I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 401 - Who Is The Demon?

”Are you alright, Nanami? ”

”Yeah, you seem tired. ”

”I ’m alright. I might have trained too hard with my voice. ”

”Really? You should be careful, you know? ”

”Yeah, I have heard that you ’re going to do a voice recording for Kamiigusa-senpai ’s anime, right? So don ’t hurt your voice. ”

”Yes, thank you. ” Nanami showed a sweet smile without even looking at Shishio and said, ”I ’ll be careful with my voice next time. ”

’Next time… ’

Hearing their conversation, Shishio riddled with guilt somehow and lowered his head, so no one would see his expression. He saw his girlfriends were talking with Nanami, without doubting that she was lying.

However, Nanami didn ’t think she was lying since she might be too hard with her voice, considering how loud she cried last night.

If Shishio knew what Nanami was thinking, he could only stare at her in silence, but he decided not to open this pandora box until everything was settled. Instead, he looked at Nana and waited for the right chance for the two to be together.

While Shishio thought about how he could be with Nana alone, he checked the rewards he had gotten yesterday. Until now, he hadn ’t opened those rewards that he had gotten before, and he didn ’t even check them, especially when his guilt won over his greed over rewards.

Still, looking at the numbers of rewards he had received, it wouldn ’t be weird if he entered hell in the future.

Shishio looked at his rewards, and he must admit that he was amazed no matter how many times he got his rewards, and he even had an urge to say he would take care of Nanami for her entire life somehow after he got all of these rewards.

Shishio got both assets and skill types of a reward, and without hesitation, he received the asset type first.

It had been a while since he got money as a reward. While it was nice and all, he was more into a company or a building since it gave more a romantic.

It might seem weird, but money was something to be used, to be consumed, and it could be finished.

On the other hand, a company and a building could last forever as long as one protected them, which somehow resembled his life to his girlfriends.

’Or might it be related to my relationship with those girls? ’

Shishio thought most of the monetary rewards that he received were coming from a girl with whom he didn ’t have a clear relationship. It was a fling, or it might be a different type of a relationship where he didn ’t need to be on their sides forever.

While Shishio wasn ’t sure whether it was related or not, it slightly bothered him before he quickly threw that strange thought away and focussed on his following rewards.

His following rewards were 63% shares of Nissin Food and 63% shares of Lawson.

Nissin Food is a food company that specializes in the production and sale of convenience food and instant noodles.

On the other hand, Lawson is a convenience store franchise chain.

These two businesses would complement each other, and it was a good reward, really.

While Shishio was satisfied with the asset type of rewards, he quickly focussed his attention on the skill type of rewards.

There were so many rewards that he wasn ’t sure which one he should open first, but then he randomly chose one and decided to open the Hamon first.

While it sounded strange, Shishio had gotten the ”Hamon, ” the unique martial art in the world of Jojo.

Hamon, itself, isn ’t a martial art. Instead, it is a type of energy that is produced from ancient martial arts.

Through self-controlled respiration, a trained person can produce energy manifesting as ripples throughout their body that is identical to the energy of the Sun.

It is what we call Hamon (Ripple).

While it is impossible to check this reward, consider the place and the occasion.

Shishio was able to read the details of Hamon through the system.

While there are many things that one could do with Hamon, what he loves the most about Hamon is to preserve the user ’s vitality, making them look more youthful and energetic even during old age, although this method has limits.

Even if it has a limit, it is already a great thing since it will help him and his woman look youthful until their old age.

What was even more amazing was the fact that his ”Enhanced Lungs ” made Hamon ’s effect greater.

While this energy might not have had that much of a help on the attack or fight, its effect on his health was enough to compensate for that.

After he was satisfied, checking the Hamon, Shishio decided to check his next rewards, which were the Gynecology Mastery and the Obstetrics Mastery.

While Shishio felt gratified by the two rewards, he also felt complicated at the same time, wondering what the system meant by giving him the two rewards.

Shishio wasn ’t stupid, and even if he didn ’t see the detailed information through the system, he could tell what the Gynecology Mastery and the Obstetrics Mastery would give him.

While Gynecology is a medical practice dealing with the health of the female reproductive system, Obstetrics Mastery is a field of study concentrated on pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum.

Shishio knew that those two were great rewards since they could help him help his women. However, he also felt complicated, not toward the Gynocelogy Mastery. Instead, toward Obstetrics Mastery since it told him to help his women with childbirth.

Shishio was also glad to help his women with his knowledge, but it felt weird when he thought of helping during the childbirth process.

While Shishio could accept if he only needed to stay by their side, his heart might not be able to bear more than that.

Still, if it happened, it would happen.

Shishio knew that even if he couldn ’t bear the thought of helping his women in the childbirth process, it might be helpful during a critical situation since no one knew what would happen in life.

With a complicated thought on his mind, Shishio decided to move on since there was no use in dwelling on this thought and focussed on his next reward.

”Surgery Mastery… ” Shishio murmured.

”What? ” Nana looked at him curiously since she heard his voice.

Shishio looked at Nana for a moment and whispered, ”I ’m waiting for you at our apartment. ”

Nana blushed lightly and ignored this guy since she knew that this guy was thinking something perverted.

Shishio ignored the misunderstanding that happened on her head and focussed on this reward since he must admit that he loved this reward.

Shishio was a fighter, and many things might happen in life, like if his hand was sliced apart or torn apart from his body.

If it was a normal doctor, they might have trouble connecting his hand again, and the stitch wouldn ’t be perfect.

A good doctor was a rare treasure.

Shishio knew that, so he was glad that he could be a doctor on his own since if he or the people he cared about were hurt, he would be able to do something to do them.

After Shishio had opened all of his rewards, he decided to focus on the boring lesson he had mastered and thought about the promise of his homeroom teacher that until now hadn ’t been kept.

Shishio had become the rank one on the entire grade, and his homeroom teacher, Koharu Shirayama, had promised anyone from her class to treat anyone who became the rank one on the Monthly Exam on an expensive yakiniku restaurant.

Shishio was waiting for that promise, and he also remembered Hiratsuka also hadn ’t kept her promise to treat him to the best ramen in Tokyo. However, he was going to come to her house tonight, so she might prepare a different type of treat for him later.

With a slightly giddy, nervous, yet excited state of mind, Shishio was looking forward to what would happen between them tonight.

However, Shishio also didn ’t have that much expectation, considering how different their status was.

They were a teacher and a student. Without a doubt, the relationship between the two was immoral.

It was detestable and frowned upon by society.

Even now, it felt weird when Shishio thought how Hiratsuka could accept his feelings so bravely and kissed him so madly in the quiet corridor at that time since if someone saw them, it wouldn ’t be weird if she lost her job.

Shishio wasn ’t sure how big she was feeling toward her job, but if she lost her job and felt sad about it, he would feel regret for imposing his feeling toward her back then and would think of a way to make her up.

Still, Shishio knew that this type of matter could be easily solved with his financial ability.

If money wasn ’t enough, then it only needed more money, then.

His financial ability was robust.

While it wasn ’t usually shown, Shishio often talked with his subordinates to give various instructions for his business remotely. He still wanted to become a boss behind the scenes, after all, since he knew how troublesome it was to become the center of attention.

Though he was already one, to begin with, considering how handsome his appearance was.

Still, while having money was good, having too much money also brought trouble.

Shishio still wanted to become unknown around the business circle, so it wouldn ’t bring him an unwanted problem.

As for around the underground fighting circle, Shishio didn ’t mind becoming famous since being famous meant that one needed to be careful around him after all.

However, enough with his self-talk since Shishio recalled his conversation with Nanami before.

Shishio had just made her into a woman last night.

A tight bud that didn ’t know anything became slightly loose because of his care, turning into a blooming flower.

It was only one day, so the flower hadn ’t fully grown into a beautiful flower.

While signing, Shishio realized that he had become a demon, and it wouldn ’t be weird that the number of his harems would increase even more instead of decreasing.

Well, put that matter aside, Shishio wondered whether he should become a gentleman or a demon when he visited Hiratsuka ’s house tonight.

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