I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 400 - Gentleman Or Demon

The next day, Nanami sat quietly on her desk while absentmindedly thinking about last night. She must admit that it felt nice that she was so excited that her legs were so wobbly she couldn ’t stand up properly.

Nanami didn ’t feel sleepy. For now, she just wanted to stay on his side a little longer.

”You okay, Nanami? ”

”I ’m okay. ” Nanami looked at Shishio with a smile and said, ”You have given me a massage before. I felt better. ” She must admit the massage that he gave was good and that she felt her body recovered faster. If he didn ’t give her a massage, she would probably sleep all day to rest.

”That ’s great. ” Shishio let out a sigh of relief while thinking he was a scumbag.

”Say… ”

”Hmm? ”

”Are you always that strong? ” Nanami asked with a blush.

The two came to the school earlier than usual, so there weren ’t many people in the class, and as long as they talked quietly, no one would be able to listen to their conversation.

”Um, yeah, sorry. ”

Shishio could only apologize since he knew it was her first time, but he was so rough with her, which made her legs all wobbly.

”It-It ’s okay. I-I don ’t hate it. ”

Shishio looked up and saw her blushing face, making him want to bully her more.

”…Should we do it again once you get better? ”

”…Okay. ”

Nanami nodded while looking away.

Shishio thought for a moment and said, ”Nanami, can you listen to me? ”

”Yes? ”

”I know that I might have to do something sorry to you now, but can you keep what we were doing last night a secret? ” Shishio asked while looking at Nanami.

Nanami had expected this matter, so she didn ’t really feel disappointed, but she was curious since Shishio usually wasn ’t the type who would hide anything and be truthful to his women.

Nanami just wanted to stay by his side, and she wanted nothing more than this. She knew that she might be stupid, but she didn ’t regret her decision.

”I don ’t mind, but can you tell me why? ”

”It ’s because of Nana. ”

”Nana? ”

”Yeah. ” Shishio nodded and said, ”Do you know that among my five girlfriends, she ’s the only one that I haven ’t done anything yet. ”

”…Really? ” Nanami was dumbfounded since even as a woman, she could also see how attractive Nana was, and it would be weird for a lewd beast like Shishio to retain his sanity in front of those big and soft boobs.

Nanami knew what kind of man he was, which was why she was surprised.

”Yeah. ” Shishio nodded and asked, ”So what would she think if she knew that you, who isn ’t even my official girlfriend… ”

”I ’m not even surprised if she dumps you, ” Nanami said straight away without sugar-coating anything.

”…Can you not be so blunt? ” Shishio let out a sigh, and he wouldn ’t be surprised if Nana really dumped him, considering how scumbag he was.

”So after you ate me last night, are you going to eat her too? ” Nanami asked with a lazy expression on her face.

”…No. ” Shishio was speechless and asked, ”Do you think that I ’m that kind of man? ”

”……… ”

Nanami didn ’t say anything, but her eyes clearly told everything.

”I know that I ’m a scumbag, but I still have a bottom line, so Nanami… ” Shishio looked at Nanami and said, ”Let me do something to make you up? ”

”Oh? What are you going to do? ” Nanami asked curiously.

Let ’s go to your parents later. ”

”Wh—?! ”

Nanami wanted to scream, but Shishio quickly covered her mouth.

”Shhh! ”

Nanami nodded with blush, and after Shishio moved his hand away. She looked at his big and strong hand with a daze, recalling what had happened last night before she looked at him with a confused expression and asked, ”Why? ” She didn ’t understand why he suddenly told her that they were going to meet her parents.

Was he going to propose to me?

If so, wasn ’t the step of their relationship suddenly skipped a few steps without her realizing it?

”Shishio-kun, can we start with being a girlfriend and a boyfriend? ”

”…What? ”

Looking at his confused expression, Nanami awoke as she swung her ponytail right and left panicked. Her face was burning red, and she quickly said, ”P-Please forget that! ” She felt so embarrassed when she thought she had asked him to become a boyfriend and a girlfriend.

”…… ” Shishio.

”Ju-Just tell me why did you want to meet my parents? They ’re in Osaka, you know? ” Nanami asked after she calmed down, but she was still nervous after all.

”Nanami, while I ’m not saying that I ’m going to side with your parents, you should know that they stop you from becoming a Seiyuu because they ’re worried about you. Before you met me, you did realize how hard it was to become a Seiyuu, right? ”

Nanami was silent when she remembered the past.

Not only was it hard to become a Seiyuu, but it was almost impossible, considering the reality was.

When Nanami came to Tokyo, she was full of optimism, thinking about the future, but being beaten by reality, she was just thinking about how to get by day by day.

Working, studying, training, and doing many other things.

Nanami wasn ’t a genius, and she was just a stubborn girl who just couldn ’t accept the reality around her. She often made herself sick because of how hard she did everything by herself.

The only thing that could encourage her was Sorata, who was clueless and showed a stupid expression from time to time. Even his face, when he picked up his nose, seemed quite cute at that time.

Nanami didn ’t need much and just needed to see his face since it made her able to get by without giving up.

However, while Nanami might feel like that toward Sorata in the past, it had changed now since she understood his real personality.

On the other hand, it was also because she met the sun.

The sun had supported her from her job, dream, school, and everything.

When Nanami met him, she felt that she was a princess in the storybook.

It was fun, exciting, and she loved it.

However, Nanami didn ’t feel comfortable since she felt that she had received too many things from him, yet she couldn ’t give him anything, and her feelings for him grew day by day even if she knew this guy might be the worst man on the planet.

While he might be the worst, she knew many good parts of him that someone didn ’t have, and she was glad to see it.

However, sometimes his decision made her speechless, and it also included when he suddenly proposed to her to meet her parents. She was dumbfounded since her feelings toward her parents were conflicted.

”Nanami, unlike before, you have leeway in your life now. You can achieve your dream easily with me, so let ’s meet your parents. ” Shishio held her hand on the spot where people couldn ’t see and asked, ”If there ’s a choice, will you chase after your dream with the permission of your parents or without? ”

”…Of course, there is. ”

If her parents could believe in her and could tell her that they supported her dream, Nanami might not need Sorata as her pillar of support in the past and called her parents from time to time so they could become her pillar of support.

”Then let ’s meet your parents. ” Shishio smiled and said, ”I ’ll make sure to persuade your parents so they ’ll give you permission and support you to achieve your dream. With how you ’re, I ’m sure that you have the confidence to achieve your dream, right? ”

Achieve her dream?

If it was before, Nanami might think that her dream would be hard and almost impossible to achieve. However, as she stayed by his side, she realized how small her dream was.

To become a Seiyuu was an easy thing.

There were many types of Seiyuus, including those that made background noises on the extras in the story.

Shouting, ”Work hard! ”; ”You can do it! ”; ”Don ’t lose! ”; shouting similar words in just a few seconds before it ended.

While they only appeared for only a few seconds, those people were still called Seiyuu.

Her dream was to become a Seiyuu, and of course, it was enough for her to do something like that, and even she was confident to do it.

If Nanami didn ’t meet Shishio, her dream might become a Seiyuu, who could survive on her own.

However, by staying on his side and watching the people around him like Shiina, Mai, or even Yukinoshita, Nanami also wanted something to make her shine. She wanted to become a popular Seiyuu and shouted those words out loud from her mind.

While Nanami might be embarrassed, with Shishio by her side, becoming her pillar of support, she felt that she could do it. She knew that her way of life might not be appreciated since she had always depended on someone, but she didn ’t hate it, and she also didn ’t care about other people like how she could give her first time to him even though she knew their relationship might not bear fruition.

However, to ask her parents to support her dream wasn ’t an easy thing to do, especially when the Lost Decades had just ended a few years ago, and many people still had trauma regarding their future.

It was also why most youngsters and their parents in this country would dream of becoming a salaryman in a big company and worked like that for the rest of their lives since they knew how unstable their future was.

Nanami ’s parents also expected the same thing, and it was the reason why they couldn ’t support her dream since they were worried that she wouldn ’t be able to achieve anything in her life and became

Nanami knew how stubborn her parents were, so she said, ”They won ’t give their support easily. ”

”Don ’t worry, I have a secret weapon, and I only need to hear whether you want me to help you or not. ”

”…You know, you have always been unfair, Shishio-kun… ” Nanami bit her lips and tried to hold something that might come out from her eyes. He had always known the best of her weakest parts and poked it hard, so she would cry like now.

”So next month, let ’s meet your parents, ” Shishio said.

”…….. ”

Her eyes were slightly red, but even so, she looked at him, who made his decision, without waiting for her answer. ”…Can I ask what you are planning to do? ” Still, she knew that she couldn ’t reject him, and she didn ’t really want to reject him either since if she was given a choice whether she wanted to make up her relationship with her parents or not, she would, without a doubt.

”Well, I ’ll probably say to your parents that if you fail with your dream, I ’ll marry you. ”

”…….. ”

Her entire face was burning, and when she wanted to say something, the words that came out from her mouth stuck.

”Shishio! ”

Nana leaped into him happily and hugged him without hesitation.

”Hey, hey, we ’re in the early morning. Don ’t do something so suggestive. ”

”…Why did it feel like I had done something lewd when I was just hugging my boyfriend? ”

The two talked to each other happily while Nanami looked at them, no, looked at Nana with a smile. While Nana was his official girlfriend, she knew that she had beaten her now, but she didn ’t need to say anything, and it was enough to keep this matter in her heart.

Nanami thought this as she rubbed her womb softly and glanced in Shishio ’s direction.

”!!! ”

Shishio felt his entire body cold for some reason, but he wasn ’t sure why.

’It might be my imagination. ’

Shishio thought that there were so many things that he needed to do in this entire week, and frankly, it might be good to fast forward them slightly since not every day of the life of a scumbag was enjoyable.


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