When Roberta arrived, she brought many ingredients with her. However, when she came, some of them were startled and looked at Shishio curiously since it was their first time to know that this guy had a maid.

”Okay, I ’m going to cook. Who is going to help me? ” Shishio asked.

Except for Shiina and Ritsu, most of them raised their hands.

”Roberta, you can sit and rest there too with Mashiro and Ritsu-senpai, ” Shishio said since he knew how horrible Roberta ’s skill at household chores was.

”….. ” Roberta.

”But you can help if you want, ” Shishio said since he couldn ’t bear to see Roberta ’s expression.

”Yes, Shishio-sama. ” Roberta ’s cold expression turned soft when she heard it.

”…. ” Shishio.

Unlike the rest, it was Maiko, Mea, and Mai ’s first time seeing Roberta, so they were dumbfounded when they saw her calling Shishio with the ”-sama ” suffix. However, everyone seemed to have gotten used to it, so it was quite hard for them to say something.

”By the way, what are we going to cook? ” Nana asked curiously since she saw many unfamiliar ingredients in the shopping bag.

”I thought I ’d make gyoza and budae jjigae, ” Shishio said.

”Budae jjigae? ”

”It ’s an army stew, a dish from Korea, ” Shishio said.

”Why Korea all of a sudden? ” Saki asked.

”I ate a Korean dish before, and it was delicious, so I thought I ’d make it by myself, ” Shishio said.

Hearing it was delicious, they became curious, and they quickly helped with the preparations for the ingredients.

Mai moved to Roberta and asked her curiously since it was her first time seeing a maid in real life.

Mea and Maiko were also the same, and they also moved closer to Roberta.

While Shishio was making the budae jjigae, the rest was making gyoza by folding the filling prepared by Shishio on the gyoza skin.

Shiina and Ritsu also stopped what they were doing and helped to make gyoza together since it was interesting, especially when it was being folded.

Shiina wondered whether there were other ways to fold the gyoza, but she often messed up, which caused everyone to feel speechless, but neither of them said much and only laughed as they talked to each other since it was quite a rare time for them to prepare dinner together.

Mai was also happy since it might be her first time having such a merry dinner.

”Shishio-kun, I have cut the sausages, ” Nanami said as she brought a bowl of sausages that she had cut with a smile.

”… ” Shishio wasn ’t sure why this girl smiled when she brought him a cut sausage, but he nodded with a forced smile and thanked her. ”Thanks, Nanami. ”

”It ’s alright. Is there something that I can help you with again? ” Nanami asked with a gentle smile.

”…Then, can you help Saki? ” Shishio asked.

”Okay. ” Nanami nodded subconsciously, but she was quite nervous when she looked at Saki.

Saki, who noticed Nanami ’s gaze, also looked at her and asked, ”What ’s wrong? ”

”Um… I ’ll help you, Senpai! ” Nanami really felt that Saki ’s gaze was fierce, making her wonder how Shishio could tame this wild girl.

If Shishio knew what Nanami was thinking, he would say that Saki might be fierce outside, but inside, she was so soft that she loved to act meekly when they were alone.

However, if Shishio dared to say it, Saki might bite him, so he didn ’t say anything.

”Okay. ” Saki nodded with a gentle expression.

”Hmm? ” Nanami was surprised by the change in Saki ’s expression, but she didn ’t think too much and started to help Saki.

”By the way, Nanami. Has that bastard done something perverted on you? ” Saki suddenly asked.

”… ” Shishio was speechless since he could hear their conversation, but in the end, he didn ’t say anything. However, he would punish Saki for calling him a bastard later.

”Wh —?! ” Nanami was startled, and her face turned bright red.

”It seems that he has done something to you. ” Saki looked at Nanami with a thoughtful expression after seeing Nanami ’s reaction. ”Have you confessed to him? ”

”I… ” Nanami looked at Saki in surprise then asked, ”Are you okay with this? ”

”Hmm? What do you mean? ” Saki asked in confusion.

”I mean… he isn ’t dating you alone, right? Are you okay with it, Saki-senpai? ” Nanami asked.

Saki looked at Nanami for a moment and said, ”It might be strange for most people since I can accept this relationship, but I just don ’t want to lose him, and frankly, this relationship isn ’t bad. ” While it was uncommon and she couldn ’t have him alone, she must admit that this relationship wasn ’t that bad, and she was happy with it.

It wasn ’t that Saki had never thought about the possibility of having him alone, but she knew the difference between them was too big. She was only a daughter from a common family, and he was someone from a big family.

The difference in their status was too big.

While Shishio often told her that she shouldn ’t think of it since he loved her, she kept thinking about it and wanted to improve herself even if she knew that she couldn ’t become better with just hard work alone, especially when he was so talented and he could do anything so easily while she needed long hours, days, weeks, months, or years of hard work to do what he could do easily.

Saki often felt that she wasn ’t worthy of Shishio, but even so, she wanted him.

That was the case if Shishio was a loyal guy who only dated her wholeheartedly.

However, Shishio was a scumbag, and he wasn ’t perfect at all. He dated her with other girls, too, and it gave her a psychological balance on her mind.

It might seem weird, but it often happens when one feels inferior toward their lover.

However, the female was better since it was their instinct to be conquered by someone.

On the other hand, the male was quite hard since their self-esteem might not be able to endure the fact their girlfriend or wife was better than them.

Saki felt that type of psychology problem, but that problem had been solved when Shishio dated many girls at the same time, especially when he also dated Miu.

Saki and Miu were quite similar to each other.

They came from a common family with many siblings, and if they didn ’t happen to meet Shishio, they had a feeling that they wouldn ’t meet him at all, considering their status and all.

Still, Saki had something that she could be proud of in front of Miu, and that was her breast since her size was several times bigger, compared to Miu, who was quite flat.

Miu, who was folding the gyoza at that moment, didn ’t know why, but she felt annoyed for some reason and looked at her pitiful chest. Luckily, Shishio seemed to love her flat chest and often sucked her nipples greedily.

”….. ”

Somehow Miu felt her body burning hot and looked at Shishio with a subtle gaze.

Shishio noticed Miu ’s gaze and said, ”It ’s almost done. I ’ll go to the toilet for a bit. ”

”Okay. ” 2x

Saki and Nanami were startled, but they quickly nodded.

”I need to go to the toilet, ” Miu said and left everyone on the gyoza side.

Mai, Nana, and the others didn ’t think too much, but Roberta and Shiina stared at Miu ’s retreating figure.

Shishio and Miu met each other on the back toilet after they washed their hands and went to test the toilet while Saki and Nanami continued with their conversation.

Similar to Miu, Saki also felt something similar to Nanami.

Unlike Miu, his other girlfriends were different, which made Saki feel pressured.

Nana was a genius.

Her family might not be as rich as Shishio ’s family, but it was good. However, the real key was her ability at studying and her ability at socialization.

Nana had both IQ and EQ.

While Saki was smart, she was a hard worker type, and she wasn ’t good at socialization. If Shishio didn ’t teach her before the Monthly Exam, it would be difficult for her to get into the top ten positions.

After Nana, it was Shiina.

Shiina was also a genius, or worse, she was a prodigy. She was a famous angel in the world of arts. Her skill and ability even made the prime minister of England meet her. Even if she was always in a daze, this girl was the last boss that no one expected.

Then lastly, it was Mai Sakurajima.

Saki didn ’t need to explain what kind of person Mai Sakujima was since she was a famous actress in this country.

Except for Miu, Saki felt inferior toward those three of them and which was why she didn ’t mind having a threesome with Miu in the past since they were in a similar situation. While having sex with him was part of the reason, the other reason was that she wanted to strengthen her position on Shishio ’s heart.

Saki didn ’t have anything besides her beautiful face, but compared to others, her beauty was slightly pale, especially when she had always put on a curt expression. Luckily, Shishio often praised her beauty on the bed and loved her so much, but even so, she felt that it wasn ’t enough, and she wanted to be with him no matter what, so if she couldn ’t do it alone, she thought to do it together.

Unlike Miu, who was naturally naive, Saki knew that she might be quite scheming, but she just wanted him not to leave her when something happened in the future, so she brought Miu to her group, and when she looked at Nanami, she felt that Nanami was quite similar to her, so she also wanted to bring her too.

After all, while their relationship was good right now, Saki wasn ’t sure about the future and a conflict bound to happen one to another.

However, Saki somehow could imagine that if they were in conflict, Shishio might take them to the room together and fucked them silly until they forgot their problems, which made her blush somehow.

”What ’s wrong, Senpai? ” Nanami asked in confusion since Saki was blushing so suddenly.

”It-It ’s okay… ” Saki shook her head gently and said, ”So can you tell me more about you? ” She, who had faced Shishio on the bed, knew how strong and amazing his virility was.

Saki loved it, though.

While Saki wasn ’t sure what kind of relationship Nanami and Shishio shared, she didn ’t hesitate and wanted to pull her into her group.

Nanami somehow felt as if she had found a reliable older sister, and after she hesitated for a moment, she talked about her relationship with Shishio.

On the other hand, Shishio and Miu naturally enjoyed themselves on the toilet, tainting this house with their color.

As for what Saki had on her mind, Shishio would probably do what she thought on her mind.. If there was trouble, he would fuck them silly, so they would forget their problems since that is how he was.

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