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Chapter 414: Number one under heaven

Chapter 413: Hard vs Soft 3

“Youre too dull, Tiger.”

Wakatsuki recalled the humiliation he received eight years ago when he lost to someone for the first time.

During his career, Wakatsuki had only lost twice, but his first loss was the one that humiliated him the most, and this time, he received a similar treatment that he received in the past.

While he might always show a flat expression most of the time, without a doubt, his pride was bigger than anyone.

As one born with supernatural power, Wakatsuki felt that he wouldnt lose to anyone, and even if he lost, he didnt want to be treated like this!

Wakatsuki took a deep breath, burning his energy further as he walked toward Shishio. He had kept this technique a secret and thought to use it during his revenge against Kanoh Agito, but who would expect that he would use it in this place.

However, Wakatsuki must admit that Shishio was strong!

Shishio was strong, which was why Wakatsuki wanted to beat the shit of him!

Shishio wouldnt dodge, and he wouldnt move. He just stood still, waiting for Wakatsuki to start his attack. While what he did sounded arrogant, there was a reason why he did this.

Shishio felt a bottleneck on the development of Aikido, so he thought to develop it further by letting Wakatsuki use all of his power on him.

“Be careful. If you dont, dont blame me.”

His voice might be quiet, but it was heard by everyone.

Roberta wanted to move, but she knew that it was too late.

After eight years of his defeat, Wakatsuki had always been thinking of how to defeat Kanoh Agito. While his talent in martial arts was decent, his body was simply a weapon itself, and as long as he had this body, he didnt think he would lose to anyone.

After healing from his injuries, Wakatsuki developed a technique that used his advantage to the limit.

To use an analogy, it is like a spring compressed to its limits, then released all at once.

All the muscles on his body are compressed towards a “single point.”

This point can be called the “Core.”

All of his power is focused on the center of his body then unleashed!


Along with his howl, Wakatsuki unleashed a punch at Shishio!

The form of this technique has striking similarities to the no-motion reverse of traditional karate.

Wakatsuki called this technique the “Blast Core!”

It was a technique that Wakatsuki had developed to break the Fang, Kanoh Agito.

However, Wakatsuki used it on Shishio, ignoring the fact he might tell the world about this secret technique that he had secretly developed.

Still, Wakatsuki felt that it was alright since right now, he just wanted to beat the shit of this young man!

Shishio ignored Wakatsukis inner dialogue and faced this punch grimly. He knew that he might have underestimated this guy so much, but his opinion didnt change even if he faced him several times since, in his mind, this guy was nothing but a musclehead.

While his muscles were enough to break the majority of people in this world, it wasnt enough to hurt him.

However, there was something that Shishio needed to do first.

Shishio activated his “Zone” instantly, and everything moved slowly.

With his “Enhanced Vision” and Enhanced Sense of Smell,” nothing could escape him.

Even with his “Auto-Pilot,” Shishio could dodge Wakatsukis Blast Core.

However, if Shishio did that, it would break his real intention to develop his Aikido.

If Shishio didnt intend to use his Aikido, there were several ways for him to solve this.

With his boxing, Shishio could do a counterpunch.

With his taekwondo, Shishio could also be a counter kick.

With his Bajiquan, Shishio would decimate Wakatsuki.

With his Ninjutsu, Shishio would dodge easily.

With his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Shishio would catch his hand and do a triangle lock.

With his Judo Mastery, Shishio would simply slam him down to the ground.

However, Shishio had decided to use just his Aikido. He didnt bother to use anything else, so he caught Wakatsukis Blast Core with his palm.

Wakatsuki didnt understand what Shishio was planning to do, but he didnt have mercy and unleashed all of his power on this punch!

A booming sound was heard, and someone was blown away.

However, the one who was blown away wasnt Wakatsuki.

Instead, it was Shishio.

Shishio was blown away until the end of the arena and even the audience area.

The ground scattered around, and all the seats in the audience area were all messy because of the impact.

Even the wood on the wall of the arena was broken.


Everyone was in silence, and they just opened their mouths wide.

The Underground Arena was void of noise, and it was so quiet that one might mistake it for a graveyard.

However, when they realized what had happened, the girls quickly shouted in panic.


Even Shiina, who had always been in a daze, knew the situation was bad. Her eyes were red, and she had tears in her eyes, wanting to help him as soon as possible!

Every girl was panicked, but they didnt know what to do!

After all, they had never encountered this problem, and they would have never expected his body would be blown away so far!

They didnt know what would happen to Shishio, but they knew he might be in a critical situation!

Tokugawa was also dumbfounded, thinking how amazing Wakatsuki was.

However, Shibukawa was in doubt.

Still, watching this situation, Wakatsuki and his employer didnt feel surprised since they knew how amazing the Blast Core was.

When the girls were about to run toward Shishio, Roberta suddenly said, “Calm down, Shishio-sama is alright.”

As her voice fell, Shishio stood up again as if nothing had happened to him and jumped into the arena again. His Aikido uniform was all messy. The upper part of his uniform had torn apart, leaving only the bottom part. However, he was okay and didnt seem to be hurt by Wakatsukis Blast Core.

“…” Everyone.

Shishio looked at Wakatsuki with a faint smile and said, “Can you attack me with that punch again?”


Not only the girls, but Wakatsuki and his employer were also dumbfounded.

However, the fact happened in front of them, Shishio stood a meter away from Wakatsuki again, unscathed.

“…How can you be alright?” Wakatsuki asked after he recovered.

“Do you want to know?” Shishio asked.


“Its a secret.”

“…..” Wakatsuki.

“If you have time to ask, just punch me again, or you can only do it once?” Shishio asked.

“Thats what you want.”

Wakatsuki didnt show hesitation and didnt believe that his Blast Core would hurt Shishio. He thought that Shishio was pretending before him since there was no way he could believe that Shishio was alright!

However, Shishio was really alright.

While the way he was blown away might seem exaggerated, he didnt hurt, and he was okay since he redistributed the force that came from Wakatsukis Blast Core.

However, Shishio must admit it was a really interesting experience to be blown away by a punch.

Still, Shishio had gotten the feeling of how to redistribute the force of an attack, and he had mastered it, so when Wakatsukis Blast Core came, he caught it with his palm.

Everyone was dumbfounded, and everything happened so fast that the girls couldnt react!

Their hearts were still pounding when they saw him being blown away, but this time, Shishio asked Wakatsuki to punch him again?!

They were wondering whether his head was hit, and Shishio became stupid.

However, they needed to stop him first!

They wanted to stop him, but it was too late!


Wakatsukis Blast Core came, and it hit his palm like before.

However, unlike before, Shishio wasnt blown away, and he received Waktsukis Blast Core without moving away.

His figure was as straight as an oak tree, and he didnt seem to move an inch after he received that outrageous striking technique.


Everyone opened their mouths and eyes wide at this moment since they didnt really understand what was happening.

Even Wakatsuki and his employer didnt understand either.

However, Shibukawa noticed the change in Shishio.

While it was hard to notice, Shibukawa heard a crack sound, and he saw the ground under Shishios feet was broken. Watching this, he instantly understood everyone, and it surprised him!


His voice woke everyone up, and Tokugawa quickly asked, “Wh-What has happened?!” He really needed to know what had happened right now since he didnt understand anything.

Even the girls and Waktsukis employer also looked at Shibukawa.

“He has redistributed the force of Wakatsukis punch,” Shibukawa said excitedly.

“Redistributed the force?”

“Yeah.” Shibukawa nodded and said, “By moving his whole body and perfectly shifting his center of gravity, Shishio has received the blow and released it into the ground through his legs without having it reverberate in his body at all. Its like how a lightning rod redistributes the lightning to the ground.”


Everyone was in a daze again.

“Is-Is that humanly possible?” Ritsu, who had been quiet, asked exaggeratedly since it seemed that she was watching a fighting manga instead of a real fight.

“In theory, its possible, but… its hard.” Shibukawa let out an amazement sigh and said, “He needs to make his entire body soft, and just one mistake, hell be blown away like that. Worst case scenario, he might become disabled.”


“However, he was able to do it. He could do it once, so it should be easy for him to do it twice!” Shibukawas voice was even more exciting when he saw someone was able to develop Aikido to such a height!

While Wakatsuki was shaken and decided to send another Blast Core, Shishio had already had enough of him, and it was time to defeat him.

“Thank you.”

When Wakatsuki sent his punch, Shishio swept his leg and caused Wakatsuki to lose his balance.

However, Wakatsuki thought that he had fallen, suddenly his head was caught by Shishio, and he was being rotated in the air by Shishio!

Defying gravity, Shishio accelerated his rotation on Wakatsuki by 12 seconds, then slammed him into the lethal weapon known as the ground at ultra high speed!

Wakatsukis head was slammed, and he passed out.

While Wakatsukis body was full of muscles, it didnt mean his head was full of muscles. Its structure was the same, and his brain was also similar, so he passed out once his head was slammed and his brain was shaken.

Shishio stood up gently as he patted his waist with a warm smile on his face.

“Thanks to you, I have become stronger.”

After that, the girls couldnt handle it anymore and ran into the arena since this fight scared them to death!

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