I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 387 - It Has Been A While The Literature Club

While they talked, they had arrived at the ice cream vending machine, but Shishio wasn ’t in a hurry and sat on the bench while looking at Usa.

Shishio remembered a proverb that love came from the eyes to the heart. He didn ’t deny it since most people would fall for either a beautiful or handsome appearance. Even if they weren ’t in those categories, they might fall into the strange fetish of one. However, he wouldn ’t explain that since there was something that he needed to say to Usa.

While it was true that love might come from the eyes to the heart, it didn ’t mean that the majority of people were able to get the love of the person that we fell with since, in most cases, those people with handsome or beautiful appearance might not be so close to us, and they were far away from us, so we could only appreciate them from a distance while lying to ourselves that we were satisfied with just watching their figures from a distance.

When the truth was, we just wanted to be with them, be together with them, and make them become our own.

Shishio didn ’t deny Usa had a chance to date Ritsu, but at the same time, his chance to fail was greater than his success. While he didn ’t really want to explain the reason, many people must understand why Usa would fail if he confessed to Ritsu, right?

Usa was his friend, after all, so Shishio felt that instead of trying to get rejected, having a nightmare in his high school life, it was better to get an above-average girl that could be seduced with just one week of time.

The girls in high school were curious about love, and as long as you seduced her and were kinder to them, Shishio believed that it was only a week of time before Usa could get a girlfriend.

While it was easy to get a girlfriend, it was a different matter if one wanted to maintain it, considering how many things would be shown during your dating period, so it wouldn ’t be weird for one to break up after a week or a month.

However, it wasn ’t his problem since Shishio wanted to hear Usa ’s answer now.

Usa was in silence since he really hadn ’t thought of anything besides Ritsu ’s pretty face. His reason for falling for her was just her pretty face. As for other things such as personality or hobby, he didn ’t know much about her since they had never talked to each other.


Usa and Ritsu never had a conversation, and they only nodded before they did their own things.

Ritsu didn ’t care much about Usa, and as long as she stayed with Shishio or Shiina while reading her book, she didn ’t pay attention to everything in her surroundings.

On the other hand, while Usa had always observed Ritsu, he didn ’t even dare to greet Ritsu since he was afraid to trouble her.

If Ritsu and Usa lived in the same dorm as the original story, whether they wanted to or not, they would know each other, but right now, they were just someone staying in the same clubroom.

Their relationship was far from being a friend, which was why, when Shishio asked Usa what he loved about Ritsu besides her pretty face, there were no words that came out from his mouth.

”If you don ’t even know about that, then what do you think of Ritsu-senpai think of you? ” Shishio asked.

”What do Senpai think of me? ” Usa was dumbfounded, then said unsurely, ”An underclassmen? ”

”No. ” Shishio shook his head and said, ”In her mind, you might be a background character whose face is too lazy to be drawn by the mangaka. ”

”How cruel! ” Usa almost cried when he heard Shishio ’s words. ”That ’s not true, right? ”

”Unfortunately… ”

”But… but… we have met each other for so long! There ’s no way that he thinks of me that way, right? ” Usa didn ’t want to think that it was the truth and kept asking.

”If you want to think like that, then I won ’t stop you, but let me ask you a question. ” Shishio looked at Usa and asked, ”Have you talked with her? ”

”…Talk? ”

”Yeah. ” Shishio nodded and said, ”Have you? ”

”… ” Usa.

”Usa, I ’ll have to be honest with you even if I know it is cruel. ” Shishio looked at Usa and said, ”You haven ’t been able to say a single sentence with her. You don ’t even greet each other at school. You only meet each other in the clubroom, but neither of you talks to each other. You, who have an interest in her, don ’t know anything about her. Then what do you think of her who doesn ’t even have an interest in you? Will she remember you? She will only remember your name, but the other thing? In her mind, you ’re just like a male student around the school. While they exist, she doesn ’t care about them since it doesn ’t affect her life. ”

”Then… then, what should I do? I ’m also so helpless in this situation! I ’m not brave enough! I ’m even worse than Tagami, who dares to confess to a person that he likes! I ’m just a chicken, Oga! ” Usa was desperate. It was his first love in high school, and he was unwilling to give up just like this.

Usa was on the verge of crying, but he quickly wiped his eyes. If possible, he just wanted to be like Shishio, who had always been calm, collected, and mature.

Even if the whole school knew that Shishio was a scumbag, he could calmly face everyone and make everyone feel that they were inferior to him.

While Usa must admit that he was also jealous and envious of Shishio, who could have a harem, he didn ’t need a harem and only wanted to date the person he liked.

However, why was it so difficult?

Shishio looked at Usa and knew what this guy was thinking about.

As for Usa ’s question, of course, Shishio nodded, and it was difficult for someone to date the person they liked.

After all, if it wasn ’t difficult, how could there be so many single people in this world?

Still, Shishio didn ’t expect Usa to shout all of the feelings on his heart like this. ”Calm down a bit. Sit down first. ” He pulled Usa to the bench and let him sit down.

Usa ’s tears couldn ’t be stopped as he kept crying.

Shishio looked at Usa helplessly and said, ”Stop crying. We, men, shouldn ’t cry so easily. ”

”I-I ’m not crying! ” Usa kept denying it until his tears stopped.

”If you want to chase after Ritsu-senpai, I won ’t stop you, but you should do it on your own. I won ’t help you, ” Shishio said simply.

”Wh-Why? ” Usa asked with a startled expression.

”Why do you seem so surprised? Do you think I ’m free enough to help you? However, let me give you some advice, ” Shishio said.

”Advice? ” Usa wiped his eyes and then focussed on Shishio and bowed his head. ”Please tell me! ”

Shishio was speechless, but then he said, ”As I have said before, if you want to date a girl in the class, you ’ll be able to date them in just one week. After all, your face isn ’t that bad, and you don ’t have trouble talking with girls. You ’re kind, and you ’re normal. ”

”…Is that a good thing? ” Usa was speechless.

”It ’s a good thing. ” Shishio nodded and said, ”If you want to chase after the girl, you shouldn ’t be too eager and passive. ”

”Shouldn ’t be too eager and too passive? ” Usa was confused and said, ”It ’s difficult. ”

”Of course, it is difficult. If it ’s easy, will you be single now? ” Shishio asked.

”……. ” Usa.

”You need to tell the girl to realize that you ’re here. Your existence is right beside her, but at the same time, you need to show her that you like her without saying anything, ” Shishio said.

”I need to tell her without saying anything? ” Usa was confused.

”Like caring about her, helping her when she encounters trouble, or telling her that she ’s cute or beautiful. Being gentle and dependable are two keys to success to getting a woman ’s heart, ” Shishio said.

”Wa-Wait, Oga! Ca-Can I take note of it? ” Usa said, but he quickly took out his note.

”…Sure. ” Shishio let out a sigh while watching Usa, who started to take notes. ”But also remember, don ’t be too eager and don ’t be too passive either. Don ’t let her think of you as an asslicker, who will follow every word of the girls, and don ’t let her think that you don ’t have an interest in her. The balance between the two is the most important, but this is the most difficult thing since you need a trial and error to do it. ” He looked at Usa and said, ”It ’s also the reason why I have told you to have a girlfriend from the class or another class since that way, you ’ll have more experience at dating girls. ”

”……. ” Usa was dumbfounded and asked, ”Yo-You mean to tell me to date someone, just to learn how to date? ”

”Yeah. ” Shishio nodded and asked, ”You think that it is wrong? ”

Usa ’s expression was quite complicated, but he nodded.

”I don ’t deny that it is wrong, but I think as long as everyone is happy with the relationship, there ’s nothing wrong with it. However, it depends on the individual. You ’re free to have your right or wrong in your mindset, and I won ’t stop you, but at the same time, I won ’t stop either if you tell me something, ” Shishio said.

Usa looked at Shishio in a daze then asked, ”Then what do you think of your girlfriends. ”

Shishio showed a warm smile which even made Usa blush and said, ”I love them. ”

”…I-I see… ” Usa nodded and somehow understood why there were so many girls who could fall for Shishio.

”Okay, let ’s continue. ”

”Yes! ”

”With your virgin experience… ”

”I-I ’m not a virgin! ” Usa quickly said with a blush.

Shishio only glanced at Usa and asked, ”So which one has broken your virginity? Your left hand? Or your right hand? ”

”…….. ” Usa.

”However, it doesn ’t really matter to me. ” Shishio raised two of his fingers and said, ”With how your relationship is, if you want to successfully date Ritsu-senpai, you need two years of time. ”

”Tw-Two years?! ” Usa was dumbfounded then asked, ”The-Then I can only date her right after she graduates? ”

”Yes. ” Shishio nodded and said, ”That ’s why I have told you that it is better if you just want a girlfriend. It is better to get those girls from the class or another class. ”

Usa ’s expression was quite difficult when he heard Shishio ’s answer, and he didn ’t doubt it, but then he asked, ”Bu-But you must have some methods that can make her fall for me faster, right? ”

”Try to learn hypnosis or a brainwashing method from the cult, ” Shishio said.

”……. ” Usa.

”Be-Be serious, Oga! ” Usa was desperate since he knew that Shishio was the only person that could help him.

”I ’m serious. ” Shishio looked at Usa and said, ”Listen, Usa, love isn ’t something that you can ’t force on someone. If you ’re being forceful and being too eager, you ’ll appear creepy. When that happens, I can ’t even save you, nor do I plan to save you since, frankly, I ’m not your babysitter. ” He stood up, went to the ice cream vending machine, and put his money there. ”When you fall for someone, you should also be prepared for rejection from the other party. If you ’re successful, then I won ’t say much, but promise me, if you ’re rejected, don ’t become a stalker or a man that causes trouble to that girl since Ritsu-senpai is also my friend. If you dare to cause her trouble… ”


”I-I won ’t! ” Usa was scared, especially when he saw Shishio ’s cold eyes.

”Good. ” Shishio sighed and said, ”Try to think whether you want to try to date Ritsu-senpai or other girls. I ’ll give you a week and don ’t answer me now. Try to think about it thoroughly, and if you ’re sure to chase after Ritsu-senpai, I ’ll give you a chance. ”

”Really?! ” Usa was excited.

”Yes. ” Shishio nodded then opened his palm.

Usa looked at Shishio, who opened his palm with a strange expression. ”What ’s wrong? ”

”It ’s a payment for my consultation. Use your money to buy everyone in the club an ice cream, ” Shishio said.

”…….. ”

Usa felt that he was so lucky that he had worked a part-time job, but at the same time, he regretted donating all 10,000 yen to the shrine before.

”Yes. ”

But even so, Usa gave his money to Shishio since this guy could become his cupid.

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