d a private vehicle since it wasn ’t exactly cheap to take care of it.

While a car was impossible, a motorcycle was possible since it didn ’t take many places to keep, and it was also cheap, considering many motorcycle makers were coming from this country.

”Motorcycle… ”

They suddenly became interested, considering Shishio often rode one.

”Is it easy to get one? ” Saki asked curiously.

”It ’s easy. ” Shishio looked at Saki and asked, ”Are you interested? ”

”Well… I ’m quite interested. ” Saki nodded since she felt that if she had a motorcycle, she could ride to Shishio ’s place easily, and she could also take her little siblings somewhere easily. Moreover, she had money from her income working for Shishio, and she knew that it should be enough for her to get a motorcycle.

”Shishio, compared to public transportation and a motorcycle, which one is better? ” Mai asked.

”Of course, it is a motorcycle, ” Shishio said and explained the advantage of the motorcycle, especially for Mai, who was a public figure.

Mai was famous, and many people would try to get her picture, giving her trouble every time, even if she just wanted a quiet place.

As for the other girls, they also didn ’t need to worry that they might be disturbed by annoying guys or sexual harassment that they might get when they were on public transportation.

Hearing Shishi ’s words, they became interested and discussed when they should get one since it was easy to get one. However, more importantly, Shishio, their boyfriends, loved motorcycles, so they got interested in them.

”Shishio, I want to get a driving license too, ” Shiina said.

”…….. ” Everyone.

If it was someone else, they wouldn ’t think too much, but Shiina, it was a different matter. Somehow, they were afraid that something might happen to her, and many accidents kept appearing one after another when they thought that Shiina had decided to drive a motorcycle.

However, they weren ’t sure how to say this since they were afraid to hurt Shiina ’s heart.

Shishio also hesitated and said, ”Mashiro, have you ridden a bike? ”

”Bike? ” Shiina tilted her head and shook her head. ”No, I haven ’t. ”

”Can you ride one? ” Shishio asked.

”No. ” Shiina shook her head since she hadn ’t even ridden a bike. How could she ride it?

”Let ’s work hard on riding the bike first before we can get to the motorcycle, ” Shishio said.

”Okay. ” Shiina nodded and agreed.

”……. ”


Just like that?

They looked at Shiina, who was satisfied and decided not to entangle any longer before they prepared to go back. It was time for them to go back, so they let Roberta send them back home.

However, Shishio stayed in the apartment, but he didn ’t stay in his apartment and went to Mai ’s apartment, which made them lost for words.

Miu and Saki wanted to stay, but they hadn ’t told their parents.

Nana was also in a similar condition.

However, Roberta and Shiina were different, but they let Mai have Shishio first since they had usually monopolized him at Sakurasou.

When they left, Shishio could see the stare of Ritsu, Mea, Maiko, and Nanami, but he pretended that he didn ’t see it and just stayed with Mai.

”Is this okay? ” Mai asked.

”If you want, I can let them stay with us too, ” Shishio said calmly

”…Scumbag. ” Mai rolled her eyes then walked back to her apartment.

Shishio only smiled and took her hand naturally.

Mai glanced at Shishio, but she didn ’t move away. She only blushed since she knew what they were about to do tonight.

”Still, is this okay? ” Shishio asked.

”What do you mean? ” Mai asked.

”I mean, you ’re going to return to showbiz, right? Is it alright for you to show you ’re dating me? ” Shishio asked curiously since he knew the world of showbiz was complicated.

”It ’s alright. I ’m not an idol after all. ”

Unlike an idol, who needed to become an angel for their fans, she didn ’t need to do that. After all, she was an actress. ”Oh, right, next month, I might be busy since I have received a job to star in the movie. ”

”Really? That ’s great! ” Shishio was sincerely happy for Mai. Still, secretly, he was going to ask his men to investigate what kind of movie she was going to star in.

Mai looked at Shishio and asked, ”You ’re not sad? ” She felt conflicted when she saw that he was happy. While she was happy that he supported her career, she wanted him to be more conflicted, considering they might not be able to meet for a while.

Shishio thought for a moment and said, ”I don ’t feel sad, but I feel lonely. I know that it ’ll take a while for you to shoot a movie, and we might not be able to meet each other for a while. However, I ’m not going to stop you since it is your dream, and I ’ll support you. ” His finger started to get dishonest as he rubbed her palm gently.

”………. ”

Mai kept staring at Shishio with a feverish gaze.

They kept the stalemate position until they entered her apartment, and she attacked him without hesitation like a rabbit in heat.

Mai needed to keep her figure, especially after she ate so much. If it was before, she might have had trouble, but now, she had a perfect workout to help her to maintain her figure.

Also, Mai might not be able to ride on a motorcycle now, but she could try to ride on Shishio later.

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