I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 390 - New Member 1

”…….. ”

Everyone was moved by Shishio ’s words, but they were speechless when they heard Kiriya ’s words.

”Cough! ” Kiriya coughed and said, ”As Oga has said. Working hard is cool, and there ’s nothing lame about it. If you want to write, do it, and if you don ’t then, you don ’t need to. Even if you don ’t have an interest, why don ’t you try it since you should try many things while you ’re young? That ’s all. I won ’t say much, and you can do what you want to do now. ” Even if he was an advisor teacher of the literature club, there was no need for him to come every day, but it was just right after Golden Week, and there was also something that he wanted to announce, so he came.

Well, part of it was because Kiriya also wanted to see Shishio, who had announced himself to become a scumbag, and he didn ’t regret it since he understood how this guy could become a scumbag.

”Well, how about we study? ” Shishio suddenly asked.

”Yes! ”

They agreed without hesitation since having the smartest student in the school to teach them was something that they were glad for.

Even Shiina, who didn ’t have common sense and other knowledge besides painting, could get fair scores on the Monthly Exam after being taught by Shishio.

If Shishio opened a cram school, without a doubt, it would become popular, especially when he could make his students excited and have fun, learning many things that they had never thought.

If possible, everyone in the literature club wanted him to do this all the time since it made them smarter.

As for Kiriya, he was sitting on the side while looking at how Shishio taught everyone since he also learned many things too.

Still, the time for the literature club was limited, and before long, the club had ended, and they went back to their home.

Shishio thought to go back to Sakurasou since he didn ’t go back last night.

However, when Miu and Saki glanced at him, Shishio thought to go to his apartment first to discuss something with the two.

As for what he was going to discuss, it was clear, right?

Shishio had money, so he used it to make his life comfortable and bought an apartment flat nearby. It wasn ’t expensive, and it was 2LDK, and located quite close to either Sakurasou, Saki ’s house, or Miu ’s house.

It wasn ’t the most expensive or luxurious. It was just a normal apartment with tight security and nice sound insulation.

As for a reason for buying this apartment, Shishio felt that it was too hard to do Miu and Saki together in the apartment building where Mai was living.

While Shishio had fun with two girls, he ignored Mai, who was living on the lower floor, and it felt uncomfortable for him, so he bought another apartment, not the entire building, only a flat where he could have fun with two girls.

If Shishio could bring Mai to the game, he would bring her, but he felt that it was too early, and with her pride, it also wasn ’t so easy. He also felt that it was too much to have a foursome for the first time.

’She needs to get used to the threesome first. ’ Little Shishio thought at that moment.

After tough hard work, Miu and Saki rested on the bed, using Shishio ’s arms as a pillow. Their complexion was ruddy, and their skin was glistening from their sweats. They were tired but satisfied, and their minds were clear.

Still, they looked at Shishio, who was still healthy, which amazed them no matter what. If someday, he suddenly asked them to have five or sixsome, then defeat all of them, they wouldn ’t even feel surprised.

”Right, I forgot to mention you, ” Shishio suddenly said. While his ”Enhanced Memory ” made it impossible for him to forget, he just couldn ’t find the right time and occasion to announce this matter.

”What ’s wrong? ” Miu asked as she twisted her body and rested her chin on his shoulder, watching Shishio ’s handsome appearance.

”Are you going to the match again? ” Saki asked jokingly as she rubbed her face against his cheek.

”Yes. ” Shishio nodded and asked in surprise, ”How did you know? ”

”… ” Miu and Saki.

”Are you serious?! ” 2x

The two raised their bodies, causing their chests to tremble.

Well, Miu ’s chest didn ’t tremble since she was naturally flat, but her ribs moved slightly, showing how surprised she was.

”Um. ”

”…….. ” 2x

Miu and Saki let out a sigh.

While they were worried, they knew that there was no way for them to stop him.

”So, who is your opponent? ”

”What ’s the bet that makes you decide to fight? ”

While Miu was curious what kind of people Shishio would fight, Saki wondered what kind of bet that had made him interested in this fight.

”There ’s no bet or anything. I ’m just interested in this fight, ” Shishio said as he caressed the heads of two girls. ”As for my opponent, it should be someone from the Kengan Match who is famous for his monstrous power or something. ” He wanted to test his aikido, so he wanted to fight someone to test it.

Saki was surprised and asked, ”So why did you fight then? ”

”Remember that I had told you that I had mastered a new martial art when I went out with Mai on Golden Week, right? I want to test how powerful I ’m with this new martial art, ” Shishio said.

”What martial arts? ” Miu asked curiously.

”Aikido. ” Shishio looked at two girls and asked, ”I have a dojo in my apartment. Do you want me to teach you this martial art? ”

”Eh? Learning martial arts? Aikido? ” 2x

Two girls were dumbfounded.

”While many people often talk about gender equality, you should also understand that there ’s a big difference between male and female, especially on the body. You ’re naturally weaker compared to men, and even if you learn martial arts with a strike-focus like karate, boxing, or savate. ”

”Savate? ”

”Just focus on the strike-focused martial arts point. ”

Miu and Saki nodded.

”Even if you learn how to punch or kick, it won ’t give you that much power unless… ”

”Unless? ”

”You hit the man on their nuts. ”

”…Nuts? ”

Miu then grabbed Shishio ’s nuts and asked, ”This part? ”

”…Yes, but you don ’t need to touch them, right? ” Shishio was speechless.

Mui chuckled and said, ”Look, it gets exciting again. ”

Saki let out a helpless sigh and asked, ”You want to help you again? ”

”…Yes, thank you, but let ’s hear me first, alright? Let ’s talk about our martial arts lesson later. Let ’s talk about my match first, ” Shishio said.

”Okay~~! ” 2x

They nodded, but they didn ’t move their hands away from little Shishio, who had gotten excited.

Shishio also didn ’t say anything and continued his explanation. ”So, in short, I ’ll have a match. That ’s all. ” Still, even if he wanted to explain, there was nothing much to explain since he would just fight someone.

Miu and Saki also understood that they couldn ’t stop Shishio, so they could only follow him in case something unexpected happened, and he was hurt.

”Still… why do you like to fight so much? Isn ’t it better to become a writer? You have the talent to become one, right? If you become a writer, you can gain a reputation easily, and when you ’re in your late 30s or early 40s, you can become the prime minister of this country, ” Saki said with a sigh. ”When you become one, you can change the rules of the country and allow polygamy. ”

”…….. ” Shishio and Miu.

”Wo-Wow… ” Miu was dumbfounded.

However, Shishio was even more surprised.

”Being a businessman is good and all, but they don ’t have a good image in this country, considering how our country has always put forward a group instead of an individual. However, if you have a title of ”sensei ” in your name, it ’ll be a different matter, ” Saki said.

”When did you research all of that? ” Shishio asked curiously.

”I did it at home when I was free, ” Saki said frankly, then asked, ”So, Shishio, don ’t you have the interest in becoming a writer? ”

Shishio thought for a moment and said, ”I ’ll be lying if I don ’t since becoming a writer can give one many benefits. ”

”Benefits? ” 2x

Miu and Saki were curious.

”Yeah, the first benefit is that you ’ll be seen as an intellectual person, and the proof of that is that you ’ll be called ”sensei, ” even if you don ’t want to, right? ”

It wasn ’t easy for one to be called ”sensei. ”

While one would be called ”sensei ” after becoming a teacher, the other profession only got that title after becoming a master in their own profession.

Also, please don ’t look down on the teacher.

Teachers were the most sought-after jobs in Japan, and the majority of girls would like to date either a teacher or a bureaucrat since they were a stable job and didn ’t have to do overtime time like how common companies in this country did.

Going to work at nine and going home at five.

It was the dream of everyone, but the reality was different since most people would work overtime every week.

If Shishio didn ’t have a system, he would become a bureaucrat since it was a nice and easy job. The potential was also huge, considering he could only become a politician in the future too.

”The second benefit is that you won ’t have to worry about paparazzi. ”

The novel was one of the products that gave a publishing house a big profit.

With the profit that was bought by the writer, the publishing house needed to be careful toward their treatment toward the writers, especially when the writers also had an association.

While the gossip magazine might be one of the products that gave quite a sum of money to the publishing house, if they angered the writers and their association because of a small gossip, it wouldn ’t be funny, right?

Lastly, the money that the writer got was quite a lot, especially from the right adaptation, which was enough to give them one house in this country.

It was also the reason why many people in Japan dreamed of becoming writers since the benefit that they received was obvious to all.

However, was it easy?

Of course not.

Among millions of people who wanted to become one, only a few percent of them could become a decent one.

As for the most popular one, there were even a few.

”Well, you don ’t need to worry about me. I ’ll write if I get inspiration, but how about you two? Are you interested in becoming a writer? ” Shishio asked.

”No, I don ’t have an interest, ” Saki said simply since she didn ’t really have the interest in reading books. Instead of reading a book, she wanted to be on Shishio ’s side all the time and help him with his career, becoming his secretary for life.

”While I have an interest in writing, I think I ’m more inclined to become an editor, ” Miu said after a moment of consideration. After all, she also knew that she lacked something to become a writer.

”Do you want to become an editor in the future? ” Shishio asked.

”Well, I want to become the mother of your children, ” Miu said shyly.

”…. ” Saki.

Shishio laughed and kissed Miu ’s forehead.

”Me-Me too… ” Saki felt jealous and said with jealousy. However, since it wasn ’t her style to do this, she was so shy and blushed.

”Okay, okay. ” Shishio kissed Saki ’s forehead, then said, ”How about we do it again? Let ’s practice to make one in the future now. ”

”…… ” Saki and Miu looked at each other and thought their man was too vigorous, right?

Not that they hated it, though.

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