I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 342 - Shiina Is Amazing

to Shishio. She also understood why Shishio asked her since she could tell that he was worried about Shiina being fooled, considering how lacked Shiina ’s common sense was.

Shishio knew that Shiina ’s common sense was simply zero, and he was afraid that Ayano might cheat Shiina.

However, Shishio thought too much since Shiina ’s treatment was something that a newcomer might not achieve. He looked at Ayano in surprise and asked, ”It ’s amazing. How did you do it? ”

Usually, a newcomer mangaka would receive 9,000 yen to 11,000 yen for one page of the manuscript. Some unscrupulous publishing houses even dared to pay their mangaka with 4,000 yen to 6,000 yen for one page of the manuscript.

It could be said that the manga industry was cruel, there were thousands of people who dreamed of becoming mangaka, but only a few of them could be one. Some people were even desperate to become one and didn ’t care if the publishing house worked them out as a slave and didn ’t give them fair compensation as long as they could become one.

In addition to the manuscript fee, there was also a royalty income.

Usually, most newcomers would receive 8% to 10% of the royalty from one book that was sold.

If a manga was priced at 500 yen, then a mangaka would receive 50 yen for every manga that was sold if the royalty was 10%.

The manuscript fee that Shiina had received was 15,000 yen, and her royalty was 12%, which was why, Shishio was surprised, considering her status as a newcomer, the contract that she received was luxurious.

Still, compared to the famous mangakas and others, there was a distance, but even so, it was amazing.

”Because she ’s Shiina Mashiro. ”

Ayano ’s answer was simply because the one who would become a mangaka was Shiina Mashiro.

”………. ”

Shishio couldn ’t say much since Ayano wasn ’t wrong, but he sighed, thinking this was reality.

”Nyaa… ” Shiina hummed happily when Shishio caressed her head.

Shishio also smiled gently and thought that this girl was adorable, but at the same time, he thought that if Sorata was in his place, he could imagine him clenching his fists tightly, hearing how amazing Shiina was before drowning in his inferiority complex.

Still, Shishio knew that if it was other people, they wouldn ’t receive Shiina ’s treatment, they would be doubted since they were newcomers, but Shiina was simply a superstar in the art world. Her name was loud, her skills were impeccable, and she was beautiful.

If there was a disadvantage, then it was her common sense.

Shiina had been using all of her time to study painting, so she didn ’t know anything about other things, which was why she often acted like a kindergarten student.

Still, among those factors, some people might argue whether being beautiful was useful or not, but being beautiful was one of the factors someone could be popular.

It might be depressing, but beautiful girls and handsome boys had more chances than someone who lacked in terms of appearance.

People often say that no one should judge a book by its cover.

However, most, no, almost all the people judged people by their appearance.

With how handsome Shishio was and how beautiful Shiina was, along with how good the story and drawing were, Ayano knew that it was simply a time before their manga became popular.

”By then, your manga will be made into an anime, tv drama, movie, novel, and other related goods… ” Ayano simply said as Shishio read the contract silently.

Shiina didn ’t say anything and only looked at Ayano curiously since she was quite interested in anime, tv drama, and movies.

”Don ’t put too much expectation on us. You should know that if the manga isn ’t well-received, then your disappointment will be big, ” Shishio said calmly, but he wouldn ’t reject the contract since it was generous. It might not be much for his current net worth, but it was good for Shiina ’s pocket money.

”Sorry. ” Ayano apologized and said, ”But that ’s how I feel about your manga. I feel that it can become a big hit. ”

”Thank you for your praise. ” Shishio looked at Ayano and said, ”I have read the contract, and I don ’t think that there ’s something that we need to change. ”

”I have worked hard to get that contract. ” Ayano smiled and said, ”Still, if you have something to ask, then you should ask away. ”

”I don ’t have one now. ” Shishio looked at Shiina and asked, ”Mashiro, do you have something to ask? ”

”Movie? ” Shiina looked at Ayano curiously.

”Well, this is a romance manga, right? So if it ’s become popular, then it won ’t be weird if it receives an offer to create a live-action or a movie, ” Ayano said simply since this matter was a common thing.

Shiina thought for a moment, but then a voice interrupted them.

”Are you done with your discussion? How about you eat first? I have poured all of my feelings into this dish. Try it, ” Masaki said with a smile as he brought three Spaghetti Neapolitans to their table.

”Thanks! ” Ayano smiled.

”Thank you. ” Shishio also nodded.

Shiina looked at the Napolitan for a moment and decided to eat first since she was famished.

The three of them decided to eat the lunches first since they were hungry, but then, Shishio ’s nose twitched a moment when the door of the cafe was opened.

”Welcome! ” 2x

The plump boy and the beautiful woman greeted the new customers who entered.

Shishio didn ’t overthink and continued to eat, but then he didn ’t expect this new guest would sit behind him, and he was familiar with the smell of this person.

’No way, right? ’

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