I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 367 - Shishio Is A Good Brother-in-law 4

It might be Ayaka ’s first time to be treated like this. It was soothing, warm, comfortable, and she felt that she could depend on him for everything.

It was as if Shishio told her that it was alright to be pampered, something that Ayaka had never thought of in her life before, considering she had been the older sister and the one who took care of her surroundings.

However, even Ayaka was a human.

Ayaka could be tired, angry, and she also had other ugly emotions, but she buried all of those feelings, showing her best side, so everyone could become comfortable around her.

If Shishio didn ’t remind Ayaka, she might not have ever realized that she was burning out. While she was happy with her job and satisfied with it, there was no way that one couldn ’t have frustration with their lives even if they had a job that they loved to do.

However, Ayaka also realized that this was wrong and it was immoral. Shishio was her little sister ’s boyfriend, and asking him to do this was something that she shouldn ’t do.

’Still… ’

Ayaka glanced at Shishio, who gently caressed her hair, and their eyes happened to meet each other.

”Hmm? ” Shishio looked at Ayaka with some confusion.

Somehow, Ayaka wondered why she didn ’t meet him earlier.

”By the way, Ayaka-nee. ”

”Hmm? ”

”Don ’t you have a boyfriend or something? ” Shishio asked since he felt it wouldn ’t be strange for someone as beautiful as her to have a boyfriend.

Ayaka shook her head gently and said with a sigh, ”No, I don ’t have one, nor do I have the experience to be so close with the opposite gender other than my father like this. ”

’What about Aki Shiina? ’

Shishio wondered whether Ayaka hadn ’t thought of Aki as a man, but this wasn ’t surprising, considering Aki might be a child in her eyes.

’Still, is she a virgin? ’

Shishio ’s sense of smell might be powerful, but it didn ’t mean that he could see whether a girl was a virgin or not based on his sense of smell.

Well, personally, Shishio didn ’t think too much about whether Ayaka was a virgin or not since she was his sister-in-law.

”But there must be many who have confessed to you, right? ” Shishio asked.

”Well, there were many in the past, but I might have forgotten them since I don ’t know them well. ”

Many guys and even girls had confessed to her in the past. However, no one had caught her eye, or rather no one had ever made her heart move like what Shishio did to her.

”Now that you mention it, I have heard from Nana that you were the one who confessed. ” Ayaka looked at Shishio curiously and asked, ”Was that right? ”

Shishio thought for a moment and nodded. ”Yes, I confessed to her, not the other way around. ”

”So, do you like Nana? ” Ayaka asked.

”That ’s something obvious, right? ” Shishio said.

”But why did you fall in love with her? ” Ayaka asked curiously. While she knew that her sister was beautiful, could love be born so easily?

”Why did you suddenly ask? ” Shishio asked.

”Isn ’t it fine? I ’m your older sister-in-law, after all. ” Ayaka held Shishio ’s shoulders and shook them up. ”Come on, tell me. ”

”…Well, I don ’t really mind telling you, but don ’t tell Nana, ” Shishio said with a sigh.

”Okay, so this is a secret between the two of us, ” Ayaka said with a smile.

’Why does it sound lewd? ’ Shishio thought, but he threw that matter aside and said, ”While I was attracted to her beautiful appearance, I didn ’t love her at first. ”

”…Eh? ” Shishio ’s answer was unexpected, and she couldn ’t react to his answer for a while. ”Then why did you confess to her even if you don ’t love her? Are you playing with Nana? ” She frowned and looked at him with displeasure. If he said a wrong word, then she might smack him with the two biggest things on her body.

While the two biggest things on her body might not cause damage, they could cause suffocation to Shishio.

”I mean, isn ’t it normal? We have only known each other for a week or so at that time. Even if we ’re in the same class, can love be born so easily? ” Shishio said naturally since he didn ’t believe in love at first sight.

Love at first sight only happened to handsome men or beautiful girls, and it had never happened to unattractive men or girls.

In other words, everything was just either a hormone or lust.

”You don ’t have a dream, Shishio-kun, ” Ayaka said with a pout.

”Then Ayaka-san, do you believe in love at first sight? ” Shishio asked.

”Well… ”

Ayaka thought for a moment, but she shook her head. She also didn ’t believe in love at first sight since even the beautiful rose also had its thorns. Even a beautiful woman or a handsome man also took a shit on the toilet.

There were no rules that one couldn ’t have a dream that a beautiful woman or a handsome man didn ’t go to the toilet, but the reality said otherwise.

”I think that love is more meaningful when two people have realized the importance of each other ’s existence in their lives. Instead of being affected by a sudden hormonal attack just because of the appearance, ” Shishio said.

”Then, if you didn ’t love Nana at that time, why did you confess to her? ” Ayaka asked.

”While I might be the one who confessed to her, the one who fell in love first was Nana, ” Shishio said.

”Eh? ” Ayaka was surprised, but then she frowned and asked, ”Then you were forced? ”

Shishio shook his head and said, ”I might not love her at that time, but I also know how charming Nana is. I can see that many guys will confess to her in high school. ”

”That ’s true. ” Ayaka nodded since there were many guys who had confessed to Nana during middle school, but Nana had never had an interest in romance until she met Shishio. ”So, what does that have related to your confession? ”

”At the time, I thought… what if she becomes the girlfriend of another? I couldn ’t accept it, so I decided to confess to her, ” Shishio said frankly.

”…. ”

Ayaka was stunned and asked with a frown, ”So you confessed to her because of your selfishness? ” Her question wasn ’t wrong since Shishio decided to confess to Nana because he was selfish. He didn ’t love her, but just because he didn ’t want her to be with someone else, he decided to confess, which made Ayaka unhappy as an older sister.

”You thought that it might be wrong, but how many guys can do this? ” Shishio suddenly asked.

”…. ”

Ayaka couldn ’t say anything while it might sound easy to confess just because that person didn ’t want a girl or a guy to be dated by another person, but that wasn ’t true since confessing to someone wasn ’t an easy thing to do.

Your heart would beat so fast, your mind would wander around, you would panic, and the anxiety that came with the thought of your relationship might change if you were rejected.

”So that ’s when she accepted me back then. I ’d thought that I would learn to love this girl, ” Shishio said softly.

”…So you love Nana? ” Ayaka asked with mixed emotion.

”I love her. ” Shishio nodded since he loved Nana, but not only Nana since he also loved Shiina, Saki, Miu, Roberta, and Mai too. However, if he said that in front of Ayaka, he was afraid that he might be stabbed with a knife during his sleep later, so he smartly avoided the conversation.

”……. ”

Ayaka looked at Shishio, and there was a sense of loss in her heart. ”But… have you thought that you might not love her at that time? ”

”Of course, I ’d thought of it, but with how lovely Nana is, I guess, it can ’t be helped that I feel an attachment toward her, ” Shishio said with a gentle smile.

”I see… ” Ayaka nodded, then walked to the fridge before she walked back to the sofa again.

”Why did you bring a lot of beers? ” Shishio also had brought a specialty beer from Tateyama for Ayaka, but who would expect that she would suddenly drink.

”It ’s okay, right? I just want to drink it somehow. ” Ayaka opened the can and gulped it down.

”…….. ”

Shishio stared at Ayaka for a moment and sighed, thinking that he was a bad brother-in-law. If he was a good brother-in-law, he wouldn ’t have many other girls other than Nana, but he also wanted to remind Ayaka that he was her little sister ’s boyfriend.

While Shishio didn ’t mind continuing what they were doing in the kitchen, he wanted to remind her about the consequences of their actions.

Shishio looked at Ayaka, who kept drinking until Nana returned.

”Shishio! ” Nana hugged Shishio happily.

”You ’re late, ” Shishio said with a sigh, ignoring the fact that he knew Nana was eavesdropping.

”Sorry, sorry. ” Nana stuck out her tongue and kissed Shishio ’s cheek happily. She was doing her preparation before, but when she was about to return, she heard the conversation between Shishio and Ayaka. She knew how Shishio ’s personality was and wondered what he would do when she left her alone with her big sister. While she might be hurt if he did that with her older sister, she didn ’t feel surprised and felt there was a strange excitement in her heart when she and her older sister shared the same man together.

However, Shishio was loyal and didn ’t do anything to her big sister.

While Nana was surprised, she became happier and kissed his cheek happily.

”It ’s alright. I understand that you need to go to the toilet. ” Shishio nodded thoughtfully, but Nana was flustered and refuted his words without hesitation. ”I don ’t do that in the toilet! ”

”….. ”

Even a beautiful girl was also a human. Of course, they also did that on the toilet.

However, Shishio didn ’t intend to entangle with this problem, so he didn ’t say anything.

”What ’s wrong? ” Shishio suddenly noticed that Nana ’s expression changed and turned into a shock when she saw Ayaka. He was curious and turned his attention to Ayaka, but he didn ’t see anything, especially since Ayaka was just drinking alcohol.

”…Did you let her go of alcohol? ” Nana asked with a scared expression.

”Huh? ” Shishio was confused and asked, ”Is there a problem with it? ” Ayaka was an adult, so he didn ’t think there was a problem with drinking alcohol.

”Of cour — ” Nana wanted to say that it was a bit of a mistake to let Ayaka drink alcohol, but suddenly her lips were kissed!

Not by Shishio, but by Ayaka!

”Nana-chan~~! Chuu~~! ” Ayaka grabbed Nana ’s head and kissed her lips without hesitation.

Nana couldn ’t react and could only stare at Ayaka, who suddenly kissed her before her eyes rolled up since she also couldn ’t handle alcohol and drank directly. Her head was fuzzy before she weakly slept on Shishio ’s lap.

”….. ”

Shishio was in shock, too, since he didn ’t expect that the relationship between the two sisters was so close. When Nana had fallen into his lap, he saw Ayaka staring at him with misty eyes and blush.

”Shishio-kun… ”

Ayaka stared at Shishio before she held his head before she was ready to kiss him.

”…… ”

Shishio wondered whether he should become a good brother-in-law or a bad brother-in-law right now.

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