I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 346 - Delicious Strawberry

Shishio looked at Hiratsuka for a moment, showing hesitation, and showed the gentlest smile that he had ever shown.

Shishio ’s reaction caused Hiratsuka to feel dumbfounded, and her heart started to beat faster. ’Does… does he has…? ’

Shishio was about to open his mouth, but suddenly…

”Shishio! Let ’s go watch the duck race! ” Chihiro shouted and showed a carefree smile that she wouldn ’t usually show.

”Yeah, wait a moment. ” Shishio looked at Hiratsuka and said, ”Let ’s go, Sensei. ”

”Oh – oh! ”

Hiratsuka nodded hurriedly, but she just couldn ’t think straight and wondered what Shishio wanted to say to her.

Everyone watched the duck race in front of them with a solemn expression on their faces.

A group of ducks dashed forward as they swung their bottoms back and forth.

The girls couldn ’t help but cheer loudly and happily as they supported their favorite duck in the race.

”Come on, Silver Fang! You can do it! ”

”Dash forward, Magnum Saber! ”

Misaki was the loudest, cheering her ”Silver Fang ” as loud as she could.

Hiratsuka also joined and cheered for her ”Magnum Saber ” to win the race. It wasn ’t that she had fallen so deep in the race, but she just wanted to avert her mind, especially when she just had an ambiguous exchange with Shishio.

Yukinoshita and Ritsu, who were also the quietest, watched the race intently.

Shiina couldn ’t even take her eyes from the race and clenched her two fists, trying to cheer her favorite duck.

”Shishio-kun, don ’t forget to take the picture. ” Yukinoshita didn ’t forget to remind Shishio.

”Okay, okay, you don ’t need to worry. ”

Shishio had taken many pictures of the farm, everyone on Sakurasou, and many things they had seen over their trip. While he took a picture, he decided to accept the reward he got after fondling Misaki ’s boobs.

”…. ”

Shishio wondered whether the reason why he got this reward was that Misaki often stayed all night to draw an anime.

”Yay~~! Silver Fang, awesome! ” Misaki cheered happily.

On the other hand, Hiratsuka sighed depressingly since her ”Magnum Saber ” had been lost.

”Come on! Stop joking around! ” Chihiro said with a sigh, wondering why there were so many kids around.

After the duck race, they continued their trip to the strawberry farms.

Besides animals and flowers, this farm also had huge fruit farms that could be harvested every season except for winter.

It was spring, so they happened to meet the harvest time of the strawberry.

Everyone went to the strawberry garden and brought their own box to pick their favorite strawberries.

Shishio also walked around, observing all the strawberries in the garden until he found something interesting.

Shishio might often buy a high-grade ingredient, but he didn ’t expect that he would meet a black-grade ingredient in this place. He might have explained in the past that there were seven grades of ingredients, and they were divided by colors, and those colors were: white, yellow, green, purple, black, red, and golden.

Shishio didn ’t hesitate and picked up the strawberry, but then he looked at Roberta, who had been following him. ”Roberta, open your mouth. ”

Roberta tilted her head, but she obediently opened her mouth.

Shishio then fed the strawberry that he had picked to Roberta. ”Try it. ”

Roberta didn ’t overthink, but when she bit down the strawberry, a juice gushed out from it, and the perfect mixture of sweetness and sourness. Her usual cold expression was broken, and she was in a daze for a moment since she had never tasted such a delicious strawberry.

If Roberta had to describe her emotions, she felt as if she had received an uppercut from the strawberry champion. ”…It ’s delicious, Shishio-sama. ” Her lascivious lips became even glossier as the juice from the strawberry covered them.

”That ’s good. ” Shishio nodded with a smile and then checked whether he could find another high-quality strawberry. His eyes were moving like a high-resolution camera, trying to find the best ingredients. Unfortunately, the best that he could find was a purple-grade ingredient. While it wasn ’t bad, there was a grade different from the one that Roberta ate.

”Um… Shishio-sama, is there more? ” Roberta asked meekly.

”Sorry, that might be the only one in this place, ” Shishio said regretfully.

”What? ” Roberta was surprised then asked, ”Then why did you give that to me? ” If she knew that strawberry was so special, she wouldn ’t eat it and would give it to Shishio.

”While that might be the best strawberry in this place, that thing is nothing compared to how important you ’re in my heart. ”

Shishio held Roberta ’s cold and slender hand tenderly, showing that strawberry was nothing compared to the wonderful woman in front of him. He could get many black, red, or even golden grade ingredients in the future, but this special woman was the only one in the world.

”Shi – Shishio-sama… ” Roberta ’s cold expression became so shy.

Shishio looked at Roberta for a moment, then looked around before he pulled her to the ground, hiding from everyone on the strawberry field.

”Shishio-sama? ” Roberta was confused at Shishio ’s sudden action.

”Also, if I want to taste that strawberry. ” Shishio then kissed Roberta ’s lips without hesitation and licked her lips and tongue greedily.

”……. ”

Roberta was dumbfounded, and before she could react, their lips parted.

”Delicious. ” Shishio licked his lips.

”…….. ” Roberta.

”Wait, let me taste it again. ” Shishio kissed Roberta ’s lips again.

”……. ” Roberta.

After he was satisfied, he stood up and used his eyes that could match the highest resolution camera to find the green and the purple grade strawberries. ”Come on! Help me get more, Roberta. There might not be one that was as delicious as the one that you ate, but there is a lot which isn ’t bad in this place. ”

Roberta stared at Shishio ’s back for a moment before she licked her lips with a smile and followed him.

”Yes, Shishio-sama. ”

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