Chapter 414: Number one under heaven

“Are you okay?”

“Youre not hurt, right?”

“Lets go to the hospital now!”

“Tokugawa-san, please call the ambulance!”


Shishio was speechless when they were all worried about him, but he also felt warmth.

While he was alright, his appearance was messy, and even if he had distributed the force of Wakatsukis first punch before, his head was bleeding from hitting the chair in the audience area.

“Okay, calm down. I am alright.”

Shishio tried to calm them down, but they became furious.

“How could be okay?!”

“Your head is bleeding!”

They thought it would be a normal spar with protectors and a professional around them, so when something happened, Shishio would be okay, but who would expect his fight would be real and he was even hurt.


Shiina hugged his waist as she cried. “…Dont do this again, alright?” When she saw him blown away and hurt, she felt she was hurt too, and she just couldnt bear to see him like this.


Shishio was silent and didnt answer Shiinas question. “Mashiro, I am alright. You dont need to worry. Also, your question is like me to ask you to stop painting, can you?”


Shiina was in silence for a moment, but then she nodded. “I-I…” She realized how heavy her request was, and she started to think about whether it was really possible for her to stop painting.

“So dont ask that kind of question again, alright?”


Shiina knew that she had done something wrong, so she just hugged his waist and didnt let him go. She might not be able to stop him from fighting, but she didnt give up, and if she was going to hurt like this again in the future, she was going to hug him all the time, so it was impossible for him to fight.

Shishio looked at Shiiina helplessly, who had become a koala by hugging his waist with her hands and legs. He only caressed her hair gently then looked at Furumi Heihaichi, the CEO of Furumi Pharmaceuticals and Wakatsukis employer. He gave a faint smile to Furumi and greeted him warmly. “Furumi-san, my girlfriends asked to go back, so well go back now. I am sorry for going home like this.”

Wakatsuki was still passed out, but Shishio didnt wake him up since he knew the feeling of loss wasnt good.

“Its alright. Its a rare chance to see someone as powerful as you.” Furumi waved his hand, showing the smile of an amiable old man. As for Shishio and his girlfriends, he had passed the age where he was interested in those kinds of things, but then there was something that he needed to ask Shishio first. “So, what do you think of Wakatsuki?”

Shishio thought for a moment and said, “He is strong, without a doubt. In the Kengan Match, he should be able to become a champion, but it wont be easy.”

“I see… Thats great.” Furumi nodded with a smile, then he asked, “So… he should be able to defeat Kanoh Agito?”

“He should be if that punch that he used on me before.” Shishio looked at Furumi and asked, “Does that technique have a name?”

“Yes, its a Blast Core.”

“Its an interesting technique by compressing the entire muscles on his body and unleashing it at once. Once someone is hit, they wont be able to go stand up again,” Shishio said.

‘But youve stood up after youve received that punch! Furumi wanted to refute, but he also understood what kind of monster the young man in front of him was. While he was frustrated when Wakatsuki had lost, he was still calm since he was a businessman, and he must admit the advantage of becoming Shishios friend was several times better than becoming his enemy.

Also, Furumi still remembered Shishios words that he wanted to teach Wakatsuki to defeat Kanoh, and if possible, he wanted Shishio to teach Wakatsuki.

As for letting Shishio become his fighter, Furumi didnt think there was such a possibility, even though he wanted to. After all, he wasnt Togo Tomari. Still, when he glanced at his girlfriends before, he wondered whether it was possible to let him fight by using a woman as bait.

Furumi thought there was such a possibility, but then he was dumbfounded when he heard Shishios explanation about Wakatsukis technique.

Watching Furumis uncomfortable expression, Shishio only smiled and said, “You dont need to worry. I wont tell anyone about Wakatsuki-sans technique, and I am sure whether my girlfriends, Tokugawa-jii or Shibukawa-sensei, will also talk about this.”

“Thanks.” Furumi nodded with a hearty smile.

“After all, I am grateful for him since if it wasnt for him, I might not have been able to develop that technique before,” Shishio said.

“That technique before…?” Furumi tried to inquire about the technique that Shishio used to catch Wakatsukis Blast Core before. While he had heard Shibukawas explanation before, he still wanted to hear it from Shishios mouth.

“Its not like its a secret. You know, its Uke-mi,” Shishio said.


They were dumbfounded, especially those who understood martial arts.

“Uke-mi?” Nana, Maiko, and Mea didnt understand martial arts, so they looked at Shishio, waiting for his explanation.

Mai wiped the blood on Shishios head gently and said, “After this, well go to the hospital to check your body.”

“Okay, okay,” Shishio reassured Mai, then told them about his Uke-mi.

Uke-mi is the art of knowing how to respond correctly to an attack and often incorporates skills to allow one to do so safely.

Judo, Jui-Jitsu, and Aikido were similar to each other. While their techniques and how they attacked might be different, their Uke-mi was identical.

His Uke-mi was on a different level, and with his technique, it should be possible for him to be okay after being hit by a truck.

Of course, it wasnt a truck with hundreds of tons of weights, but a normal truck that was usually used to travel goods or something similar.

By using his Uke-mi, Shishio could disperse or redistribute the force of the impact to the ground, like a lightning rod. It was also the reason why the ground cracked when he received Wakatsukis Blast Core before.

While they had heard Shibukawas explanation, they were dumbfounded when they heard Shishios explanation.

Tokugawa looked at Shishio in amazement and thought he had become a national treasure!

Shibukawa had become a natural treasure of his country by his knowledge, experience, and talent in Aiki, so Shishio, who had mastered the Aiki, also became a national treasure!

However, Tokugawa was more excited about Shishio since Shishio was young, and he knew his talent more than anyone. Moreover, he knew that Aiki was just one among his martial arts, and if he wanted to, he could learn more!

“…Is it possible for other people to use this technique?” Furumi asked calmly, but inwardly he was frustrated and hesitated since he was afraid that Wakatsukis power would be useless in the future.

Wakatsuki definitely wasnt weak since his muscle density was 52 times that of an average human.

However, Shishio was too strong!

“As of now, the only one among my acquaintances that can use this technique should be me…” Shishio looked at Shibukawa, who stood there.

However, Shibukawa shook his head and said, “No, no. I cant use this technique!” While he was also a genius, Shishio was a monster. He knew the difference between their talents, and it was impossible for him to replicate Shishios technique.

“You heard it there.” Shishio looked at Wakatsuki for a moment, then said, “While I am not sure whether theres another Aikido user who can use this technique, but without a doubt, unless one has mastery over Aiki like Shibukawa-sensei or me, Watsuki-sans Blast Core is invincible. Unless…”


“Unless theres an enemy who has more muscles than him.”

After all, while Wakatsuki was strong, it didnt mean he was the strongest.

Shishio was sure that there must be some idiots who grew their muscles to the limit with training, medicine, theory, and various things.

“Or someone who has mastered a similar martial art to what I have shown you before. The world is vast. There are many incredible things that we dont know. Still, if I have to give advice, why dont you let Wakatsuki-san train in ninjutsu?”

“Ninjutsu?” Furumi was dumbfounded and subconsciously asked, “You want Wakatsuki to throw shuriken or play with poison?!”

“Of course not.” Shishio shook his head and said, “It doesnt have to be a ninjutsu, but at least, he has to train in a movement technique.”

“Movement technique?” Furumi quickly became interested.

“I can see that he has trained in grappling, but his level is just decent. On the other hand, Kanohs grapple level has surpassed almost all the people in this world. Even a champion in Jiu-Jitsu, judo, BJJ, or any other grappling martial arts might not be able to defeat him. If Wakatsuki-san tries to use a grapple, he will be countered immediately. Instead, I think he should focus on his punch and kick since its his ultimate weapon. But the question is, what if his kicks and punches are being dodged? After all, while Wakatsuki-sans speed isnt slow, it isnt his strong point. If you want to win small fries, it doesnt really matter, but if you want to fight someone as strong as Kanoh, it isnt enough.”

“So thats why he needs to learn a movement technique?”

“Yeah.” Shishio nodded and said, “I know that there are many unique movement techniques in ninjutsu. If you can master it, Wakatsuki-san might be able to approach his enemy suddenly and send a sudden attack.”

Wakatsukis body was his strongest weapon. Therefore, there was no need to do a complicated matter. However, if he wanted to grow even stronger, he needed to master martial arts since if he didnt do so, he wouldnt have progressed and be stuck in this realm, unable to break away from it.

Furumi was dumbfounded by that possibility.

Wakatsuki became a ninja, sending a powerful punch when his opponents didnt even notice him had stood right beside them. He felt that possibility was feasible, but he thought to ask Wakatsukis opinion first.

“Well, thats just my opinion. You dont need to listen to me. Well, Ill go back first. Furumi-san, Tokugawa-jii, Shibukawa-sensei, well go back first.”

His girlfriends also greeted everyone before they left together.

Right now, when they were alone, they didnt care about the gazes of Tokugawa, Shibukawa, and Furumi since they still respected him and didnt want him to be belittled by those old guys, but when they were alone, they scolded him for being reckless, stupid, and many other things since this guy didnt understand how they were worried!

However, they also understood that a man also had something that they wanted to do even if his girlfriends didnt understand them.

They knew that they couldnt stop him, so they could only support him, scold him, and take care of him when he was hurt.

Still, while they had gone, Furumi looked at Wakatsuki, squatted down, and said, “Wakatsuki, have you woken up?”

“…Yeah,” Wakatsuki said weakly, still feeling dizzy.

“Did you hear what we were talking about before?” Furumi asked.

“Yeah.” Wakatsuki nodded and said, “Its complicated, but if I want to become stronger, I have to do this.”

Furumi smiled and patted his shoulder. “Come on. How long are you going to lay there?”

“Okay.” Wakatsuki nodded with a smile.

“While it might be difficult to beat that monster, it should be possible to defeat the Fang. Your chances will soon appear, so right now, just focus on becoming stronger,” Furumi said with his businessman expression.

“Yeah, I know.”

Wakatsuki knew which path he should choose, but still, he turned his gaze, looking at the corridor where Shishio had disappeared, before shaking his head. He couldnt see Shishio. He was like a bottomless hole. When he thought he had found the end, he only realized that it was even deeper and darker, giving him helplessness that he had never felt before.

After that fight, Wakatsuki knew that there shouldnt be anyone in this world who could match him.

It should be, but more and more opponents with a crazy power would appear one after another in the future, but even so, Shishio didnt plan to lose and decided to keep winning until he became the number one under the heaven.

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