at him from up to down, and felt that her mouth was dry. Luckily, Shishio didn ’t face her and only showed his back toward her, but even so, she had an urge to touch his back.

”I know, but I don ’t mind being seen by you, Nanami, ” Shishio said with a laugh as he unbuttoned his short sleeve open collar navy-colored shirt. Still, personally, he admitted that Nanami ’s Osaka dialect was cute.

Nanami sighed as she put his clothes on the table, then she walked to him and said, ”Let me help you. ” She stood in front of Shishio and put his hands away before she started to button up his shirt. ”You ’re going to meet Mashiro ’s editor, right? Then you shouldn ’t appear sloppily. ”

”So, do you think I appear sloppily? ”

Nanami raised her head and started at Shishio. Even though his hair was a bit messy, it didn ’t give people an image that he was lazy or rude. Instead, it gave him an image of an intellectual man. ”No, you ’re so handsome right now. ” She smiled and praised him without hesitation since this guy was really handsome.

”Thanks. ” Shishio kissed Nanami ’s cheek after he heard her praise.

Nanami blushed and lowered her head shyly, but then she scolded him and said, ”Don ’t mess around. You ’re going to meet someone important. ” Still, she was happy that they could flirt with each other like this.

Shishio only rolled his eyes since he was going to meet an editor from his publishing house, but he wasn ’t going to say anything.

After Nanami had buttoned up all of the buttons on his shirt, she tidied up his shirt and nodded in satisfaction. ”Perfect. ”

”Thanks, Nanami. ”

”No problem. ” Nanami was happy that she could be helpful to him. Still, there was something that she had always wanted to do with him.

Nanami hadn ’t put down her hands that she placed on his chest as she looked at him subtly as if trying to invite him to do something.

They looked at each other before they closed the distance between their lips and started to kiss each other.

Nanami wanted to have a serious relationship with him, having him as a boyfriend and her as his girlfriend, but for now, she was satisfied with this relationship.

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