I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 392 - New Member 3

When Hiratsuka told him to follow her, Hikigaya Hachiman knew that he was caught in a troublesome situation. However, there was no way that he could escape, especially when her fist was ready to strike at him anytime.

Hikigaya could only resign to his fate and followed Hiratsuka. He didn ’t know where this teacher was going to lead him, but he must admit that he didn ’t expect that she would lead him to this place.

Hiratsuka didn ’t say anything and just opened the door without knocking on the door. However, what happened there made her heart tighten since she saw Shishio and Yukinoshita were entangled with each other. She didn ’t know why she felt this, but she just wanted to run away from this place as soon as possible.

”…Have we bothered you? ”

Her voice was so lonely and so sad somehow.

”… ”

Hikigaya looked at Hiratsuka strangely before he looked at the people in the room with his eyes wide open.

While the two might not know him, Hikigaya knew the two people well.

The girl was one of the well-known girls at the school, Yukinoshita Yukino.

There wasn ’t a single person in the school who didn ’t know her name, even a loner like him also knew about her.

However, what surprised him wasn ’t Yukinoshita. Instead, he was surprised to see the young man who was entangled with Yukinoshita!

Shishio Oga.

Hikigaya was sure that everyone in the school knew about Shishio.

Handsome, tall, athletic, rich, and the smartest student in the entire history of the Suimei.

While it sounded exaggerated, all the girls in the school should have dreamed of becoming his girlfriend in their mind at least once, showing how exaggerated his popularity among the girls was.

Many men shed tears when their girlfriends kept the photo of Shishio on their phones, and some of them even broke up since they wanted to enter Shishio ’s fans club or something.

Still, while every guy hated him, many guys also secretly became his fans and kept his photo on their wallets.

Luckily, Shishio had a girlfriend, who was also one of the most well-known female students on Suimei, Sunohara Nana.

When Hikigaya knew Shishio ’s girlfriend, he knew that Shishio was a boob man, but he wasn ’t going to say anything since most men loved boobs since they often sucked them when they were babies.

Hikigiya knew that the two were living in two different places, and there was no way that the two would meet each other.

However, the two often met each other even though neither talked to each other.

While the two met each other, there was a big difference between the two.

If Hikigaya was always alone, Shishio would always be together with a girl.

Like now.

Luckily, Hikigaya wasn ’t alone, and he came with Hiratsuka. While she might have been a teacher, she was still a beautiful woman. But, unfortunately, he didn ’t know her heart had been taken by someone.

However, that was a story for a different occasion and what Hikigaya wanted to say next was the most important thing.

While Shishio had many identities in this school, his other identity was outrageous.

While Shishio was every girl ’s dream in this school, he was also a scumbag.


A scumbag!

After Golden Week, when Hikigaya saw Shishio was holding hands with two beautiful girls, he just stood there in silence as he opened his mouth and eyes wide, feeling the unfairness of the world.

However, that wasn ’t the end since Hikigaya also knew that Shishio seemed to have more girlfriends than two, including someone from his class too, which made him sigh.

As long as Shishio was here, Hikigaya somehow imagined how every guy in this school would stay single for their entire three years, which made him happy since he wasn ’t alone anymore. Everyone was miserable together, and his existence wasn ’t the saddest in this school anymore.

Hikigaya knew that he should feel happy, but somehow he felt envious again, especially when Yukinoshita was also close to Shishio, and the teacher that came with him also started to show an expression of a girl who had found out her boyfriend had cheated on her.

”Here ’s the new member. As you can see, his soul is as rotten as his eyes. That ’s why he has turned him into a pitiable lonely little worm. While he ’s at your club, I ’d like for you to mend his twisted misanthrope mentality. This is my personal request. I will leave everything to you. Now, I need to go somewhere first. ”

Leaving such words, Hiratsuka left without waiting for their response.

”Wait, Sensei! ” Shishio chased after Hiratsuka directly, ignoring Hikigaya.

”….. ”

There are only two people now in the Service Club.

Hikigaya looked at Yukinoshita, but Yukinoshita didn ’t look at Hikigaya. Instead, she looked in the direction where Shishio had gone before she looked at Hikigaya.

”Why don ’t you sit down instead of blocking the door? ”

”… ”

Hikigaya took a deep breath and could only nod obediently, especially when he faced Yukinoshita ’s cold gaze. Even if he hadn ’t talked to the girls for a few years, he could tell that Yukinoshita wasn ’t in a good mood.

Hikigaya looked around and saw an empty chair next to Yukinoshita.

’Should I sit there? ’

There was only one seat, so Hikigaya thought he should sit on that empty chair.

However, when Hikigaya was about to approach that chair, Yukinoshita suddenly said, ”This is that bastard ’s chair. You should pick a different chair. ”

”….. ”

While the ”bastard ” sounded cold and rude, Hikigaya could tell that it was like how a lover called each other. If he gave an example, it was like a ”darling ” when a wife called her husband. However, Yukinoshita used ”bastard ” instead of ”darling, ” which made him realize that he shouldn ’t follow Hiratsuka somehow.

While Yukinoshita and Hikigaya started their first meeting, Shishio chased after Hiratsuka, and he must admit that this woman ran so fast!

However, Shishio quickly caught Hiratsuka and grabbed her wrist. ”Sensei! ”

”Let go of me! ” Hiratsuka pulled her hand as hard as possible.

”No! ”

”Let go of me! ”

”If you keep saying that, I ’ll hug you here. Let ’s see what are you going to say to the principal when they see us hugging each other? ” Shishio suddenly said.

”…Just what do you want to do? ” Hiratsuka didn ’t look at Shishio and wiped her eyes, but she must admit that this guy was so bold. She wanted to escape from him, but she knew she couldn ’t since his threat was so powerful.

”I won ’t do anything. ” Shishio still held Hiratsuka ’s wrist and said softly, ”I ’m just worried about you. You suddenly run away after all. ”

”I ’m fine. You don ’t need to worry about me. Instead, you should worry about your many girlfriends, right, Scumbag? ” Hiratsuka said as she looked at Shishio. While she had wiped her tears, her eyes were red, and she looked at him as if he had wronged her.

”… ”

Shishio looked at Hiratsuka and thought that this woman was unexpectedly pure. He approached her closer, and this sudden movement stunned Hiratsuka and made her move back subconsciously.

Her head and back hit the wall as she watched him approach her. She quickly raised her fist and said, ”If you dare to move closer, I ’ll punch you with this, my Dragon King Punch! ”

However, Shishio didn ’t stop and said, ”You can punch me with that Dragon King Punch many times, but let me wipe those tears from your eyes first. ” He gently wiped her tears from her beautiful face.

While Hiratsuka might approach her 30, Shishio could see that her skin was as good as someone in her early 20s, and she also had this mature charm that his girlfriends didn ’t have.

If Shishio had to complain about her, it would be her cigarette smell.

”By the way, don ’t smoke all the time. You stink. ”

Hiratsuka, who couldn ’t move because her tears were wiped by Shishio, suddenly snorted when she heard his words. ”Hmph! Why do you care? You ’re not my boyfriend anyway. ”

”Oh? If I become your boyfriend, will you stop smoking? ” Shishio asked with a teasing smile.

”Wh-Who the hell wants you to become my boyfriend?! ” Hiratsuka was like a cat whose tail was stepped on. She was angry and wanted to punch Shishio ’s shameless face right now.

”Sensei… ” Shishio suddenly held Hiratsuka ’s hand gently, which made her body tense. ”While it is true that I have feelings for you… ”

”Wh-What?! ” Hiratsuka was dumbfounded, and her face turned bright red when she heard Shishio ’s words.

Shishio chuckled when he saw Hiratsuka ’s reaction and said, ”What ’s so weird about it? There might be a difference between our ages, but all I can see is that you ’re a charming woman that is worth chasing. If I was born earlier and we met each other, we might have married each other now. ”

”Hmph! Who wants to marry a scumbag like you! ” Hiratsuka looked away with a pout, showing an unexpectedly cute expression for someone around her age.

”Yes. ” Shishio nodded and said, ”You should know that I ’m a scumbag. I have dated many girls at the same time. The entire school also knows about my deeds, too, and you should know it, so you should understand how dangerous the game that you play with me, Sensei. ”

Hiratsuka ’s expression started to change, and she looked away since she was afraid that she might have an impulse and kissed him when she kept staring into his eyes. ”I-I don ’t understand what you mean. ”

”If you don ’t understand, then I ’ll explain. ” Shishio didn ’t look away from Hiratsuka and said, ”We ’re a teacher and a student. Our relationship will be frowned upon. You might also lose your job too. I ’m also a scumbag, so my reputation might become even worse. However, while it might be dangerous and frowned upon, here and now, I dare to say that I like you, Shizuka. I want you. ”

”Hu-Huh?! ” Hiratsuka opened her eyes wide in surprise with a cute blush on her cheeks.

”Don ’t worry, no one will come here, so you can think about your answer carefully, ” Shishio said since he also used his enhanced sense to check that no one was here, and he also used his pheromone to make sure no one would approach them.

Hiratsuka ’s expression suddenly changed and became serious, then asked, ”Are you serious? ”

”I ’m serious, so answer me seriously, Shizuku, ” Shishio said.

”Do-Don ’t call me by my first name! ” Hiratsuka blushed and reprimanded Shishio.

”Shizuka-chan? ”

”Don ’t add ”-chan ”! ”

”Shizuka-tan, you ’re so cute! ”

Hiratsuka ’s reaction was direct, and she just punched Shishio, but he dodged it easily before he hugged her in his arms.

”Wh-What?! ” Hiratsuka was startled and embarrassed.

”You can push me if you don ’t want it, but if it ’s okay with you… ” Shishio didn ’t continue his words.

Hiratsuka was in silence for a moment and didn ’t move from his embrace. Then, finally, she let out a long sigh as she rested on his shoulder. ”…I ’m such a barbaric woman. ”

”It ’s okay. I think that part of you is cute. ”

”I can only cook something simple. ”

”I ’m good at cooking. ”

”I might not be a good mother. ”

”I don ’t think so. With your personality, I can see that you ’ll become a good mother. ”

”…Can you stop seducing me? ” Hiratsuka asked.

”Sorry, it ’s impossible. I have just fallen in love with you so badly that I want you to be by my side. ”

”Can you say that again after you have broken up with your girlfriends? ”

”Sorry, no. ”

”An instant reply?! ”

Shishio looked at Hiratsuka and said, ”So if you don ’t want to, I won ’t say anything and stop chasing you. ”

”….. ” Hiratsuka was in silence for a moment and asked, ”Say, are there really no people around? ”

”My sense of smell is acute. I can smell anyone around 100 meters of my surroundings. ” It could be more, but Shishio was afraid Hiratsuka wouldn ’t believe him. However, after he said that, his lips were taken, and he was kissed by Hiratsuka.

”….. ”

Shishio blinked his eyes then saw Hiratsuka parting their lips while looking at him with a shyly cute blush. He couldn ’t stand it, thinking that his girlfriend was so cute, so he just kissed her lips again without hesitation.

Hiratsuka was surprised, but she quickly accepted his kiss while hugging his neck.. She wasn ’t sure whether her decision was wrong or right, but one thing for sure, she didn ’t regret this, and for now, she just wanted to enjoy this moment.

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