I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 375 - Be A Proud Scumbag

Watching his reflection through the mirror, Shishio rubbed his face with fresh water before brushing his teeth. When he thought about last night, he couldn ’t help but let out a tired sigh. He felt that he might need to move out from Sakurasou.

While Shishio didn ’t intend to move out fully, he might only stay in Sakurasou for a few days, or so since his relationship with Shiina was known. After all, there was no way that he could do something that they had wanted to do here, especially when the eyes of the people here were like hungry sharks. As long as they smelled blood, they would pounce on them.

Still, instead of thinking something stupid right in the morning, Shishio decided to refresh his mind by thinking of a good thing that might happen after he came to the school.

Golden Week had ended, and it was time for him to go to school.

Shishio, who brushed his teeth, suddenly noticed that someone had entered the bathroom.

”Shishio. ” Ryuunosuke nodded.

Shishio nodded before he washed the toothpaste on his mouth, then asked in surprise, ”You ’re going to the school, Ryuunosuke? ”

”Is there something wrong? ” Ryuunosuke asked with a frown.

”No. ” Shishio shook his head and said, ”You didn ’t even come to the entrance ceremony, but you came right after Golden Week? ”

”Entrance ceremony is just a waste of time, or rather, most of the school activity is a waste of time since instead of going to the school, isn ’t it better for me to work on my career? ” Ryuunosuke said as he tied his long hair in a long ponytail next to Shishio before walking in front of the washbasin. His white nape and collarbone were shown through the gap of his uniform ’s collar.

Shishio looked at Ryuunosuke for a moment and felt weird.

’What? ’

Ryuunosuke put such an expression while looking at Shishio as he brushed his teeth.

”Nothing, I ’ll go out first. By the way, I ’ll cook breakfast since it is the first day of school after a while, ” Shishio said and walked out of the bathroom since he felt strange somehow, staying together with Ryuunosuke in the same bathroom.

Ryuunosuke nodded as he stared at Shishio ’s back before letting out a sigh and continuing to brush his teeth since he also wanted to eat the breakfast that was cooked by him.

Having Shishio cook food several times was a blessing for everyone.

During breakfast, no one was talking and enjoyed the food in front of them.

Shishio must admit that his food was delicious, but if he had a better ingredient, he could make something even better. He suddenly thought about the purple-grade strawberry that he had found on Mother Farm, and while he only tasted the aftertaste from Roberta ’s lips, it was still so delicious. It was juicy, sweet, and sour at the same time.

The combination of a perfect taste on the strawberry that no one had ever thought of.

Shishio thought about his mountain and felt that he might try to visit his mountain since the taste of the spring vegetables found on the mountain might be nice.

After they ate their breakfast, Mayumi looked at Shishio and said, ”Shishio. ”

”…What? ” Shishio looked at Mayumi in doubt since whenever this woman opened her mouth, nothing good came out of her mouth. However, he must admit that when Mayumi was in her office lady uniform, it gave her a sharp and mature charm, especially when her legs were covered in beautiful tights. It was strangely alluring even though this woman ’s personality was disappointing.

”What ’s with that stare? I want to give you a gift since you have cooked dinner and breakfast, ” Mayumi said with a pout and felt unhappy by Shishio ’s suspicious gaze.

”It ’s because you often ask me something stupid. ” Shishio was speechless.

”This time, I won ’t ask something stupid, but I ’ll give you a gift. Do you want it or not? ” Mayumi asked arrogantly.

”No, ” Shishio said simply.

”….. ” Mayumi was dumbfounded and asked, ”Why? ”

”Because I ’m sure that you ’re going to give me something stupid or trash that you don ’t need anymore… ” Shishio looked at Mayumi and asked, ”Right? ”

”…No, it isn ’t trash. You can use it too, ” Mayumi said after she shook her head several times.

”What are you going to give me then? ” Shishio asked curiously.

”Here. ” Mayumi took her bag and took something from there.

Everyone was also curious what Mayumi was going to give Shishio, but when they saw what this woman gave him, they could only feel that this woman was helpless.

”Mayumi! ” Chihiro frowned and asked, ”What the hell did you bring out during breakfast?! ”

”What ’s wrong? Isn ’t this a normal thing? He needs this now, right? ” Mayumi looked at Shishio then threw the small square package toward him.

Shishio caught the small square package that had caused his lips to twitch since Mayumi gave him a condom, and it almost expired. ’Isn ’t this trash? ’ Still, he wondered why the strawberry flavor was so popular among women. He wondered why they didn ’t buy mint, kiwi, chocolate, or a banana flavor.

”You need it, right? ” Mayumi said with a smile with an expression as if telling Shishio that he didn ’t need to thank her.

”…. ”

Somehow, Shishio wanted to smack this woman ’s big butts.

”Shishio can ’t use this, ” Shiina suddenly said.

”Huh? Why? ” Mayumi asked dumbfoundedly.

”The condom is too small, ” Shiina said flatly.

”….. ” Everyone.

”Mashiro… ” Shishio looked at Shiina helplessly.

Shiina only tilted her head and felt confused since she had just told the truth, so there was nothing wrong, right?

Many meanings came out of Shiina ’s words.

The first meaning was that the condom was too small for Shishio ’s little brother, this was an incredible fact, but they had expected this since this wasn ’t their first time to see his huge thing. However, when they saw his thing, it was in its soft form, but no one would expect that his thing at the hard form couldn ’t fit on the normal size condom.

While the first meaning was incredible, the second was even more amazing.

The second meaning was Shiina knew Shishio ’s size.

Whether it was because of an accident or deliberately, Shiina knew Shishio ’s size and the size of the condom given by Mayumi wouldn ’t fit him.

Those two meanings were incredible, and Mayumi was about to ask the question that she had always wanted to ask, but a small square package was thrown in her direction, and she caught it subconsciously.

”I have to go to school first. See you later, everyone. ” Shishio decided to walk away since he knew what kind of poison was going to come out from Mayumi ’s mouth. If possible, he wanted to smear those lips with his white liquid, so she wouldn ’t ask an insolence question to him again. He glanced at Mayumi with a smile.

Watching this smile, Mayumi wasn ’t sure why she felt her shudder and excited somehow.

”I ’ll go too. ”

After Shishio walked out, everyone, who went to school, also went out one by one, leaving the adults behind.

Mayumi then looked at her expired condom and wondered whether she should buy the new one, but this time, she should get the extra size since it might be useful in the future.

It had been a week since Shishio walked toward the school after Golden Week, but he just couldn ’t get his excitement somehow. It wasn ’t that he wasn ’t excited to meet his girlfriends, but he felt that school was useless for him since he had mastered all the lessons at school.

’Why should I go to school? ’

Shishio questioned himself until he found one reason why he should go to the school.


Shishio glanced at the girls around him that walked to the school together and saw their bare legs moving freely under that short skirt.

’It ’s outrageous… ’

Shishio sighed and felt that instead of a place to study, a school would become a place for him to vent his lust.

”Shishio. ”

”What ’s wrong, Misaki-senpai? ” Shishio looked at Misaki.

”My anime is almost done later, so can you try to give a voice on the anime next week? ” Misaki asked, then looked at Nanami. ”You too, Nanami. Can you? ” She still maintained her cheerful smile and excitement since her anime was almost completed.

”Ah, yes! ” Nanami subconsciously nodded since it had always been her dream to become a Seiyuu, and now, she has her first job. She clenched her fists tightly, feeling excited and nervous at the same time, so she looked at Shishio, trying to calm her mind.

”Where? ” Shishio asked.

”We have a sound room in the school. I ’ll book that place next week, so you can come there directly, ” Misaki said.

”Misaki. ”

”Hmm? What ’s wrong, Mashiron? ”

”Can I watch it too? ” Shiina asked.

”Of course! ” Misaki nodded several times, but then she put her finger on her lips and said, ”But be quiet, okay? ”

”Okay. ” Shiina nodded.

”Ricchan. Dragon. Do you want to watch my recording process? ” Misaki asked.

”No, ” Ryuunosouka flatly refused.

Ritsu thought for a moment and nodded. ”Okay. ”

”Except for Dragon, then we ’re all going to go! ” Misaki howled in excitement.

Shishio looked at Misaki and wondered how Mitaka could fall in love with Misaki. However, people often said that love was blind, and he understood that statement now.

”Come on, and say OOOHH!! ” Misaki raised her hand excitedly as her boobs trembled up and down.

”….. ”

Everyone looked at each other and moved faster since they didn ’t want someone to think they knew this stupid girl.

”Wa-Wait for me! ”

Shishio could see the school from a distance, and as he walked, he started to think about what kind of problems he might encounter, but then he happened to meet Hina Tachibana, who also happened to enter the school.

Shishio and Hina looked at each other.

However, while Shishio was calm, Hina couldn ’t hide the anxiety on her face.

”Tachibana-sensei! ” Misaki greeted excitedly.

Hina ’s expression quickly calmed down and greeted Misaki. ”Good morning, Kamiigusa. ” She also greeted everyone from Sakurasou before looking at Shiina and Shishio.

While Shiina might have recognized Hina since she had seen her before, she didn ’t recognize that Hina was the woman that had dated a married man in the cafe before.

However, Shishio recognized and remembered Hina and her conversation with her boyfriend in the cafe before. ”Good morning Tachibana-sensei. ” He didn ’t call her because of her first name since he was afraid that he needed to explain to everyone why their relationship was so close.

”Good morning, Shishio-kun. ” Hina had a complicated expression on her face.

”Huh? Why did Tachibana-sensei call Shishio by his first name? ” Misaki was confused.

Everyone realized it, and they looked at Shishio and Hina curiously.

”…. ” Shishio and Hina.

Hina panicked, but Shishio was calm and said, ”Tachibana-sensei is close to Chihiro-nee and Hiratsuka-sensei, so she usually calls me by my first name. ”

”Ah! ”

They nodded and understood why Hina called Shishio by his first name, but they felt that this guy knew too many beautiful girls, right?

”Well, should we enter now? I want to see the result of the Monthly Exam, ” Shishio said.

”…. ” Everyone.

Some were nervous, and some were anticipating what kind of results they would receive.

They excitedly talked about the Monthly Exam, but then Hina suddenly approached him and whispered, ”Shishio-kun, can we talk later? ”

”….. ”

Shishio looked at Hina, and even though it was his first day at school after Golden Week, he met a new problem right away.

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