I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 387 - It Has Been A While The Literature Club

now, especially when he thought about Shishio ’s wise words before. He glanced at Ritsu and knew that there was still a chance for him.

’I can ’t give up so easily! ’ Usa thought.

”Cough! Cough! ” Shishio felt a bit embarrassed somehow when he was hugged by many of his girlfriends right in front of Kiriya.

However, Kiriya didn ’t think too much and suddenly asked, ”Right, Sakurajima-san, can I ask you something? ”

”Yes? ” Mai looked at Kiriya with some confusion since she wondered why this teacher called her.

”I heard that you ’re going to star in the movie adaptation of ”Izu Girl ”? ” Kiriya asked.

Mai was dumbfounded and asked, ”Huh? How did you know, Sensei? ” Still, she frowned and moved closer to Shishio, wondering whether Kiriya was a creep.

”Don ’t misunderstand, I ’m the author of the ”Izu Girl, ” Kiriya quickly said, since who would want to be misunderstood as a creep?

”… ” Mai looked at Shishio, and her expression clearly asked whether it was true or not.

Shishio nodded with a smile and said, ”Kiriya-sensei is an author, and his pen name is You Hasukawa. ”

”Huh? You know that, and you don ’t even tell me? ” Mai looked at Shishio speechlessly.

”Surprise, ” Shishio said with an even brighter smile.

”…… ”

Mai really wanted to smack the head of her boyfriend, but then she quickly coughed and put her professional expression. ”I ’m sorry for the rudeness, Sensei. ” She also took out her name card and gave it respectfully yet amiably to Kiriya.

There was a hierarchy in the entertainment industry.

The writer had the highest hierarchy, which was also why they were called a ”sensei. ”

On the other hand, an actress and actor were in the middle position right after the director.

As for the lowest hierarchy, without a doubt, it was an idol.

While they were all cute and seemed bright on the outside, they were at the bottom place in the entertainment industry in this country.

Some people might want to complain, but this was how society works, and there was nothing they could do unless they became powerful enough to ignore all of that hierarchy shit.

”It ’s alright. You don ’t need to be so polite with me since you ’re my student. ” Kiriya only smiled, took Mai ’s name care, and said, ”More importantly, can you tell me more about how you view the character in my book? ”

”Yes. ” Mai nodded and started to talk about her view about the main protagonist of the book ”Izu Girl ” that she had shown Shishio recently. She had told Shishio that her new movie was an adaptation of the ”Izu Girl ” novel, but she didn ’t expect to meet the author right in the clubroom. Still, she didn ’t get nervous and freely talked about her understanding of the character that she was going to play in her returning movie.

Everyone was looking at Mai and Kiriya in a daze since the two were talking about Mai ’s movie.

Shishio didn ’t think too much since he knew how passionate Mai was about her career as an actress. ”Miu-senpai, what should we do now? ”

Miu was startled when Shishi suddenly asked this question since she also didn ’t expect Mai and Kiriya to start talking to each other about jobs. However, she was the leader of this club, so she thought for a moment and said, ”Le-Let ’s do your own thing, then! ”

”…. ” Everyone.

”By the way, is this okay, Shishio? ” Saki asked.

”What do you mean? ” Shishio asked.

”I mean, are you okay with Mai becoming an actress again? ” Saki asked.

Shishio wondered how many times he had been asked this question, but he nodded and said calmly, ”I will be lying if I ’m not worried and lonely since she won ’t be by my side because of her job. However, I ’m not going to stop her from achieving her dream, and if you also have a dream that you want to achieve, then I won ’t stop you, but you must remember that before you ’re my woman and there ’s no need for me to say more, right? ”

Saki blushed and nodded while biting her lower lip since Shishio ’s hand had been caressing her thigh.

While they talked to each other, Saki and Kiriya ended their conversation. Then Maiko couldn ’t help but ask, ”So what kind of movie is ”Izu Girl ”? Is it a romance? ” After all, she had never read Kiriya ’s book, so she was unfamiliar.

”….. ” Kiriya was slightly hurt somehow.

”I don ’t do romance or movies with many fan services. ” Mai shook her head as she glanced at Shishio, then said, ”As for what kind of story ”Izu Girl ” is, it is a story about the dilemma of the girl who is entrusted to become the priestess on the autumn festival in Izu. ”

They didn ’t feel interested in the ”Izu Girl. ” Instead, they asked, ”You don ’t do romance movies? ”

”Isn ’t it obvious? I have a boyfriend now. ” Mai blushed then said, ”Unless… ”

”Unless? ”

”Unless that boyfriend is my partner in the movie, ” Mai said while looking at Shishio shyly.

”…. ” Shishio.

”…. ” Everyone.

Still, if one person wanted to complain, it would be Kiriya since he could see that none of them had an interest in the adaptation of his novel.

However, the girls were curious if Shishio decided to make a romance movie with Mai?

As for whether it was possible or not, with just Shishio ’s face alone, they were sure many entertainment companies would sign him if he wanted to become an actor.

”Let ’s talk about that matter now since it seems Kiriya-sensei has something to talk about with us, ” Shishio said since he felt that it wasn ’t the time to talk about a movie right now since the time and occasion wasn ’t right.

Kiriya looked at Shishio for a moment, then looked at everyone and said, ”That ’s true. I want to ask whether there ’s any of you that want to become a writer? ”

”….Eh? ”

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