I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 380 - Misery Of The Scumbag

”Right! ”

When they were about to walk down, Hina suddenly stopped and said, ”Don ’t tell Rui about our conversation. ”

Shishio looked at Hina for a moment and nodded. ”Okay. ” He didn ’t have a hobby of being a blabbermouth, and he also felt that it wasn ’t good to talk about what had happened on the rooftop. ”Then I ’ll go back now. ”

”…Okay, ” Hina murmured as she watched Shishio walk away. When his figure disappeared, she squatted down as she held both of her cheeks with her cheeks. ”Ugh… what I did that? ” Her face was bright red when she thought she had hugged him and even acted like a baby in front of him.

Fortunately, Hina was witty and told Shishio that he shouldn ’t tell anyone about this.

Still, Hina could only sigh at Shishio since even though this guy was a scumbag, his charm was without a doubt.

’If only… ’

Hina quickly shook her head and threw all the strange things on her head since she knew if she really did that, there wouldn ’t be any turning back. She took her phone out and looked at the list of numbers before she called someone without hesitation.

Hina put her phone in her ear and waited for a moment until she heard a gentle voice from her phone.

”Hina-san? Is there something wrong? ”

Hina took a deep breath and said, ”Shuu-san, can we talk later? ”

Shishio didn ’t know what had happened to Hina and her boyfriend. He wanted to return to his classroom, but he decided to call Nana, who was still in the literature clubroom with everyone. He could hear that they sighed in relief and decided to spend their time at the club together longer while also telling him whether he would come back.

”No, I ’ll go back to the class later. Also, tell everyone that I ’ll show them my new apartment, ” Shishio said since his apartment that was given by Tokugawa had been renovated, and he wanted to bring them there since it was closer and they could do many ”things ” there.

As for Nana ’s plan to work part-time on Wagnaria, Shishio felt that she shouldn ’t be in a hurry since once she had decided to work, she wouldn ’t be able to stop immediately, and she would be busy with the moving on Friday, so he told her that it was better to postpone her plan for a moment.

Nana also agreed since her plan to work part-time was just on a whim. She thought that to fill her free time, but when she thought about it clearly, it was quite troublesome to work part-time.

They talked for a while before they ended the call.

While talking, Shishio was sitting on the bench next to the vending machine. He bought a cola before he opened it and sat on the bench again.

The location of the bench was quite deserted, and there weren ’t so many people since it was located quite far from the cafeteria.

Shishio drank the can of cola quietly as he watched the scenery from the bench.

Suimei was an art school, so without a doubt, it had an expressive and creative design on the overall building.

While the building wasn ’t that different from the other school, it was built with precise details that gave a minimalist and modern design that gave a warm ambiance whenever one stayed on the school.

Besides the building, the other areas, such as the parks, benches, and outdoor areas, were also carefully designed, making it enjoyable for one to gaze over.

Shishio enjoyed his quiet moment before he thought to go back until he heard a familiar voice.

”Hey, what are you doing here, Scumbag? Have your girlfriends chosen to break up with you? ”

”…. ”

Shishio looked at Yukinoshita helplessly and asked, ”Did you spend your lunch at the clubroom, Senpai? ” The location where he sat wasn ’t that far from the special building where the Service Club was located, so he didn ’t feel surprised to meet Yukinoshita in this place. Still, it made him annoyed to see her bright smile.

Yukinoshita didn ’t answer Shishio ’s question and bought a can of cola and a bottle of tea before she gave the cola to Shishio.

”… ” Shishio had drunk a cola, but he didn ’t mind drinking again, so he accepted Yukinoshita ’s offer. ”Thanks. ”

”No problem. ” Yukinoshita sat down next to Shishio naturally and asked, ”So did you break up with them? ”

”No. ” Shishio shook his head as he drank the cola. ”Our relationship is very good. ” His relationship with his girlfriends was so good that he might be able to add more girlfriends in the future.


Still, even if Shishio might do that in the future, he wouldn ’t do that now since six (including Roberta) was too much for him to handle now.

As for Chihiro who had kissed his lips, Nanami who was his maid, Rui who was his first woman, and Momo who had confessed to him before, Shishio felt that it was better to leave them for a while since they wouldn ’t get away from him, so it was better to follow the flow.

”Still, you did something stupid, ” Yukinoshita said with a sigh.

Shishio smiled at Yukinoshita and asked, ”You ’re worried about me, Senpai? ”

Yukinoshita snorted and said, ”Can you be serious? Don ’t you understand your situation? ” When she heard that everyone in her class talked about Shishio, who dated two girls at the same time and also became a famous scumbag in the school, she was dumbfounded. She wanted to call him and ask whether she was alright, but when she saw him, she knew she was thinking too much and knew that this guy was alright.

Still, Yukinoshita didn ’t understand what Shishio thought since even if he became a scumbag, was there a need for him to throw away the reputation that he had built for the past month like that?

”I understand, and this is why I ’m not afraid to acknowledge that I ’m a scumbag. ” Shishio sipped his cola again and said, ”Also, unlike a female, society is more tolerant toward a male, so even if everyone knows that I ’m a scumbag, the damage on me isn ’t that much. I have also learned that instead of breaking off, all of my girlfriends still decide to be with me. I think it is worth it to see their feelings toward me after everyone in this school knows that I have dated them together. As for the rest of the people who talk about me, they ’re just extras in my life. What ’s the use of caring about the extras that the author is too lazy to draw? ”

Life was long, and his standing would be on the place where the 99% of people in this school could only longingly see him.

In other words, they wouldn ’t see each other again after they graduated, so what was the use of caring for them?

”Senpai, you take this matter too seriously. After all, in conclusion, I am just dating more than one girl, ” Shishio said calmly.

Yukinoshita let out a tired sigh and said, ”Somehow, I feel stupid for worrying about you. ” This was how Shishio was, and this personality was the one that attracted many girls to fall for him even if they knew that he was a scumbag.

Shishio laughed and said, ”I ’m happy to know that you ’re worried about me, Senpai. ”

Yukinoshita blushed and felt embarrassed since she had acknowledged that she was worried about him, but she couldn ’t say anything, so she could only snort and look away, trying to hide her embarrassment.

”Still, do you think it is alright for you to talk with me? ” Shishio asked.

”What do you mean? ” Yukinoshita asked with a frown.

”I mean… you might be misunderstood by many people and think that I have seduced you or something, ” Shishio said while looking at Yukinoshita curiously, wondering what she was going to say.

However, Yukinohishita didn ’t disappoint him and only snorted, then said, ”As you have said before, while I won ’t say as cruel as you by thinking that they ’re extras on my life, but I don ’t care about them, and I ’m not such a narrow-minded person who ignores you just because you ’re a scumbag. ”

”Thanks, Senpai. I ’m glad to hear that from your mouth, ” Shishio said with a gentle smile.

”…. ”

Yukinoshita looked at Shishio for a moment before she looked down since she was afraid that her face would turn bright red when she continued to stare at him. ”Still, I have never asked you before, but are you only dating Sunohara Nana and Shiina Mashiro? Do you have more girlfriends? ”

Shishio looked at Yukinoshita for a moment and said, ”I have five girlfriends in this school. ” If he included Roberta, there were six, but Roberta wasn ’t in this school, and his relationship with Roberta was quite similar to his five girlfriends. There was also some difference, so he didn ’t mention her to Yukinoshita.

”Five?! ” Yukinoshita was dumbfounded.

”Yeah… ” Shishio nodded awkwardly.

Yukinoshita rubbed her temple as she sighed. ”I know that you ’re a scumbag, but I don ’t expect that it will be this serious. ” Many people had a hard time getting a girlfriend, but Shishio had five of them just one month after he came to Tokyo, which made her too tired to react. ”Who are they? ” However, she was curious and asked him.

”You should know Nana and Mashiro, right? ”

”That ’s two. ” Yukinoshita nodded and asked, ”Who is the rest? ”

”The third one is Kawasaki Saki. Do you know her? ” Shishio asked.

”Kawasaki Saki… ” Yukinoshita thought for a moment and nodded. ”I know. She should be in the top ten ranking on the Monthly Exam, but while I think her results on the exam aren ’t bad on the freshman, it surprised me that she could reach top ten. ”

”It ’s because of me. ” Shishio patted his chest generously and said, ”I taught her. ”

”…… ” Yukinoshita.

”You don ’t believe me? ” Shishio asked.

”…no, I believe in you. ” Yukinoshita let out a sigh, wondering whether becoming Shishio ’s girlfriend would give so many benefits, including becoming smarter. However, the price also wasn ’t low since they needed to share him together. ”How about the rest? ”

”The fourth one is Miu Ashihara. ”

”…. ” Yukinoshita remembered the quiet, cute, and petite girl that often greeted her, but she didn ’t expect that girl had been eaten by Shishio.

”Senpai? What ’s wrong? Why is your face so scary right now? ”

”Nothing. ” Yukinoshita still maintained her smile and asked, ”What about the last one? ”

”Don ’t be surprised, ” Shishio said.

”I ’m not going to be surprised unless you date Mai Sakurajima, ” Yukinoshita said jokingly.

If one asked who was the most beautiful one in the Suimei Academy, then there would be many discussions, but if one asked who was the most famous one then without a doubt, it was Sakurajima Mai since she was a famous child actress and Yukinoshita even heard that Mai was about to have her come back to the show biz industry.

However, Yukinoshita didn ’t expect…

”…Are you serious? ” Yukinoshita asked dumbfoundedly.

”Yeah. ” Shishio was quite awkward, but he nodded. ”Mai is my girlfriend too. ”

”…….. ” Yukinoshita.

Shishio looked at Yukinoshita for a moment and could see that her mood wasn ’t good. Luckily, the sound of the bell saved him.

”Well, the class is starting. Let ’s go back, Senpai, ” Shishio said wittily.

”…….. ”

Yukinoshita kept staring at him and thought that she really needed to watch him out, or else all the girls and women in this school would be seduced by him.

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