ight feel pain, but this pain just felt pleasurable.

Still, while they were preoccupied with eating, Shishio really had difficulty looking at them since he was surrounded by many beautiful women who showed their alluring bodies to him. While he was a gentleman, he was still a healthy young man, and of course, he reacted.

Luckily, his reaction was hidden under the table, and everyone had become masochist, eating the spicy yet delicious food.

While Shishio had a hard time maintaining his reaction, the girls suddenly felt that their entire bodies had been bondage, and their butts were slapped several times but also being caressed from time to time. While it was painful, they kept asking him more, and somehow, they had become masochists.

The girls were looking at Shishio at the same time and thought that this guy was really a scumbag.

”???? ” Shishio tilted his head and wondered what they were thinking at that moment.

After dinner, Shishio made a drink to erase the uncomfortable feeling on their bodies and made their bodies comfortable. If he gave an example, it was like after long, intense sex, a couple usually lay on their bed while talking to each other, talking about the words of love. It might be what they felt at that moment.

After being tormented by Shishio for so long, he became gentle, showing his natural skill as a scumbag that he had trained to the apex of the path of scumbag. While he wasn ’t sure how he rated his skill, the women who had been with him would rate him as unparalleled under the heaven.

Mai touched her tummy then looked at Shishio with a sigh, thinking that this guy really had tamed everyone with his cooking skill alone.

Not only her, but everyone in this place knew that their bodies just could no longer live with him anymore.

Shishio had given them a pleasure that they had never felt before, and they knew that he was the only one who could give such pleasure in this world, which was why they knew that they couldn ’t escape from him.

While Nanami, Saki, Nana, and Miu washed the dish, Shishio looked at Mea, Maiko, and Ritsu. ”Mea, Maiko, Ritsu-senpai, I know that it is quite late, but is it alright for all of you to follow us all the time? ”

”What do you mean? ” Maiko was confused.

Mea and Ritsu were also quite confused.

However, Shishio ’s girlfriends realized that Nanami wasn ’t being mentioned, which made them wonder whether Nanami had been eaten by Shishio.

Being stared at Nana, Saki, and Miu, Nanami could only blush and look away shyly.

”You know that I have become a scumbag in school, right? If you follow us all the time, you might also be misunderstood as my girlfriend. Is that okay with you? ” Shishio asked bluntly. He had checked the school forum and his infamy quickly grew when everyone found out that he was a scumbag.

The discussion was so intense. There was one group that talked bad about him, and the other group supported him, but it had nothing to do with him since he had deleted the discussions.

Still, before Shishio deleted the discussion, he noted all the IDs that talked bad about him, so he could take his revenge later.

However, the fact that Shishio got infamy because of his scumbag action didn ’t change.

While Shishio had talked to his girlfriends, and they would stand by his side, it was different for Ritsu, Mea, and Maiko since they weren ’t his girlfriends.

Being asked that question, Ritsu, Mea, and Maiko somehow felt uncomfortable, but they knew that Shishio told the truth. They knew that if they stayed with him, they would be thought of as his girlfriends too. However, they didn ’t really mind since they didn ’t have an interest in the boys or girls in the school.

While they understood his worry and felt warmth for it, they also felt quite frustrated, wondering whether they weren ’t pretty enough to ask them to date him too.

”It ’s okay. I don ’t really care about people ’s opinions, ” Ritsu said.

Ritsu was the one who talked since she didn ’t really care about the opinion of the people around her. While she loved being alone, it didn ’t mean that she wanted to be alone, which was why, she didn ’t want to part from everyone since even if they were quite noisy, they didn ’t bother her when she read, and their companion was comfortable.

The only thing that caused trouble was this bastard, who dated all of her friends, which made Ritsu annoyed!

Ritsu felt that she had a job to watch this bastard over, so he wouldn ’t hurt her friends. It definitely had nothing to do with the fact that she might have an interest in him.


Ritsu might be able to fall for everyone, but definitely not this bastard.

Ritsu swore at her heart.

On the other hand, Maiko and Mea looked at each other with a smile, then looked at Shishio.

”You know about our fetish, right? ”

”You don ’t need to worry, and it is more convenient for us to be seen as your girlfriend, so no boys will try to confess to us. ”

Maiko and Mea also swore that they wouldn ’t fall for this bastard, but it might be different if this bastard might be charmed by their beauty. If he was sincere, they might give him a chance to chase after them.

”…. ”

Shishio was speechless.

While Ritsu was one thing, Maiko and Mea were just too…

Shishio wasn ’t sure how to describe his feeling, but one thing for sure, he said, ”Then thank you. ” After all, they still stood by his side even as his infamy grew, so he was grateful for them.

”….. ”

It was just Shishio didn ’t know that when he smiled, the three girls quickly looked away since somehow they were afraid of being seduced by him.

However, at the same time, they realized something.

’Why is Nanami not being included? ’

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