I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 38 - Unfortunate Woman

, and nodded.

As expected, they realized what had happened to Mayumi, otherwise, she wouldn ’t violate the agreement with Chihiro and drank a lot of alcohol outside.

”Well, Chihiro-sensei, I will go out with Misaki to help with the welcoming party first. ”

Mitaka suddenly felt the situation might turn dangerous so he decided to escape with Misaki first, after all, the kitchen also needed manpower.

”So you ’re alright Mayumi? ” Chihiro asked with a helpless expression.

It wasn ’t Mayumi ’s first time being dumped by a man so everyone had gotten used to it. Every time it happened, she would do a similar behavior, causing chaos everywhere.

Looking at Mitaka and Misaki who had escaped, they also knew what would happen, after all, all of them had often encountered this kind of matter several times, except for Shishio who was sitting on the floor since he only came to Sakurasou a few days ago.

”This morning, I accidentally saw the message on his mobile phone… ”

Mayumi started her story while crying miserably.

”That guy is cheating on my back and uses me as a spare tire. I didn ’t expect him to be this kind of person. I trusted him so much! ”

Shishio shook his head when he heard Mayumi ’s cry.

”Mayumi, your luck with a man is really bad, ” Chihiro said sympathetically.

”Mayumi-san, you really don ’t have any eyesight at choosing a boyfriend, ” Ritsu said blankly since she had gotten used to Mayumi who often being dumped by a man.

”But isn ’t this boyfriend better, Mayumi-san? ” Shiro-san looked at Mayumi and reminded her about her several ex-boyfriends. ”Your previous boyfriend had three timings on you, and even before this one also had four timings on you, so don ’t be discouraged, the next one probably alright. ” He tried to encourage Mayumi in his own way.

Shishio had to give a thumbs up at Shiro-san ’s way at encouraging Mayumi, but he had to admit that Mayumi ’s luck was very bad since this woman had been only dating a scumbag.

”You guys are too much! Can you comfort me?! ”

After Mayumi heard Shiro-san ’s words, she became furious. If it was Chihiro and Ritsu, then she didn ’t care much, but Shiro-san was a pervert, and she didn ’t want to be looked down upon by a pervert!

Mayumi grabbed Shiro-san ’s collar and shook it very hard, almost making an afterimage. If they were in anime, then Shiro-san would make a tornado already.

”Can you two stop? ” Chihiro looked at Mayumi and Shiro-san with a helpless expression. She looked at Shishio and asked, ”Shishio, can you stand up already? ” She knew how painful it was for a man to be knocked on his crotch so from the beginning to the end, she didn ’t say much when Shishio was sitting on the floor since she knew that his legs were weak at this moment.

”Well, I should be alright. ” Shishio nodded and was about to stand up slowly.

”Oga-kun, do you need help? ” Ritsu asked with worry.

”It ’s alright. ”

Shishio shook his head then stood up slowly and was already feeling better now.

Chihiro then looked at Ritsu, before looking at her nephew again.

”If you ’re alright, then let ’s go to the dining room since the dinner is ready. By the way, we ’re having a hot pot. ”

Chihiro smiled then stood up before walking away.

Ritsu glanced at Shishio lightly, she was about to say something, but after a long daze and hesitation, she got up and left.

”Um… Oga-kun, I haven ’t introduced myself before, my name is Mayumi Nishikino. I am really sorry for what happened before. I was drunk and lost my mind before, I am sorry! ”

Mayumi apologized and her face was very hot when she thought that she was about to have one stand night with Chihiro ’s nephew. If Chihiro knew what she was about to do to her nephew, it would be a miracle that she wouldn ’t be killed.

However, Mayumi had to admit that Shishio was really her type.

’If only he was born 10 years earlier… ’ Mayumi felt regret.

”It ’s okay, Mayumi-san, I understand, but please don ’t do something like that again, alright? ”

Shishio couldn ’t get angry after he heard what had happened to this woman. He felt that this woman was very pitiful and unfortunate since she had been dumped by a scumbag several times. Even though his crotch was hit before, it already recovered and he also felt better so let ’s forget about the past and turn over a new leaf.

In truth, Shishio was able to dodge Mayumi and Ritsu before, but if he did that, both of them would drown in the river and get hurt, at the same time, he also realized that he also hadn ’t gotten used to the new power on his body after his physical ability was being doubled by the system.

Shishio thought that he needed to train his body more to understand the power of his body better.

Looking at the interaction between Shishio and Mayumi, Shiro-san smiled and chuckled. ”Hehe… why don ’t you two just date each other! ” He felt that the interaction between the two was similar to the beginning of a love story.

The heroine was just being abandoned and heartbroken and the main character was the one that saved this woman, Shiro-san felt that he could use this theme as his new book.

”Shirosaki! Are you kidding me?! Do you want to die?! Hurry up and come here, bastard! I will beat you up to pulp! ” Mayumi was furious, after hearing Shiro-san ’s words, and pulled his collar out of the room before glanced at Shishio for the last time.

”Hahaha… ” Shiro-san only laughed excitedly and said, ”Oga-kun, I will wait for you in the dining room. ” Before he was dragged by Mayumi, he reminded Shishio first.

Shishio only shook his head and somehow he felt a headache, thinking about his future, staying in this dorm.

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