I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 344 - Just Your Normal Day In Sakurasou

s? ’ 2x

Chihiro and Hiratsuka wanted to scream, but they held it in their hearts.

”Also, if you keep scolding me, then I can ’t prepare breakfast, or you don ’t want to eat the food that I cook? ”

”Please cook! ” 2x

Chihiro and Hiratsuka said at the same time.

Shishio felt that getting a ”Cooking Mastery ” was a good thing. ”Also, if you want to scold someone, why don ’t you scold Ryuunosuke? That guy had been skipping school several times. ”

’What? ’ Ryuunosuke, who had been sitting down in silence, was startled when he heard Shishio ’s words.

”Oh? You ’re the famous truant, Ryuunosuke? ” Hiratsuka looked at Ryuunosuke with a smile and said, ”You might know me, but let me introduce myself. I ’m the current guidance counselor, Hiratsuka Shizuka, so can you tell me why you have been skipping the class? ”

”………… ” Ryuunosuke.

Shishio felt that Ryuunosuke had other uses than his talent as a programmer and felt happy for it.

”Let me help you, Shishio-kun, ” Nanami quickly said when she saw him going to prepare breakfast.

”Thanks, Nanami. ” Shishio looked at Nanami and thought that his maid was the cutest since she was obedient, but he noticed that there was something wrong with her today. ”Are you angry, Nanami? ”

”No, I ’m not angry. ” Nanami, who washed the vegetables, smiled and said, ”I ’m not angry at all when I know that you fondled Misaki-senpai ’s boobs. ”

”Nanami-san? ”

While Shishio and Nanami were preparing breakfast, there were a lot of things that Yukinoshita wanted to ask, but someone asked for her identity first.

”Who are you? ” Mayumi asked while looking at Yukinoshita. She knew Hiratsuka, so she didn ’t say much, but she was unfamiliar with Yukinoshita. However, she was sure that without a doubt, this girl was related to Shishio, which somehow made him wonder how that guy knew a lot of beautiful women.

”Hello. ” Yukinoshita bowed her head and introduced her name gracefully. ”My name is Yukinoshita Yukino. I ’m Shishio-kun ’s senior, and I ’m going to bother you since he has invited me on the trip. Please take care of me. ”

”I see… ” Mayumi nodded, then glanced at Yukinoshita ’s pitiful chest before she smiled sweetly and said, ”It ’s okay. If you ’re invited by Shishio, then you don ’t need to be so reserved and just have fun later. ”

”Yes. ” Yukinoshita nodded, but she didn ’t know why she felt that she wanted to beat up Mayumi. She then looked at Ritsu, then said, ”Please take care of me, Kawai-san. ”

”Yes. ” Ritsu had a complicated expression, but she nodded. ”Please take care of me too, Yukinoshita-san. ”

”Don ’t be so stiff! You should have more fun! ” Misaki had recovered and hugged Yukinoshita cheerfully.

”Um… you ’re too close… Kamiigusa-senpai. ” Yukinoshita showed an uncomfortable expression on the lack of personal distance.

”Don ’t say that! We ’re going to stay together on this trip! Let ’s be friends with each other, ” Misaki said with a smile and thought that Yukinoshita was cute.

They continued to talk to each other, but Yukinoshita sighed since she couldn ’t shake Misaki, but then she asked, ”Kamiigusa-senpai… ”

”Just call me Misaki! ”

”Kamiigusa-senpai, has Shishio-kun always been the one who cooked? ” Yukinoshita asked, and her mouth was quite watery since the smell of his food was too good, right?

”Well, before, he usually cooked, but he had been busy lately, so he didn ’t cook. ” Misaki thought about her boobs that had been fondled by Shishio and wondered whether she could use them as a way to ask him to cook for her. She rubbed her chin and felt that possibility wasn ’t bad.

Yukinoshita wasn ’t sure, but she could tell that Misaki thought about something stupid.

Still, everyone talked to each other since they were excited about their trip to Tateyama.

”Alright, alright, stop talking and let ’s eat, ” Shishio said and brought the food with Nanami.

The voice disappeared, and everyone also focussed on the food.

”Wow… ”

This was one word that Yukinoshita could only utter.

Even though this place was dubious, Yukinoshita had a complicated reaction since she saw Shishio ’s massive thing and saw him fondling the boobs of the female senior. She could see that the food that he cooked might be something that might come out from the last boss of cooking manga. Even though she hadn ’t eaten it, she could tell that it was so delicious.

”Let ’s eat! ”

They didn ’t hesitate and started to eat the food.

Hiratsuka and Yukinoshita somehow wanted to cry when the deliciousness of Shishio ’s cooking hit their sense of taste.

Shishio was as usual and ate right beside Shiina.

”What ’s wrong, Mashiro? ”

Shiina tucked into the corner of his t-shirt.

It was a holiday, and Shishio wore something casual. He wore a navy-colored t-shirt and khaki-colored shorts.

Meanwhile, Shiina wore a pleated skirt that reached her waist and a yellow t-shirt that she tucked in on her skirt. ”Shishio, can you do my hair? ”

”Okay. ”

Shishio didn ’t mind and helped to take care of Shiina ’s hair. He let her long, straight, beautiful blonde hair fall down her back and styled her hair by wearing a braided headband.

”What do you think? ”

”Thanks. ” Shiina nodded and was satisfied with Shishio ’s skill.

Shishio could feel the gaze of everyone on him, then he asked, ”So do any of you want something similar? ”

”Yes! ”

Still, Yukinohita was dumbfounded and wondered whether there was something that this guy couldn ’t do.

However, this was how everyone in the Sakurasou was, and this was their normal day.

It might be quite noisy, and there was a lot of commotion. However, strangely enough, Yukinoshita felt a bit jealous.

”Senpai, do you want me to take care of your hair? ”

”…….. ”

Hearing his offer, Yukinoshita was in silence for a moment before she lowered her head, trying to hide her blush, and said, ”….Yes. ”

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