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Chapter 412: Hard vs Soft 2

Chapter 411: Hard vs Soft 1

Shishios opponent was different from what Mai imagined.

When Shishio fought Shibukawa before, Mai didnt think too much since the difference in their physical ability was obvious to her. Even if Shibukawa was known as a master, there was still a difference between the physical ability of young people and old people.

However, Wakatsuki Takeshi was different!

Mai had never thought that Shishio would fight against such a monster, so without hesitation, she stopped him!

Not only Mai, but most of the girls also thought the same since no one would expect Shishio would fight against such a monster.

“Shishio, are you really going to fight that person?” Shiina asked.

“Yes.” Shishio nodded and said, “So dont stop me and watch quietly, alright? Just believe me. You can see that Saki is calm right now.”

Unlike the rest, Saki was strangely calm.

“Saki, are you okay with this?” Miu asked worriedly.

Saki let out a sigh and said, “You know how stubborn he is, so no matter what you say, itll be useless. You also might not, but his opponent in the past is even scarier and even bigger than this guy.”

“Even bigger?!” They were dumbfounded.

Saki didnt say anything wrong since she had been listening to Shishios conversation with Tokugawa.

Saki still remembered her first time watching Kengan Match, and his opponent was Kanoh Agito.

While Wakatsuki Takeshi might have a bulkier and more imposing body, Saki still felt Kanoh Agito was stronger, considering what kind of evil face that guy had shown.

“Okay, I am going to prepare now. You should watch from the audience seat.” Shishio looked around and found Shibukawa sitting on the audience seat.

Shibukawa only waved his hand with a smile, watching from a distance. Still, he was speechless when the number of girls around Shishio became even bigger, and they were all beautiful girls!

“Sit over there and just watch me, alright?” Shishio said and tried to reassure them before he took off his clothes without hesitation.

“…” Everyone.

They were dumbfounded when they saw him take his clothes and change into an Aikido uniform given by Roberta naturally, ignoring that many girls were standing right beside him.

On the other hand, Roberta collected Shishios clothes without saying much as she stood by his side.


They were in silence and werent sure where to put their eyes since his upper body was sculpted perfectly, and on his lower body, they would be able to see his big bulge, which made it hard for them to close their eyes.

“Why the hell are you getting naked?!” Yukinoshita was furious and looked away but secretly glanced at Shishio.

Ritsu was at a loss, and she didnt know what to say. She wanted to say something, but in the end, she kept her mouth shut.

“I am going to fight, alright? Okay, okay, we can talk about this later. You can sit in the audience seat. Also, you dont need to worry about my safety since if something happens, theres a medical staff that is ready, waiting over there.” Shishio pointed at the doctor and nurses that had been waiting in the corridor.

They looked at Shishio reluctantly before talking with the medical staff for a while until they believed that they could save him no matter how severe his injuries were.

“Be careful, alright?” Mai said with a sigh, kissing him before she walked to the audience area.

Nana, Shiina, Saki, and Miu also kissed him.

Roberta also joined too.

Only Rito, Maiko, Mea, and Yukinoshita watched this scene speechlessly.

Shibukawa and Tokugawa could also watch this scene silently in jealousy, but they were old, so they didnt have that much excitement toward girls.

Shishio didnt care about what everyone was thinking, and after his girls left, he stood in the arena, watching Wakatsuki, that slowly walked out again from the corridor.

However, unlike before, Wakatsuki was full of fighting spirit, and he also had changed into his fighting shorts, walking imposingly toward Shishio. On his face, it clearly told Shishio that he was going to defeat him.

Shishios expression didnt change much, and he just showed a faint smile on his face and excitement to test his new martial arts.

‘Hes a perfect sandbag.

Shishio thought and couldnt wait for their spar to start.

While Shishio and Wakatsuki were facing each other, Mai and her group walked to the side of Tokugawa and Shibukawa.

“Tokugawa-jii, Shibukawa-sensei, it has been a while,” Mai greeted them with a smile.

“Its been a while, Mai-chan.” Shibukawa nodded with a smile.

“Sit here. Sit here.” Tokugawa patted the seat beside him.

While Shibukawa and Tokugawa might not have much interest in girls, it felt better than being surrounded by muscular men. However, when they noticed Roberta, their expression slightly changed since they could tell that this woman was strong!

“Excuse us.”

They sat next to each other while maintaining some distance between Shibukawa and Tokugawa.

“By the way, can I ask more about Shishios opponent? He has only told me that his opponent is a karate user,” Mai said since she knew that Shishios opponent was more than a mere karate user.

Tokugawa nodded with a smile and said, “Yes, but you should understand that Wakatsuki Takeshi is famous among the underground fighting circle.”

“Underground fighting circle?!”

The girls were dumbfounded, wondering whether they had misheard since they had never thought something that only appeared in the manga would appear in reality. They wanted to argue that such a thing didnt exist, but the reality in front of them said otherwise.

“Hes the fighter of Furumi Pharmaceuticals. He has won a total of 306 matches and earned over three trillion yen for that company.”

“….” Everyone.

‘Three trillion yen… Their heads were dizzy, wondering how many zeros were on that total amount of money.

“As for what is so special about him…” Tokugawa thought for a moment and said, “Its without a doubt his natural strength. As for his mastery over karate, frankly, it is quite decent.”

“Natural strength? Can you be specific?” Mai asked.

Everyone also relied on Mai since she was the only one who knew Tokugawa and Shibukawa, and among them, without a doubt, she had the best conversation skill, considering she had met various people during her career as an actress.

While Nana was also good at communication, she wasnt that good at talking with an adult with a high status since she had never met one, so she just quietly listened to Mai, who talked with Tokugawa and Shibukawa.

“Young Lady, Wakatsuki is without a doubt, a monster.” Shibukawa continued the conversation.

“A monster, sir?”

“Yeah.” Shibukawa nodded and said, “You can see how thick his body is. His muscle density is 52 times stronger than normal people. His karate might be decent, but thats enough for him to defeat the majority of people.”

“…52 times the muscle density of a normal person?” Nanas lips twitched. She couldnt imagine how strong that was, but one thing for sure, she could tell that Wakatsuki was strong from that description and appearance alone!

“However, it doesnt mean Shishio is weak,” Shibukawa suddenly said.

While the girls were surprised and happy by Shibukawas words, Tokugawa frowned and asked, “Shibukawa, are you sure? Hes only using Aikido that you have taught him in this match, right?”

“Tokugawa, you underestimate him.” Shibukawa sighed when he thought about Shishios talent. “He should have mastered most of my techniques and might even develop it further. Worst case scenario, his skill should be similar to mine.”

“Re-Really?!” Tokugawa was dumbfounded.

“Try to imagine.” Shibukawa looked at the arena and said, “What if I have a better body, become younger while maintaining my skill in Aikido, and experience of the fight? What do you think will happen?”


Tokugawa was silent, but Shibukawa would become a monster if that really happened!

Shibukawa was a master of martial arts, without a doubt!

However, his weakness was also apparent to all.

Shibukawa was short, so his strength was naturally weak. He was also old since he was in his 70s, an age where he should just rest but spend his time fighting, which was impressive enough.

If Shibukawa became younger and gained Shishios athletic body while retaining his skills and experience, without a doubt, Tokugawa knew that Shibuka would become a monster that wouldnt lose to Yuujiro Hanma.

‘Can he defeat Yuujiro Hanma?

Tokugawa looked in Shishios direction, and somehow he wanted to see the fight. However, his logic quickly erased that possibility since he knew what kind of monster Yuujiro Hanma was, and if Shishio was killed, then…

Somehow Tokugawa would feel lonely if such a thing happened.

Wakatsuki and Shishio stood a few meters away from each other.

“I am curious.” Shishio looked at Wakatsuki and asked, “Why did you accept my spar?”

“I want to test the difference in our strength, and I want to see whether you can really defeat Kanoh Agito or not,” Wakatsuki said flatly.

“You have lost to Kanoh before?”

“…..” Wakatsuki.

Shishio only showed a faint smile and said, “Well, I wont say much. How about you try the skill of one that has defeated Kanoh Agito.”

“You sure talk big. Let me see how you can handle one of my punches later.”

While Shishio was still drinking milk on his moms, Wakatsuki had been fighting in the Underground Arena for the Furumi Pharmaceuticals. Still, Shishios aura was so normal, and besides his elegance and his handsome face, he just couldnt see how this young man was able to defeat Kanoh Agito, the one who had messed up his Achilles heels.

“Go ahead.”

Shishio still maintained the faint smile on his face while saying that.

They maintained a similar stance.

However, while Wakatsuki closed his fists, Shishio opened his fists.

Without a doubt, their battle would be a battle between a hard and a soft.

Tokugawa knew that it was the time, so he shouted, “START!!!”

As his voice fell, everyone was staring at the arena without blinking their eyes, afraid they would miss something.

Shishio and Wakatsuki tried to close their distance slowly, but Shishio suddenly closed his distance with a dash!

Wakatsuki was surprised, but he quickly reacted by sending his right punch toward Shishio!

With this punch, it was enough to send a grown-up man dead.

However, as Wakatsuki punched Shishio, he felt something strange, and suddenly he felt he was pushed by a tremendous power!

Wakatsuki was flown, and he hit the wall of the arena. His mass and the powerful force that had attacked him caused the wall of the arena to be a mess.

The loud crack and boom sound echoed through the arena, and everyone could only open their mouths wide by the scene in front of them.

While Wakatsuki lay on the ground and felt confused about what had happened, Shishio whistled and said with a faint smile, “As expected of one with 52 times muscle density of a normal people, you flew so far away.”

‘Wh-Whats happening?!

That question became a problem for everyone who watched this match.

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