I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 393 - New Member 4

slave at the black company?! ” Hikigaya refuted Shishio ’s words.

”Um… You ’re not? ”

”Of course not! ”

”Then what do you want to become? ” Shishio asked curiously.

”I plan to become a household husband and let my wife support me, ” Hikigaya said proudly.

”…. ”

Shishio and Yukinoshita looked at each other and rubbed their temples.

”Before you can have a wife, you need to get a girlfriend. So the question is, can you get a girlfriend? ” Shishio asked frankly.

”…You know to poke where it hurts the most. ” Hikigaya wondered whether this place was a fighting ring since he had been beaten up from the moment he entered.

”How about this! Let ’s change our objection, ” Shishio suddenly said.

”Objection? ” 2x

”I mean, we have been focussing on how to change you. However, you don ’t want to change, and you don ’t think that it is unnecessary for you to change, right? ” Shishio asked as he stared at Hikigaya.

”Yes. ” Hikigaya nodded.

”So let ’s change our objective to help you achieve your goal, ” Shishio said.

”My goal? ” Hikigaya was dumbfounded.

”Yes. ” Shishio nodded and said, ”World domination? Immortality? Or defeating an alien that might destroy the earth? ”

”…no, I don ’t have such a grand ambition in my mind. ” Higikigaya was lost for words since he didn ’t expect the famous scumbag would be a Chuunibyou.

”How about 100 friends? If you want, it should be possible, ” Shishio said.

”…no, I don ’t need that many. ”

”By the way, do you have friends? ”

”…No. ” Hikigaya lowered his head before he barked, ”What the hell is this?! Did you have fun making fun of your senior?! Can you show some respect to me? ”

”Senpai, if you let me be frank, even a grade-schooler will dare to bully, you know? ”

”…Am I such a weak character?! ”

While Yukinoshita didn ’t say anything, she had been trying to hold her laugh.

Shishio let out a tired sigh and said, ”You really hard to please, aren ’t you? ”

”…. ” Hikigaya.

”Well, this is my last weapon. I ’m sure that no high school boy will resist this temptation, ” Shishio said softly.

Hikigaya frowned and showed an expression that he didn ’t think that anything that came out from Shishio ’s mouth could tempt him.

”How about a girlfriend? ” Shishio asked.

”Eh? ” Hikigaya opened his eyes wide as his breathing became more arduous.

While it might sound exaggerated, without a doubt, Shishio ’s temptation was working, and Hikigaya was excited.

”Oh? You don ’t like to have a girlfriend, Hikigaya-senpai? You want a boyfriend? ”

”Who the hell wants a boyfriend?! ” Hikigaya refuted with a loud voice. It might be the biggest voice that he had ever said in his entire life.

”Senpai, we ’re living in the 21st century. People are more tolerant than in the past, ” Shishio said simply.

”I mean, I ’m not a homo, dammit! ”

”So you ’re alright with a girlfriend? ”


Hikigaya looked at Shishio with a mix of doubt and excitement. However, the ratio of excitement was around seven, and doubt was three. If it was someone else, he wouldn ’t show such a reaction, but the one who told this was Shishio, who was known as the famous scumbag, who had dated many beautiful girls at the same time.

While Hikigaya felt reluctant, he felt that it wasn ’t bad to stay in this club somehow.

”Shishio-kun, I don ’t think it is good for you to promise something impossible, ” Yukinoshita said in a whisper, but in a voice that could be heard by Hikigaya.

”….. ” Hikigaya.

”If it ’s someone else, I think that they ’ll say it is impossible for him. However, you know my identity, right? ” Shishio said as he patted his chest.

”…. ”

Hikigaya and Yukinoshita had to admit that his words were more believable than Riajuu, who had a girlfriend in the school.

”While his personality is twisted, he ’s a loner, and his eyes are dead. ”

”Oi! ”

Even Buddha could get angry, Hikigaya could also get angry too!

”However, his face isn ’t that bad, ” Shishio said truthfully. While Hikigaya ’s dead eyes were turned off as long as Hikigaya could get rid of those eyes, he was sure that many girls might notice him. Though, it might be hard since Hikigaya needed to erase his status as a loner first and stop talking depressingly.

”… ” Hikigaya.

”So, Hikigaya-senpai, while I ’m not sure whether you can get a girlfriend in this high school or not… ”

”That ’s different from what you have said before! ”

However, Shishio ignored Hikigaya ’s refutation and said, ”However, why don ’t you try to join this club? Just think that you ’re being tricked, so you can add some little spices to your gray-colored high school life. While I ’m not sure whether you can have a rose-colored high school life, why don ’t you add other colors in your sophomore time? ”

”Rose-colored high school life… ” Hikigaya muttered in a low voice.

”Also, it isn ’t like you have a choice either since if you try to escape, Shizu –, I mean, Hiratsuka-sensei is going to catch you and beat you up to enter, ” Shishio said.

’Is this guy going to call Hiratsuka-sensei by her first name? ’ 2x

Hikigaya and Yukinoshita stared at Shishio with a twitch in the corner of their eyes.

However, Hikigaya fell into silence.

Hikigaya knew that he didn ’t have a choice, and while he must admit that he hated a popular guy like Shishio since this guy had everything, he felt that it was fun to talk with him since this guy didn ’t have a filter on his mouth and everything that Shishio said was a truth that came out from his mind.

While Hikigaya sounded angry, he didn ’t really feel angry, and it might be embarrassing for him to admit it. He had fun here. ”…Take care of me. ”

”What? What did you say? ” Shishio asked loudly.

”I mean, take care of me, dammit! ”

”Sorry, I don ’t want to. ”

”…. ” Hikigaya.

Shishio smiled and said, ”I was joking, of course. Please take care of me too, Senpai. ”

”…Me too. ” Hikigaya looked away, showing a tsundere reaction.

”While a tsundere girl is cute, a tsundere boy is disgusting, you know? ”

”…. ”

Hikigaya let out a long tired sigh and really wanted to beat someone right now.

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