I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 355 - If You Want Something You Need To Take The Initiative


Shishio sat on the sofa, watching Mai ’s figure, warming up the dinner.

Mai wore a white nightdress that reached her middle thighs, showing off her snow-white shoulders and the straps of her black bra.

Shishio was fascinated by her figure, and somehow it made his throat dry, especially when he saw her smooth and straight legs. Her legs weren ’t thin, and they seemed so soft to touch that he wanted to try a lap-pillow on those thighs. While waiting for her, he just kept watching her all the time since she was just beautiful.

”Why are you looking at me all the time? ” Mai asked with a blush on her face.

”I thought that an angel had fallen from heaven, so I just couldn ’t take my eyes away, ” Shishio said with a sigh.

Mai was dumbfounded again before she snorted annoyedly. ”Don ’t say something stupid! Hurry up and help me bring the dishes to the table. ” She turned her head then hummed happily.

”Okay, okay. ” Shishio nodded in a perfunctory manner while looking at the back of this tsundere girl. He helped her to put the food on the table, but before he ate, he looked at Mai and asked, ”Have you eaten yet? ”

”Ye — ”


”…….. ”

”Let ’s eat together, ” Shishio said.

”No, it ’s late at night. I need to keep my figure. ” Mai shook her head without hesitation. It was so late, and she didn ’t want to get fat. After all, she was about to return to showbiz, and if she became fat, who would want to work with her?

”It ’s okay, just eat a bite or two, and if you ’re worried about your figure, I ’ll tell you a very effective method to slim down your body, ” Shishio said subtly.

”Is there such a method? ” Mai asked curiously.

”Of course. ” Shishio patted his chest and said, ”You can see Mashiro ’s figure is nice, right? You should know that she usually spends most of her time on the chair, drawing, and eating sweets most of the time, but her figure is still good. ”

”What?! ” Mai was surprised and asked, ”Did you help her to maintain her figure? ”

”Yes! ” Shishio nodded without hesitation as he ate. The taste of the food was okay, but the love from Mai made it even tastier.

”How did you do it? ” Mai asked.

”That… ” Shishio wanted to say that it was because Shiina had sex with him that her figure had always been good, but there was no way for him to say it. ”Let ’s talk about this matter later. ” He then took the food in front of him with chopsticks and fed it to Mai. ”Eat first. ”

Mai nodded then opened her mouth obediently. They had shared many indirect kisses and kissed each other ’s lips many times, so she didn ’t mind him feeding her, but inwardly she was shy. However, she was also happy.

Mai thought to eat one or two bites, but she kept eating more together with Shishio while discussing what they did during the holiday.

”By the way, I ’m going to sleep here, right? ” Shishio asked.

”Well… ” Mai was a bit embarrassed, but she nodded.

”But I don ’t bring any clothes. ” Shishio came to Mai ’s apartment hurriedly, and he only brought souvenirs. He didn ’t mind sleeping naked, but he wanted to sleep with Mai after all, so if he did naked, he was afraid that she might kick him out.

”Don ’t worry. I bought you pajamas. Wait a moment. I ’ll show it to you. ” Mai quickly stood up and went to her room to take out the boxer and pajamas she had bought for Shishio.

Shishio looked at Mai ’s back and looked at her thoughtfully. He then stood up and went to the window before he sighed in relief since the convenience store was still open.

”What ’s wrong? ” Mai, who came back, asked.

”Nothing. ” Shishio shook his head without hesitation.

”Well, it doesn ’t really matter. Check whether it fits you or not. ” Mai showed the normal pajamas and normal boxer that she had bought.

Still, even though it was normal, the quality of those clothes was good, and Shishio could tell that she bought them from a high-end store.

”…It ’s kind of normal, ” Shishio said strangely as he checked the pajamas and the boxer.

”It ’s better than your weird boxers, ” Mai said without mercy.

”…… ”

Shishio was silent since even though he bought clothes of his style, it was a different matter with the boxers since he still used the ones that were owned by the previous Shishio Oga. ”When did you buy it? ”

”Yesterday. ” Mai didn ’t think too much and said, ”I was pretty free after all, so I went to the department store to buy them. ”

”I see… ” Shishio looked at Mai subtly, which made her embarrassed.

”Okay, okay, hurry up and take a bath, so we can sleep earlier! ” Mai quickly said with a blush and pushed him to the bathroom.

Shishio nodded hurriedly and went to the bathroom. As for where he would sleep, there was no need to ask since he wasn ’t stupid and he was a man, so there was no need to ask everything that they were about to do. He needed to take the initiative, or else, no matter how long, he might not be able to eat Mai.

However, Shishio, who had just entered the bathroom, didn ’t expect Mai to take the initiative.

”Shishio, can I enter too? ’

”Please! ” Shishio didn ’t hesitate and welcomed Mai to enter the bathroom.

”……. ”

Mai was speechless, but she didn ’t think too much and opened the door of the bathroom slowly.

From the opaque door, Shishio could see Mai ’s silhouette through the door, and as the door was opened, he could see her figure clearly, but he could only sigh since he had expected this.

Mai didn ’t come naked or wrap a towel around her body. Instead, she came in in a bikini that perfectly fit her body.

Looking at his disappointed face, Mai felt that she had won.

Still, when Shishio looked at Mai again, he nodded thoughtfully.

’This isn ’t bad at all. ’

Shishio felt that Mai in the bikini wasn ’t bad, and something started to rise, but it definitely wasn ’t the Shield Hero.

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