I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 365 - Shishio Is A Good Brother-in-law 2

There were only two days before the end of Golden Week.

Shishio thought that Nana would move into his apartment, but suddenly she told him that she wouldn ’t move right now and would move later when they had entered the school. While he didn ’t mind since he thought that she might not have finished preparing to move, considering she might spend her time on holiday with her family. However, he didn ’t expect her to suddenly invite him to stay in Sunahara dorm together with her elder sister.

Now, Shishio was right in front of Sunahara dorm, and Ayaka Sunohara greeted him excitedly.

”It ’s been a while, Shishio-kun! ” Ayaka dashed into Shishio and hugged him.

Shishio had a hard time maintaining his expression when Ayaka was running. Her two Mt. Fujis on her chest trembled up and down. Then when she hugged him, he could feel the two softest things that he had ever felt in his life, pressed against his chest.

While the shape might deform because of Newton ’s law, Shishio felt that the genes of the Sunohara family were outrageous.

Shishio couldn ’t fight against Newton ’s law, so he happily hugged Ayaka. ”It ’s been a while, Ayaka-nee. ”

Ayaka sniffed his smell deeply since she really missed him. She had always been in a daze lately, especially when she was alone. She was confused at why she felt this, but when Shishio was there, she felt that all of her worries disappeared instantly.


”Shishio! Onee-chan! ”

Nana was speechless when she saw her boyfriend and older sister hugging each other.

Shishio and Ayaka looked at each other for a moment and opened their arms at the same time to welcome Nana.

”….. ”

Nana was speechless, but she didn ’t think too much and hugged the two of them!

Shishio, who was hugged by Nana, suddenly felt that he might have hypoxia sooner or later since four dangerous things were wrapped around his head, making it hard for him to breathe. Luckily, he had an ”Enhanced Lungs, ” so he could enjoy this moment for so long.

Still, while Shishio enjoyed this situation, he felt that it was better to enjoy it inside the house.

”How about we enter the house first? ”

The two of them agreed and reluctantly let go of him before they entered the house together.

When Shishio entered the house, he realized something, but he didn ’t say much since Nana and Ayaka talked excitedly with him about their trip to the onsen trip at Izu peninsula before. ”Did you go to Izu? ”

”Yeah. ” Nana sighed and said, ”The wasabi ice cream that we ate was so delicious. We should go there together next time. ” When she was on holiday, she kept thinking about Shishio and felt that it would be good if she could go on a holiday with him.

”Wasabi ice cream? ” Shishio looked at Nana weirdly as he sat in the dining room. He glanced at Ayaka, who prepared tea and snacks for them. He could see her butts were moving right and left, seemingly excited about his arrival.

”It might sound weird, but the ice cream that is made with a real wasabi tastes nice, ” Nana said, trying to reassure Shishio that she didn ’t fool him.

”Really? ” Shishio became curious and said, ”Maybe, next time, we can go to the Izu together. ”

”Yay~! ” Nana hugged Shishio happily. ”Then maybe, I should start a part-time job. ”

”Part-time job? Where? ” Shishio asked curiously.

”How about Wagnaria near the school? It is close, and you ’re familiar with the people there, right? ” Nana said with a smile.

”….. ”

Shishio was speechless, but he nodded. ”If you want to work there, then you should do it then. ” What he was worried about if his girlfriend decided to have a part-time job was her safety. Nana was a beautiful girl, and her boobs were huge, so without a doubt, many people might try to hit her up. However, if she was working in Wagnaria, he didn ’t need to worry about that, considering there were many people that could protect her, such as a waitress with a powerful punch, a waitress with a katana, and a manager with a group of delinquent subordinates.

Shishio could imagine Nana befriending all of them, and somehow he felt that it wasn ’t bad since she might be able to tell him what had happened in his restaurant there.

”What were you talking about? ” Ayaka, who had brought tea and snacks to the table, asked them curiously. ”By the way, you should try this, Shishio-kun. It ’s a souvenir from Izu. ”

”What is this? ”

”It ’s Kuramushi Manju. It is so delicious when it is warm, but it still tastes nice when it is cold. Try it, ” Ayaka said with a smile.

Shishio took the Manju and bit it slowly, chewing it on his mouth, and somehow it reminded him of the texture of when Nana and Ayaka hugged him together. ”By the way, where ’s everyone? I don ’t see them here. ”

”Oh, they ’re still at their home. They should return here tomorrow, ” Ayaka said with a smile.

”I see… ” Shishio nodded since it was still Golden Week, so it was normal for them to stay with their family, but then he asked, ”But is it alright for me to stay for a night here? ” Nana told him that he should stay here for a night, so he brought his clothes, but when he thought that he would be living with his sister-in-law, he still felt a bit strange somehow.

”It ’s alright. It ’s lonely to stay here with just the two of us, ” Ayaka said with a gentle smile.

”Just stay. What are you worried about? ” Nana said as she hugged him before she opened her mouth, telling him to feed her.

”…. ”

Shishio looked at Nana for a moment before he fed her the half-bitten Manju that he had eaten.

”Delicious! ” Nana chewed happily.

Shishio sipped the tea then asked Ayaka, ”If so, where should I sleep? ” However, when he looked at Ayaka, he noticed that her expression was slightly strange.

”Hmm… ” Ayaka tapped her chin rhythmically, but she glanced at Shishio, who fed Nana with a sigh before her eyes brightened instantly. ”How about in my room? ”

”…What? ” 2x

Not only Shishio but Nana was dumbfounded.

”But you should know that Akkun, Yuzu-chan, Yuri-chan, and Sumire-chan might come back tomorrow. They might not like it when someone suddenly sleeps in their room, so there ’s no other place other than my room to stay, right? ” Ayaka said naturally.

”I can sleep on the sofa here, you know? ” Shishio said.

”No! ” Ayaka shook her head and said, ”How can I let you sleep on the sofa? You ’re a guest, Shisho-kun. ”

”But I ’m a man. ” Shishio was speechless and asked, ”What if I do something to you at night? ”

”Oh? What are you going to do to me, Shishio-kun? ” Ayaka asked with interest.

”Er… ” Shishio was about to say something, but his cheek was pulled by Nana. ”Ouch! Ouch! It hurts, Nana! ”

Nana could feel that his long and big thing trembled slightly before and knew what this bad guy was thinking about. ”Onee-chan has told you to sleep in her room, so you don ’t need to reject it. ”

Shishio rubbed his cheek and looked at Nana. ”Are you okay with it? ”

”It ’s okay. After all, I ’ll be sleeping there too, right? ” Nana smiled toward Ayaka and said, ”Onee-chan? ”

”Of course! ” Ayaka clapped her hands excitedly and said, ”The three of us will be sleeping together tonight! ”

”… ”

While Shishio was happy about it, he wondered whether it was morally okay to do this, but…

Shishio glanced at Nana and Ayaka for a moment and felt that there was no need for him to hesitate, right?

While they talked to each other and also tasted the souvenirs that Shishio brought from Tateyama, it was time for dinner.

”Nana, how about you take a bath first? ” Ayaka asked.

”Okay. ” Nana, who played a game with Shishio, nodded and said, ”Shishio, pause the game. Don ’t continue without me. ”

”Okay, okay. ” Shishio paused the game and looked at Nana, who went to the bathroom to take a bath. He wondered whether he could take a bath together, but with Ayaka, he felt that it was impossible. He stood up and said, ”Ayaka-nee, let me help you. ”

”Is that okay? ” Ayaka asked.

”It ’s alright. I ’m quite confident with my cooking skill, ” Shishio said.

”Really? I ’ll take that offer, ” Ayaka said with a smile.

Shishio then walked to Ayaka and stood next to her in the kitchen.

”Can you help me to pick up the mirin on the top shelf, Shishio-kun? ” Ayaka suddenly asked.

”Shelf? Which shelf? ” Shishio asked.

”The one that was on top of me, ” Ayaka said without looking at Shishio since she was busy at that moment.

Shishio looked at Ayaka weirdly and felt a bit hesitant. The space in the kitchen was narrow, so if he took something from the shelf on the top of Ayaka, he needed to stand behind her, and their bodies would touch each other.

”Shishio-kun? ” Ayaka asked in doubt.

Shishio stopped hesitating and nodded. ”Wait a moment. ” He stood behind Ayaka slowly and opened up the shelf on top of her, but then Ayaka ’s big butts were pressed against his lower body.

”What ’s wrong, Shishio-kun? ” Ayaka asked.

Shishio couldn ’t see Ayaka ’s face since she lowered her head as she prepared the ingredients. ”Nothing. ” He also pretended that he didn ’t see anything and just pressed his hips against her, and of course, it caused a reaction on his lower body.

Ayaka flushed when she could feel a big, hard, and hot thing on her butts, but she didn ’t say anything.

”Where ’s the mirin, Ayaka-nee? ” Shishio asked calmly.

Ayaka somehow pouted when Shishio was so calm and said, ”It should be at the back of the shelf. You should search it carefully and slowly. ”

”Okay. ”

Shishio also wasn ’t in a hurry and rubbed his hard phallus against her butts.

Ayaka also did the same and moved her butts clockwise against his thing. She bit her lower lip when she could feel his heat that slowly transmitted against her.

”Ayaka-nee. ”

Ayaka ’s spine straightened when she heard his voice right beside her ear. ”Yes? What ’s wrong, Shishio-kun? ” Her voice trembled as her body got hotter and hotter.

”Here ’s the mirin. ” Shishio still stood behind Ayaka as he put the bottle mirin closely and gently put his hand on her stomach while asking, ”Do you need me to take something again from the shelf, Ayaka-nee? ” He pressed his body closely without letting her go.

”Hmn~~. ” Ayaka held her moan and said with some difficulty, ”Maybe… a soy sauce too. It should be on the deeper part of the shelf. ”

”Okay. ”

Neither of them said anything, and they kept doing what they were doing without saying anything. They knew what they were doing might be immoral, but even so, their excitement couldn ’t be stopped.

”Ayaka-nee… ” Shishio whispered right next to her face, which caused Ayaka ’s body to tremble and her ears were red, but she didn ’t intend to move away and waited for what he was going to do next.


’What ’s wrong? ’ Ayaka was confused inwardly since Shishio suddenly moved, but when she was about to ask…

”Shishio, let ’s continue to play the game! ” Nana returned to the living room as she called Shishio happily.

Ayaka ’s heart raced so fast at that moment, but she sighed in relief since Shishio ’s reaction was so swift.

”Wait a moment, I need to help your sister cook, ” Shishio said as he calmed his phallus down.

”Eh? Then I ’ll help you too! ” Nana said with a smile.

”Oh, if Nana is going to help, then you should take a bath first, Shishio-kun. We ’re alright with the of us here, ” Ayaka said of her usual gentle expression.

”Okay. ” Shishio nodded, but when he was about to go to the bathroom, Nana whispered with a naughty smell. ”I have just taken a bath. Don ’t get excited there, alright? ”

”… ” Shishio.

Nana laughed before standing next to Ayaka as she talked happily.

Shishio looked at Nana for a moment before he looked at Ayaka.. He wondered whether Ayaka was sexually frustrated, but as a good brother-in-law, he felt that it was his duty to help her.

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