I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 373 - End Of Golden Week

Shishio still didn ’t expect Chihiro to kiss him, but since everything had happened, there was no way that he could pretend nothing had happened. However, he could see how awkward their relationship would be in the future.

”Shishio. ”

Shishio suddenly felt that his back was hugged by someone. He turned and also hugged this girl back. ”Mashiro. ”

Shiina smiled happily and rubbed her face against his. Her nose moved slightly, and she said, ”You smell like Chihiro. ”

”Yeah, Chihiro-nee just talked with me before, ” Shishio said without changing his face.

”Talk? You ’re not being scolded? ” Shiina asked.

”… ”

Shishio stared at Shiina for a moment and thought that this girl was too smart in some unexpected situations. ”I ’ll take a bath first. ”

”Um. ” Shiina nodded and said, ”I ’ll follow you. ”

”…Let ’s do it next time in my new apartment, ” Shishio said after a moment of a pause.

”Okay. ” Shiina nodded.

Shishio caressed Shiina ’s head and saw a group of people that watched their intimate exchange. He knew that he couldn ’t hide anymore, and tonight, it was his time for the showdown.

On the big bathtub in the bathroom of the Sakurasou, Shishio recounted what happened in the past few days.

’Many things have happened… ’

Shishio rubbed his face with water that he scooped before looking at the rewards he had gained.

Shishio let out a sigh, thinking that the system was really invincible for as long as he could seduce girls. He had a feeling it was simply a time for him to become the strongest and the richest man in the world.

’Well, let ’s open the rewards first. ’

His three rewards were an asset, so he just opened them based on the order of which one he received first.

Shishio then accepted the ”Hoshino Resorts ” that he got after he put his head on Nana ’s chest, and it made a reaction on his nether region since while it was painful and so narrow that it was almost suffocated, it was a wonderful experience.

’I want to try it again. ’ Shishio thought, then checked his reward.

’Hoshino Resorts… ’

Shishio knew that it was a famous resort built based on the concept of what Japan would be like if it continued to modernize without the influence of the West. It had many resorts all over the country, including natural hot springs.

Shishio felt that he might need to bring his girlfriends there during a holiday.

Shishio somehow wanted to go there now, but he could do that later and focussed on his next reward.

’Private laboratory… ’

Shishio felt glad that he had received a private laboratory since he could do a lot of research over his weapons and medicines with this.

While it might not seem that he was interested in other things than women, he did many things that weren ’t written in the chapters, such as developing a chemical weapon.

Shishio had a ”Chemist Mastery, ” and with his ”Ninjutsu Mastery, ” it would be wasteful if he didn ’t make a hidden weapon since he knew how dangerous the world was.

With his ability and talent, it would simply be wasteful if he didn ’t use them to make his life easier.

Still, Shishio had to be disappointed that the location of the private laboratory was quite far since it was located in Karuizawa. While it wasn ’t that far from Tokyo, he needed quite a while to arrive at his private laboratory.

’Then lastly… ’

Shishio felt quite surprised by his last reward since he knew what kind of company Aeon Group was. If he had to explain, it was a massive company with many businesses ranging from convenience stores and supermarkets to shopping malls and specialty stores. It was Japan ’s single-largest shopping mall developer and operator.

Shishio was satisfied with his rewards and thought to celebrate them by cooking a good dinner for himself. He dried his body and walked to his room, but there was Nanami inside his room when he entered.

”Ah, Shishi — ” Nanami couldn ’t continue the words that came out from her mouth since she was in a daze, watching Shishio ’s body, especially when she could see a huge bulge on his towel.

”Er… what are you doing? ” Shishio asked perplexedly.

”Ah, I ’m tidying up your clothes. ” Nanami was shy and tried to cover her eyes, but there were huge gaps between her fingers.

While Shishio and Nanami had decided what kind of relationship they would have from now on, it didn ’t mean that their relationship became awkward. However, if something changed from their relationship, it would be how they might become bolder from now on.

”Okay. ” Shishio nodded, then asked, ”But how long are you doing to stay in my room? ”

”I-I… ” Nanami flustered.

”Or do you want to help me to wear my clothes? ” Shishio asked in a tease. He might only have seen it on the television or in a story, but a maid also helped their master to wear clothes if he wasn ’t wrong. Still, he was joking, after all, and if he left it like this, it would become a misunderstanding. While he was a pervert, he was still a gentleman. ”I was jo — ”

”O-Okay. ” Nanami nodded shyly.

”…Are you sure? ” Shishio asked while looking at Nanami curiously. ”While I want you to do it, I was just joking before. ” If Nanami didn ’t mind, then what was he afraid of?

”… ”

Nanami puffed her cheeks and hammered Shishio ’s chest. ”Shishio-kun! ” If she knew that he was joking, then she would just run away!

’Now, I look like a pervert who is excited about his body! ’

While it wasn ’t wrong, Nanami didn ’t want Shishio to think of her as a pervert after all.

”Wait, wait, Nanami, don ’t hit me so suddenly. ” Shishio wanted to catch Nanami ’s arms so she wouldn ’t hit him, but it was too late.

Nanami hit his chest, and something dropped from the ground.

”….. ”

Shishio was standing naked there with Nanami right in front of him, and of course, when a beautiful girl stared at him, his little brother reacted.

”… ”

There were no words that came out from their mouths until Nanami subconsciously murmured, ”…Big. ” His thing was huge, but strangely enough, it didn ’t bring an ugly feeling, and it was just perfect.

”Sorry. ” Shishio apologized.

”No, no, it ’s my fault… ” Nanami apologized quickly, but she just couldn ’t take her eyes away from his thing.

”Nanami… ”

Hearing his hoarse voice, Nanami raised her head shyly, staring into his eyes. His eyes were different from his usual gentleness. It was full of desire that made her suffocate and excited at the same time. It felt like her entire being was needed by him, and she could tell that he just wanted her right now.

Shishio gently reached her cheek, caressing it, before he tucked her hair behind her ear.

”Shi-Shishio-kun… ” His hand was warm, big, and strong.

Their eyes stared into each other before Nanami closed her eyes, waiting for him to kiss her.

Shishio also answered her with action and kissed her lips without hesitation. While it might be strange to kiss her since he was naked now, it was just a small problem right now, compared to sexy yet innocent lips that were waiting for him to devour.

Nanami ’s lips were in a glossy blossom color since she put a lip stain on her lips right before she visited Shishio ’s room.

Nanami knew that Shishio had returned, so she brought his clothes that she had cleaned up and kept in her room to his room. This way, it would give her a reason so she could stay with him together.

’It ’s hot… ’

Still, Nanami opened her eyes slightly, staring into the hard thing that protruded from his nether region. She wanted him to press their bodies deeper, so she could feel how it felt, but she didn ’t dare to ask him.

They kissed each other as if they hadn ’t kissed for so long before their lips parted.

Nanami panted, and her face flushed. The lip stain that she had put on had been cleaned up by Shishio.

”Why did you put the lip stain? ” Shishio asked.

”Nana, Maiko, and Mea have recommended it to me before, so I bought it. ” Nanami was shy, then asked, ”How was it? ”

”It ’s wonderful. Your lips become more alluring, ” Shishio said truthfully.

”Uh… ” Nanami was embarrassed, but she was happy.

Shishio then took his towel then patted Nanami ’s soft butts. ”By the way, how long are you going to stay here? ”

Nanami looked at Shishio for a moment before she showed disappointment, then nodded. ”Then I ’ll prepare the dinner first. ”

”Just cut the ingredients, I ’ll cook the dinner, ” Shishio said.

”Okay. ” Nanami wasn ’t as stubborn as she was in the other area since she knew how good Shishio ’s cooking was.

”Right, Nanami. ”

”Hmm? ” Nanami looked at Shishio curiously.

”When is your ”Seiyuu ” lesson? If you don ’t mind, I can pick you up after you end your lesson, ” Shishio said.

Nanami blushed then said, ”It ’s three times a week. ” She told her schedule for her ”Seiyuu ” lesson at the ”Seiyuu ” training school.

Shishio nodded and said, ”I might not be able to pick you up every day, but when I pick you up, why don ’t we play somewhere? ”

”Okay. ” Nanami nodded without hesitation and knew that even though Shishio only said something in an indirect manner, she knew what he planned to do, and somehow it made her steps lighter, and she excitedly walked to the first floor.

Shishio thought that Nanami might be so crazy about him now. However, he didn ’t feel surprised since if girls were falling in love with someone, they would become even more passionate than guys. They would give their everything to the man they loved, and they might even commit suicide, which scared him somehow.

Shishio then pulled his skin and sighed, thinking that his skin wasn ’t strong enough to stop the knife.

The dinner was wonderful since Shishio personally cooked the dinner.

Even Ryuunosuke, who wanted to hole up inside his room, also came out since the smell of Shishio ’s food was just too divine.

Even Ritsu, who had a complicated relationship with Shishio, was also conquered by his food.

”It ’s sweet, Shishio, ” Shiina said as she ate the simmered pumpkin that Shishio cooked.

”Is it good? ” Shishio asked.

”Um! ” Shiina repeatedly nodded as she chewed her food.

The dinner was nice, and all, but they noticed how close Shishio and Shiina were, so Mayumi just couldn ’t help but and asked, ”Hey, you two are dating, right? ”

”….. ” Everyone.

They looked at Mayumi speechless and thought that this woman couldn ’t be saved.

Shiina didn ’t say anything and looked at Shishio.

Shishio also had prepared, so he nodded and said, ”Yes, we ’re dating. ”

Mayumi frowned and asked, ”What about that delinquent ponytail girl? Did you break up with her? ”

”You mean Saki? ” Shishio was speechless. While Saki ’s eyes might not be gentle, he felt that it was one of the best parts of her. However, he couldn ’t deny that Saki was like a delinquent.

”Yeah, that one. ” Mayumi nodded and asked, ”Did you break up with her? ”

”No. ”

”… ” Everyone.

”Then? ” Mayumi was confused.

”I date Saki and Mashiro, ” Shishio said simply.

”….. ” Everyone.

Mayumi was dumbfounded and slapped the table. ”You ’re a scumbag! ”

Everyone was also dumbfounded, but Shishio ’s reaction made them even more dumbfounded.

”Yes, I ’m a scumbag. ”

”……. ” Everyone.

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