I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 386 - Shishios Love Consultation

The day passed quickly, and it was already the time for the activity of the literature club.

”Shishio, let ’s go to the club, ” Nana said as she tried to pull Shishio ’s hand.

While his news as a scumbag was known to the whole school, there was no trouble in his everyday life, especially when the discussion on the school forum about him was deleted clearly, without leaving any trace.

Shishio could see that Ryuunosuke would roll his eyes after knowing what he had done, but who cares about it?

If Shishio didn ’t do this, then what was the point of creating a school forum in the first place?

Still, Shishio knew that sooner or later, the intensity of the talk about him who became a scumbag would slowly disappear. Of course, it might be impossible to disappear without a trace, but it might be possible for the people in the school to get used to it.

Shishio also wasn ’t a scaredy-cat type who didn ’t dare to object to the majority since he was the one who decided where the majority would move.

”Sorry, I ’m going with Usa later. He seems to want to say something, ” Shishio said.

”Usa? ” 4x

Nana, Mea, Maiko, and Nanami were looking at Usa.

”……. ’

Usa was like a deer who was almost hit by a truck in the middle of the night. His body was all tense, and he didn ’t dare to move.

”What are you going to talk about? ” Maiko asked.

”I… ”

”Is it a girl? ” Mea asked.

”You want advice from Shishio to get a girl, Usa? ” Nana asked.

”I… ” Usa wanted to cry since what they were saying was all right, but how could he admit it?

”Okay, okay, stop teasing him. I ’ll be there shortly. I ’ll also buy ice cream. Do you want some? ” Shishio asked.

Nana, Mea, Maiko, and Nanami had already known about the secret ice cream vending machine at the school, so they didn ’t hesitate and talked about what kind of ice cream they wanted to eat.

After they talked for a while, Shishio said, ”Come on, Usa. ”

”Ye-Yes! ” Usa followed Shishio under the uncomfortable gaze of the girls, which made him sigh. He looked at Shishio, and there were many things that he wanted to say, but he wasn ’t sure which one he should talk about.

When they walked, they became the center of attention.

Not Usa, but Shishio.

While Shishio was a scumbag, without a doubt, he was the most handsome man in this school and entire Japan.

Even if Shishio was a scumbag, he could easily bring girls to the hotel if he smiled toward them.

”You want to ask me about Ritsu-senpai, Usa? ” Shishio asked.

Usa hesitated to open his mouth, but he still wanted to say it. However, he couldn ’t do it, and in the end, his mouth closed and opened like a fish on the aquarium.

”If you ’re worried about her, then you don ’t need to since she isn ’t my girlfriend, and I don ’t plan to make her one either now, ” Shishio said, but he wasn ’t sure about the future. However, he wouldn ’t say it out loud since this guy might pass out.

”Thank god!!! ” Usa felt that was the best news he had ever heard in the past month. His pale complexion turned rosy again, and he faced the sun with a happy smile, thinking the 10,000 yen that he had donated to the nearby Inari shrine wasn ’t wasteful.

”Is that all you want to ask? ” Shishio asked.

”No, but is it true that you have dated Sunohara-san and Shiina-san together, Oga? ” Usa asked. While the act of Shishio holding the hand of Nana and Shiina together was known to the entire school, there was no confirmation from him that he had dated them. After all, he didn ’t need to acknowledge it, and he also didn ’t do anything wrong. He just dated more than one girl, and there was nothing wrong with it as long as they were all happy.

The only one who thought that it was wrong was society.

”Yes. ” Shishio nodded generously.

”…….. ” Usa opened his eyes wide and looked at Shishio in amazement.

”That ’s all? ” Shishio asked.

Usa ’s view of Shishio had changed. He viewed him as a master of love in his mind, so there was only one thing that he needed to ask. He clapped his hands together as he bowed and begged. ”Oga Shishio-sama, please help me to get Kawai-senpai as my girlfriend! ”

”I refuse, ” Shishio answered instantly.

”Why?! ” Usa cried.

Shishio looked at Usa for a moment and asked, ”Do you want to confess to her now? ”

”Wh-What?! ” Usa was dumbfounded. His face turned bright red. ”Wh-Why did you suddenly tell me to confess? ”

”You want to make her your girlfriend, right? Then you should confess to her, ” Shishio said.

”Well… that ’s true. ” Usa nodded thoughtfully then asked, ”But Oga, what is my chance to make her my girlfriend. ”

”100% failure, ” Shishio said without mercy.

”How cruel! ” Usa cried and then asked, ”100% failure is too much, right? There should be 20% or 30% of success, right? We have known each other for a month or more, so my chance to get her as my girlfriend shouldn ’t be that low, right? ”

Shishio looked at Usa speechlessly and said, ”Usa, let me tell you. There are only two results when you confess to someone. One is a success, and the other is a failure. ” He raised his two fingers then saw Usa wanting to say something, but he quickly said, ”But do you want to say that there might be a chance of success after you have failed with your confession, right? ”

”Yes! ” Usa nodded and refuted Shishio ’s words, ”In the shoujo manga, even though the handsome guy has been rejected by the heroine. He doesn ’t give up and keeps trying before their love blooms. There should be a chance for such a scenario to happen, right? ” He felt his chance shouldn ’t be that low to confess to Ritsu, and even if he failed, as long as he didn ’t give up, his love would be conveyed, and they would be in a relationship.

”Usa, I hate to break your dream but don ’t do that. If one has been rejected and keeps pestering the girl until she accepts him, it isn ’t as romantic as you have imagined. Instead, it is creepy, ” Shishio said flatly.

”…… ” Usa.

”Let me tell you that if you still want to maintain a status quo, then you shouldn ’t confess, but if you want to commit suicide, then you should confess right away and now, ” Shishio said.


”…Th-Then what should I do?! ” Usa was in distress and didn ’t know what to do.

Shishio looked at Usa and asked, ”Does it have to be Ritsu-senpai? ”

”What? ” Usa was dumbfounded by Shishio ’s answer.

”Ritsu-senpai ’s personality is difficult. Unless you ’re patient, you won ’t be able to get her. You can ’t be so aggressive, and you can ’t be too timid. You can ’t be too close, and you can ’t be too far away. You can ’t be too kind, but you can ’t be too cold. ” Shishio looked at Usa and said, ”If you just want a girlfriend, even the girl in the class is better. Your face isn ’t bad, and I believe that you can get a girlfriend in one week if you try to talk with one of the girls in the class. ”

If Usa was just too eager to get a girlfriend, Shishio felt it was better to get someone else since it was easier.

In high school, not only boys who were interested in love, but girls were the same.

The majority of them were like that. However, Ritsu was the minority since this girl was anti-social and was addicted to books.

If it was Shishio, he had a way to get her, but Usa was different since this guy was a kind-hearted virgin boy.

While the virgin part wasn ’t related, Usa ’s mentality wasn ’t good since he was too eager for success.

Shishio thought that the reason was partly because of him since he was living in Sakurasou with Ritsu, and it made Usa feel worried that she might also fall for him. However, even if he was there or not, he didn ’t think that Usa and Ritsu would become a couple even if Usa confessed.

The eagerness for success during a venture wasn ’t a good thing since it would make one impatient and lead one into many troubles and failures.

If Usa wanted to confess to someone else, Shishio would help, but it was a different matter for Ritsu. Not because he didn ’t want to, but because he felt that Usa would fail no matter what, considering in Ritsu ’s eyes, Usa might not be much different from all the guys that she saw in the school. Their appearance was vague, and she had a hard time remembering them.

After all, unlike the original where Usa and Ritsu were living together under the same dorm, they could only meet each other at the club, and even if they met, neither of them talked to each other. They were practically strangers.

It was only Usa who thought that his relationship with Ritsu was good.

As for Ritsu, as long as she could read her book quietly, everything was okay.

Hearing Shishio ’s words, Usa was dumbfounded since he didn ’t expect that he could get a girlfriend in just one week. However, the price was also high, and that was to give up on Ritsu.

Usa must admit that he was envious of Shishio, and he also wanted to be brave like him, who could admit that he dated many girls at the same time.

Still, the main problem wasn ’t this.

”Does it have to be Ritsu-senpai? ” Shishio asked.

When Shishio asked this question, Usa started to question himself, whether Ritsu had to be the one.

If it was Tagami, he would just go for the easy one.

However, Usa was a virgin boy that was full of imagination, so his answer was obvious. ”Shishio, it has to be Kawai-senpai. I-I like her. ” His face was blushing, and he lowered his head shyly.

”…….. ”

Luckily, Shishio didn ’t see Ebina Hina, or else, that girl might be full of imagination right now when she saw Usa ’s state.

Usa waited for Shishio ’s answer nervously, wondering whether his determination would move Shishio and make him help his love life. However, he underestimated how cold Shishio was.

”What do you like about her? ” Shishio asked.

Usa was in silence and started to think about what he loved about Ritsu, but Shishio didn ’t give him a chance and said, ”Let me guess. It is her face, right? ”

”……. ” Usa.

Shishio knew how shallow the love of high school students was.

They were just curious about love and sex, and after they got the two, they would be satisfied. However, if there was a problem…

Well, there had always been an exception, but Shishio ’s life was too busy to think about them.

Shishio looked at Usa then said, ”If you can tell me what you like about her besides her appearance, then I ’ll think about it. ”

”……. ”

Usa suddenly felt that his high school life was determined at this point.

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