I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 411: Hard vs Soft 1

Chapter 410: Wakatsuki Takeshi

Shishio had asked Tokugawa to let him prepare someone to fight him. He just wanted to spar to see how far he was with his Aikido and didnt want to have a crowd, but even so, Tokugawa told him to have a fight on the Underground Arena since there werent many people there and he could lend that venue as long as it was used to fight.

Still, it was the first time some girls had come to the Underground Arena, and they would be lying if they werent excited about this mysterious place.

“So the match will be held in the Tokyo Dome?” Mai asked since she was present when Shishio made an appointment to have a spar.

“Thats right.” Shishio nodded, then looked at Yukinoshita, Mai, Mea, Maiko, and Nanami, and said, “Still, before we go there, I must tell you that you must keep this place a secret, alright? Dont tell your parents or even your friends. If you cant promise me that, Ill have you all to go back now.”

Unlike Roberta, Shiina, Saki, Miu, and Nana, who had come to this place before, the five of them had never come to the Underground Arena, so they were pretty clueless about this matter.

However, before they answered, Shishio was called by someone excitedly.


Everyone turned their gazes and saw a short old man running in Shishios direction excitedly. While they didnt know who this old man was, they could see that this old man was quite close to Shishio.

However, Yukinoshita frowned since she felt this old man was quite familiar.

“Tokugawa-jii.” Shishio gave the nod and asked, “Is it ready?”

“Yeah.” Tokugawa nodded, then looked at all the girls and was amazed. “Youre really a beast. Can you handle all of them?”


Everyone blushed and glared at Shishio.

“Cough! Cough! You dont need to worry. Theyre pretty satisfied. Anyway, is it okay for them to enter?” Shishio asked.

They knew that Shishio changed the subject of the conversation, so they didnt say anything and also didnt intend to deny it either since it was troublesome, and they didnt really hate it either, though.

“Sure, sure.” Tokugawa nodded without hesitation.

“Are you okay if some of them tell this matter to someone?” Shishio asked.

“Well, it isnt like someone will believe their words even if they tell their parents or friends, right?” Tokugawa gave a reassuring smile since he still had much power in this country.

The rules of Tokugawa that had lasted over 260 years werent something that could be erased easily.

Until now, there were many people who would give him a face and power that one couldnt imagine.

After all, without a doubt, this country had been peaceful and gained many things over the past 260 years of Tokugawas rules, so Tokugawa still had many powers and money.

While they talked to each other, the girls thought differently while wondering who this old man was, especially when they realized many men wearing black suits stood in the surrounding area as if they were protecting this old man.

However, Yukinoshita quickly realized.

“Have you realized his identity?” Mai asked in a whisper.

Yukinoshita looked at Mai in shock and asked, “Is he…?”

Mai gently nodded since she wasnt surprised by Yukinoshitas reaction, considering she wasnt much different.

“………” Yukinoshita.

“Should we go now?” Tokugawa asked.

“Sure.” Shishio nodded and asked, “Wheres Sensei?”

“Hes waiting inside. Its hot after all.” Tokugawa wiped his sweat on his forehead with a handkerchief.

“I see.”

While they talked to each other, the girls who didnt know anything asked Miu, Saki, and Nana, who had come to this place before.

Shiina had also come to this place before, but somehow they felt it was better not to ask her, considering they knew their situation well.

“So my opponent is Wakatsuki Takeshi, right?” Shishio asked.

“Yes.” Tokugawa nodded with a smile and said, “Hes coming with his employer to this spar, but you need to treat it as a real fight since it seems he also wants to fight you.”

“He wants to fight me?” Shishio was confused since he didnt remember meeting this person before.

“It was all because of Kanoh Agito.” Tokugawa used his fan to cool himself and said, “He was defeated by Kanoh before, so when he knew you wanted to have a spar, he insisted to have a spar with you.”

“Well, if he can even defeat Kanoh, does he think he can defeat me?” Shishio was speechless. He had defeated Kanoh when his strength was just 1.5 times stronger than ordinary people, and the only martial art he had mastered was Bajiquan.

However, it was different now since he had become three times stronger than ordinary people and mastered many martial arts.

“Thats what I think too.” Tokugawa nodded since he also understood how strong Shishio was. He chose this opponent because Shishio wanted to test his Aikido skill, and this person fit the description. “However, when I saw him, I could see that he might have a chance to defeat you.” Still, once he saw the real person, he must admit that Wakatsuki Takeshi was strong.

Shishio looked at Tokugawa for a moment and said, “Somehow, I feel curious about this person.” It wasnt that he was arrogant, but he really didnt think that someone could defeat him now, especially with many of the senses of his body having been strengthened.

Even a bullet wouldnt threaten him anymore.

“Okay, okay, let me help you meet him now. Hes already in the Underground Arena. Follow me!” Tokugawa said excitedly as if he had become a tour guide for everyone.

Everyone became curious, but they were dumbfounded when they entered a lift that connected them to the underground.

“Theres an underground area in the Tokyo Dome?” Maiko was dumbfounded.

“This is the first time I have heard of it!” Mea wasnt sure how to react.

“Are-Are we going to somewhere dangerous now?” 2x

Nana laughed, looking at her friends, and said, “Its okay. Its okay. It isnt that dangerous. Instead, it is quite a nice place.” She still remembered her first time to come to this place, and she was so nervous at that time, but it was different now since she knew how strong Shishio was.

“Yeah, this is the best place on the entire earth!” Tokugawa said with a laugh.

Shishio was in silence while looking at Tokugawa and thought the only person who thought this place was the best place on the entire earth was someone as fighting fanatic as him.

After they arrived at the Underground Arena, the girls looked around curiously, but the huge and spacious corridor made them even dumbfounded since no one realized there was such a secret under the Tokyo Dome.

Everyone was looking at Shishio and thought if they didnt come with him, without a doubt, they wouldnt know about this place.

“Should we go to the arena? You havent seen them, right? After all, you have been waiting in the corridor,” Tokugawa said since Shishios girlfriends didnt have a chance to walk into the arena, considering his last fight with Kaioh Retsu brought so many audiences.

Shishio looked at everyone and asked, “What do you think?” Except for Shiina, the rest hadnt visited the arena.

They agreed since they were also quite curious about the stage where he would have a spar. They walked together before they saw a wide hexagonal area, which somehow made them slightly nervous and made them move even closer to Shishio.

As they entered, they were greeted with a vast area with the ground covered with sand.

However, Nana realized something and was startled. “Th-This isnt a sand?!”

They were dumbfounded and realized they didnt stand on the top of the sand. Instead, they stood on the top of nails, teeth, bones, and many other things there. Somehow even though it was faint, they could imagine what kind of fight had happened in this place. They became scared and wanted to tell him to go back.

However, someone suddenly came.

“Are you Shishio Oga?”

Everyone turned their gazes and saw a humongous man walking toward them with a flat expression.

His figure was imposing, and he had a densely well-defined musculature.

He had short blonde hair, thick blonde facial hair on his chin, dark eyebrows, a chiseled cheek structure, and discerning eyes.

His height was 193 cm taller than Shishio, but unlike Shishios slender body, the term monster would be suitable for defining his body.

The girls were so nervous when they saw this man since they could see the difference between Shishio and this man. While they knew that Shishio was strong, they could see that this man was strong, and somehow they felt nervous when they thought he was going to fight this man since they were afraid he might be hurt.

If Shishio knew what they were thinking, he wouldnt feel surprised since an amateur would only see whether one was strong or not through a body alone.

Still, it didnt mean one with a huge body was weak. Instead, one with a huge body had a natural strength that one with a small body didnt have.

It was also the reason why martial arts were invented, so the people with a smaller build could fight against the huge body.

However, the girls didnt understand that, and they were too intimidated by Wakatsuki Takeshis body, hoping that this person wasnt Shishios opponent.

While the man had a flat expression, Shishio still had a faint smile on his face. “Youre Wakatsuki Takeshi-san, right? I hope we can have a good fight today.”

Wakatsuki observed Shishio and ignored the girls around him. He also gave a faint smile and said, “Me too. I hope you can show me the power that can defeat the Fang.”

“Youll see it soon. Why dont you prepare since I want to start right away.”

“What a coincidence. I want to start right away too, but Ill give you time to prepare.” Wakatsuki walked back to the corridor where he came from since he needed to prepare since he realized his opponent wasnt as simple as it seemed. However, it was something that he had expected since this boy was someone who could even defeat the Fang, Kanoh Agito.

“Wakatsuki, what do you think?” A man with a stout build stood in the corridor and asked Wakatsuki curiously.

Wakatsukis expression became emotionless, and he said, “Frankly, I dont think I can hold back, so Ill go all out from the beginning.”

While Wakatsuki talked with his employer, Shishio looked at his girls and wanted to tell them to go out and watch him in the audience area. However, Mai held his arm and said, “Shishio, lets stop the fight and go back.”

“……” Shishio.

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