I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 382 - Group Vs Individual

”It ’s spacious… ”

They thought when they saw Shishio ’s new apartment.

After Shishio got the apartment building from Tokugawa, he directly renovated the highest floor for his private use.

As for the previous tenants, there was no need to say it, right?

Many things had changed, but one thing was for sure, there were many facilities that they could use there, whether it was a karaoke room, gym, home theatre, dojo, and many other things.

The only thing that wasn ’t there was a pool, but Shishio refrained from making one since he was afraid that he might dirty it by using it for fun with his girlfriends there, playing a drowning play, or other perverted plays that couldn ’t be written on this paragraph.

Also, unlike his apartment that was located near Tokyo Bay, this apartment wasn ’t that high, and it would be troublesome if Shishio decided to make a pool, considering there might be people who peeked at them, so he didn ’t make a pool.

”Shishio, when did you change the feature of the lift too? ” Mai only realized that if they wanted to enter this floor, they needed a special card, and if they didn ’t have one, they wouldn ’t be entering this floor.

”I ’m not sure since I didn ’t follow the renovation process, ” Shishio said. ”But who cares about that now? ” He didn ’t care much and sat on the sofa inside the living room while leaving the girls to look around the house.

Mai looked at Shishio and thought his identity was more mysterious than she had thought. ’Is he a child of the zaibatsu or something?

If so, then should Shishio have a fiancee or something?

Mai then shook her head since she might think too much, and she felt that as long as she could be with him, it was enough. She sat next to him and enjoyed their rare time together when the rest looked around the house, but suddenly…

”Do you want to test how soft the bed is? ” Shishio asked in a whisper.

”…. ”

Mai blushed in shame and thought that this guy was too perverted, right?

Not that Mai hated it, though.

”…Later. ”

Hearing that answer, Shishio smiled brightly at this moment.

After they felt enough to check around the apartment, they talked to each other while some tried to check the karaoke machine and game in the living room.

”Shishio, am I going to live here? ” Nana asked curiously.

”If you want to live with her, I don ’t really mind, but isn ’t it too big for you if you decide to live alone? ” While Shishio didn ’t mind Nana living in this place, he felt that it was too big for her, especially when she was quite lazy to clean up most of the time. She probably might have changed, but a habit wasn ’t something that could be changed so easily, so it was better for her to live in the smaller room that he had prepared before.

”Well, that ’s true. ” Nana nodded, then asked, ”Then who is going to live here? Isn ’t it wasteful of you to just let it be like this without anyone living here? ”

Everyone was also looking at Shishio curiously since they knew this place wasn ’t cheap, so was he going to leave it just like this?

”It might be impossible to live alone, but it might be possible for all of us to live together here. ” Shishio looked at his girlfriends subtly and said, ”Not sure whether you ’re going to agree with it or not, though. ”

”…. ”

Mai, Miu, Nana, and Saki were speechless but blushed slightly since they knew that this guy was bold, but they had never expected to be to this extent. While they might accept each other ’s relationship and some of them had a threesome together before, it didn ’t mean that they could just give the nod and decide to live together with him, alright?

They needed to have physiological preparation, but personally, they didn ’t hate the idea.

”Shishio, are we going to live here? ” Shiina asked.

”If you want, then it is alright to live here. I have prepared your studio here, and there ’s a computer that is connected to your computer in Sakurasou. You can start to draw here if you want, ” Shishio said.

”Really? ” Shiina seemed eager to try.

”Let ’s go to your studio there, ” Shishio said and brought Shiina to the manga studio that he had prepared for her.

Everyone also followed since they were also quite curious about the manga studio that was prepared for Shiina.

Shishio opened the door and let them see the manga studio inside.

The design of the studio was minimalist and modern, giving it a spacious and comfortable feeling.

Shishio knew that Shiina was quite messy, so he had prepared quite a spacious room for her.

There was a table for her to draw, an ergonomic chair, sofa, several computers, and even drawing tools that were placed on the shelf on the side. There were even several lion dolls that could be used for relaxation.

Shiina looked at this room for a moment and then jumped onto the sofa as she hugged the lion doll, ignoring the fact that her skirt was pulled up, giving everyone a view of her white and blue striped panties.

Shishio nodded in satisfaction, but the girls quickly covered his eyes with their hands and screamed at Shiina.

”Mashiro! ”

They quickly pulled down her skirt, so her panties couldn ’t be seen by anyone, especially when there was a large window that was connected to the veranda. If the curtain was closed, then they wouldn ’t care, but the curtain was wide open, which made them worried somehow.

”Is it alright to put a window here? ” Saki asked worriedly, especially when she thought about Shiina ’s personality and acted every day. She had entered Shiina ’s room in the past and knew how messy she was. She wouldn ’t be surprised even if Shiina suddenly got naked inside the room while drawing her manga.

”It ’s alright. It ’s a one-way window, ” Shishio said.

”One-way window? ”

Everyone looked at Shishio curiously since it was their first time to hear such a term.

If one often watched JAV (Japanese adult video), they would be familiar with the term of the one-way window.

”A one-way window is a window that can only be seen from inside, but you can ’t see them from outside, ” Shishio said. ”You can check it. ”

They didn ’t hesitate to check and see that they really couldn ’t see what was inside after they walked into the veranda.

”How did you know about Shishio-kun? ” Miu asked curiously.

Shishio looked at Miu ’s naive expression and felt he hadn ’t tainted her enough. He moved closer and whispered, ”From adult video. ” He was an honest man, and his virtue was one of his traits, so he didn ’t lie since he knew a one-way window from the JAV that he had watched in the past.

It was quite interesting, though, watching a video of a couple having sex in a van with a large window right in the middle of the street with many people kept walking, without knowing that the couple inside the van was having sex.

While it was interesting, Shishio didn ’t have such a wild taste. He might love to bully his women on the bed, but it hadn ’t reached such a heavy taste.

After all, once they had gotten used to the one-way mirror, they might want to try an outdoor one.

While Shishio didn ’t really mind, he wondered whether it was possible to create something like the Cap of Hades with his knowledge.

’It ’s probably possible… ’ Shishio thought, especially after he got a private laboratory. When he thought clearly, turning someone invisible was relatively simple since he only needed to reflect the light that came toward them, so no people could watch them. It was as simple as that, but while it was simple, it was only him who could probably create it.

”Eh?! ” Miu was startled before her face turned bright red.

”Senpai? ”

”Miu? ”

Everyone was startled and looked at Miu curiously before they looked at Shishio with a doubt, clearly showing their suspicion and knew that this guy had said something perverted to Miu.

”No-Nothing! ” Miu quickly said, then pouted at Shishio. ”Shishio-kun. ” While her face was red, she tried to put on a reprimanded expression, but instead of making him scared, he felt that this girl was so cute that he wanted to bully her.

’Should I bring her to the toilet? ’ Shishio thought since he knew that everyone might talk to each other for so long and play together, during that chance, he could secretly bring Miu to the toilet, doing something that shouldn ’t be known by children there. As for whether she would reject him, he didn ’t have that possibility at all since he knew that this girl would follow him obediently.

Even if her mouth tried to reject him, her body was honest.

”So as long as the window is closed, there ’s no need to worry, ” Shishio said with an innocent expression and changed the topic of the conversation right away.

”… ” Everyone.

Miu stared at Shishio speechlessly before she pouted with blush and looked away since he whispered something perverted before.

”By the way, do you want to eat dinner here or go back? ” Shishio asked.

”Who is going to cook? ” Mai suddenly asked.

”If you want, I can cook the dinner, ” Shishio said and thought to call Roberta here while asking her to help him to buy ingredients.

”We ’re going to have dinner here! ”

They answered without hesitation since they knew how delicious Shishio ’s food was.

”Okay. ” Shishio then took his phone and called Roberta, telling her to come while helping him to buy ingredients. When he talked with Roberta, he thought it wouldn ’t be bad to live in this apartment since he knew that it was quite hard to do his scumbag deeds on Sakurasou, considering everyone had known his relationship with Shiina.

With that kind of thought, Shishio looked at three girls inside this room and suddenly felt that there was a question that he needed to ask them later, considering their relationship and his confession as a scumbag.

After all, Shishio didn ’t really want to harm them.

However, one thing was for sure, if Shishio couldn ’t do it at Sakurasou, then he would do it here in his new place, so should this place be their new love nest?

Shishio wasn ’t sure, but this place was still a white canvas.

It was white, without any taints, but soon, it would be tainted by him.

Still, there was one girl who kept glancing at him from time to time.

Ritsu glanced at the shelf of the book, then glanced at Shishio several times.

”You can read the book, Senpai, ” Shishio said with a gentle smile.

Ritsu didn ’t waste her time and took the book before sitting with Shiina on the sofa.

Looking at two girls on the sofa, Shishio felt that the two were similar to each other.

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