I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 402: Nothing is going to stop them anymore

Located on Yotsuya, there was an apartment building.

After their confession, while they often talked to each other through the phone, they hadn ’t met each other after that kiss.

Shishio came to this apartment with various emotions, but one thing for sure, he missed her, so he pressed the bell of her apartment to remind her that he had come.

”Ye-Yes? ”

”Shizuka, I am here. ”

Shishio didn ’t call her ”Sensei. ” Instead, he called her by her first name.

”Wa-Wait a moment. I ’ll go down quickly! ”

While hearing the sound of the hurried footsteps through the intercom, Shishio waited for Hiratsuka to let him enter the apartment since only the residents could enter the building. He waited for a while and saw Hiratsuka come out from the building with an awkward expression.

Hiratsuka still wore her usual shirt, black pants, and a lab coat.

Shishio could see that Hiratsuka was nervous and didn ’t know what to say, so he raised the plastic bag in his hand and asked, ”Have you eaten dinner yet? How about we eat together? ”

”O-Okay! Come in! ” While Hiratsuka drooled when she thought she would eat his food, she felt nervous when she thought to let this wolf enter her apartment.

Hiratsuka might have been quite bold by kissing him in the middle of the corridor before, but when she thought of it clearly, she knew that their relationship was quite bad, especially when they were a student and a teacher.

Luckily, Shishio didn ’t come to her apartment with a uniform, but casual clothes along with a black cap to cover most of his profile.

While Hiratsuka was excited when she thought she could be with him, she also felt nervous when she thought that she had done something wrong, considering she dated her own student and her best friend ’s nephew.

Hiratsuka somehow could imagine how Chihiro ’s reaction was when she knew that her nephew dated her.

”Shizuka. ”

”Ah-ah, yes? ”

”We ’re right in front of the lift. ”

”Oh-Oh, right! ” Hiratsuka quickly pressed the button on the floor where she lived.

As the door of the lift closed, there were only two people in this narrow space.

They could hear each other breathe and the sound of their heartbeat.

”Shizuka. ”

”Ye-Yes? ”

”I miss you. ”

Hearing those words, Hiratsuka felt that all the break on her mind disappeared, and she just pushed him to the wall of the lift as she kissed him fiercely!

Hiratsuka held Shishio ’s wrist tightly, without letting him go, pressing her knee between his legs, closer to his nether region.

His voice was full of loneliness, and it was so sad, so Hiratsuka didn ’t care anymore and did what she had always wanted to do.

On the other hand, Shishio was speechless, wondering why those women who were close to 30 were so aggressive. Whether it was Chihiro or Hiratsuka, all they wanted was to attack him fiercely, without letting him.

While this position might have slightly humiliated him, Shishio decided to bear it since he knew that sooner or later, Hiratsuka would be at the bottom position. Still, he didn ’t like the smell of tobacco in her mouth, but since this woman was beautiful, he decided to bear it.

They kept kissing each other in such a forceful position.

It wasn ’t until the sound of the lift was opened that Hiratsuka stopped, kissing his lips and pulling him out of the lift.

”…You were too forceful. ” Shishio felt that he had been raped.

”You don ’t like it? ” Hiratsuka asked with a smile.

”Well… ”

”Then, what ’s the problem? ” Hiratsuka still had this cheerful smile on her face and said, ”I am hungry. Hurry up and cook! ”

”Yes, yes. ” Shishio let out a sigh and said, ”I wonder whether the reason you date me is so you can have someone to cook for you. ”

”Well, I won ’t deny it, but the real reason is that I love you, right? ” Hiratsuka said with a handsome smile.

”…… ”

Shishio looked at this woman and thought if her gender changed into a man, without a doubt, she would become so popular with many women.

”Ho-How about you? Do-Do you hate? ” Hiratsuka asked nervously.

Shishio looked at this woman again and thought that his woman was really the cutest. He hugged her subconsciously and kissed her cheek. ”I love you more if you stop smoking. Your mouth stinks. ”

”How rude! What kind of boyfriend is insulting her girlfriend ’s mouth as it stinks?! ”

Hiratsuka was annoyed and jumped into him as she bit his neck.

”Ouch! Ouch! Stop biting me! Also, you ’re heavy! ”

”Dammit! You ’re so sweet before! ”

As they bickered each other, they entered her apartment.

While Shishio didn ’t think that Hiratsuka would have a girly room, considering her personality, he felt quite surprised since the room was quite neat. He looked at her and asked, ”Did you just clean up? ”

”What are you saying? Cleaning up is my favorite thing to do in life! I love cleaning very much! Also, isn ’t it rude to think that my room is messy? ” Hiratsuka pouted.

Shishio looked at Hiratsuka in doubt, but he was too lazy to argue. ”Sorry, I know that it ’s not good to have such prejudice, so I ’ll cook you a dinner as an apology. ”

”Okay, that ’s what I have been waiting for! Let ’s go to the kitchen now! ” Hiratsuka pulled Shishio ’s hand again to the kitchen while telling him where she placed the utensils, seasonings, and many other things.

While listening to Hiratsuka ’s explanation, Shishio had been observing her room. Her room was normal, without many things, and only a few necessary items were messy.

The faint smell of the tobacco could still be smelled throughout the room.

If Shishio didn ’t know that this was Hiratsuka ’s room, he would think the one that lived in this room was a guy.

Shishio knew that he might be rude, but he really didn ’t see a single shred of feminity from Hiratsuka.

Besides her well-toned body and beautiful appearance, Shishio felt that Hiratsuka wasn ’t much different from a guy.

”I ’ll start cooking. You still have a job, right? ”

”Is that okay? ” Hiratsuka felt quite troubled when she thought she would leave the rest to Shishio.

”It ’s okay. You ’re busy, right? Let me handle this. ”

”…Okay. ” Hiratsuka nodded after a moment of hesitation. She sat in the living room again as she continued with her job. While she did her job, she glanced into his figure in the kitchen, cooking her dinner, and somehow she could imagine their future be.

”Shishio. ”

”Hmm? ”

”What are you going to do in the future? ”

”Tycoon. ”

”…….. ” Hiratsuka ’s lips twitched, then asked, ”Don ’t you think there ’s a more realistic career? ”

”Oh? What kind? ”

”Household-husband. ”

”Oh? ” Shishio turned and looked at Hiratsuka. ”Do you want me to become a household husband? ”

”Well, yeah, I will take care of you, ” Hiratsuka said confidently.

While Hiratsuka might be a teacher, her family was relatively well-off, and she could confidently take care of Shishio and their children in the future.

Shishio only smiled and didn ’t say anything.

Hiratsuka was displeased and asked, ”What? You don ’t want to? ” She stood up and approached him while showing a stern expression on her face.

Shishio only looked at Hiratsuka, who was on his side, and asked softly, ”Just how much you love that you want to monopolize me? ”

”…….. ’

Hiratsuka ’s face reddened, but then she was kissed suddenly by him!

Shishio parted their lips as he observed her embarrassed face. ”Cute. ”

”…… ” Hiratsuka somehow wasn ’t sure why, but she felt that she had lost.

”Okay, okay, you ’ll bother me if you keep standing here. Just go back first. ”

Hiratsuka pouted, but she held his chin before kissing his lips again.

”…… ” Shishio.

Looking at his stunned expression, Hiratsuka showed a smug expression before she walked away.

Shishio looked at Hiratsuka for a moment and thought that even if he didn ’t become a demon, Hiratsuka might be the one who would become a demon.

’Well, it isn ’t bad, though. ’

While cooking, the two talked to each other until the dinner was ready.

Hiratsuka ate with relish and definitely didn ’t feel regret when her decision to date him.

The two had fun together, and after the dinner ended, they rested on the sofa together while playing a fighting game together.

”Say, it isn ’t fun if we don ’t bet on something, right? ” Hiratsuka suddenly asked.

”You want to bet something? ” Shisho looked at Hiratsuka in doubt.

”Yeah. ” Hiratsuka nodded.

Shishio looked at Hiratsuka for a moment and could see her smile seemed quite perverted. He felt he was looking at a perverted old man for some reason which made him feel weird since he felt that he was being raped through those eyes. ”What do you want to bet? ”

”The one who loses will lose one piece of their clothing! ” Hiratsuka said proudly.

”…You just want to see my body, right? ” Shishio asked speechlessly and felt that their role should be reversed!

Shishio should be the one who was greedy of her body, but why did it seem to be otherwise?

”What? Of course not! ” Hiratsuka definitely wouldn ’t admit that she wanted to see her boyfriend ’s body. However, her facial expression betrayed her since her face flushed red, showing the dirty mind that she hid inside her mind.

”…… ”

Shishio looked at Hiratsuka suspiciously and sighed, wondering why Hiratsuka seemed to be so different before they dated each other?

However, Shishio must admit that this personality of her had the charm on her own.

”I don ’t mind, but aren ’t you cheating? ” Shishio asked.

”Huh? Am I cheating? How could that be? I ’m the personification of an honest woman! ” Hiratsuka refuted his words without hesitation.

”……… ”

Shishio looked at Hiratsuka, who wore her usual lab coat, but this time, she tied her hair in a ponytail, and somehow he could imagine how this woman might say that her hair tie was part of her clothes. He thought for a moment and asked, ”Say, if you lose, you ’ll also lose a piece of your clothes? ”

”Of course! ” Hiratsuka nodded with a smug expression and asked, ”Aren ’t you getting excited, you little pervert? ”

”Well, yeah, I can ’t wait to undress you fully naked later, ” Shishio said with a brimming fighting spirit.

”That ’s my line! Let me see you cry after I make you naked in front of me! ” Hiratsuka didn ’t care anymore and said those words as she licked her lips.

Right now, neither of them is a student or a teacher.

They are just a woman and a man in love with each other, and… they probably feel lustful towards each other.

With that thought on their minds, they started their first fight, showing their determination to make their opponent fully naked!

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