I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 397 - Enjoying Youth

Of course, Shishio also included Yukinoshita since if he didn ’t do so, this girl might secretly sulk.

The time seemed to pass quickly with their conversation, and Shishio also excused himself after he got his motorcycle.

”Bye. Senpai. Nee-san. ”

Shishio looked in the direction of Mai ’s apartment for a moment before he moved in a different direction. He wondered what Mai and Shiina were doing right now, but while he was curious, it wasn ’t the right choice for him to interrupt their night together.

There might be a chance for him to have a threesome or foursome, but well, let ’s leave that matter aside since there was one girl that was waiting for him.

Watching Shishio, who disappeared into the night, Haruno looked at Yukinoshita for a moment and said, ”He likes you so much, huh? ”

”…Are you satisfied now? ” Yukinoshita asked and didn ’t intend to say the details of her relationship with Shishio since the more she talked, the more troublesome that Haruno would become. However, she was okay with this relationship. There was no need for the interruption of her family.

”You really don ’t want me to say anything to mother, huh? ” Haruno kept her fake smile as she said those words.

Yukinoshita was silent and stared at Haruno with a cold gaze.

”Okay, okay, I won ’t say anything, but you need to be careful, alright? ”

”Careful? ” Yukinoshita looked at Haruno in doubt.

”That guy… if you don ’t be careful, he might sway you, drown you into something that you can ’t escape. ”

”…. ” Yukinoshita.

”Also, you ’re still a virgin, right? ” Haruno asked worriedly since she had a feeling that if Shishio wanted to, this guy might be able to steal Yukinoshita ’s virginity so easily.

”…. ”

Yukinoshita stared at Haruno for a moment and said coldly, ”You don ’t need to worry. I know him better than you. I ’ll go back now. ” She turned and left without hesitation.

”Wa-Wait, Yukino-chan! ”

However, Yukinoshita ignored Haruno and entered her apartment without turning back.

Watching her back, Haruno sighed and knew that she had messed up. However, she was an older sister, and she was, of course, worried about her little sister, so…

”Give me information about him. ”

”Yes, Ojou-sama. ”

Haruno must admit that Shishio was fascinating, but she knew that there was something deeper than that, and while her purpose was to protect her little sister, she didn ’t deny that she was curious about him.

”Nanami, you seem to be excited somehow. ”

”Yeah, has something good happened? ”

Nanami, who rested after a long training session at the Seiyuu school, was asked by her friends.

Unlike her, her two friends had already graduated from high school, and they were having a job while trying to achieve their dream as Seiyuu.

Still, Nanami was startled when she was asked, ”Why do you think so? ”

”No, it is just you seem different than before. ”

”Yeah, you have this gloomy aura around you before, but now, you ’re full of smiles. ”

”Yeah, yeah, tell this Onee-san. ”

”Do you have a boyfriend now? ”

Nanami blushed, and she couldn ’t answer their questions since there was no way that she could tell them she had become a maid of her classmate, right?

Also, there was no way for her to tell them that something might happen tonight.

However, Nanami realized that her skill had improved, and she also looked forward to her life since she was in a different form before, which was why she was in love with him.

That person might be a scumbag and a pervert, but it was all good for her since she knew that she was needed by him.

Nanami knew that there was nothing that she could give him, especially when she only had a limited skill and ability. If there was something that she could be proud of, then it might be her quite beautiful face and her D-cup of breasts.

While Nanami ’s relationship with her parents might be bad because they didn ’t allow her to become a seiyuu, she must admit that she was grateful for them to give her an appearance that could attract him.

Nanami didn ’t answer their questions truthfully and only said that she felt an improvement in her skill and her score on the school also had improved, which was why she was happy.

Hearing Nanami ’s answer, they somehow sighed and felt slightly bored since they thought that Nanami might be able to give them some fun, but they felt a bit disappointed.

”That ’s not good, Nanami. You should enjoy your youth more. ”

”My youth? ”

”Yeah, you should have a boyfriend! ”

”You say that, but do you even have a boyfriend? ”

”…Can you not talk about me? ”

”……. ” Everyone.

While they talked to each other, they walked out of the school since the lesson had ended.

While they talked about love, it was impossible for them to get one, considering their situation, especially when they were busy with their school, work, lesson, or dream, which somehow made them realize how sad they were.

”Nanami. ”

Suddenly they heard this magnetic voice and their eyes were wide open when they saw a handsome young man sitting lazily on the motorcycle.


They thought at that same time, and they couldn ’t look away from him.

However, suddenly they realized something.

”Shishio-kun! ” Nanami was excited then looked at her friends. ”Sorry, I ’ll go back first. ” She strode to Shishio and quickly apologized. ”Sorry to make you wait. ”

”No problem, I have just arrived. Should we go now? ” Shishio asked.

”Yes. ” Nanami received a helmet from Shishio and sat on his back naturally. She looked at her friends naturally and said, ”I ’ll go back first, everyone. ” She didn ’t feel shy anymore and hugged his waist tightly, without letting him go with a happy smile since he picked her up.

”You seem happy. Did something good happen? ” Shishio asked.

”Hehehe… ” Nanami only laughed and didn ’t say much before talking about the random thing that she found out after school.

The two left while they talked to each other, leaving the group of women watching them in a daze and realizing that Nanami might be the one who enjoyed her youth so much among them.

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