After spending their time in the strawberry garden, they went to have lunch. They decided to taste the specialty of the Mother Farm, which was Gekhis Kan BBQ, ice cream, and other foods that they could order before they continued to spend their time on the Mother Farm and went to the hotel after they got tired.

The truth was, they still wanted to continue their trip since there were many places that he wanted to visit, and their stay in this place was only until tomorrow.

However, they spent too much time on Mother Farm since this place was more fun than they had thought, so even though it was a shame, they were satisfied with this trip.

”It ’s a nice hotel. ” Shiro-san nodded.

”The exterior is fine, but what about the interior? ” Mayumi said strictly as if she was a professional connoisseur.

”If you feel unsatisfied, you don ’t need to stay, ” Shishio said flatly.

”No, no! I ’m sorry! ” Mayumi apologized as she hugged Shishio ’s leg tightly. ”I ’m satisfied! I ’m super satisfied! ” Shishio was everyone ’s patron, and right now, if he told her not to stay, then where would she stay?


No way!

Mayumi decided to apologize and wept without hesitation!

Among Shishio ’s group, there were many high school students, and somehow, they learned many interesting things, such as there were many bad adults around them.

Looking at Mayumi, who begged Shishio, hopefully, they wouldn ’t become such an adult. They then looked at Shishio, feeling sorry for him to be entangled by Mayumi.

However, unlike what they had imagined, Shishio felt pretty good since Mayumi ’s deep cleavage pressed against his leg. He somehow could imagine how good it was to be pressed by those two huge things from the sensation that was felt by his leg.

”Okay, okay, stop. You ’re going to embarrass me if you act like this. ” Shishio held Mayumi ’s armpit and lifted her from his leg.

”…You have forgiven me? ” Mayumi asked cautiously.

”I forgive you, so let ’s enter now, alright? ” Shishio said.

”Okay, let ’s go! ” Without hesitation, Mayumi pulled Shishio ’s arm to enter the inn together.

Looking at Mayumi ’s action, Sayaka squinted her eyes and felt that Mayumi was quite crafty.

Mayumi might fool everyone, but she couldn ’t fool Sayaka since Sayaka could see that Mayumi used her weapon to seduce Shishio right now.

’I won ’t let you. ’

Sayaka put on her best smile and said, ”It ’s a nice hotel. Let ’s enter together, Shishio-kun. ”

Mayumi looked at Sayaka, who also hugged Shishio ’s arm, and couldn ’t help but snort.

Shishio, who was the victim, didn ’t say anything, his face was still calm, but even so, he could feel heaven and hell were right beside him. While it felt nice being hugged by two beautiful women, it felt terrible when he felt the gazes of the girls and women behind him.

However, Shishio didn ’t say anything and thought that he could use this as a chance to fondle their boobs so he could gain a reward. He had already fondled Misaki ’s boobs before, so why shouldn ’t he use this chance to fondle everyone ’s boobs in Sakurasou?

Shishio thought it was a good idea until he realized that Ryuunosuke was also one of those targets. He then turned toward Ryuunosuke with a complicated gaze, and it somehow made Ryuunosuke confused while showing ”what ’s wrong? ” expressions.

Shishio somehow felt complicated and ignored the confrontation between Sayaka and Mayumi.

The women looked at each other, and there was a spark between them.

However, that spark disappeared quickly when Chihiro and Hiratsuka pulled the two of them apart from Shishio.

”Okay, how about we enter the inn together? ” 2x

Chihiro and Hiratsuka spoke together as they dragged Mayumi and Sayaka.

Shishio didn ’t care about Sayaka and Mayumi. Instead, many mini Shishio on his head constantly fought each other to decide whether moral or reward was more important.

’It ’s moral… ’

Even though it was quite strange for a scumbag like him to say that a moral was more important, Shishio still had a bottom line, and he would never cross this bottom line no matter what, even if the reward he got was amazing.

After all, if Shishio dared to cross this bottom line, he was sure that he would do something more outrageous in the future, and if he did that, he was afraid that he would change to a different kind of person.

”You ’re so popular, Shishio-kun, ” Yukinoshita said.

Shishio looked at Yukinoshita and said, ”Aren ’t you also popular too, Senpai? ”

”……….. ”

Yukinoshita couldn ’t say anything in retort.

”Anyway, let ’s enter! ”

”OOOOOH!!! ”

Everyone entered the hotel at the same time, and the manager quickly welcomed them.

Before they arrived, Roberta had told the manager to prepare, and they quickly welcomed Shishio ’s group and guided them to the room that had been prepared.

Shishio had his own room, but it was different from the other group.

”Wow, the room is so huge! ” Sayaka was surprised when she saw how huge the room was. She thought that the room would be normal, but she didn ’t expect the room to be so exaggerated. She looked at Shishio and then at Chihiro, feeling weird since if Shishio ’s family was wealthy, how could Chihiro live in Sakurasou?

Sayaka didn ’t look down on Sakurasou, but there were many places that were several times better than Sakurasou, right?

Sayaka didn ’t understand, but she threw all that complicated matter aside and jumped into the huge bed without hesitation!

”I ’m first! ” Mayumi shouted as she jumped.

”Hey, I ’m going to be the first one! ”

”There are two beds. What are you complaining about? ”

When Sayaka and Mayumi started to bicker to each other, Ryuunosuke and Shiro-san also entered their room. They looked at the room and felt satisfied with the room, especially when there were two beds instead of one.

The room had a Japanese-style design with various interiors made from wood, giving off an amiable and cozy feel.

The room had soft carpet floors, a few sofa chairs, a television, a balcony with a view of the ocean, and two double beds in size.

”Ricchan, Yukinon, Mashiron, Nanamin, let ’s sleep together! ” Misaki invited the four of them to sleep together without hesitation. The size of the room and the beds were huge. It wasn ’t a problem for the five of them to sleep together.

Ritsu looked at the room where Mayumi and Sayaka stayed, then said, ”I ’ll stay at Mayumi-san ’s room. ”

”No, you stay with us! ” Misaki directly pulled Ritsu to the room without hesitation.

”…… ” Ritsu.

Yukinoshita looked at Misaki speechlessly, then looked at Shiina and Nanami and said politely, ”Please take care of me, Shiina-san, Aoyama-san. ”

”Ah, yes! Yukinoshita-senpai! ” Nanami quickly bowed her head and was startled when Yukinoshita was so polite. She glanced at Yukinoshita and could feel the graceful and refined aura oozed from her body, making her feel inferior. ’Is this the reason? ’ She sighed inwardly and glanced at Shishio, who walked toward his room that was located on the edge of the corridor.

”Call me Mashiro, ” Shiina said.

Yukinoshita looked at Shiina and blinked her eyes, feeling that this girl was really pure. If a piece of art could come out alive, then Shiina would be perfect for that image. However, she also didn ’t feel surprised since she knew who Shiina was. It was just Shina was different from what she had imagined, but even so, she nodded with a gentle smile. ”You can also call me Yukinoshita. ” She just couldn ’t help but have a good feeling toward this girl.

”Yes. ” Shiina nodded.

Still, if Yukinoshita knew that Shiina wasn ’t as pure as she imagined, then…

Roberta was about to follow Shishio, but Chihiro and Roberta stopped her.

”How about we sleep together, Roberta? ” Chihiro asked.

”Yeah, there are many things that I want to ask too. ” Hiratsuka nodded in agreement.

Chihiro and Hiratsuka had always been curious about Roberta and Shishio. They also wanted to know how much Roberta ’s income was since she was working as Shishio ’s maid and wondered whether she would also take care of Shishio ’s needs in that area too.

Still, Hiratsuka, who touched Roberta ’s body, couldn ’t help but raise her eyebrow since she could see how powerful Roberta was. Instead of a maid, she thought that Roberta was a bodyguard.

Roberta looked at Chihiro then Hiratsuka for a moment and could tell that Hiratsuka was strong, but she didn ’t overthink and looked at Shishio, asking for help since, if possible, she wanted to sleep with Shishio.

However, Shishio only gave her an encouraging smile which made Roberta lose for words.

Shishio laughed and walked into his room.

Unlike the other rooms that were rented for everyone, even if Shishio ’s room had only one bed, it had a king-size bed, and there was also a private hot spring pool that faced the ocean.

Still, there was no need to worry for someone to peek since his room was on the second floor with many walls covering the pool.

The female staff put down Shishio ’s luggage and kept peeking at Shishio with a blush.

”Is there something wrong? ” Shishio looked at the female staff curiously since she didn ’t walk out of the room after placing his luggage.

”Um – um… if you want, we have a massage service, ” the female staff said shyly.

”Massage service? ” Shishio murmured as he observed the female staff.

The female staff was quite beautiful and could be considered above average. Her hair was tied behind, showing her alluring nape and her yukata-like uniform, giving her an image of Japanese beauty.

Shishio was sure that if it was other men, they would be excited, but he couldn ’t be excited since a group was running toward his room. ”I ’ll call you if I need that service. ”

”Yes! ” The female staff said excitedly, bowing her head, and quickly walked out of the room, but she was dumbfounded when she saw Misaki.

Misaki was also dumbfounded when she saw the flushed female staff, but Shishio ’s voice averted her attention.

”What ’s wrong, Misaki-senpai? ” Shishio asked.

”I ’m going to check — ” Misaki hadn ’t finished her words, and she was stupefied when she noticed Shishio ’s luxurious room. Even though it was only a subtle difference, she could see that Shishio ’s room was on a higher level than her room, especially when she could see the private hot spring pool that could be seen from the glass door.

Shishio glanced at the female staff, and the female staff gave him a nod before she walked away shyly. He then looked at Misaki again and asked, ”What ’s wrong Senpai? ”

However, Misaki didn ’t answer him and jumped into his bed without hesitation!

”Yay~! ”

Misaki fell into bed and felt that the bed was so soft that she felt she was lying on the top of a cloud.

”I ’m going to sleep here~! ”

Misaki said cheerfully, but she noticed someone also fell on the bed and lay beside her.

”Eh? ”

Misaki ’s face quickly reddened when she noticed that Shishio lay beside her.

”Are you sure? ”

His deep voice seemed to tempt her and caused her entire body to be burnt with fire.

Misaki looked at Shishio for a moment and realized that she was a woman and he was a man.

If they were staying together in the same room, then…

Misaki ’s face flushed with the possibility that might happen in this room if she stayed with him, however…

Misaki ’s body was carried like a cat before she was thrown out of bed.

”Okay, enough of joking. How about we walk around the hotel? ” Shishio said as he looked at Ritsu, Nanami, Yukinoshita, and Shiina, who also walked into his room.

Misaki looked at Shishio and grumbled, thinking this guy teased her too much, right?

’However… ’

Misaki felt that she might be seduced if she kept staying with him.

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