Chapter 405: He isnt a virgin

A beautiful girl appeared before them.

However, even though this girl was beautiful, there was still some distance from Yukinoshita.

If Yukinoshita had nine points, then this girl had eight points.

However, the girls chest was bigger than Yukinoshitas disappointed chest, so this girl had a plus point.

Shishio didnt stare at this girl unbridledly and looked in Yukinoshitas direction with a smile since he was too lazy for an argument.

Yukinoshita had somehow gotten used to Shishios routine, so she only snorted, but she was quite satisfied with his reaction.

“I, like, came here cause Ms. Hiratsuka told me to.” The girl looked around curiously, but then she was dumbfounded when she saw Shishio. “Huh?” But then, she was even more dumbfounded when she saw Hikigaya. “Huh? Wh-Whats Hikki doing here?!”

Her reaction was so exaggerated, which made Shishio wonder whether this girl was Hikigayas ex-girlfriend.

‘Well, that should be impossible.

Shishio quickly erased that possibility and thought that they might have an unusual relationship, which somehow made him curious.

“I am a member.” Hikigaya felt uncomfortable with this type of girl, so he looked at her with his usual unfriendly eyes. Still, it was his first time for someone to call him Hikki, and he also didnt know who this girl was.

“Shishio, sit near Hikigaya for a bit,” Yukinoshita said as she pulled the chair from back class.


“So you wont lay your claws at this girl.”

“I am not doing anything like that.”

“Hmm…” Yukinoshita only stared at Shishio.

Shishio rolled his eyes, and he was too lazy to argue, so he took the chair that was pulled by Yukinoshita as he sat next to Hikigaya.

The girl seemed surprised by the interaction between Shishio and Yukinoshita, so she whispered to Hikigaya. “Are they dating?”

Hikigaya was stunned and felt his entire body jolted when a sweet scent and warmth of her breath invaded his entire being. However, he was someone who had been baptized by many things in his life, so he wouldnt be trapped in this love comedy situation. “…Probably.”

The girl seemed to want to ask about Shishios deeds as a scumbag, but she decided to shut her mouth when Yukinoshita told her to sit next to her.

The position of their seats had changed.

Hikigaya was sitting near the wall with Shishio on his left side, then Yukinoshita, who sat next to Shishio naturally.

“Youre Yuigahama Yui from class 2-F, right?” Yukinoshita asked as he patted the free chair on her side. “Have a set.”

Yui nodded with a smile as she sat on the chair. “Oh. So you, like, know about me.”

Shishio looked at Yui for a moment, then whispered at Hikigaya. “Do you know her or something?”

“No, I dont know her.” Hikigaya shook his head and asked with his dead fish eyes. “What? Do you have an interest in her or something?” He knew that this guy was a scumbag, so as long as there was a pretty girl, Shishio might hunt her without hesitation.

“What are you thinking about? I am just surprised by her reaction.” Shishio sighed and said, “Id thought that she was your ex-girlfriend or something.”

“Wh-What?!” Hikigaya was dumbfounded when he heard Shishios words.

“However, when I think about your condition, I think it is impossible.”

“…The last part is unnecessary, right?” Hikigaya gritted his teeth and looked at Shishio as if he wanted to swallow him whole.

“What are you talking about in the murmur there?” Yukinoshita asked with a frown.

“We were talking about how Hikigaya-senpai had decided to give up to become a household husband and become a civil servant,” Shishio said.

Yukinoshita was confused and asked, “Why have you decided to become a civil servant?”

Hikigaya also looked at Shishio in confusion since he didnt have a plan to become a civil servant after all.

“He might have given up on letting his wife support him, so he let the taxpayers support him,” Shishio said.

“…Thats a great idea!” Hikigaya was surprised since he had never thought about such a possibility before.

“Right? Instead of having an impossible dream to become a household husband, why dont you aim to become a civil servant? Its easier, considering how smart you are.”

“Thats true.” Hikigaya suddenly thought that he needed to change his dream somehow. “Wait! Wait! You mean, it is impossible for me to have a wife or something?”

“…..” Shishio didnt say anything and only smiled.

Watching how Shishio and Hikigaya talked about how to become a civil servant and let the taxpayers support their lives until death before they started to bicker to each other, Yukinoshita could only let out a sigh.

However, Yui somehow laughed and said, “This club seems kind of fun!”

“…Huh?” 3x

Shishio, Yukinoshita, and Hikigaya looked at Yui at the same time.

“By the way, Hikki, youre, like, totally running your mouth.”

“Huh?” Hikigaya was confused.

“Uh, you know, like…” Yui became slightly panicked before saying, “You totes act differently in class. And its, like, disgusting how much of a snob youre.” She played with her hair lightly, showing how nervous she was.

Hikigaya gritted his teeth before he snorted as he looked away. “Fuck you, slut.”


Yui stood up in disbelief. “Whore you callin a slut?! Im still a vir—” She suddenly realized she was about to speak and her face turned burning red. “Wa-Wait, forget that!”

Yukinoshita was calm as ever and said, “Its not a big deal at this age, is it? Its okay to be a vir—” Before she finished her words, Yui quickly stopped her. “Uwaaa! Wh-What are you talking about?! But this is my second year, you know? Its totally embarrassing! Shouldnt my girl power be super hardcore?”

“What worthless values.” Yukinoshita let out a sigh.

“Still, a girls power? Seriously? Reeks of a slut.” Hikigaya still felt hurt being called disgusting.

“You did it again! I cant believe you can run around calling people sluts! Youre a total creep, Hikki!”

“Whats calling you a slut thats got to do with me being a creep? Also, stop calling me Hikki, you slut.”

“Damn, youre annoying! Disgusting!” Yui couldnt handle it anymore and insulted Hikigaya with her limited vocabulary.

Shishio, who had been silent, nodded and said, “You two have a good relationship.”

“Are your eyes blind?!” 2x

Neither Yui nor Hikigaya felt their relationship was close. Instead, they are a deadly enemy right now!

“Continuing our conversation before, what do you think, Shishio-kun?” Yukinoshita asked.

“What?” Shishio was confused.

“Its about being a virgin at our age. What do you think?” Yukinoshita asked curiously.

“…Why did you ask me that question?” Shishio was speechless.

“Is it not okay for you to answer this question?” Yukinoshita asked.

Shishio looked at Yukinoshita for a moment and sighed. “Alright, I dont mind answering your question, but my answer might be unexpected for you.”

“Oh?” 3x

Whether Yukinoshita, Hikigaya, or Yui also looked at Shishio at the same time since they wanted to know how the famous scumbag of the Suimei Academy would answer this question.

“I think it is wonderful if one wants to preserve ones virginity,” Shishio said without hesitation.

“Eh?” 3x

They were surprised by Shishios answer.

“What? Do you think that being a virgin is uncool or something? No. Instead, I think being a virgin is something amazing. You preserve your purity for the person that you love instead of following everyone, so no one will think that youre weird or different.” Shishio looked at Yukinoshita and said, “Theres no need to be in a hurry. When you fall in love and find the right person for you, it isnt too late for you to lose your virginity, so right now, if you dont have someone like that, it is better not to think too much. Once you lose it, you wont be able to retake it. You only have one membrane inside you, so keep it for the person that you love the most.”

Shishio had to sigh when he thought of how the majority of people in this country wanted to be the same as everyone else.

They didnt want to become weird and different, so they did what everyone had done.

It was similar to Rui, who just wanted to taste sex so she wouldnt be left out by everyone, but Shishio wasnt going to say much about her decision since everyone had their own choices in their life.

There was nothing wrong or right with each of the decisions, and there was only a decision that you regret or not in life.

Somehow Shishio realized that he hadnt talked with Rui, which made him sigh somehow.

“Yuigama-senpai, you must be the type of person who feels relief that youre the same as everyone else, right?” Shishio asked.

“Ah, um…” Yui nodded since thats how she was. She was afraid to be different, and she felt relieved that she was the same as everyone else, which was why she was insecure when she talked about her virginity, considering how the majority of girls in high school had lost their virginity.

“Theres no need to get embarrassed, but at the same time, it is understandable that you find us quite incompatible.” Shishio pointed his finger at Hikigaya and held Yukinoshitas hand. “You see, the three of us are a different type of person from you. We wont follow the “everyone,” we resist “everyone,” and thats why were genuine. Thats who we are, and we wont force you to like us either since we wont change to accommodate you, so you will like us. ”

Hikigaya stared at Shishio in a daze.

Yukinoshita also did something similar and held his hand tighter.

“Thats also why the two of them are loners, though,” Shishio said.

“Oi!” 2x

“Well, Yukino-senpai aside since she has many friends now. Hikigaya are the only loners here.”

“Oi!” Hikigaya felt stupid for being moved by Shishio somehow. However, he must admit that he didnt hate this part of him.

Yukinoshita didnt say anything since she knew that the reason why there were many friends around her was because of this scumbag who was sitting next to her. If he wasnt here, she might still spend her time alone in this room without anyone. While she was glad to meet him, her feelings were also mixed since she knew he was the worst type of guy out there, but she didnt deny that he was charming.

“Wow…” Yui was amazed, and her eyes were glittering like stars. “Amazing…”

“Okay, okay, dont praise me. Ill get ahead of myself later.” Shishio quickly stopped Yui since he didnt want her to fall for him.

“Yeah, be careful, or youll be eaten by him,” Yukinoshita said while looking at Yui.


“Well, Oga, can I ask you a question?” Hikigaya suddenly asked.

“Whats wrong, Senpai?” Shishio asked.

“So… after you have said all of that, are you a virgin or not?” Hikigaya asked curiously while looking at Shishio.


Suddenly the room drowned in silence, and all of them looked at Shishio.

Shishio only gave a gentle smile and asked, “Yuigama-senpai, whats your request? Can we hear it now?”

‘Hes not a virgin. 3x

Yukinoshita, Yui, and Hikigaya thought at the same time.

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