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Chapter 413: Hard vs Soft 3

Chapter 412: Hard vs Soft 2

“Wh-Whats happening….?!”

They saw something that made their eyes open so wide.

Tokugawa and Shibukawa had explained Wakatsuki Takeshi, the monster born with Superman syndrome.

His body had 52 times the muscle density of an average person, his height was almost two meters, and his weight was 200 kg!

Such a humongous body was blown by Shishio to the edge of the arena, and the impact of that blow could even destroy the wood wall around the arena!

“…Is this an act?” Maiko asked unsurely.


Everyone was in silence and looked at Maiko speechlessly. However, they didnt feel surprised by Maikos words since they knew that it was out of common sense how Shishio could push Wakatsuki with such force, so they wouldnt be surprised if this was an act.


‘If this act, their act is too good!


“Dont be stupid.” Yukinoshita was the first one who denied Maiko and said, “What has happened here is real. As for how he was able to throw that man like that, it was all because of… Aiki.”

“Aiki?” Everyone was dumbfounded and looked at Yukinoshita curiously.

“Oh? Young Lady, do you know about Aiki?” Shibukawa was surprised while looking at Yukinoshita.

“…My big sister has learned about it in the past, so I know some of the theory, but it is my first time to see it in reality.”

Still, it was also because Yukinoshita had learned from Yukinoshita Haruno that she was dumbfounded when she saw how Aiki worked in reality.

In reality, the Aiki wasnt so simple.

In the hundreds of years of history of the world of modern martial arts stemming from the Meiji Period, it was doubtful that even ten martial artists have mastered true Aiki.

Even if they could use it, it was done on the agreed-upon conditions.

It meant they deliberately let themselves be hit with the Aiki technique so the master of Aiki could show the might of this martial art.

However, if this was done in the actual fight, those masters would be beaten hard without a doubt.

However, Shishio could use it in real fights!

Such a complicated technique was used in the actual fight by him!

If Yukinoshita didnt see it with her own eyes, she wouldnt believe it. However, the fact appeared in front of her, and she just watched this scene dumbfoundedly.

Hearing Yukinoshitas explanation, everyone was looking at her in surprise since they didnt expect her to have such an understanding of this martial art.

Even Roberta was also surprised, but it was normal for her not to understand since she didnt know how to do martial arts. Instead, she just knew how to kill someone, and Shishios Aiki really surprised her, considering how complicated it was.

“Young Lady, who is your big sister?” Shibukawa asked curiously.

Yukinoshita looked at Shibukawa for a moment, and after a moment of hesitation, she said, “Yukinoshita Haruno.”

“Oh!” Shibukawa was surprised and asked, “Youre Haruno-chans little sister?”

Yukinoshita was startled and asked, “You know my sister?”

“Of course. Shes my student, after all.”

“….” Yukinoshita.

“Youre from the Yukinoshita family, right?” Shibukawa rubbed his chin and said, “I remembered that they hired one of my students for a private lesson, but Haruno-chan wasnt satisfied and came to my dojo directly in the past.”

“…So how strong she is?” Yukinoshita asked hesitantly.

“Shes strong. Even among my students, shes the best, but if you want to compare it to Shishio, then theres no need to.”


“Because Shishio is a monster.”


While some of them were in awe, Saki, Miu, Nana, Mai, Roberta, and Shiina blushed since they also agreed that Shishio was a monster.

“Um, is that all? Isnt there more explanation?” Nana suddenly asked since they were silent.

“What do you want to ask?” Yukinoshita asked speechlessly.

“Just what did Shishio do? How was he able to blow that huge man away with so much force?” Nana asked since she was sure that this question also wanted to be asked by everyone too.

Everyone was also curious, and when this question fell, they either looked at Yukinoshita or Shibukawa.

Yukinohsita wasnt sure since even if she learned an Aikido in the past, her understanding was quite shallow, so she looked at Shibukawa.

Shibukawa also understood Yukinishitas situation, so he didnt embarrass her and said, “As that Young Lady said before, Shishio used an Aiki. Now, do any of you know what Aiki is?”

“…..” Everyone.

When they were in silence, Shibukawa knew that they didnt understand, but he had good patience, especially toward many beautiful and cute girls in front of her.

“Aiki is a Japanese martial arts principle or tactic in which the defender blends (without clashing) with the attacker, then go on to dominate the assailant through the strength of their application of internal dynamics or Ki energy to affect techniques.”

Shiina quickly caught the key and asked, “So Shishio used the strength of his opponent?”

“Yes!” Shibukawa nodded and said, “Blending with an attackers movements allows the Aiki practitioner to control the actions of the attacker with minimal effort. One applies Aiki by understanding the rhythm and intent of the attacker to find the optimal position and timing to apply a counter-technique.” He looked at Shishio and sighed, thinking that he was so old and thought that the mantle of the national treasure could go onto Shishios shoulders somehow.

“Shishio deflected his opponents attack with their power and also added his power in the process, which resulted in this situation.”


They could only stare in awe.

Even if the explanation was quite simple, without a doubt, it was complicated, and at the same time, they were thinking about whether they should learn a martial art from him.

Shishio might have offered to teach them before, but somehow they were too lazy to do it, especially when they had him to protect them.

While the girls were discussing his fight, Shishio crossed his arms as he put them on the sleeve of his aikido uniform, watching Wakatsuki that had slowly gotten up. “Oh? As expected of the Wild Tiger, youre strong.”

Wakatsuki stood up dizzily since the part that was hit by Shishio was his solar plexus, and it still hurt. It took all of his willpower to stand up, and at the same time, he realized how strong Shishio was.

While Wakatsuki knew that he might have the upper hand in the strength, it was all useless if his strength was redirected back at himself!

It was his first time for Wakatsuki to be hit by his own power.

While his entire body was hurt, Wakatsuki didnt regret accepting this spar since he felt he could become stronger.

“Come on.”

Shishio taunted, and Wakatsuki also didnt hesitate!

Wakatsuki charged forward with his imposing body. His figure was like a truck, especially when he sprinted forward. He made a feint with his hands, so Shishio would be confused whether he would punch him with his right or left fist. However, suddenly he changed his stance and did a front kick at Shishio!

The power of this front kick wasnt a joke!

While Wakatsukis skill at karate couldnt be compared to either Doppo or Katsumi, without a doubt, his natural strength that came from 52 times of muscle density of an average human wasnt something that could be scoffed of!

His front kick was enough to destroy a thick tree!

If Shishio was kicked by this front kick, even if his body was three times stronger than an average person, without a doubt, his bones would be broken, and his internal organs would be in a mess.

The sound of the breaking wind was heard, and his kick was about to reach Shishio!

Wakatsuki thought he had defeated Shishio, but the scene before him made him dumbfounded.

Shishio naturally moved to the side and dodged his front kick easily. After all, while Wakatsukis strength was powerful and the impact that came from his natural strength could make everyone freeze in fear, it was nothing for Shishio.

Even without his “Auto-Pilot,” Shishio could easily dodge this front kick.

However, this wasnt the end since Shishio also lifted the heel of Wakatsukis leg that he used to do this front kick.

“Have you ever flown before?”

Wakatsuki wasnt sure what had happened, but he felt his body was out of control, and he flipped in the air, but then Shishios claws caught his face, and he was slammed into the ground!


The huge body of Wakatsuki and the force that came from Shishios slam caused a great impact.

Everyone was staring at this scene in a daze as Shishio kept his distance slowly from Wakatsuki, and they must admit that his technique was beautiful and elegant, which made them think that they wanted to learn a martial art from him.

While Wakatsuki was strong, flexibility wasnt his strong point since his body was all muscles. After being slammed, his brain shook, and his nose was broken. He couldnt see since his eyes were hit by the sand, nails, teeth on the ground. However, he gritted his teeth and tried to catch Shishio with his claws aimlessly, based on his instinct alone, and once he caught him, he would slam him to death.

Still, Shishio had already distanced himself, and Wakatsukis struggle was futile.

Looking at Wakatsuki, Shishio let out a long sigh since he must admit that he was pretty disappointed in him.

Except for being known for his natural strength and muscled head, Shishio couldnt see anything special about Wakatsuki.

While Wakatsuki could defeat many small fries easily as much as he wanted to, his overall ability was quite disappointing in Shishios eyes.

“Wakatsuki-san, personally, I am disappointed since if I want to, no matter how many times you throw your fists, you wont be able to land them on me.”

“…Its too early for you to say that,” Wakatsuki was burning with anger, but what could he say?

Wakatsuki knew the truth, but how could he openly admit it?

Wakatsuki still had his own pride, and how could he accept such a thing!

Wakatsukis expression had broken, and all that was left was an angry expression shown on his face. He was like a wounded wild tiger that was ready to fight for the last time, and as long as Shishio let go of his guard, he would bite him to death!

“Now, now. How about this? Ill give you one chance.” Shishio still crossed his arms, showing a relaxed expression, and said, “I wont move, but you need to attack me with your strongest attack. Can you do it?”


Everyone was in a daze since they didnt expect such a crazy sentence to come from Shishios mouth.

Even Wakatsukis employer was also dumbfounded when they heard Shishios words.

“If you can defeat me, Ill teach you how to defeat Kanoh. What do you think?” Shishio asked.

Wakatsuki took a deep breath and said, “No, you dont need to, but I agree to this request.”

“Oh? Why?”

“Because I want to beat the shit of you now.”

“……..” Everyone.

However, Shishio only smiled and said, “Welcome.” He hoped that Wakatsuki could give him fun, or else this battle would end soon.

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