I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 346 - Delicious Strawberry

Tateyama is a city located in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. It is located at the far southern tip of the Boso Peninsula, facing the Pacific Ocean to the east and south, and the entrance to Tokyo Bay on the west. It is about 70 kilometers from the prefectural capital at Chiba and within 70 to 80 kilometers from central Tokyo.

”So, where are we going first? ” Hiratsuka asked as she wiped her mouth with a tissue. She looked at the food that she ate, then looked at Shishio. ’If only he is ten years older… ’ If he was ten years older, she wouldn ’t need to hide her feelings and catch him directly.

Still, if Shishio was ten years older, he might be married already since no woman would let go of such a partner.

”I ’d thought that we should go to Mother Farm first before we go to the hotel, ” Shishio said.

”Mother farm? ” Hiratsuka asked curiously.

”It ’s a huge farm! We can do a lot of things there! ” Misaki was excited, telling Hiratsuka what they would do on the mother farm.

Yukinoshita listened carefully when Misaki listed various kinds of animals on the Mother Farm from cows, goats, dogs, sheep, horses, alpaca, piglet, duck, and a lot more.

”How about cats? Is there a cat there? ” Yukinoshita asked the most important question.

”Probably, there ’s. ” Shishio wasn ’t sure, but there should be one or two stray cats on such a huge ranch, right?

Hearing that answer alone, Yukinoshita felt that this trip was worth it.

”By the way, there ’s one more important question, ” Mayumi suddenly raised a question.

”What? ”

Everyone looked at Mayumi doubtfully since usually, this woman asked a stupid question.

”How are we going to divide the group? ”

Mayumi felt that this was the most important question now.

”There are 13 people here. It might be a bit cramped, so I ’d thought to divide the group into two, ” Shishio said.

”You have brought a different car, right, Shishio? ” Chihiro asked.

”Yes. ” Shishio nodded and said, ”But Hiratsuka-sensei also has brought a car, right? And minivan types too, right? ”

”I brought a minivan, but 13 people is too much. ” Hiratsuka shook her head and sighed since she knew she wouldn ’t be in the same car as Shishio.

Even if the minivan was huge, there was also a limit.

”Well, it should be enough for six to seven people, though, ” Hiratsuka said.

”Then how about a high school group and an adult group! ” Misaki then hugged Roberta and said, ”Roberta-neesan will drive the high school group, and Ryuunosuke will be in the same car as the adult group since it ’ll be lonely if Shiro-san is alone. ”

Shiro-san and Ryuunosuke looked at each other and felt slightly sad since the two of them didn ’t have any right to join this discussion. While Shiro-san was happy that he was being bullied, Ryuusuke thought that women were horrible and might walk into the path he shouldn ’t walk.

They talked to each other and agreed with the division of the group.

Still, without a doubt, Shishio joined the high school group where Shiina, Ritsu, Nanami, Misaki, and Yukinoshita gathered together, with Roberta as the driver.

In the adult group, there was Shiro-san, Ryuunosuke, Chihiro, Mayumi, Sayaka, and Hiratsuka.

After they had decided, they didn ’t hesitate to put their luggage in the car, but the adult group, especially Mayumi, Sayaka, Chihiro, and Hiratsuka, realized the difference between Hiratsuka ’s minivan and Shishio ’s minivan.

”When we get back later, let ’s change our car, ” Mayumi said to Sayaka.

”Okay. ” Sayaka nodded without hesitation.

The decision had been made, so it was hard to complain, but they also wanted to enjoy Shishio ’s minivan later when they went back.

The truth was Shishio ’s minivan wasn ’t anything special, and it was only a Toyota Alphard, but compared to Hiratsuka ’s minivan, there was a huge difference since his car was modified.

With everything having been decided, they didn ’t waste their time and went on Mother Farm.

”Yukino-senpai, you haven ’t been on the Mother Farm before? ” Shishio asked as he tuned up the guitar that he had bought. He felt weird by Yukinoshita, who asked Misaki about the Mother Farm even though Yukinoshita was coming from Chiba.

”No. ” Yukinoshita shook her head and said, ”It ’s like someone in Tokyo hasn ’t been in every spot in Tokyo. Even if I ’m from Chiba, it doesn ’t mean that I have been to every spot in Chiba. ”

”That ’s true. ”

Shishio was speechless, but he knew that Yukinoshita wasn ’t wrong since even if someone had been living in Tokyo for a long time, it didn ’t mean that they had been on every corner of Tokyo.

”But why did you decide to go to Chiba? ” Yukinoshita asked. After all, even though Chiba was a big prefecture, it wasn ’t a favorite spot for someone to go on a trip.

”I know! I know! I ’ll answer! ” Misaki raised her hand excitedly and told Yukinoshita why they went to Chiba.

As Misaki and Yukinoshita talked to each other, Shiina slept like a log since she had been with Shishio last night. Not because she did something with Shishio last night, but because she had been busy drawing a manga.

Shiina thought she could sleep with Shishio in the same hotel room tonight and have a crazy night together, so she wasn ’t in a hurry and built up her stamina.

Ritsu tried to read her book, but when the car moved, she became dizzy and got car sick.

”Senpai, don ’t read inside the car, ” Nanami said gently while trying to help Ritsu.

”So – Sorry… Nanami… ” Ritsu blushed and felt embarrassed.

Nanami ’s relationship with everyone in Sakurasou was good since she was gentle and she had always been helpful.

Shishio looked at their interaction from the back mirror and couldn ’t help but smile since he knew that almost all the girls in this car were loners. Luckily, they met each other and became friends. The only problem was that many of them had a crush on him.

Shishio must admit that he was quite narcissistic to think so, but the girls around him were like moths. Even if they knew that he was a fire that could burn them, they charged forward without fear.

While Shishio talked to Roberta, guiding her to the Mother Farm with Hiratsuka ’s car following from behind, Nanami opened the snacks and offered them to everyone.

”Shishio-kun, do you want this snack? ” Nanami asked as she gave the chocolate pocky to Shishio.

”Thank you, Nanami. ” Shishio was about to take the pocky from Nanami ’s hand, but she fed it to him directly.

”… ”

This action, of course, didn ’t go unnoticed by Misaki, Yukinoshita, and Ritsu, who happened to watch them.

Shishio wasn ’t stupid, and because of this, he pretended that he didn ’t see anything and asked, ”Can you give me more, Nanami? ”

”Sure. ” Nanami took out another stick of pocky and was about to feed Shishio again, but this time, he took it from her hand and fed it to Roberta. ”Try it, Roberta. ”

Roberta opened her mouth lightly, letting Shishio feed as she continued to drive.

”………. ” Nanami, Misaki, Yukinoshita, and Ritsu.

”Nanami, can I get the pocky too? ” Misaki asked.

”Sure. ” Nanami took out the pocky, but Misaki asked her to feed her, making Nanami feel a bit helpless. However, she still fed Misaki and talked with her normally.

Ritsu had been feeling restless for a while, and she knew the cause of this restlessness. She had this urge to ask a question to Shishio. However, the chance for the two of them to be alone was rare, and she also wasn ’t sure how to talk about this matter.

Shishio, of course, noticed Ritsu ’s strangeness, but frankly, he didn ’t want to talk with her since he could tell what she wanted to ask.

’I shouldn ’t stay with Ritsu alone… ’

Shishio made up his mind and decided to avoid staying with Ritsu alone later.

However, Shishio felt that he might have raised a flag.

”Mashiro, wake up. ”

Shiina ’s eyelashes trembled as she had a hard time opening her eyes.

”We have arrived. Wake up, Mashiro. ”

Hearing that they had arrived, Shiina opened her eyes slowly and looked at Shishio, who was looking at her gently.

”You ’re finally awake. ” Shishio sighed in relief.

”Shishio? ” Shiina rubbed her eyes lazily and asked, ”Where are we? ”

”We ’re all done with the trip. We ’re about to head back to Tokyo, ” Shishio said gently.

”….. ”

”…Eh? ”

It might be Shiina ’s first time to show such an expression, but they could tell that she was too shocked to say anything.

”Geez… you were asleep for two whole days, ” Nanami said helplessly.

”…Two days? ” Shiina looked at everyone in a daze.

”I kept trying to wake you up. ”

”However, you don ’t need to worry since we have bought souvenirs, and we got a lot of pictures. We can look at them on the way home. ”

Shishio and Nanami said together with a helpless expression while trying to cheer Shiina up.

”……. ”

Shiina ’s face was almost blue before tears slowly dripped from the corner of her eyes.

”……………. ”

”We ’re joking! We ’re joking! ” 2x

Shishio and Nanami quickly said at the same time.

The rest could only watch this scene with panicked expressions since neither of them would expect that Shiina would cry.

”…Joke? ” Shiina blinked her eyes before puffing her cheeks as she frantically hit Shishio ’s chest.

”Sorry, sorry, alright? ” Shishio could only laugh as he hugged Shiina so she would stop hitting him.

”…I won ’t forgive you. ” Shiina still felt quite annoyed as she looked away. She was afraid that she would forgive him directly if she saw his laugh.

”Then I ’ll buy you an ice cream. ”

Shiina ’s ears moved when she heard Shishio ’s words, but she was unmoved.

”Two ice creams? ”

”Okay, I ’ll forgive you, ” Shiina said with a smile.

”Can you eat them? ” Shishio asked.

”If I can ’t, Shishio can eat it, ” Shiina said bluntly.

”…Er. ” Shishio wasn ’t sure what to say at that moment, but he knew that there was one thing that he needed to do. ”Let ’s start the trip! ”

They should say ”OOOH, ” but they only looked at Shishio, who hugged Shiina silently.


In the end, Shishio shouted alone excitedly since if he didn ’t do so, he was afraid that they might ask why he was so close with Shiina.

Still, ignoring the ”OOOH ” from Shishio, they watched over the farm from the parking park, and the grassland and beautiful petunias flowers garden that stretched over their eyes could see.

”How is it? ” Shishio stood next to Ryuunosuke, who showed a tired expression.

”I won ’t come again next time. ” Ryuunosuke regretted his choice to come. He wasn ’t Shiro-san, and he wasn ’t a masochist. Being surrounded by many detestable women was hell for him. If possible, he just wanted to stay in his room as usual.

”Since you won ’t come next time, then you should enjoy this time as much as you can. ” Shishio patted Ryuunosuke ’s shoulder before he joined everyone.

’Enjoy, huh? ’

Ryuunosuke lifted his head and watched over the breathtaking scenery in front of him. Even though he didn ’t want to admit it, he felt that this trip was worth it.

”Pig bus or dog bus? Which one? ” Mayumi asked

”We already have a pig here, so isn ’t it better to get a dog one? It ’s also cuter, ” Sayaka said after a moment of thought.

”Eh? Pig? You mean, that ’s me? ” Shiro-san asked with a flush.

”…………. ”

’If only they didn ’t come…. ’ Ryuunosuke thought at that moment.

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