Ritsu ’s heart was a mess.

All the information that she heard caused her to be unable to give the right answer.

’Shishio is dating four girls at the same time… and they know each other… ’

The four girls allowed Shishio to date them at the same time, and they even knew each other.

Ritsu should be confused, but strangely, she understood the feelings of those girls, and she hated her feeling who felt happy when she heard that he could date more girls since that meant… she…

”……….. ”

Ritsu let out a sigh and wondered why she had to meet him since if she didn ’t meet him, she shouldn ’t feel this feeling that tightened her chest. She should hate him for being a scumbag and playing with women ’s hearts, but why couldn ’t she?

Ritsu just couldn ’t understand her feelings, and she didn ’t want to think, but even if she tried to forget, it would keep reappearing, which made her sigh helplessly.

”Senpai. ”

Ritsu still maintained her annoyed expression as she stared at Shishio.

”Frankly, I don ’t have a good temper. I know I ’m a scumbag, but I don ’t like how you look at me. If you keep looking at me like that, do you want us just to be strangers from now on? ” Shishio asked flatly.

Hearing those words, Ritsu started to cry and wondered whether her position on his heart was just like that. She could be thrown out anytime as if she was something disposable.

Haru looked helplessly at Ritsu, who cried and said, ”Don ’t cry, you ’re the one who hates me, right? ” He wiped the tears on her eyes gently with his thumb. ”So isn ’t it better for us not to talk to each other again since you don ’t like me? ”

”I – I don ’t hate you… ” Ritsu was still crying and stubbornly stared at Shishio. His words were cold, but she could feel his hand that was so gentle and warm. She knew that this guy was a scumbag, but how could she hate him?

Shishio had helped her to get something that Ritsu had always wanted but was too shy to ask. He helped her make friends, helped her have happy days, and expanded her world.

In the past, Ritsu was satisfied with her books, and there was no need to see the world outside, but Shishio reached her and expanded her world, which made her gain something that was more precious than her book collections.

”Thanks. ” Shishio showed a relieved smile when he heard those words. ”I am glad that you don ’t hate me. ”

’It ’s unfair… ’

Ritsu felt that Shishio was unfair since he could show a gentle smile toward her when she wanted to slap him before.

Still, Shishio sighed in relief since his acting was good and he could fool Ritsu into believing in his words.

Shishio knew that Ritsu ’s heart was a mess, and if he didn ’t say anything, she would ignore him without saying anything. However, he didn ’t like such treatment, so it was better to determine what she wanted to do now.

Either Ritsu wanted to continue or just cut the relationship between the two.

However, his strategy was dangerous, and it was a double-edged sword.

Shishio didn ’t want to cut his relationship with Ritsu, so he tested how strong her feeling toward him was.

Still, if he didn ’t say anything at that time, Ritsu would really cut the relationship between the two, and the two might slowly turn into strangers until they forgot each other ’s existence.

That ’s why he used a cruel question by asking her whether they should part from now on.

People often contradict what someone was told to do.

If Shishio had to give an example, it was like when your parents told you to clean up your room during your childhood time.

Would you clean up your room if you were told?

Some of you did, and some of you didn ’t.

However, even if you did clean up your room, when you were told to clean up, there were these displeased feelings in your heart, right?

Shishio used that physiology to solve the emotional entanglement in Ritsu ’s heart. He told her that it was better to cut the relationship between the two, which made Ritsu not want to cut their relationship.

With this question, there was no way for their relationship to be cut.

Stage two had passed, and now, Shishio needed to answer the problem in Ritsu ’s heart and end this confrontation with the best solution.

”Everyone should be waiting. Should we go back now? ” Shishio stood up, but his wrist was grabbed by Ritsu again.

”No, let me ask you one more question, ” Ritsu said as she stared at Shishio.

Shishio hesitated, but after a moment, he nodded. ”Okay. ”

”What are you planning to do with them? ” Ritsu asked.

”What do you mean? ” Shishio asked with some confusion.

”Are you just playing with them? ” Ritsu squinted her eyes and asked.

”Of course not. ” Shishio shook his head without hesitation and said, ”I love them. You can doubt anything about me, but don ’t doubt how deep my feelings are toward the four of them. ” He didn ’t lie since he wouldn ’t let any men get the four of them in their lives, showing his deep possession toward them.

While some people felt the possession feeling was wrong, Shishio didn ’t think so. Their love was mutual, but even if they had let him four-time them, he didn ’t want any other men other than him to get them.

It was selfish, but so what?

Shishio knew that there had never been fairness in love, people sometimes needed to give more than others, but it didn ’t mean the love of the others was less.

Love is a complicated emotion.

Some people say it is unnecessary, while others are ready to kill themselves to show their love.

It is an emotion where one can ’t determine whether one is right or wrong.

Shishio couldn ’t say that he was right, but he also wasn ’t wrong. He just wanted them, and he had the ability to have them. He might be selfish, but he just didn ’t want to feel the regret that he felt in his previous life.

At least, Shishio was several times better than someone who played with women then fucked them until one got bored. He still felt the responsibility to take care of his women, not someone who would be irresponsible when one made their woman ’s stomach bulge.

These were his feelings, and even if anyone pointed out to him that he was wrong, he wouldn ’t waver.

Just charge forward and be confident boldly, telling them that he wanted them to be his.

If he fails, then okay, he will move on.

Fortunately, all of his adventures had been a great success, so he had become a harem king.

Ritsu heard Shishio ’s words somehow, and there was a trace of jealousy in her heart. ”Then are you going to marry all of them? ”

Shishio looked at the distant crescent moon in the sky for a moment and asked, ”Do you think it is possible to give all of them a marriage in this country? ”

”Ugh… ” Ritsu felt that she was stupid for asking this question since she also knew that polygamy was illegal in this country. ”You ’re saying that you love them, and you ’re serious about them, so if you don ’t marry all of them, then what are you going to do? ”

”I want to marry them, ” Shishio said without hesitation.

Ritsu showed a complicated expression when she saw him say something like that with a straight face. If it was someone else who said it, she might laugh, but at this moment, she just felt jealous. ”But polygamy is illegal, right? What are you going to explain to their parents? What about — ” There were many problems that they were going to face if Shishio decided to marry them.

”You know, even if you don ’t marry them, isn ’t it, alright? ” Ritsu suddenly said. She wasn ’t sure why she needed to say this, but it just came out of her mouth.

However, her words were right since there was no need for Shishio to marry all of them. It was a crime to have polygamy in this country, but if you just dated many girls at the same time, no one said anything.

Shishio knew that Ritsu was right, but could he just give up just because someone said so?

”But even so, I won ’t give up, ” Shishio said naturally.

”But, marriage is still impossible, ” Ritsu said again, trying to remind him of the reality.

”Yes, for some people, it is impossible, but if you ’re told to give up by someone just because it is impossible, will you do it? ” Shishio asked.

”I… ’ Ritsu couldn ’t say anything to refute it.

”Some people might say yes, but I won ’t, ” Shishio said without hesitation.

”It won ’t be easy. ”

”Isn ’t that good? ”

”What? ”

”Something that can be easily obtained can ’t be appreciated, but if it is something hard, then I believe that my feelings for them won ’t change until I pass away. On the other hand, I can see their feelings toward me who can wait for me until I can marry all of them legally. ” Shishio looked at Ritsu and said, ”Senpai, I might be a scumbag, but I won ’t be irresponsible toward my actions. ”

Ritsu looked at Shishio and wanted to say something, but she couldn ’t since she could see that he was serious.

No matter how long it was, Shishio wouldn ’t give up.

’I… ’

Ritsu wanted to say something that she had always kept in her heart, but…

”Senpai, thank you. ” Shishio was grateful for Ritsu and said, ”Do you want to ask me something again? ”

”I… ”

Could she be part of that group?

Ritsu wasn ’t sure, but she was afraid to ask.

”No. ”

Ritsu shook her head and said, ”I will watch over you. If you dare to hurt them, then I ’ll be the first one who slaps you until death. ”

”……. ”

Shishio looked at Ritsu for a moment and said, ”Yes, please slap me to death at that time. ”

They looked at each other before they laughed.

”Should we go back now? ” Shishio asked.

”Um… yeah. ” Ritsu nodded after a moment of hesitation.

They could feel that their relationship had become closer, but Ritsu felt that the direction wasn ’t something that she wanted to.


’Right now, it ’s okay like this. ’

Yes, it was enough.

Ritsu felt that it wasn ’t good to be greedy and felt that everything was alright.

’As long as we can stay like this, then it ’s okay. ’

Ritsu kept repeating herself, but then she saw him stop in front of her.

”What ’s wrong, Senpai? ” Shishio asked.

”Nothing. ” Ritsu shook her head with her usual cold expression.

”Okay, just tell me if you don ’t feel okay. ” Shishio knew why Ritsu showed such an expression, but he wasn ’t ready for the next girlfriend. He needed to wait for a few months or so before he could chew down his food, or else he would have a stomachache from overeating. Also, he knew that it might be cruel, but her position on her heart wasn ’t that important.

Shishio threw the matter of Ritsu aside and decided to spend a lovely night with Shiina in his room, but…

”Hey, where have you been? ” Mayumi asked with a complaint.

”What are you all doing here? ” Shishio ’s lips trembled when he saw Shiina, Yukinoshita, Nanami, Mayumi, Sayaka, and all the girls that had followed the trip to Tateyama standing in front of the door of his room.

”We ’re going to have a party, you know? Hurry up and open your room! ” Chihiro said without hesitation.

”…….. ”

Shishio stared at Chihiro for a moment which caused her to blush and look away. He then looked at Shiina, who was in a daze as usual, but he could also see that she also sighed slightly. He also sighed in disappointment, but what could he do?

’Next time, I ’ll only bring my girlfriends. ’

Next time, Shishio might be able to do seven-some with Shiina, Nana, Miu, Saki, Roberta, and Mai.

Shishio anticipated that future, so he decided to be patient for a while.

”Huh? Why are you with Ricchan? ” Sayaka suddenly asked with some confusion.

However, Shishio wouldn ’t let everyone question what he was doing with Ritsu, so he quickly said, ”Alright, let ’s have a blast tonight! ”


They shouted excitedly and entered Shishio ’s room at the same time.

Tonight, they had a blast!

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