I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 340 - Unhappy Shishio

Tokyo single night.

Shishio had ”Enhanced Memory, ” and it was too wasteful if he didn ’t use it for his benefit. Still, it was so weird of him to buy the detailed map of Tokyo.

If someone didn ’t know what he was doing, then they might think of him, planning to buy the entire Tokyo.

Yes, not as a burglar or as a criminal, but as a businessman who wanted to buy land or buildings in Tokyo.

After all, Shishio was so handsome, so there was no way for him to be mistaken as a criminal.

’Hmm… it might be the reason why most of the masterminds of crime have a handsome face, huh? ’

Shishio suddenly found a strange truth, but then he sighed since he was really free enough that his mind started to wander in a strange direction.

”Is it here, Shishio? ”

Suddenly Shiina ’s voice woke him up.

”Yes. ” Shishio nodded and looked in the direction of the L ’Ament cafe. ”This should be the cafe that your editor told you about. ”

”Hmm… ” Shiina looked at the cafe curiously.

The cafe isn ’t that big. Instead, it has a modest size.

However, Shishio knew that this was normal since the land price in Tokyo was high, so it was normal for a cafe or a store to be small unless they had the backing of a powerful company or got an inheritance from someone.

While it might be small outside, Shishio could tell that the cafe should be pretty spacious inside.

The words of L ’Amant are written in katakana with a bold red color at the store entrance.

The location of the cafe is located inside the nearby shopping district.

Shishio parked his motorcycle outside and entered the cafe together with Shiina.

The sound of bells was heard, and the voices of three people greeted them.

The three of them were one grown-up man, one young man, and one beautiful woman dressed in similar attire, showing a smile toward them. However, the three were quickly stunned as they gazed upon Shishio and Shiina.

”So handsome… ” The plump young man muttered as he stared at Shishio, then when he looked at Shiina, he also couldn ’t help but mutter. ”So beautiful… ” He then sighed and thought that the world was unfair.

Still, out of the three, someone reacted so strongly.

”Welcome, ~~! Is this your first time here? Ah, if you don ’t know, how about sitting on the counter seat? By the way, our napolitan spaghetti is the best! ”

The voice was full of feminity and coquettish sound.

Unfortunately, this voice didn ’t come from a beautiful woman. Instead, it came from a grown-up muscular man.

”…. ” Shishio.

On the other hand, Shiina stared at this man curiously since it was her first time seeing such a creature.

The man had long curly black hair tied in a ponytail and a light-trimmed mustache. He wore a waiter-like uniform and gazed upon Shishio like a lion that had found his prey.

If it were normal people, they would be scared away by this man, but who would Shishio be?

”Please don ’t look at me like that. It ’s disturbing. ” Shishio tried to be polite, but he just couldn ’t when he was being molested like this. His eyes were cold, and he just wanted to get away from this place.

”Ah~~! That gaze is so nice! ” The man became even happier, and his gaze became feverish.

”…. ” Everyone.

Shishio was scared and wanted to walk out of the cafe, but Shiina stood up in front of him, which surprised him. ”Mashiro? ”

Shiina raised both of her hands and said, ”Shishio is mine. ”

”Oh, my… ” The man looked at Shiina and sighed disappointedly, then he smiled warmly and said, ”I ’m sorry for bothering your boyfriend. I didn ’t realize that he had such a beautiful girlfriend beside him. ” He didn ’t hesitate and apologized.

”It ’s alright. ” Shiina nodded calmly and felt happy with this man ’s praise.

”But I have been hurt by your boyfriend. Can I ask for compensation? ” The man suddenly asked.

”Compensation? ” Shiina titled her head.

”Yeah, if he kisses me on the cheek, then I ’ll forgive him, ” the man said with a sweet smile.

Shiina wanted to say something, but Shishio rejected without mercy. ”I refuse! ” He then held Shiina ’s hand and said, ”Mashiro, let ’s go back. ” He didn ’t want to stay in this place any longer. While he didn ’t care about the hobby of someone and could also respect their choice, it was a different matter when he was treated as a piece of delicious meat.

Still, Shishio didn ’t expect the woman waitress to trigger his system.

Shishio had mixed feelings when he entered this cafe, but frankly, he was glad. However, he didn ’t want to stay longer and wanted to return.

Still, Shishio was glad that the system had a trace of humanity since it didn ’t trigger when the effeminate man suddenly approached him.

Shiina still wanted to ask this man since this was the unique creature she had never seen, but she could also see Shishio was so uncomfortable, so she nodded and excused herself, but…

”Shiina-san, I ’m here! ”

Shishio and Shiina turned their heads and saw a woman in her late 20s waving her hand toward them.

The woman ’s appearance was above average. She had short curly hair that she tied with a ribbon-like headband.

However, Shishio didn ’t have a good impression of this woman since he knew that when such a thing happened, she watched the scene before her with interest.

’This woman… ’

”… ”

”Shishio… ” Shiina looked at Shishio and said, ”That ’s Ayano. She ’s my editor. ”

Shishio took a deep breath and decided to forgive Ayano.

Still, without a doubt, Shishio was unhappy at that moment.

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