I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 410: Wakatsuki Takeshi

Chapter 409: Mai: Lets go back, Shishio

Shishio somehow wanted to be lazy around today, but he just couldnt, especially when his cheek was poked several times. He opened his eyes lightly and saw Nana was looking at him with a smile.

“Hehe…” Nana laughed happily as if she had succeeded with her prank.


There were many things that Shishio wanted to ask, but he decided to kiss this girl first.

Nana also responded by hugging his neck.

They kissed each other for a moment before they parted their lips.

Nana lay on his chest weakly, feeling sleepy.

“You havent slept?”

“I have slept earlier, but I feel sleepy again.” Nana rubbed her eyes lazily, then glanced at Shishio. “It was all thanks to certain someone who was so wild last night.”

“My bad, my bad.” Shishio just let her release her emotion since he was too lazy to argue.

“So as a punishment, you have to become my pillow until I wake up again!” Nana happily hugged Shishio while rubbing her face on his chest.

Shishio was only looking at Nana in silence while thinking,What kind of cute creature is this?

“Still, this thing is still as lively as ever, huh?” Nana looked at the big thing below the blanket and touched it without hesitation. After all, they had done it, and they also did many postures and poses that one couldnt imagine, so her shame had disappeared without a trace.

Being stroked gently, Shishio let out a satisfied sigh, but somehow he felt annoyed when he saw Nanas smug expression.

It felt good, right? It felt good, right?

Shishio could see those words come out from Nanas face. However, he could only let out a satisfied sigh again as he patted her head.

However, Nana seemed to misunderstand his meaning and said, “Its okay, Ill use your favorite thing.” She dove inside the blanket, and suddenly he felt two huge things wrapped around his phallus.

‘Dont tell me?

Shishio opened the blanket, and he opened his eyes wide when Nana wrapped his phallus around two big things on her chest while moving them up and down.

While Nanas skin might be tanned, her inner was white, including her chest was white, but her nipples were in beautiful pink color.

Also, Nana had inverted nipples. They would only be shown when they got hard.

Luckily, they were so hard right now, and her lewd expression couldnt be hidden as she sucked his glans greedily.

Shishio didnt say much and only patted her head, but Nana misinterpreted his meaning again and swallowed everything he had unleashed before showing her clean mouth.

“Ill wash my mouth first.”

“Do you need help?”


Shishio carried Nana in his arms, and the two brushed their teeth together.

After they were done, they lazily laid on the bed again together while he asked, “Was it okay to swallow them?”

“What were you talking about? Arent you the one who forced me to drink?” Nana pouted.


Shishio didnt say anything since Nana was the one who misinterpreted, but he didnt say much.

They kissed each other again before Nana continued to sleep since last night was too tiring for her.

However, Shishio didnt sleep and opened the rewards that he got from Nana.

While checking Nanas condition after she lost her first time, Shishio looked at his rewards which were quite unique.

His first reward was the Funosho Group, a trading company that specialized in the distribution of a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables imported from around the world.

As for the second, Shishio got 63% of the shares of Fuji Kyuko.

While some people were confused about what kind of company Fuji Kyuko was, it was a company that operated the Fujikyuko Line railway and regional and long-distance bus routes. It operated the Tenjou-Yama Park Mt. Kachi Kachi Ropeway and Fuji-Q Highland amusement park.

Shishio somehow wanted to go to this theme park that he had just received since he was quite curious about the scariest haunted house in the country.

However, it was better to check his next reward, which was the Agriculture Mastery.

‘Should I grow my own vegetables and fruits in Sakurasou?

Shishio felt that it wasnt impossible, and he also felt that the vegetables and fruits he grew would be amazing that they might reach the black or red color status, which tasted so amazing that one couldnt imagine.

Shishio was somehow satisfied with his rewards and decided to sleep too since he was going to spend a lazy day today.

After they woke up in the afternoon, everyone gathered in Shishios apartment that was located on the highest floor of the apartment building.

They looked at Shishio silently, who prepared breakfast with nothing but a naked apron.

Frankly, they had never thought of this possibility before if Nana didnt ask this request.

Shishio was also too lazy to argue, too, and they had seen each others bodies, so there was nothing wrong with wearing a naked apron. The worst thing was that he could marry them if he couldnt marry in the future.

As for breakfast, Shishio didnt make anything complicated since he only made an egg with toast and coffee or tea. He also prepared some jams if they wanted to and some simple salads since he knew how those girls were so fascinated with the word “healthy.”

However, Shishio didnt blame them since he knew that they were worried about his health, considering how he needed to fight many girls at the same time every night. Before he cooked, he also had to fight several girls before everyone gathered there.

Still, it was better to talk about that matter later since they were more focused on the breakfast in front of them.

While it might be simple, everyone ate with relish and happiness since they could eat something he made last night and this morning.

“Right, when is your fight, Shishio?” Nana suddenly asked. She had heard that Shishio was going to fight again, but she wasnt sure when it was going to be held. She had seen how amazing he was at the Underground Arena, so she wondered who he was going to fight again this time.

“…Fight?” 5x

Nanami, Ritsu, Maiko, Yukinoshita, and Mea looked at Nana simultaneously, with a confused expression since they didnt understand what was happening.

“Oops!” Nana quickly realized her mistake when she was nudged by Mai and received a glance from Shishio. She panicked and knew that she had made a mistake. However, this wasnt her fault since she thought that Nanami, Ritsu, Maiko, and Mea had already become part of his harem too. She clasped her hands together while looking at Shishio apologetically.

“What did she mean, Shishio-kun?” Yukinoshita asked worriedly.

“Well, I might not have told you, but I am a martial artist, you know?” Shishio thought for a moment and felt that there was nothing to hide since he didnt fight in the underground arena. Instead, he was going to have a spar, so there was nothing to worry about.

“So youre going to have a fight?” Nanami asked worriedly.

“Its not a fight, but it is a spar. Its different, alright?”

“Now that you mention it.” Ritsu thought for a moment and said, “You have mentioned in the past that you had fought a random martial artist in the past, so that was true?”

“You thought I was lying?”

Ritsu didnt say anything, but her embarrassment showed everything.

“Oh, isnt that quite normal?” Maiko suddenly said.

“Normal?” They looked at Maiko with a strange expression.

“Um, I mean, hes a martial art, so isnt it normal for him to have a spar, so hell become stronger?” Maiko told them she wanted to become a hairdresser, so she also needed to train at how to cut peoples hair from a wig and something else.

“But it doesnt change the fact. Youre going to fight, right?” Mea looked at Shishio worriedly and asked, “Are you sure?”

“I have fought several times, so you dont need to worry,” Shishio reassured them that there was nothing to worry about, and they somehow felt relief since they knew how strong he was, considering how often they saw his body in the sport class. They had only heard it from the teacher, but his body should match the first-class athlete, so there was nothing to be worried about.

“Um… Can I watch the fight?” Nanami asked since she was worried about Shishio.

“I dont mind. Its going to be held tomorrow, though. Is that okay?” Shishio asked.


They were surprised, but somehow they agreed and made their decision to watch his fight together tomorrow since they were free.

Still, Nana cried and kept apologizing to Shishio, which made him sigh inwardly, thinking that he might need to punish his older sister too later.

With everything that had been decided, they wondered what kind of martial arts and what kind of opponents he was going to fight.

“My opponent should be a karate user,” Shishio said since he remembered the information that Tokugawa had told him before. While he hadnt seen his opponent, he knew that his opponent should be a strength type of opponent.


They nodded, and somehow they became even intrigued by what kind of fight they were going to watch.

“What is your opponents name? And from what karate school? Its not from Shinshinkai Karate School?” Yukinoshita asked since she knew how bad this karate school was.

After the loss of Doppo, the Shinshinkai Karate School had almost decimated, especially with many bad rumors that came after another. The only one who left was probably someone who was loyal to Doppo, but even so, those people would also disappear shortly.

“No, he should be from Rokushin Kaikan Karate.”

“What kind of school is that?”

“Oh, its also quite a famous school too.” Yukinoshita knew this Rokushin Kaikan Karate and explained it to everyone.

“Youre quite familiar with martial arts, Yukino,” Mai asked curiously.

Yukinoshita hesitated for a moment and said, “…My big sister is also a martial artist, so I know quite a bit.”

Mai could see Yukinoshita didnt really want to explain this matter, so she changed the topic about who he was going to fight.

“I am not sure, but his name should be Wakatsuki Takeshi.”

“Wakatsuki Takeshi?”

Hearing this name, they didnt think too much and kept asking about his experience at fighting since it was interesting.

However, when the day arrived, they were dumbfounded since they didnt expect Shishios opponent would be a monster.

“…Shishio, lets stop the fight.” Mai held his hand as she tried to stop him.

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