I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 403: Shishio cant be saved anymore

Their first fight as a couple ushered in.

Hiratsuka thought that she had won this match, considering how famous she was in her school days. She was once called the King of the Fighting Game. Without a doubt, her skill reached a level that a human had never reached.

Her experience was also longer than him, especially when she often played the game alone.

Hiratsuka knew that it was a lonely way to spend her life, spending her time playing a game instead of getting a boyfriend when she needed to consider her age and how most of her acquaintances had married and even had children.

Hiratsuka sometimes cried when she thought of how she spent her free time alone.

However, now, it was different since she was glad that she had played a game so much that if she played in the professional competition, she could become the champion easily.

Hiratsuka knew that it was wrong to think this, but she would definitely win and let him show his body.

'Also, shouldn't a high school boy be more perverted?'

While Hiratsuka didn't say anything, she thought Shishio would mercilessly ravage her body. However, the perverted one and the most excited one was her. She knew that it might be wrong for her to do so, but Shishio was, after all, her first boyfriend.

If their relationship wasn't with a teacher and a student, Hiratsuka would scream to the whole world that he was hers.

While Hiratsuka must admit that she couldn't have him on her own bothered her heart, she decided to accept it since she knew she had fallen deeply to him.

“What character are you going to use, Shishio?” Hiratsuka asked as she chose the petite taekwondo girl as her character.

“Well, I'll choose this one.”

Shishio chose the rouge man with a tank top.

Hiratsuka glanced at Shishio for a moment and suddenly wondered whether she should lose deliberately, so she could let him see her naked, making him go wild and attack her?

Hiratsuka suddenly hesitated, but when they started their game, she was beaten senselessly by Shishio.


“So, will you take off one of your clothes now?” Shishio asked softly.

“……” Hiratsuka blinked her eyes as she took the hairband that tied her hair in a ponytail. “You're on! I won't let you go back until I make you naked!”

“But what if you get all naked first before me?”

“No way! I'll win!”

Hiratsuka didn't know his ability before, and she had underestimated him, so she only used 10% of her power, but it was different since this time, she was going to use 100% of her power!

No, she was going to use 120% of her power!

Plus ultra!

Shishio looked at Hiratsuka, who had lost, but instead of taking off a piece of her clothes, she just took off her hairband, which made him speechless.

While Hiratsuka dressed in many pieces of clothes, his clothes were relatively minimal since he only wore a t-shirt, skinny jeans, pants, and a boxer. He only had three pieces of clothes, yet this woman wore many of them.

Shishio didn't really mind since he wasn't a nitpicky type of guy, and frankly, it was better if she wore more clothes since that way, it would be better for him to take off her clothes one by one.

However, this time, Shishio decided to lose and took a t-shirt without hesitation, showing his muscular body in front of Hiratsuka.

Hiratsuka, who was happy with her victory, quickly shut her mouth, and she couldn't open her mouth when she looked at his bare chest. She knew that his body was good, especially when she had seen him when she stayed on Sakurasou before. Her eyes were glued, and she couldn't take away from him.

Hiratsuka thought to touch his body, but Shishio slapped her hand away.

“What are you doing?”

“I want to touch it.”



“I haven't lost the battle yet.” Shishio looked at the screen and said, “You can touch me after you have won.”

Hiratsuka raised her eyebrow and asked, “Haven't you seen the clear distance between us?” The meaning of her words was clear.

No matter how much his struggle was, it was useless.

Hiratsuka felt that she had an overwhelming advantage in their first fight, and sooner or later, every part of his body would be owned by her, so wasn't it better to enjoy the pleasure instead of showing a useless machismo?

“Really? Then, I'll show you my real power.”

Hiratsuka snorted and said, “Then, let me see your real power then.”

Shishio only showed a faint smile but didn't say anything, and as expected, he won.

“……..” Hiratsuka.

“One piece of your clothes.”

Instead of getting embarrassed, Hiratsuka was quite gloomy, but she took off her lab coat, showing her alluring body that was wrapped in a tight white shirt and black trousers, emphasizing the shape of her trained body.

Still, his unbridled gaze wasn't hidden, and somehow it made Hiratsuka blush and nervous. While she might have seen this type of gaze in the past and felt disgusted toward it, she felt different when he was the one who saw her this way.

Hiratsuka felt excited since she knew that she was attractive and he was crazy about her body.


Shishio didn't lower the sound of the gulp of his saliva and said, “How about we continue the game?” His voice was hoarse, as if he were trying to chain down something.

“Ye-Yeah…” Hiratsuka nodded nervously, but then she suddenly realized something. 'Why should I get nervous?' She looked at him and wondered whether everything was part of his strategy to make her nervous.

If it was another woman, they wouldn't think so, and they would only think that their bodies attracted Shishio.

However, Hiratsuka was a woman who had been single for almost 30 years. While many people had shown an interest and even loved her, she didn't have any experience since she had never fallen in love, except for the young man who sat next to her.


Hiratsuka suddenly thought if his urge and excitement were real and he would push her here and now, what would she do?

Would she accept?

Well, if possible, Hiratsuka wanted to accept since she also sought after his body, but would it be too early?

Hiratsuka was caught in a dilemma all of a sudden.

If Shishio knew what Hiratsuka was thinking, he would give her 100 points since all of his actions were acts. He did this to make Hiratsuka lower her guard since he didn't expect her skill at the fighting game to be so amazing, and it made him wonder how many times she needed to play this game to achieve such a level.

If Hiratsuka fought Nana, without a doubt, Nana would be massacred by Hiratsuka mercilessly.

After they talked, they continued to play the game, and Hiratsuka quickly lost continuously. She lost her hair band, lab coat, shirt, and black trousers. Right now, there are only a pair of matching black bras and panties covering her body.

However, Shishio also had lost once again, and there was only his boxer left.

As expected, Hiratsuka's attire caused force majeure, and as a man, he reacted.

Shishio was embarrassed and said, “Sorry.”

“…No, it's okay. I also understand.” Hiratsuka was shy as she tried to hide her bountiful breasts and panties by curling up. However, her eyes kept staring at the big tent that was hiding under his boxer.


Somehow there was an awkward silence between them, and they weren't sure what to say for a moment.

“…Do you want to continue the game?” Shishio asked.


Hiratsuka knew that their game had reached a dangerous state.

If Shishio lost, he would show his hardened phallus.

On the other hand, if Hiratsuka lost, she would show her bare chest or the slit hidden under her panties.

Luckily, Hiratsuka had shaved yesterday, so she was confident her body could attract him.

“…What do you want to do?” Hiratsuka couldn't answer and threw this question to Shishio, leaving everything to his decision.

Shishio didn't feel surprised by her decision, but he was in silence for a moment and said, “Let's play one more game.”


The two started their last game, but unlike before, the characters on the screen moved slowly as if they deliberately beat each other slowly, and when the time ended, the result of their battle ended with a draw.


“…It's a draw.”


“Should we take off our clothes together?”


Hiratsuka was shy, but it didn't mean that she rejected him.

The two stood up while facing each other. They looked at each other for the last time before they made up their minds to do the thing that they were about to do.

Hiratsuka took off her bra and quickly covered her nipple with her arm.

Shishio had his phallus hardened, and it was simply impossible to hide it with his hands, considering how huge it was.


Hiratsuka stared at Shishio's nether region, and her eyes were glued again.


Hiratsuka raised her head and saw him approaching her, and she quickly threw aside all her reason and pushed him to the sofa.


Shishio was speechless, but right now, he let himself be pushed by Hiratsuka.

The sound insulation of her apartment was quite good, and the curtain had closed the windows of her apartment.

There was nothing that would stop them anymore.

If one asked what might stop them, it might be their conflicted feeling whether everything was too early.

However, Shishio underestimated the frustration of a leftover woman, and Hiratsuka just wanted to forget everything, whether it was their status as a teacher and a student, their standings on society, and their morals.

Right now, they were just a male and a female.

They had returned to their natural state without anything that covered them.

They were just in love with each other, and nothing could stop them anymore.

Shishio suddenly took control and positioned himself on the top.

Hiratsuka, who was on the bottom, blushed, looking at him timidly, and said softly, “…Be gentle, alright?”


Shishio felt something broken in his mind at that time, but one thing for sure, he started gently before he became a beast.

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