I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 379 - Yukinoshita-senpai Is A Gentle Girl But Shishio Is A Scumbag

While Shishio didn ’t feel curious about what had happened to Hina, she told him what had happened to her. She told him how she met her current boyfriend, who happened to be a married man.

Hina had always been beautiful, and while it gave her many advantages, it also brought her many disadvantages, and one of them was that she didn ’t have many friends.

Many of her friends were jealous of her beauty, and it became worse when they talked behind her back, and she happened to hear their conversation. The cause of this problem was simple, and it was because her friend ’s crush happened to fall in love with her. It made her friend jealous, and she was being isolated, even though it wasn ’t her fault for her friend ’s crush to fall for her.

After all, Hina was naturally beautiful and had big boobs too. She might be naive, but overall, her personality was good, even if she was quite an airhead.

While her personality was good, it didn ’t mean that Hina couldn ’t get hurt, so when she was crying alone in the school, her current boyfriend, who also happened to be a married man, consoled her and made her smile again. She happened to be at her weakest state, and when she met such a gentle and mature man, she instantly fell in love. However, nothing happened between them since she knew his status.

Hina met him during high school, but she knew that he was a married man, so she didn ’t do anything until they met again after she graduated from her university.

They met together, and, one to another, it led into their current affairs.

”So after you told me all of this, what do you want me to say? ” Shishio asked speechlessly since he didn ’t expect to listen to Hina ’s story from the beginning to the end. While at the same time, he thought that Hina ’s current boyfriend also used a similar technique that he used when he took down Mai.

The problem between Mai and Hina might be different, but Shishio and Hina ’s current boyfriend just happened to be by their sides during their weakest time and helped them to solve their problems.

However, unlike Hina, Mai ’s problem was much bigger since it gave a sense of horror.

Still, it might be wrong to say whether one ’s problem was bigger than another since the only one who had experienced such a problem was the one who could determine whether the problem that they encountered was big or small.

Everything depended on the individual that had encountered the problem itself.

Shishio also wasn ’t bored enough to help someone ’s trouble unless they were a beautiful girl.

Fortunately, Hina happened to be a beautiful woman and might become his sister-in-law in the future.

”…You don ’t think that it is wrong? ” Hina asked speechlessly at Shishio, who didn ’t see herself unperturbed by the fact she was dating a married man.

”What ’s wrong with it? ” Shishio had even tried to seduce many married women around his neighborhood, so he didn ’t think Hina was wrong to date a married man.


”While I don ’t think that it is wrong as long as you love him and you can see the future with him, don ’t naively believe whatever he says to you. ” Shishio changed his expression as if a sage and said, ”A scumbag has many routines. ”

”Routine? ” Hina was dumbfounded.

”I ’ll give you an example. ” Shishio looked at Hina and said, ”I ’ll pretend to be your married boyfriend, so you can see what kind of routine that he ’ll tell you. ”

”O-Okay. ” Hina still couldn ’t understand what kind of situation this was, but she nodded obediently.

Looking at this naive woman, Shishio didn ’t feel surprised when this woman could be fooled by a scumbag.

Hina looked at Shishio and wondered what he was going to do, but then she saw him holding her hand gently, which made her slightly nervous and blush.

”Hina… I know you ’re worried about our relationship, and I know I have wronged you with this relationship, but please believe me. I love you. ” Shishio ’s expression was warm and gentle, saying those words sincerely. ”I can ’t divorce my wife now, but please be patient. Soon, I ’ll divorce her and marry you. ” He held her two hands on his palms and pulled them close to his mouth, looking at her with an upturned gaze. ”So, can you give me a chance, Hina? I won ’t let you down. ”

”…. ” Hina.

”Do you understand now? ” Shishio let go of her hands and said calmly, ”That ’s what routine is. ”

”….. ” Hina.

”Don ’t blush, and don ’t fall for me since it ’ll even be troublesome if a teacher fell for me, ” Shishio said with a sigh.

”Wh-Who is falling for you?! ” Hina quickly awoken with a snort and pouted before she looked away annoyedly while thinking that this guy was too narcissistic, right?

However, Hina must admit that Shishio ’s skill at seducing girls was so skillful that she became even worried about her little sister.

”Hina-chan-sensei, I can see that you ’re a sincere woman who is falling in love with your boyfriend wholeheartedly. Your feelings are precious and pure, but because of that, I don ’t want you to be fooled by a scumbag ’s routine. ” Shishio brushed Hina ’s bangs that were slightly messy because of the wind. ”If you think that you can place your future in him, then I won ’t say anything. However, at the same time, you also need to think about your family since I ’m sure that unlike me, who can talk with you like this, they will think that you ’re wrong and think that your boyfriend is guilty of seducing you, considering his status as a married man. ” His voice was warm and soft, but at the same time, it gave a reassurance and dependability feeling.

”Shishio-kun… ” Hina couldn ’t look away from Shishio, and her eyes were brimming in tears before she hugged him tightly.

”… ” Shishio.

Shishio looked at Hina, who hugged him helplessly before he hugged her back as he caressed her back gently. He didn ’t do this because he could feel two soft things pressed against his chest. His intention was purely to help his sister-in-law and definitely not something impure.


Please believe in him!

Still, Shishio let out a long sigh inwardly, thinking that Hina was really Rui ’s older sister.

”I – I don ’t know what to do… ” Hina was crying on Shishio ’s chest as she told him her worry. ”Before, it felt so wonderful to him, but it has become so painful now… ” She wasn ’t sure whether her current boyfriend was serious, and it made her wonder whether it was worth keeping this relationship or not, especially when she knew that her family had noticed her problem.

While they didn ’t know that she was dating a married man, she knew it was only a time before they knew it.

Shishio also didn ’t feel surprised by Hina ’s answer since her current boyfriend was her first love and the first love had always placed a special place in everyone ’s heart, so when her boyfriend told her that he was going to divorce his wife, even though he didn ’t plan to, she still had expectation inside her heart.

However, the bigger the expectation was, the bigger the disappointment was.

This is what Hina currently feels.

”Hina-chan-sensei, this isn ’t something that I can decide since it is your life, and I can ’t take responsibility for you to make such a huge decision, ” Shishio said calmly. ”However, while I can ’t tell you what you need to do, I can give you some advice. ”

”Advice…? ” Hina looked at Shishio with tears in her eyes.

”Usually, I ’d say that to choose based on what you feel happy about, ” Shishio said.

”Happy? ” Hina was confused.

”Will you be happy if you stay with him? Or will you be happy if you part away from him? You need to think about that decision calmly. ” Shishio could see that Hina wanted to ask him something, but he didn ’t give her a chance to talk and said, ”However, I can ’t see that you can ’t make up your mind. ”

”Yes. ” Hina repeatedly nodded, telling him what he had said was right.

”Then how about you take a break? ” Shishio asked.

”Break? ” Hina was surprised.

”The two of you need to think clearly whether there ’s a future or not in your relationship, so you take a moment of break to see more clearly. ” Shishio took his handkerchief and helped Hina wipe her tears and snot with a tired sigh, especially when he noticed a trance of tears and snot on his uniform. ”Going on a trip, singing karaoke, or doing many fun things during your break since your world has been narrowed when you date him. When you date him, there ’s only him in your world, but that isn ’t true, right? Take a short break and expand your world again. If you think that you can be with him again, then tell him that, but if you don ’t think that it is possible, then… ” He didn ’t need to continue since he knew Hina understood his words.

Hina was like a child who was being taken care of by Shishio as she heard every word that came out of his mouth. ”Thank you, Shishio-kun… ”

”It ’s alright, but next time, don ’t put a snot on my uniform, ” Shishio said as he continued to clean up Hina ’s face since he didn ’t want someone to misunderstand their relationship.

”…Sor-Sorry for troubling you… ” Hina was embarrassed, but she didn ’t move away from Shishio and helped her clean up her snot and tears. ”I-I ’ll help you clean your uniform! ”

”It ’s alright. You don ’t need to. I ’m afraid that our relationship will be misunderstood, ” Shishio said calmly. ”Anyway, let ’s continue our conversation. ”

Hina felt slightly uncomfortable by his words, but she didn ’t say anything since she knew he was right.

”Alright, we have ended our conversation. Should we go back now? ” Shishio said since he felt that taking more would be meaningless.

”Okay, but let me clean up that handkerchief, ” Hina said with a blush since she felt uncomfortable letting Shishio take a handkerchief that was full of her tears and snot.

Shishio thought for a moment, then nodded. ”Okay. ” Unlike a uniform, the handkerchief was quite small, so he didn ’t think someone might misunderstand them. He thought to go back since the matter had ended, but his wrist was held by Hina again.

”Wait a moment, Shishio-kun! ”

”Hmm? ”

Hina stared at Shishio ’s eyes without looking away and said, ”Promise me that no matter what, don ’t hurt Rui, alright? ”

’If I want, I can make you happy too. ’ Shishio thought inwardly, but he didn ’t say it out loud. He only nodded and said, ”If I make her unhappy, I ’ll cut my thing and become a woman. ”

Hina laughed when she heard Shishio ’s promise and said, ”You don ’t need to do that much since if you cut your thing, you can ’t make —- Wait a moment, what are you going to make me say?! ” She was furious and thought that this bastard had been fooled again.

”???? ”

Shishio looked at Hina puzzledly, wondering whether this woman had eaten something wrong.

Anyway, after their deep talk, Hina had solved her problem, and she also had believed that Shishio would take care of her little sister.

However, it might be their imagination, but had their relationship become closer?

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