I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 351 - The Confession Of The Scumbag 2

Even though Shishio had planned to tell everyone on the Sakurasou about his relationship with Shiina, it didn ’t mean that he was going to tell them on this holiday. He also knew how important time and occasion were, and there was no way for him to tell the public about his deeds as a scumbag.

If possible, Shishio wanted to tell this matter when everyone had returned from the trip.

Still, the plan that he had planned couldn ’t follow the problem that appeared so suddenly.

”What do you want to talk about, Senpai? ” Shishio asked, looking at Ritsu curiously. He had a feeling what this girl wanted to ask, but he decided to play stupid.

”Um… ” Ritsu planned to ask Shishio about his relationship with many girls, but it was hard to talk about it when there were only two of them.

”If this isn ’t important, then can we talk tomorrow? I ’m a bit tired. I want to sleep. ” Shishio didn ’t wait for Ritsu and decided to use a delay strategy. He stood up and was about to go back to his room, but his wrist was caught.

”No! ” Ritsu grabbed Shishio ’s wrist and said, ”It ’s something important. I need to talk with you now. ” If she didn ’t ask him now, she was sure that she would delay so long until her heart burst out. She needed his answer, and she wanted that answer now.

Shishio looked at Ritsu for a moment and sighed inwardly, especially when this girl showed such a reaction.

’Oh, my charm… ’

Sometimes, Shishio felt that his charm was too dangerous, right?

”Okay, we can talk, but how long are you going to hold my hand like this? ” Shishio said teasingly.

”Wh –?! ” Ritsu ’s face instantly turned red, showing how embarrassed she was.

”I don ’t mind if we keep holding hands, though, ” Shishio said jokingly.

”Shishio-kun, you have a girlfriend! ” Ritsu couldn ’t help but reprimand. She felt that Shishio was too flirty to someone even though he had a girlfriend already. Even though she didn ’t hate this part of him, she wanted to tell him that he shouldn ’t do this since this might cause a misunderstanding to the girl he had talked with.

Still, Ritsu also knew that even if Shishio didn ’t say anything, the number of girls that fell in the school might have reached 50% girl population at Suimei Academy. That number didn ’t decrease and kept increasing since the students in the university part of Suimei Academy also started to notice Shishio.

Even in her class, Ritsu often heard how the girls often talked about Shishio.

There was also a group of housewives around the neighborhood too.

”….. ”

Ritsu suddenly fell in silence and thought that there were so many temptations around this guy, right?

There was so much temptation that if it was a normal man, they wouldn ’t be able to handle it, and they might become a beast, right?

Shishio was also a man, but the problem was that he had a girlfriend.

Part of her wanted to believe that Shishio was a man of loyalty and wouldn ’t cheat on his girlfriend.

However, another part of her wanted to hear that Shishio wasn ’t loyal to his girlfriend since that way she might have a chance to be with him since Ritsu knew that she might have fallen for this bastard.

Suddenly Ritsu remembered the conversation she had with Shishio when they walked together to the school for the first time. They talked about how she told him not to become like Mitaka, and he promised her that he wouldn ’t become like Mitaka.

Ritsu didn ’t want Shishio to become like Mitaka since that scumbag and chicken was the worst.

Ritsu felt that Mitaka was a chicken that Mitaka didn ’t dare to face his feelings toward Misaki and also hurt Misaki ’s feelings, but at the same time, she also hated how Mitaka had always played with various women every day.

The only thing was that she didn ’t want to hear that Shishio would become like Mitaka, and that was what she was going to ask him!

Ritsu ’s feelings were contradictory. She wanted to hear that Shishio might be seduced by another girl other than his girlfriend, so that way, she knew that his love for his girlfriend wasn ’t strong and there might be a chance for her.

However, Ritsu also didn ’t want him to become a scumbag.

If Shishio knew what Ritsu was thinking, he could only conclude that this girl wanted him to break up with his girlfriends and date her alone.

Ritsu ’s wish was as simple as that.

”Yes, but you have also invited me, someone who has a girlfriend, to talk with you alone. ” Shishio looked at Ritsu calmly and asked, ”If someone sees the two of us alone in this place, what will they think of us? ”

”Sh-Shishio-kun! ” Ritsu ’s face reddened once again, and her heart was beating so fast since if someone saw the two of them here alone, staying together, then would they think of them as a couple?

Such a thought made Ritsu ’s face blush and panic.

”Oh? What did you think, Senpai? ” Shishio asked curiously with a mischievous smile.

”I-I didn ’t think of anything! Also, don ’t keep teasing me! ” Ritsu pouted and felt that she had always been teased by Shishio.

”It can ’t be helped. You ’re so cute, after all, ” Shishio said with a tease. Ritsu might usually be uncute because of her anti-social personality, but when she got embarrassed, she was so cute that he wanted to bully her more. ’Well, her face is beautiful after all. ’

Even with such a crude personality, Ritsu ’s appearance could smitten Usa, showing how fair her appearance was.

”Sh-Shishio… ” Ritsu lowered her head shyly and didn ’t dare to look at him.

Shishio thought that Ritsu was pretty easy, so he thought to use this chance to walk away. ”So should we go back now, Senpai? ”

”No. ”

”…….. ” Shishio.

Ritsu raised her head and faced him with a sad expression. ”Do you not want to talk with me that much? ”

’Oh, please don ’t show such an expression… ’ Shishio was helpless.

Ritsu wasn ’t stupid, and she could tell that Shishio didn ’t want to talk with her. While the praise and flirts that he told her before made her happy, it made her sad when she thought he did all of that, so he could walk away from her.

”Alright, let ’s talk. ” Shishio looked at Ritsu and sat down on the bench nearby.

Ritsu looked at Shishio, who sat down, and suddenly hesitated again.

”Sit right beside me, ” Shishio said and the left side of the bench. He wasn ’t sure where this bench suddenly came from, but he didn ’t overthink it.

Ritsu ’s mind was constantly thought about over and over whether she should ask this question before she made up her mind and sat next to Shishio.

After they sat down, neither of them talked.

Shishio also didn ’t want to talk since he didn ’t want to have this conversation. If Ritsu didn ’t talk, it was alright with him since he didn ’t need to be troubled by Ritsu ’s emotion.

It was a battle of attrition between the two.

Well, it definitely wasn ’t as exaggerated as a battle of the attrition since Shishio ’s mood had been so calm since, for him, whether his secret was known or not, it didn ’t really matter.

However, it was different from Ritsu since she wondered if she asked Shishio this question, would he think of her as a bother? Would he think that she liked him? So many things suddenly popped out of her head until he heard his voice.

”The moon is beautiful… ”

”….. ”

Ritsu blinked her eyes and looked at the bright crescent moon in the night sky. It was so beautiful, and she needed to agree with him.

”Yes, the moon is beautiful. ”

Ritsu wasn ’t sure why, but she felt that the meaning of her praise over the moon was different from him. She hoped that he understood the meaning, but at the same time, she also didn ’t want him to understand. She thought she might get panicked and flustered over, but she strangely calmed down. ”Shishio-kun. ”

”Hmm? ”

”Did you date Mashiro too? ”

Shishio looked at Ritsu, and unlike her flustered expression, she was so calm, and her violet eyes stared into his eyes.

”Yes. ”

The word that came out of his mouth was so simple, but it caused a huge ripple in Ritsu ’s heart.

However, this wasn ’t the end of his sentence.

”Not only do I date Mashiro and Saki, but I also date Nana and Miu. ”

Shishio also dated Mai, but this girl ’s heart was complicated, and she still hadn ’t accepted the other girls, so he didn ’t mention her.

However, Shishio suddenly moved his head back slightly, dodging the slap given by Ritsu!

Ritsu ’s slap didn ’t hit the target, but she didn ’t give up and kept trying to slap this bastard!

Ritsu was furious!

Not only was this guy two-timing, but this guy had done four-timing!

Still, how could Shishio allow her to slap him?

Shishio caught Ritsu ’s hands without hesitation and asked with an annoyed voice, ”Why did you slap me? ”

”You need to ask the reason why I decided to slap you? ” Ritsu asked with a cold voice. Her eyes had lost the warmth that she had shown before, and she felt so stupid for falling for this bastard somehow!

”….. ”

Shishio couldn ’t say anything in return since it was a normal reaction. He also wouldn ’t be surprised if he was stabbed one day in the future if he didn ’t manage his relationship well.

”Yes, I ’m a scumbag, but I have never cheated on them! ” Shishio said quickly.

”Ha? ” Ritsu looked at Shishio as if this guy was an idiot. ”You don ’t cheat on them? Are you saying that you date all of them while they know you have dated the other girls? Are you saying they have given you permission to date the other girls? Is that what you are saying? Are you kidding me!? ” She felt that she had heard the biggest joke this year, and she just wanted to smack this scumbag, but unexpectedly his answer made her dumbfounded.

”Yes. ”

”….. ”

”I date four of them, and they know each other. They even permitted me to date the four of them together. ”

The relationship between his four girlfriends was extremely good. He even had a threesome a few days ago. If threesome couldn ’t be evidenced that the relationship between his girlfriends was good, then what kind of evidence should he give?

However, Shishio decided to keep this matter a secret since no matter how close his relationship with Ritsu was, there was no way for him to share his sex life story.

Ritsu stared at Shishio in disbelief for a moment and wanted to say something, but in the end, she couldn ’t and sat down again.

”If you don ’t believe me, do you want me to call them? ” Shishio asked.

”……… ”

”No, it ’s alright. I believe you. ” Ritsu rubbed her temple and said, ”I ’m just… I ’m just not sure how to react to this situation. ”

If Shishio was in Ritsu ’s place, he also wasn ’t sure how to react when someone he knew would have a harem.

However, stage one had been cleared out, and he needed to step into the next step, or else, from now on, the relationship between the two would be awkward, or even worse.

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